3 Diamond Lane Ch. 02: Angel

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The evening before, Angel had been in a bar. Some said Angel looked severe, as her hair was often drawn back and she would sometimes leave her face blank, without expression. She had a classic sense of style, modest without being dull; she was wearing high heels, a necklace, and a short black dress. Her date was of average height, with the slightly pudgy look of someone who spends too long at his desk; he appeared to have come straight from a nearby office, in a dark suit with no tie. The bar was full but not too crowded, which was surprising for a Thursday evening. In an oil painting almost as long as the bar on the wall across from it, a nude blonde reclined on a couch.

Similarly attired, Alexander was early, already waiting for them at a tall stool. “Ah, Angel,” he said, “you look lovely,” kissing her cheek quickly and his hand gently touched her back. “And this must be your fiancé — a pleasure to meet you. Drinks?” He handed a martini to Angel and a gin and tonic to her date. “Our table should be ready shortly.” They discussed the affairs of the day while they waited, but Angel was not interested. Hearing bankers discuss interest rates, mezzanine tranches, and the latest shock to the London markets was something she tolerated, but it irritated her that her fiancé sometimes seemed more interested in basis points than in her. “You have to understand,” he would say, “what we do is essential to economies all over the world. We are market-makers — the news follows us, not the other way around.” Before she went to law school, Angel felt that bankers and lawyers were basically the same brand of boring arrogance, but as she entered the world of finance, she found bankers not only more conceited than lawyers, but somehow also even less interesting.

While they were chatting, the hostess arrived and directed a waiter to take them to their seats, a semi-circular booth on the side, towards the back of the dining room. Angel sat in the middle, with her back to the wall, while the men occupied the end seats. After they ordered, Angel’s fiancé resumed his monologue. As she stared into the middle distance, she suddenly sat up, startled; Alexander’s hand was gently grazing her thigh, lightly caressing her. She wasn’t sure whether it was the boredom or the martini, or perhaps it was the light in Alexander’s eyes, but she allowed his hand to stay there, his fingers running over her leg. Gently he reached further up, lightly caressing her through the lace and cotton of her panties. Angel enjoyed the sensations running up her thighs. Alexander leaned closer and whispered into her ear, “go to the restroom and take off your panties,” and then returned to listening to her date.

This was different; usually, these dates ended with an alcoholic cab ride back to their apartment, not with one of their acquaintances trying to bed her. She wasn’t sure exactly why, but Angel wanted to see where this would end. “Excuse me a moment,” she murmured, “I need to go to the ladies’ room.” Her fiancé slid out to allow her to rise, and Angel disappeared. Alexander continued to listen to her date with apparently rapt interest, almost not noticing when Angel returned.

After a pause, Alexander’s hands returned, this time unimpeded by fabric, gently touching her lips. Angel’s mouth pursed and she leaned forward but said nothing, enjoying the soft motion down below. Her fiancé continued to talk and Alexander took her hand and gently moved it into his lap, so that she could feel the hardness between his legs. Angel liked the feel of his hard cock in her hands, and started delicately fondling it.

Alexander leaned over to Angel and whispered in her ear; she nodded and unzipped the trousers of both men, reaching inside and softly stroking them. Her date’s penis responded to her touch, rapidly expanding at the stimulation. Angel disappeared beneath the table. “You know,” Alexander said, “I don’t think you pay enough attention to Angel. She notices everything. And she needs a man who appreciates her details.”

Angel gently started kissing Alexander’s cock beyoğlu escort bayan under the table, while continuing to stroke her fiancé. “For example, she has very soft lips.” Alexander was enjoying the feel of those lips going up and down the length of his shaft. “And she gives magnificent head. I’m going to enjoy cumming in her mouth,” he said, while he gently touched her hair and the back of her neck, subtly directing her closer to the base of his penis.

Her fiancé did not enjoy that, but at the same time, Angel’s repetitive motions were making him leak into her hand, and the added lubrication only fueled his arousal, his full balls starting to feel uncomfortable. “Oh, I don’t think so,” he retorted. “She doesn’t like that sort of thing; she’s really pretty plain vanilla.”

“Well,” said Alexander, his breath starting to become ragged, “I guess we will see, but there is a side to her you’ve missed. Just because she needs a firm hand on her ass doesn’t mean she lacks spice.” Alexander’s cock was leaking and very, very hard. Angel briefly took it out of her mouth and moved the head around her lips, wiping his pre-cum on them as if she were applying lipstick. Almost imperceptibly, Alexander’s hips started to edge ever so slightly back and forth.

A similar transformation was going on across the small table: her boyfriend’s cock was hard, the pre-cum dripping into her hand while she stroked him. It was awful: he was pretty sure he knew what Angel was doing with the other man, but at the same time, her fingers felt so good — he definitely was not putty in them. And he wanted release. He could feel his balls tightening as Angel stroked him.

Meanwhile, Alexander guided Angel’s head in and out along his cock, feeling her lips on his hardness. He grunted harshly as he erupted in her mouth. Alexander kept his hand on her neck, holding her in place while his cum splashed against the back of her mouth, the unmistakable scent of bleach making her gag slightly. Angel swallowed, his seed flowing inside her. She wasn’t sure what came over her, but she felt the need to give in to Alexander’s wants. Besides — she knew she shouldn’t be thinking this — but what was she going to do, spit it all over the restaurant carpet?

Her fiancé knew. He heard Alexander’s grunt and knew that Angel’s mouth was filled with his cum. The worst of it was that he was horrifyingly, ragingly aroused. He spurted in her hand, the force of his ejaculation sending his sperm shooting over her arm and hand.

Angel emerged from under the table, wiping off herself off with a napkin. Alexander stood up and took her hand; Angel got up with him. He leaned over again and softly said into her ear, “You’re probably not going to see him again. You should give him a goodbye kiss.” Angel reached over to her date, some of his cum still on her hand and arm, and kissed him on the lips. He could taste the saltiness. “Goodbye,” she said.

Alexander took her outside into the frosty night air; fortunately, an empty cab was passing, and pulled over for them. “3 Diamond Lane,” Alexander said as they got in, and reached over to caress Angel. He kissed her softly. Some people said he couldn’t tell the difference between love and sex, but what did they know? But for whatever reason, the situation with Angel was different. He couldn’t have told you whether it was the curve of her ass or of her lips when she smiled, but there was something about her that he couldn’t let go.

The cab sped southwards. “You enjoyed that,” Alexander said as he slid his hand down to Angel’s lap, idly grazing the inside of her thighs.

“Yes, I did.” She paused. “You are a very unusual man.”

“Always,” he said, smiling.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Down a long, dark hole,” he replied, looking out into the night. “But first, home.”


Angel was sitting on the leather couch in front of the fireplace, sipping a glass of mulled wine and watching the flames lazily lick over the logs and shoot up the istanbul escort bayan chimney. Giselle sat in an armchair, staring out at the window — half-wishing it would snow, except that Angel loved snow, and that would make it worse, somehow.

Alexander came in and stoked the fire, adding some logs from the brass basket beside the fireplace. Angel loved that about him; although she was a city girl, she loved the look and feel and smell of the countryside, and she loved it when he brought it into the city for her. Besides, he looked good in the firelight — and so did Giselle, she thought gingerly. The whole experience was unreal, sharing the warmth of the fire on a winter evening with her lover and his wife. She swallowed another mouthful of wine.

Finished with the fire, Alexander walked over to Giselle, lightly touching her hair, the soothing feel of his fingers and nails relaxing her. She needed that touch. He pulled her up slightly, sliding his hand down her back and cupping her ass while he kissed her deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. She pressed against him, already thoroughly aroused, and placed his hand between her legs. He could feel her pussy through the fabric of her dress and lightly traced its outline while he spoke. “I love you, Giselle. I need you. You are the other half of my life’s story, and you know that.” Her breathing sharpened and she leaned into his touch. “But I need this,” he said softly. “While you watch. And you know that, too.” Giselle’s stomach tightened and her clitoris throbbed in anticipation, gently moistening at the thought of what Alexander was about to do. “Take off your panties.” Giselle did as she was told. The feel of the stiff leather of the couch against her bare ass and pussy was startling. She presenting the panties to Alexander on her opened hand, almost like an offering — which he accepted, pocketing the proffered lingerie. “You are a very good girl,” he said, running his fingers through her hair. “Angel and I need some quiet time together, so you may touch yourself while you watch, but you must do it quietly. Do you understand?” Giselle nodded her assent.

Alexander drew his finger across Giselle’s lips as if he were closing a zipper and lightly touched the outside of her breast through her dress. Then he turned and went over to the couch. He sat in the middle and took Angel’s hand, reassuring her.

“Come here,” he said, as she slid next to him. He gently kissed her cheek as his other hand lightly touched the top of her thigh. She did not push it away. It slid down the inside of her knee and slowly up her thigh until it started to fondle the crotch of her panties. She shifted slightly and Alexander’s kiss slid from her cheek to her mouth, feeling the warmth of her lips against his.

His fingers felt the softness of her mound and he gently stroked it as she moved her legs apart. She could feel herself responding to him and she reached down to caress the hardening between his legs. She started unbuckling his belt. Part of her wanted to fellate him in front of his wife, for Giselle to see his sperm running down her chin, but for now that had to wait; she needed her own orgasm, first. Angel lifted her hips as Alexander slid her panties to the floor, revealing her bare, moist pussy.

Alexander stood up as he finished unbuckling his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor, not even bothering to step out of them as he started to fuck her.

Giselle blushed at the sight. Usually she loved seeing Alexander’s tight buttocks, but watching him fuck another woman in front of her was pure, erotic torture. That was the worst part: she was deeply, undeniably aroused at the sight, hearing him grunt with pleasure while his cock slid in and out of Angel’s cunt. Giselle slid a hand between her legs. Carefully, she started to touch her clit with her fingers, feeling the excitement radiating outwards from her mound. She slid forward and spread her legs so she could feel herself better. Angel’s legs were spread wide apart, her hips gyrating merter escort bayan up into his, and she squealed with pleasure while Alexander kept shoving his cock into her. Giselle watched his member with fascination, admiring its hardened sheen as he thrust in and out. She began rubbing herself more rapidly, focusing on her pleasure. Her left hand reached up to her breasts and she caressed her nipples, feeling them harden to her touch and pinching them. She could feel her hips rising with excitement, involuntarily matching Alexander’s thrusts.

Meanwhile, Angel wasn’t even rubbing her pussy while Alexander fucked her, she was grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling him into her, lost in pleasure and like Giselle, very close to orgasm. Alexander growled with pleasure as he thrust into her, shuddering while his back arched uncontrollably.

Giselle watched the base of his cock twitch while it filled Angel’s cunt with his sperm, gushing inside her, and the sight pushed her over the edge. Frantically rubbing her clit, she could feel her pussy almost sucking her fingers into it while she climaxed on the couch, writhing in voluptuous pleasure and biting her lip to stay silent. She needed her pussy to be filled with his cock, to feel its hot granite hardness inside her.

Alexander lay in Angel’s arms on the couch, temporarily spent. “Giselle,” he said, “I hope you came strongly.”

Giselle smiled playfully. “Maybe,” she said. “You weren’t touching me when I came, so you’ll never know.”

“Fresh! I want you to get on your hands and knees.” Giselle complied, facing sideways on the chair so that her ass and pussy pointed out. Alexander reached over and smacked her ass; the sharp snap echoed through the room. “Come here and suck my cock.”

Giselle stepped over to the couch, her tits swaying softly. She could see Alexander’s cock start to respond at the sight, its tumescence causing it to shift on his legs. She sat on the couch and leaned over and kissed the tip, feeling it continue to harden in her mouth. The combined taste of sperm and quim on it was surprisingly tolerable, and she licked around the shaft, feeling it fully erect, enjoying the veiny ridges on her tongue.

“I love you,” Alexander said tenderly, looking into her eyes as she worked her mouth up and down the length of his cock. “You feel amazing.” Then he looked up at Angel and gently brought her head down to his, and kissed her on the lips, tasting them. “Mmmm, and I love you, too,” he said, caressing her back. Still flushed from her orgasm, Angel’s hand was on his chest and the feeling was amazing. Watching Giselle suck his cock was surprisingly erotic, the hypnotic motion of her head bobbing up and down a blissful sight. She kissed Alexander deeply, lost in love, knowing his sperm were already inside her, flooding through her pussy and upwards.

Alexander sat upright and pulled Angel upwards so that he could continue to kiss her while guiding Giselle onto her side. Giselle’s breasts spilled out onto the couch in front of her, heating his thighs. He loved the softness and enormity of Giselle’s tits. He reached down, grabbed one in his hand, and squeezed while he fucked Giselle’s mouth. Then took his cock out of her mouth and stroked it while Giselle licked his balls, occasionally wrapping her lips all the way around one or the other.

Realizing he was close to orgasm, Angel gently removed Alexander’s hand from his cock and started stroking it herself, feeling it wet with pre-cum and Giselle’s saliva. She stroked harder and Giselle could feel his balls shifting on her tongue, ready to unleash their load. Giselle kept licking and watched expectantly, knowing he was about to cum. She wasn’t fond of the mess, especially when he came on her face, but she loved satisfying him; the way that his carnal needs were sated, the grunts and satisfied look on his face.

Alexander’s hips bucked helplessly and cum spurted out of his cock onto Giselle’s waiting face and tits, running down their abundant length. Giselle shifted to keep it from running onto the couch; Angel popped up from the couch and grabbed a napkin for Giselle. Alexander loved seeing her tight little body in motion, ass and pussy swaying seductively while she moved. Completely drained, he put his arms around both women, and all three of them fell asleep watching the fire.


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