20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 10

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Two and a half years after the camping trip, I suggested that the families try something different for Christmas and rent a cabin in Lake Tahoe. Well, they called it a cabin, but it was basically a 3 story house with 6 bedrooms, situated right in the heart of the South lake area. I shared a 2nd floor room with Jenna that offered a view of the infamous Gun Barrel run at Heavenly Valley ski area. The view straight down to the back patio was directly into the house’s best feature, a huge 8 person Jacuzzi.

We were both a bit nervous, as we had a special announcement to make to the family, and planned on spilling the beans during the Christmas Eve dinner.

Everyone arrived on the night of the 23rd and spent Christmas Eve day on the slopes. We spent a good part of the day skiing with my 25 year-old cousin Denise, and I significantly dialed down my skill level so that I could keep myself to the rear of her. I couldn’t help it. Her form-fitting ski suit was a sleek black curve-hugger, and as her slinky body maneuvered from side to side, negotiating moguls, I discovered that one could, indeed, ski with an erection, difficult as it may be. Jenna didn’t disappoint either, wearing red spandex on her marvelous lower half and a light jacket.

That night at dinner we waited for the appropriate moment and announced our engagement to an approving but largely unsurprised group. Denise was appropriately congratulatory, though I detected a bit of melancholy in her reaction. I would have liked to think that it was jealousy directed at Jenna, but I imagine it had more to do with her ongoing relationship woes. She was pleased, of course, that her best friend was marrying into her family, and I looked forward to sharing many more meals with these two beauties across the table.

Denise was alone this trip, and it seemed to me that her relationship troubles always seemed to be a similar story. Either the men were intimidated by a gorgeous, financially successful woman, or they simply weren’t good enough for her in the long run. Often both were true.

After dinner, the heaviness of the occasion, the food, the day of skiing, and the high altitude came over me in a big way. I hit the rack early, and as I lay there waiting for sleep, I couldn’t help but recall a Christmas Eve three years earlier, when my cousin and I had watched a soft-core lesbian skin flick together, silently stroking ourselves off in the same room. In the years between, the event hadn’t been discussed between us, and I hadn’t even told Jenna about it. It was somehow incredibly alluring to think of it as a shared secret between my cousin and I.

Perhaps it was the thin mountain air, but though the scene had been the fodder for many a gushing orgasm, on this night for some reason I could imagine every moment in vivid detail. Jenna was still downstairs chatting with the family, so, lying on my stomach, I allowed myself to produce a nice sticky wet spot on the sheets. My head was filled with the image of Denise’s legs drawn up on the couch, and the fleeting glimpse of her thin black bush as she rubbed herself to a simmering climax.

I woke up sometime later in a still-empty bed. The digital clock by the bed read 3:10am, so I was naturally a bit curious about what had become of my fiance. A trip to the bathroom produced no evidence, and the rest of the house was dark and quiet. Returning to the room, I thought I heard a noise from the patio, so I cracked the blind and looked down.

Mystery solved. There was Jenna, sitting in the bubbly cauldron of the Jacuzzi. And across from her, my beautiful cousin. They both wore swimsuits, Jenna in a shiny blue bikini that I was particularly fond of, and Denise sporting what looked like a white one-piece, cut low enough to perfectly frame her full bust with a tantalizing bounty of tanned cleavage. A bottle of red wine sat on the concrete next to the spa, and the girls had obviously drained a few glasses already.

They were talking at what to them must have seemed like a low level, though the hum of the jet motor made quiet conversation nearly impossible. After sliding the window open kadıköy escort a few inches, I could actually hear everything quite clearly. The undulating water cast an eerie blue-green glow over everything, and the wavering shadows gave the whole scene an aura of unreality.

Denise must have just finished telling Jenna about her most recent man-disaster.

“I’m really starting to think I should just become a nun,” she was saying. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I wanna have a kid someday, I probably would.”

Jenna was sitting on one of the steps, one leg draped lazily on the edge of the concrete. “A nun…or, a lesbian?”

That’s my girl. Always working the angle.

Denise was quiet enough that she may have actually been considering this.

“No,” she said finally. “I couldn’t do it. If I’m this crazy, how could I ever deal with another female? The last thing I’d want to be around is another me.”

“So, fuck the relationship thing altogether for a while, D. Be a player. Focus on your career and just get yourself laid now and then.”

“Yeah, sure.” Denise took another sip of wine. “Easy for you to say, engaged to Thom, the perfect man.”

Well that was certainly a surprise. I needed to settle in for the long haul with this one. I pulled a chair over to the window and sat down in my t-shirt and boxers.

Jenna was giggling. “Oh, he’s not perfect. Not yet anyway. I have a few more things to teach him.”

“About…sex, you mean?”

“Of course…and maybe a few fashion tips, but he’s a slow learner in that department.” Jenna suddenly stole a quick look up at our window, probably a sub-conscious confirmation that I was still asleep. I ducked down quickly, hoping that the darkness behind the glass would conceal the movement.

“Is he a slow learner with the sex stuff, too?” Denise asked.

“Oh, no. That boy’s got a filthy mind, sister. Almost as dirty as mine.”

“Well,” Denise said hesitantly, “He’s got a good teacher. Your, um…lesson for me was pretty helpful.” She must have been referring to the night she sneaked into our hotel room in Vegas and got instruction in the oral arts by watching Jenna suck me off.

“Yeah, you said that helped, but I never got the full story.”

“Um, well, basically…a few weeks later I took Mike into the bathroom at Sharkies and gave him, you know…a blow-job.” God I loved hearing this stuff come out of my cousin’s ladylike mouth.

“Nice!” Jenna said, standing up and giving Denise a high five across the Jacuzzi. Man, she looked good in that bikini.

“Believe it or not, that’s still the craziest sexual thing I’ve done, like, in my life.”

“It’s a pretty fuckin’ good start, though!”

“That floor was really filthy,” Denise continued. “But once I got going I didn’t really notice it. I really had no idea what I was doing, so I thought it would take him a long time to, you know…finish.”

“And did it?”

“No! It was, like, two minutes. I totally wasn’t even ready for it.”

“So he came in your mouth?” Jenna was getting into this, I could tell. And of course I was hanging on every word.

“He started to. I freaked out at first. I took it out of my mouth and just sort of…pumped it onto my chest. I was wearing this low cut tank top, so I tried not to get any on my shirt.” The wine must have been hitting them, because both girls started to giggle now.

“Nordstrom shirt?”

“No! Marshall’s! Explain that one.”

“You are such a good girl, D. But you’ve swallowed since then?”

“Later on I did, with Mike. But honestly, he didn’t taste very good. After that, with this guy Soren, I tried it again. That wasn’t…so bad.”

“Uh huh…You fuckin’ liked it, didn’t you?”

Denise grinned sheepishly and looked down into the water. “Sort of. Do you do that…with Thom?”

“Oh my gawd! Honey, I’ve probably swallowed a couple gallons of that boy’s spunk by now. He prides himself on trying to make me gag. It’s one of his favorite things, in fact.”

“Hmmm…,” Denise took another sip of wine, closed her eyes, and üsküdar escort then opened them suddenly and took a deep breath. “Man, I am burning up in here. I gotta sit on the side for a while.”

The spectacle of my cousin raising herself out of the water, the white one-piece suit soaked, dripping, and partly sheer, was like watching a mermaid emerge from the ocean. She had curves that defy description. She arranged herself on the edge, legs dangling in the churning water, hard nipples standing out distinctly under the clingy fabric of her swimsuit.

“What else?” she said quietly after a minute.

“What do you mean?” Jenna answered.

“What else…are Thom’s favorite things?”

Jenna seemed just as shocked as me at the question. I was curious about what she would reveal, as I was pretty sure Denise wasn’t ready to hear about the peeing stuff.

“Panties,” she said finally. “Thom’s a panty freak. Sniffing ’em, licking ’em. He likes to eat me out while I’m still wearing mine.”

“Wow,” Denise said, her hands smoothing the drops off of her perfect legs. “That’s pretty kinky, I guess.” She was swaying back and forth slightly. According to Jenna, this would ordinarily be the time in the drinking cycle where Denise would either fall asleep or pass out.

Speaking of panties, I suddenly realized we had Denise’s pink silk pair right there in Jenna’s suitcase. It had been years since Jenna had swiped them and worn them, but I never tired of the feel, the scent, and most of all, the knowledge that they had once hugged my cousin’s shapely hips and snuggled against her sweet pussy.

I lifted them carefully out of the suitcase and returned to my seat, holding the tiny garment against my cheek. I held the crotch to my nose as I looked back out the window, thrilling to the knowledge that I was looking right at my cousin’s wet body while burying my face in her panties.

Jenna was still looking thoughtful. “And anal. Definitely an ass man. I can relate. There are days I can only cum when he fucks me in the ass.”

This raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry if I’m being too graphic, D. You just turned beet red.”

“No, it’s fine. But I certainly have never done that. At all.”

“It’s an acquired taste, for sure.”

Denise hesitated again. “And with Thom’s…size, you know. It seems like it would hurt.”

Jenna smiled. “Oh you remember that, do ya?” She laughed at Denise’s embarrassment and shrugged. “A little bit. But I’m edgy like that.”

Denise was now sitting with one foot up on the concrete, the other languidly swirling the water. The resulting effect was that she was wide open from Jenna’s point of view. It was obvious that my fiance had noticed, as she seemed to be searching for some choice words.

“So, D….how long has it been?”

“What, since I’ve had sex?” She sighed. “Oh, maybe five months.”

Jenna’s jaw dropped. “Five fuckin’ months?! Honey, keeping that body out of commission for five months is like a crime against humanity. I don’t know how you do it. You must rub one out a lot, though, right?”

“Masturbate?” Denise blushed again. ” Not very often, no.”

“Like, what, once a week?”

“Oh, no. More like once a month. I just never really got into it.”

“You gotta be kidding me. Maybe you’ve been doing it wrong! You must be ready to explode.”

“No… I mean, I wasn’t. All this sex talk is sorta… I don’t know. It’s probably the wine or something.”

Jenna stood up now and sat back on the edge as well, her perfect bubble ass barely contained by the little blue bikini.

“I know what you mean,” she said, slowly tracing her fingers down her stomach. “God, I think I could get myself off right here and now.”

There was a long pause. I waited for Denise to say something in protest or for the awkward silence to cause them both to break out laughing, but neither occurred. My cousin simply looked at Jenna, biting her lower lip.

I had a front row seat, just above the two of them, facing each other across the Jacuzzi.

Jenna didn’t say anything tuzla escort more, but the action had already started. Her back was slightly to me, but I could see that her hand had moved between her legs, her right wrist moving slowly up and down. Denise hadn’t moved at all. She was just staring into my fiance’s crotch. After a few seconds, she lowered her leg back into the water and sat there, knees together, mesmerized by the little triangle of blue fabric under which Jenna’s fingers were slowly working.

“It’s okay,” Jenna breathed, eyes half open and noticing Denise’s curiosity. “You can do this, too, if you want to.”

Denise stuttered. “No, I…don’t…”

“You can,” Jenna practically whispered. “Show me how you do it.”

She hesitated. “Maybe… Maybe if I get back in the water.” She slid back into the bubbling froth.

I couldn’t make out much detail under the water, but after a few moments it was clear that my cousin was indeed stroking herself over her swimsuit. Her eyes fluttered closed and her head tilted back, her lips first parting and then gently closing.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I decided to join in the fun, and, realizing that I was still clutching the pink pair of panties, immediately thought of a use for them. My two favorite females in the world were only a few feet away, pleasuring themselves for each other. This called for celebration. My cock-head rose quickly and was soon poking through the hole in the front of my boxers. I gently wrapped it in the smooth silk of Denise’s panties and began to lightly stroke.

When I looked out the window again, Denise had moved toward the center of the Jacuzzi and was now closer to where Jenna sat than she was to her own side. Her subtle arm movement had become more pronounced, and it seemed to be involuntarily taking her across the water. Every now and then she would open her eyes and gaze between Jenna’s thighs, then up at her curly mop of raven hair. The expression on her face was dead serious and full of concentration, in contrast with Jenna’s freewheeling smile and low moans of delight.

Jenna said something softly that I couldn’t make out, but it must have been along the lines of “get over here”, because Denise moved closer, finally ending up on the ledge directly in front of her. Still pawing away beneath the bubbles, she was looking up at Jenna with a mixture of lust, confusion, and breathless expectation.

Jenna slowly shifted around until she was lying flat on her stomach with her legs pointing away from the water, and I could see, even from behind, that her bikini had been pulled to the side. There was the dark shadow of her asshole and a hint of her pink slit being bothered by a few fingers.

She was now eye to eye with Denise, and she reached out with her other hand and ran her fingers across my cousin’s moist lips, then up the side of her cheek and around to the back of her neck. Slowly and deliberately she brought the other girl’s face toward hers, and as their lips met I saw Denise shudder as she climaxed underwater into her bathing suit, the convulsions sending small waves out around her.

Jenna continued to kiss her passionately through the full arc of the orgasm, pulling her face closer. Jenna’s other hand was working her cunt feverishly now, and as the tension in Denise’s body drained out and she gave herself over fully to the embrace, Jenna allowed herself to cum with a powerful, squirming intensity. Even from my second floor perch I could see the glistening fluid appear around her pussy and drip onto the concrete.

A few moments later she slide back into the water with Denise and the two eased into a sensual lock, still kissing with abandon, their hands exploring long desired places above and below the water. All of this and neither girl had removed so much as a stitch of swimsuit.

Almost without realizing it, I had shot my cum into the pink silk panties sometime during the last few seconds. I brought the whole sticky mess up to my nose and inhaled the faint but still vibrant scent of my cousin’s long ago 19 year old snatch. I grinned to myself and crawled back into bed to wait for my future wife.

Oddly, I found that I wasn’t the least bit jealous that Jenna had gotten to my cousin first. In fact, all I could think about was when my own chance might come. It would be sooner than I could have imagined.

To Be Continued…

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