420 Reasons to Fuck

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My new friend, Jeff, finished packing his large rainbow colored bong with a fresh load of sticky, resiny weed. My head buzzing from the bong hits we’d already taken, I watched him light up and inhaled deeply, then hold the smoke in his lungs. In my stoned haze, I looked at his buff physique. Jeff was an inordinately good looking man, lithe muscles bulging in a tight tank top, dark hair and darker eyes and intense features, someone who, if he had been born as a woman, most any man would have rated as a “10”.

He passed me the lit bong. “Here, suck on this.”

I inhaled deeply, then struggled to suppress a cough and hold the smoke in.

Jeff grinned slyly at me. “Another hit. Deeper.” I exhaled the smoke and put the water pipe back to my lips. As I sucked in the smoke, Jeff said, “Yeah, suck it like it’s a cock.”

I burst out coughing, losing the hit and giving him a startled look. What the fuck?

He grinned at me, his handsome green eyes twinkling. “Easy, dude. What, no one ever compared sucking a long cylinder like that to cocksucking?”

I considered leaving, getting away from this sudden weirdness, but a surge of localized gravity had me pinned down to the futon we were sitting on. Man, was I buzzing or what? Some strong-ass weed there … To my surprise, I found my cock was stiffening a bit. Another Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment, but then I relaxed. Hell, he was just joking. Lighten up, dude, go with the flow and don’t be a dickhead.

Jeff’s eyes narrowed with twinkling laughter. I found myself absorbed in the incredible greenness of those sexy eyes, staring at the hazel and brown speckels in his irises, in that happy relaxed haze good strong weed will give up. Wooohhh, I’m really buzzing. Man that feels good, feeding my head that smooth smoke.

“Look,” Jeff said. “Let me show you.” He stood up before me. “Take a real deep hit from the pipe.”

I complied, filling my lungs with smoke and listening to the hiss and bubble of the bong water sucking out the harshness of the hit while watching his beautiful eyes locked onto mine. I heard a zipping sound, and slowly unlocked from his gaze and looked down. His cock was sticking out of his jeans, stiffening like the unwanted bulge in my jeans. He leaned forward until his cock was inches from my lips. I thought about leaving again, but I was hypnotized by the oddly stirring sight of his manhood. In a buttery, silky seductive voice Jeff said, “Now take a suck off this pipe.” He gently put a hand on the back of my neck and pushed forward. I resisted for a moment, but damn he was good looking and I was so horny, and I felt his cockhead touch my lips, wet with precum, and damned if I didn’t part my lips and take a cockhead in my mouth for the first time in my life, not quite believing in a mellow stoned way I was doing this.

“Mmmmmm,” Jeff said softly, his voice cooing. “That’s right, take a big hit of my pipe, dude.” His fleshy head tasted salty with precum, a bit like thin pancake batter, and damn, it felt kind of good to have his rapidly stiffening rod slowly pushing deeper, the head slipping past my lips and the shaft starting to slide inside me, his hand on the back of my head urging me on, and I looked up into his eyes and he was grinning at me and whispering “Yeah, that feels illegal bahis good, don’t you like it? Don’t you like being my cocksucker?” And I nodded yes, staring into his lovely eyes, and he slowly pushed the shaft deeper and deeper, about halfway inside now and his cock completely hard now and hot and rubbery and sexy in my mouth and I just let go, let myself drift in a stoned horny daze into digging the moment, and Jeff pulled out and whispered, “Say yes.”



“Yes … yes yes YES. YES!” And with that encouragement his cockhead went back inside and he started to facefuck me, one hand grasping my head and the other gently stroking my hair while his cock pushed in and out, a bit deeper each time, and I gagged a bit as his cockhead hit the back of my throat and bucked and pushed and I tried to relax and not gag and Jeff was whispering urgently, “Take it, take it all, you want it don’t you, you little cocksucker, take it like a man, aaaaah, aaaaahhhh” and he grunted this strangled sounding animal moan and got all of his cock inside my mouth and down my throat and held it there a moment, his balls resting against my chin, the musky scent of his pubic hair tickling and tantalizing my nose the way his curly hairs were tickling my skin, and I wondered at how much I was enjoying getting my face fucked as Jeff unbuckled his jeans. They fell down around his ankles, and he kicked the jeans free, and then started fucking my face more urgently, and I struggled to hold it in like I’d struggled earlier to hold the smoke in, and then Jeff pulled out all the way and offered me the bong.

“Suck it” he said, and I greedily sucked down more smoke from the pipe, and then I opened my lips, wanting his cock now, wanting to take his hard veiny shaft inside again, starting to crave it as Jeff peeled off his shirt, revealing sexy six pack abs and cut hard pec muscles, muscles everywhere on his broad, fat free torso, and I felt this squishy excited feeling in my belly and a buzzing in my head and …

“Undress,” he said.

I stood up, hypnotized by his sexy hard male body, and quickly undressed and tossed aside mmy clothes while Jeff folded the futon flat. I wondered if he was going to suck my hard throbbing cock, wanting to do to him what he’d done to me, push my prick inside his plump sexy lips.

“Turn around,” he ordered in a silky bedroom voice, looking with heavy-lidded matching bedroom eyes, and I felt a surge of desire to please this incredibly handsome and strong man. So I turned my back to him, feeling so sexy and submissive obeying his husky smoky voice, and his lips starting kissing the back of my neck, and I felt shivers of delight, so sexy being kissed gently like that, and his strong hands grasped my hips and pulled me back against his hot skin and hard body, and I felt his erection pressing against my buttcheeks, hard and urgent. I felt a tingling in my asshole and wondered at my body responding like that, and Jeff reached around and started stroking my cock, aaaaaah it felt so good, his hand on my precum slicked and drooling mushroom head. and his hard pec muscles against my back and his lips kissing and gently biting my earlobes, his breath hot in my ear, dryhumping me and god help me, I felt my hips pushing back at his erection, illegal bahis siteleri giving him my ass, letting him know I wanted it, wanted him.

In a stoned haze I felt one of his hands on my shoulder, pushing down and forward, and I heard his deep silky voice order me: “Bend over.” I looked over my shoulder into his eyes, his pupils inches away from mine wide open with excitement, his breath raspy and quick with desire, and I knew what he wanted and thought “No, I shouldn’t, no, no” but my betraying body knew this was a lie, my body bending forward ignoring the fake instructions in my head, giving in, letting his hand on my back move me into position, my knees buckling.

I got on all fours for him, and felt a surge of lust and emotion swirl through my head as his voice urged, “Yes, do it, yeah, you want it, you know you do” and then his hot strong hand left my back and I heard a crinkling sound. I looked behind me and he was rolling a rubber onto his stiff long cock.

His warm hands touched the inside of my thighs, nudging them wider apart. “Spread ’em,” he grunted, “open wide for my cock, baby. I’m gonna fuck you. You ready?”

I nodded yes … OK, more like YES, and I let his strong head spread me open, making me vulnerable and ready for his hardness as I wondered at the sexiness of giving in like that, giving my hard man whatever he wanted. I felt a cool touch of lube on my asscrack, his finger rubbing my rosebud, damn, damn, am I really doing this, ooooh, that tingles, so gooood … and then his cock rubbed up and down my slit, over and over, teasing me and provoking me. I shivered each time it brushed against my hole, and I started pushing back with my ass, my body telling him yes, yes, YES, and then he started pushing, whispering “Take it, take it like a man, relax, open up for my cockhead, let me fuck you, it’ll feel so good.”

And I wanted it, I wanted to let him inside me so he could take my body, take his pleasure, but I couldn’t relax all the way, and his invading cockhead was hurting, I felt my assring resist the mounting pressure.

“No, no, I’m not ready” I whimpered, and the pressure of his shaft stopped. His hands grasped my waist, turning me, flipping me over onto my back, and I looked at his sexy body and eyes and suddenly I wanted it after all, wanted him as he climbed between my legs and nudged them apart with his knees, spreading me, opening wide and baring my hole for him, giving him access, and it felt sooo good to give in and be passive and let his hard body take control and move me into position for his condomed shaft glistening with lube, I now knew what a women must feel when a man gets ready to fuck her, take her, give in to his maleness and his need, surrendering my body …

And Jeff lifted one of my legs and rested my ankle on my hard smoothly muscled shoulder, and then grasped my hands and lifted them over my head, one hand pinning both of them down. I felt my surrender complete, pinned down and helpless and wanting to give in, wanting him to take my body and use it for his pleasure, and his eyes gleamed and “Yes,” he said, “You want it. You want it bad. You ready to get assfucked?” and I nodded, yes yes yes YES, and his free hand stroked my cheek like I was a woman, and I arched my head back, baring canlı bahis siteleri my throat, and his lips kissed my throat as his cockhead slid between my asscheeks and nestled on my hole and pushed. It hurt, but it hurt in a good way, my hole tingling and burning and the pressure building as he leaned his weight into his pushing cock …

“Want me to fuck you?” Jeff cooed.

“Fuck yes,” I said, my skin tingling from the caress of his lips on my neck and now my earlobes, nibbling and grunting softly and sexily in my ear as he pushed and I relaxed my assring and rode the pain and let it happen, willing my body to submit to his lust. Slowly his invading cock slid inside me, grinding inside, and I groaned from the pain, the sexy feminine pain of surrender, and I listened to the sexy maleness of the pants and grunts of his hot breath in my ear, the muscles of the leg on his shoulder stretching as the bulk of his body pushed it back toward my chest, and my hands were free now as Jeff grabbed my shoulder and I wrapped them around his back and caressed the strong muscles there, urging him on.

“Fuck me hard,” I said, staring into his intense sexy eyes, slitted with lust, and he started fucking me harder and faster, and it was feeling good now despite the pain, my ass full of his thrusting hard cock, deeper and deeper, bucking for dangerous entry as I opened up and accepted his invading prick, his shaft all the way in now, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks as he bottomed out and pulled out and sunk all the way in and out again, over and over, faster and urgent, his hot skin sweaty against mine.

I rode the waves of the stoned buzzing in my head and heard my voice urging him on, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, take me, use me, give me your cum …” and then I saw the look in his eyes of getting ready to cum, and Jeff panted and thrust and pounded away as he groaned out, “Here it cums, baby, I’m gonna cum in your ass, take it take it take it, aaaarrrrgh, uhn, unh, UUUUNNNH”, his deep voice growling with lust, and my body took all his lust, took it as he came, came in the condom thrusting in my ass, and I was looking at him wanting it, wanting him to cum inside me, inside my ass, wanting him to make me his fuck buddy, and then his hard sweaty body was laying on top of me, the weight of his strong muscled torso pushing me into the futon as his ragged breath breathed warmth onto my skin, panting to fill his lungs and recover from his orgasm.

I lovingly wrapped my legs around his waist and caressed his strong back with my hands, feeling so feminine, his softening cock still inside me. It felt good to know his lust and cum were inside me, the gift he given me in exchange for the surrender of my body to his male need, and I knew I wanted to do it again and again, be his fuckbuddy or his bitch or his lover anytime, wanted to let him fuck me 420 times, wanted more of these lovely sweaty male 420 moments, so good, who knew, who knew it could be so hot giving myself to this hard strong man?

And I wondered if this was it, if this was my only time with him, whether he’d gotten the fuck he wanted and would walk away and move on to his next conquest, or cum back and demand I surrender to his lust again.

I didn’t want him to leave, I wanted to lay here with his body pressed against me and his cock inside me for an eternity, a never-ending perfect moment, but I knew whether he came back for more of my body or left me for good, either way it wouldn’t be my last time getting stoned and then fucked by a man …

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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