1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 18

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It was done.

Jo was now, once again, a civilian, free to live her life without fear of reprisal from the Army for she being a lesbian, and free to pursue her dream of opening and running her own restaurant, believing there to be a ‘niche’ in her city for a small, gourmet burger-house.

Of course, she’d do the legwork and all that would be necessary to develop a business plan to do so. Not a problem, thought Jo, Tess wouldn’t graduate from college until the end of May and since this was only the middle of March, she’d have plenty of free-time to do what she needed to do.

Despite repeated pleas to Tess from Drs. Willie and Bea not to do so, Tess withdrew her application to Graduate school at her school. Tess had applied to, and was accepted by, her father’s University where he had taught for so many years. They, the University, thought it a coup to have Tess as part of their Graduate program, the school’s respect for Robert Clancy having a great deal to do with Tess’ acceptance.

Of course, Tess had the grades and on that alone, she’d have been accepted. But, thought Tess and Jo, it never hurts to have a little advantage, here and there, in life…..


“Yeah, baby?” Jo answered between small after-sex kisses to Megan’s sweet pussy.

“Are you sure that Tess is okay with you and I seeing each other?” Megan asked, her fingers gently rubbing through Jo’s hair as Jo nibbled on her body.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t she be?” Jo replied as she crawled up to lay next to Meg in Jo’s bed, putting an arm around Megan to draw her close to her own body.

“It’s just that I like being with both of you, or either of you, and I don’t want to rock the boat between you two, that’s all,” Meg said in explanation of the question, taking Jo’s nipple into her mouth, afterwards, to suck on and play with.

“No problems, sweetheart; she just wants us to remember to include her whenever she’s home,” Jo said to her teenaged lover, Jo’s eyes closed in enjoyment of Megan’s talented mouth on her breasts.

“Like we wouldn’t,” Meg observed, her love of threesomes with the two sibs one of her favorite things in her life, now.

“That’s what I told her, baby, so don’t worry your pretty little head about it, okay? There’s not a problem, sweetie, none at all,” Jo cooed softly to the teenager, running her fingers through those long, blonde tresses, taking Meg’s head between her hands afterwards and kissing Megan with both love and lust.

“Awwww, damnit, the time’s gotten away from me,” Mega suddenly grumbled when she realized that it was almost five o’clock, the sun now a bit higher in the early Spring sky as it chased the winter away, “I need to go, Jo, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, babygirl, no need to apologize,” Jo said to comfort her teenaged lover, releasing Meg from her embrace so that the High Schooler could dress.

“Remember what I told you about tonight,” Jo cautioned the girl, “patience, gentle touches, and kisses, okay?”

“I remember, I will,” Megan replied, kissing Jo goodbye, not really wanting to leave Jo, but, she had to shower and get ready for her ‘date’……

Megan rushed home and jumped into her shower, her mind cluttered with thoughts of what, she hoped, would be a night of possibilities for her and Janice.

Janice had invited Megan to spend the night, to keep her company since her parents would be gone overnight on a visit to relatives.

“I’d really like the company,” Janice had said to Megan after rehearsal the other afternoon as they packed away their instruments, storing them in the Band room of their high school.

“See you Saturday night?” Janice pressed further, her subtle scent causing Megan’s stomach to flutter.

“Looking forward to it,” Megan replied honestly, Janice’s smile upon hearing that, causing Meg to smile back at her bandmate, her friend, and if Meg was sucessful, her first taste of a pussy that did not belong to a Clancy sister.

Janice and Meg had been friends since middle school, good friends, not ‘besties’, but, cordial, respectful of each other’s talent in music, their relationship since meeting as pre-teens always having a good ‘vibe’ about it, not a bad thing at all.

In the few short months since Tess had popped her Sapphic ‘cherry’, Meg began to look at Janice a bit differently, sorta’ like a lioness stalking a gazelle as prey. The two teenagers spent a lot of time together after the Yuletide holidays rehearsing for their Honor Orchestra’s annual Spring concert since they, as a duo, would be featured for one of the pieces to be played at the concert, Meg with her cello, Janice with her violin.

Their respect for each other’s musical talent only grew as they rehearsed, sometimes at Janice’s home, sometimes at Megan’s, much to the delight of both set of parents of the teenagers.

The incident that sealed the deal, for Megan at any rate, occurred after a party thrown by a classmate at which the two girls, having arrived together since Megan drove them, stayed together istanbul escort all evening, almost as if they were a couple on a date.

Neither seemed to think it strange that they did that, hang out at that party, both of the girls liking the company of the other. Driving Janice home after the party, they chatted non-stop, laughing with each other about some of the anctics of their classmates that night.

When Meg pulled up in front of Janice’s home to drop her off, the girls turned towards each other to say goodnight and, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, Meg leaned forward and placed a closed-lips kiss to Janice’s surprised lips. Not a long kiss, not a ‘frenchie’ but, safe to say, unexpected by either of them.

Janice’s initial reaction was wide-eyed surprise but, afterwards, she smiled at Meg as if to say that it was alright that Meg had kissed her goodnight, that she was ‘okay’ that Meg had done that.

“See you tomorrow?” Janice asked, referring to their planned rehearsal for the Spring concert, Janice leaning forward for a quick kiss of goodbye to Meg, again, only this time, Janice being the initiator of that kiss.

“Goodnight, see you tomorrow,” Meg said to her friend.

Waiting until Janice was safely in her house before leaving, Megan drove home as fast as she could, rushing upstairs to her bedroom so that she could masturbate away the excitement within her from having kissed Janice, from having tasted the Afro teenager’s soft lips on hers.

And so, a few weeks after that night, when Janice asked Meg to spend the night, to keep her company since her parents would be away that night, Megan had made up her mind that she would get into Janice’s pants, that she would seduce Janice on that Saturday night, wanting to do so more than you can imagine……..

“Don’t know why you’re so surprised,” Jo responded to Tess’ reaction to Jo’s telling her of Megan’s plan to ‘seduce’ a classmate, “I remember how excited you were when you made your plans to get into Hope’s pants.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Tess replied to Jo’s comment about her reaction, “living in glass houses and all that….you’re right.”

Tess and Jo were near the end of their phone call when Jo told her about what was going on with Megan these days, both of the sibs truly caring about their teenage lover’s well-being.

“So, what are your plans for the weekend, baby-sis,” Jo asked.

“Madge’s husband is out of town at a convention so she and I are going up to their mountain retreat to spend the night in front of the fireplace,” Tess replied, Madge being one of the married lovers of Tess’.

That Madge was obsessed with Tess’ lovemaking skills would not be a stretch in describing Madge’s feelings towards Tess, not at all.

“How ’bout you? Anything going on for you this weekend?” Tess asked Jo.

“Having dinner at Sondra and Julie’s tonight,” Jo replied, referring to the two forty-somethings that she and Tess had balled a few months back.

Since that first time, both she and Tess had had a few nights with the two women before Tess returned to school, all four enjoying the unbridled sex that they always had when together. With Tess back at school, Jo and the two women had shared some delicious threesomes a few times, as well.

“Having dinner or being dinner?” Tess rejoined, chuckling as she did.

“Both, I’m sure,” Jo laughingly replied, her answer, a truth.

“Well, have a good time, sis; don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Tess said as she got ready to end their call.

“That leaves it wide open for me, cunt-face,” Jo laughingly jabbed at Tess.

“Can’t argue with you about that, lover-girl,” both sibs laughing at the remark, a phone-kiss ending their call……..

“Food? Drink? Weed?” Janice offered Meg, closing the front door, hugging each other in greeting.

“Weed??? Where’d ya’ get weed?” Megan asked in surprise of the offer.

“I have my sources,” Janice said with a grin of conspiracy to Megan, “Just because I’m an honors student doesn’t mean I don’t have a ‘dark’ side,” laughing with Megan at the double entendre comment.

“I’m not all that hungry, Jan, but, if you are, don’t let me stop you from eating, okay?” Meg replied, asking, “Where do you want my bag?”, referring to her small overnighter.

“Want to sleep in my room, with me, watch scary movies and get stoned?” Janice asked over her shoulder as she led Meg down the long hallway to her bedroom.

“Best offer I’ve had today,” Meg cheerfully answered, tossing her bag onto the floor of Janice’s bedroom.

Sweeeeet! thought Meg when she heard Jan’s suggestion/offer of sharing a bed, her mind thinking ahead to those possibilities she’d been masturbating to over the past few weeks since she and Jan had kissed goodnight.

Janice convinced Meg to have a bite of salad with her, “We don’t want to smoke on an empty stomach, don’t want to get too messed up,” she said in support avcılar escort of her reason that they should eat something.

“Or, maybe we do,” Megan joked back, “It’d give us an excuse if we act like fools,” both girls laughing at the remark.

The girls ate quickly, cleaned up their mess quickly, joking with each other, both finding an excuse to brush against the other, to fleetingly touch the other with a hand to an arm, or hands to shoulders, that sort of thing. For Meg, she was sure that it was Jan’s way of flirting, she was sure that since their kiss that Janice had been just a tad more touchy-feely with Meg when they were together.

Truthfully, Megan wasn’t sure if that was the case in actuality or just wishful thinking on her part. Didn’t really matter, Megan thought, she was still going to try to get into Janice’s pants, THAT she was sure about.

“If you need to shower or anything, go ahead, I’ve already showered,” Janice said as the two girls locked up the house, walking to Jan’s bedroom to ‘hang’, to watch TV, to get stoned, but not neccessarily in that order, you understand.

“I’m good, sweetie; showered before I left my house, I’m all squeaky clean,” Meg replied bringing a smile to Jan’s beautiful, flawless face.

“Don’t know about you but I’m going to get out of these clothes, throw on a tee shirt and get comfortable,” Janice declared as she reached high onto one of her shelves in the walk-in closet of her bedroom.

Feeling the small package hidden between the folds of some large, bulky sweaters, Jan retrieved the small dime bag of ganja and pipe that she and her friend, Megan, would share that night.

“Aren’t you concerned that your parents will smell the weed if we smoke in here?” Meg asked as she tried hard not to stare when Jan began unbuttoning her blouse in preparation of ‘getting comfortable’.

“No, I’ve got the window-fan to exhaust the smoke out of the room, it’ll be okay,” Jan naively replied, turning and facing Meg as she removed her blouse, seemingly not caring that Megan would see her breasts since she was braless.

Megan pretended not to be bothered that Jan had done so as she took off her jeans first while they chit-chatted and disrobed. The truth, of course, was that Meg had to restrain herself from taking one of those mocha-colored boobs deep into her mouth, wanting so badly to be able to do that.

Both girls stayed in their briefs, a light tee shirt covering their bodies and tits, Janice’s about a cup size larger than Meg. Janice took the weed with her as she jumped onto the center of her bed, turning on her TV with the remote and patting the bed, indicating that Megan should feel free to join her.

“If you don’t care, we’ll smoke out of a small pipe, I can’t roll a doobie worth a damn,” Janice explained as she quickly de-stemmed the pot, cleaning the bud for the small pipe.

“Neither can I,” laughed Megan as she sat crossed legged on Jan’s bed as Jan was doing, facing Jan, facing Jan’s white briefs just peeking out from the edge of Jan’s sleep-tee.

“Here ya’ go,” Janice said through closed lips after lighting the ganja and taking her hit, handing the pipe to Meg.

“Oooh, this tastes good,” Megan observed after releasing her breath and some smoke, “this tastes really smooth.”

“Yeaah,” Jan replied, the good weed already working its magic on her, a silly-assed smile on her face.

They finished the bowl quickly, both realizing that they were fuck-faced stoned already. Leaning and reaching for her nightstand’s drawer to put away her stash and pipe, Janice damn near fell off the bed, Meg’s quick reaction and grabbing her by the hand being the only thing that prevented it from happening.

“Wow, I am fucked-up, girlfriend,” Jan admitted as Meg pulled her from the ‘brink’ to sit upright.

“S’okay, I am too, sweetie, I’m really feeling buzzed,” giggling as she said it.

“C’mon, sit up here with me; we’ll find something to watch, okay?” Jan said as she sat with her back against the headboard, patting a spot on her bed, next to her.

“‘K’,” Megan responded to the offer, moving to sit next to her prey, uh, friend.

Finding nothing worth watching on the regular channels, Jan switched to the cable stations to search, both girls deciding on old reruns of The ‘L’ Word on the LoGo network.

“I use to watch this before they stopped production of the show,” Jan admitted, the admission setting off a ping on the gay-dar that Megan didn’t know, yet, that she possessed.

“Yeah, me too,” Megan lied, both girls’ eyes fixed intently as the lesbian sub-plots unfurled before them.

“Oooooh, that’s hot,” Jan observed, the kiss between two of the characters, the reason for her opinion.

“Yeah, it is,” Meg agreed, sorta’ slouching her body a bit towards Jan’s, leaning on her elbow, her hand cradling her head after she repositioned herself.

They watched quietly, intently, as the sex-scene got hotter, the two women on the screen hurriedly şirinevler escort removing the clothes of the other, jumping into bed afterwards.

And, in the scene that followed, the camera never showed body parts, but, you would have had to be blind not to realize that the bobbing head of one of the women, between the legs of the other, was clearly meant to show the act of cunnilingus.

“Sure looks like they’re enjoying themselves,” Jan opined, her eyes staying glued to the soft-porn scene on her TV’s screen, “wonder if it’s as enjoyable as they make it seem?”

“More,” Megan replied without thinking, the realization of what she said taking a full minute to register on her ganja-zoned brain.

Turning to look at Jan, to see if Jan had heard it, she was met by Jan’s wide-eyes and arched eyebrows, her mouth opened as if to speak but no words flowing forth.

“You….you’ve done that?” Jan finally found her voice to say/ask.

Fuck!! Megan quickly thought to herself, what the fuck do I say now? Truly not knowing how to get out of the trap she had placed herself in with her non-thinking response, Meg quickly chose the path of least resistance, she chose the truth, strange as it might seem.

“A few times,” she answered casually, not wanting to make a big deal of it, trying to be casual about it, like it was no big thing.

“With who?” Jan asked excitedly, turning her body to face Meg’s, supporting her head with a hand and her elbow on the bed as Megan was.

Oh, Janice wanted to know, she wanted to hear which of their classmates, or schoolmates, that Megan had done ‘that’ with, oh yes, indeedy, she wanted Megan to dish the dirt. She was ready for that, spoon in hand, so to speak.

“Nobody you know,” Megan replied, choosing to lie, choosing to keep her relationship with the Clancy sisters to herself.

“How? When? Were you drunk or fucked-up?” Janice demanded to know, wanted to know, feeling excitement of a type that she had never felt before churning inside of her.

“Drunk,” Megan honestly admitted, “but, the next day, when it happened again, I was sober,” Megan went on to say, feeling a bit of arousal within herself as she said it.

“Oh, wow….I would’ve never guessed that about you,” Janice observed, her observation not one of judgement, more of a commentary of admiration, if she were being truthful.

“It was fun, it is fun,” Megan replied, her arousal more intense, it seemed, with each passing second.

“I mean, I’ve never seen you flirt with a girl or anything like that, I mean, I KNOW you haven’t with me, at least,” Janice said to her bed-mate, her eyes looking at Meg with what could only be called admiration and envy.

“Doesn’t mean I’ve never wanted to,” Meg replied, “I mean, you know, with you,” Megan feeling a familiar rush of heat in her crotch, smiling at Janice when she said it.

The girls just stared at each other for several moments, each seemingly processing the moment that they were sharing.

It was Janice who broke the silent stalemate.

“Remember the night of the party? When we kissed each other goodnight?” Janice asked.

“Yeah?” replied Megan, the small stab of heat in her pussy beginning to grow, now.

“That was the first time I’d ever kissed another girl, you know, like that, on the lips,” confessed Jan to Meg, “I liked it……” her voice trailing off to silence.

“Did you like it enough to let me kiss you again?” Meg asked with a chuckle, hoping for the answer she so dearly wanted to hear.

“I think so, I mean, yes, I did,” Janice managed to nervously say, part of her wanting her friend to do so, part of her wondering if she really did.

“I’d like to, you know,” Megan said in a low voice, “I’d like to kiss you again, I’d like to do a lot of things with you, to you, just so you know,” Megan said further, “I mean, I won’t do anything that you don’t want, okay? But, I really would like to kiss you again.”

“Okay,” Janice replied after but a few seconds, laying her head on her pillow, her eyes hard on Meg’s face for reaction.

Leaning towards Jan’s head on the pillow, Meg continued to stare into Jan’s mesmerizing green eyes, feeling a flutter in her stomach when Jan closed her eyes juuuusst before their lips touched each other’s.

They were silent as they shared a closed-mouth kiss with each other but when she felt Meg’s mouth begin to move just a bit on her lips, feeling Meg’s lips start to part, Janice opened her mouth a bit in response, inadvertently sighing as their kiss became more intense. And when Meg heard a soft moan of arousal, she purposefully broke off their kiss, knowing, or rather, hoping, that doing so would make Jan want more.

It did.

“Why’d you stop?” Janice asked as Meg’s lips hovered so temptingly close to Jan’s face, “did I do something wrong? Was I not kissing you right?.”

“Just wanted to check if you liked it,” Meg replied as she leaned on both elbows, now, placing a quick peck on the tip of Janice’s nose.

“I did,” Janice honestly replied, “I liked it a lot.”


And with that singular comment, Megan kissed Jan again, both of the girls with opened mouths, Jan not resisting when she felt Meg’s hand on her lower back, pulling the two girls closer together as their kissing of each became hotter and hornier.

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