5th Time’s a Charm

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Many years ago I had decided I wanted to suck another man’s cock. I was married, but separated and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She was good with me dating others and I was good with her doing it too; whatever happened, happened. We stayed in contact, were still friends, heck even “got together” a few times. Like I said, neither one of us knew what was going to happen. Anyway, I wanted a break from women. I had never been with a man, but I was ready and ready now.

Back then it was easy to hook up with someone as the internet had lots of easy to use sites. Heck, back then you could even do it on Yahoo Personals so that gives you an idea of when this happened.

I placed an ad, nothing spectacular, just said I wanted a first time and any first timers out there would get priority. If didn’t take long to get replies; not a reply, I mean replies.

After emailing a few guys I settled on one guy, Doug. Doug was married as well and he wanted a first time himself. We worked it out and decided to meet at a motel in a town a few miles up the highway. I met him in the parking lot; all seemed good so I went inside the motel to book a room. Then it all went to shit!

I’m booking the room with the lady up front when another lady comes out of the office. “Bob!” she says. “Good to see you. What are you doing here?”

It was a friend of my wife’s! They weren’t close and actually hadn’t been in contact for a long time, a few months. Anyway, she says that it was good to see me and she would give the wife a call to see how things were with her. “What are you doing here?”

Good question. I told her I was looking at getting a room for a friend who didn’t have a credit card, but needed to check the rates. The lady that I met the first time says “Oh, I thought you wanted it for today.”

I assured her it was my mistake and told the wife’s friend I’d tell her about it; that she said “Hi.”

When I got outside and told Doug what had happened he got spooked, saying he didn’t need his wife to find out and “Maybe we should try another time.”

Yeah right, that was the end of Doug and me.

So the next month the wife and I get back together and decide we need to move out of state to get a fresh start. We do and head to the southwest and buy a place in a small town.

A year later, we figure out that things aren’t any better and we split for real this time. She moves out of state and I want a break from women again. This time it should be easy as I’m alone now. Cool, let’s do this.

Back to Yahoo Personals and I get a couple of replies, not as much as before, but hey, like I said, it’s a small town. Very small I was to find out.

I arrange to meet this guy at a parking kurtköy türbanlı escort lot in front of a large store, in a shopping center. Things are looking good then I panicked. I pull into the lot and a cop pulls up right next to me. Boom, I’m out of there! Call the guy up and tell him what happened and he said he “understood”, but thought maybe I wasn’t ready to do this. Strike two!

About a week goes by and nothing happens. Since the get go I wasn’t going to make the first contact with anyone, they would get in touch with me. Okay, I can wait and sure enough another guy contacts me. We email a bit and I call him and we talk for a bit. Sounds like a nice guy and he tells me of other guys he’s been with, in town.

Then he drops a bomb. He was a regular with my boss at work! This is not good. My boss is a nice enough guy, but really indiscreet. I can just see me and this guy getting together, he tells Jim and it’s all over work. Really? So that puts an end to this one. Strike three!

Well, I’ve learned a few things by now and thought of giving up, but man, c’mon, there’s got to be a way for this to happen. One thing I learned is that when I get another chance I want to meet the guy in person and see what happens.

Meet another guy at a McDonalds, had lunch and we just didn’t hit it off. No harm no foul. Strike four!

By now I’m realizing that this is a really small town as the last guy I met at McDonalds was actually at a town way down the highway. Okay, so this guy didn’t work out, but there has to be someone out there, right?

Three weeks go by, nada, zippo. A couple of the girls at work are looking good to me and we hit if off, but I hang in there. Then bam; I get a reply. We email back and forth, he’s a want to be first timer so after a couple of days we decide to meet at a local burger joint. I tell him I’ll be the guy in the Atlanta Falcons hat.

Next day I get to the place, order lunch and grab a table outside. Off by itself; nice and private.


I turn around and see a guy, “Dave?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

Dave walks over and sits down across from me. Says he’s already had lunch, but wanted to meet me. We start to talk about stuff. Not sex stuff, just general stuff. Find out he’s married and has a couple of kids. Tells me his brother recommends sucking a man’s dick and Dave’s decided he wants to try it.

“Me too,” I reply. “What’s your time like?”

“I have an appointment in a few minutes, but am free tomorrow,” he says. Seems his wife and kids are out of town and he has to make a four hour drive tomorrow to join them.

“But I have most of the day free and we can use my house,” he says.

“I maltepe eve gelen escort have to work till 2:30, but I have some time after that.”

Dave says that’s great, he wants to leave tomorrow while it’s still daylight so says he’ll email me with details.

“Hey, if you change your mind Dave, it’s okay,” I say.

He smiles and asks me if I am going to change my mind.

“No way man, I want to suck your cock,” I reply.

“Good, I want to suck yours.”

Dave leaves and after I finish eating I head home. To say I didn’t get much sleep that night is an understatement. Hell, I even jacked off twice and still had trouble sleeping.

Next day I went to work and checked my email when I got there; nothing. I checked my email an hour later; again nothing. After the lunch rush I checked again and bingo, an email from Dave.

“Here’s my address, 3:00 works for me. You?”

“See you then,” I send back.

So I have another hour of work and I can’t think of much else except that it’s finally going to happen.

3 o’clock and I’m ringing Dave’s doorbell. He opens the door and smiles, “Alright,” he says. “C’mon in.”

I follow him into the living room. Nice place, pictures of the family on the wall, looks good to me.

“I want to go first,” Dave says. “Pull down your pants.”

Okay, so we’re going to go right for it, right in the living room. I’m good with it, drop my pants and pull out my cock. Dave grabs it and strokes it a bit, but it’s already hard. “Lay down,” Dave says. I lay back on the floor and he drops to his knees and goes down on me.

Dave grabs my cock and wraps his mouth around it. He slides down, hot and moist; fuck this is great! Then he slowly comes back up my throbbing cock. It feels great, but what I hadn’t thought about was not only did his mouth feel great, but I could watch him doing it! And watching a man sucking my cock got me even harder. I was doing it after all this time; a man was sucking my cock! I still get a kick out of watching guys sucking my cock, but the first time it happened; memorable.

After about, I don’t know, five minutes or so, Dave lifts his head and says “My turn.” He gets up and drops his pants, his hard dick catching my eye. I lick my lips, he lays on his back and the next thing I know I have a cock in my mouth! It felt so good and so natural. Now I have a pretty good routine when I suck dick; tongue the head, slide my tongue up and down each side then take it into my mouth. Up, down, suck and squeeze the ball ever so lightly, till I empty it out; I give a pretty good blowjob if I say so myself. Or so I’ve been told numerous times.

Anyway, back to Dave and kartal özbek escort this was my first so it was pretty basic. Down his dick, I got it all into my mouth, then back up. I was on a mission and loving it; up, down, up down, slow, slow, slow; I wanted this to last.

Dave grabbed my shoulders and pushed me gently away, “I want it again,” he said. Without saying a word we switched places and he was back on my dick. Dave was enthusiastic and was going faster and faster. My balls ached and I knew what he wanted, but I didn’t want it to end so I did the best I could not to cum. Hot, wet, moist, Dave’s mouth was fantastic. I watched his head go up and down, this man’s head, and I wanted to cum, but I didn’t. It was my turn to push him away.

Without a word he rolled onto his back and I took his cock in my mouth again. I started going down as far as I could then back up slowly, slowly. I was really into sucking his cock and I didn’t want this to end. U, down, up, down, when I felt my mouth get hot, and wetter. Holy shit! Dave was cumming in my mouth. He didn’t say much, but he shot a nice load, I swallowed it and wanted more. After he had finished I still wanted to suck it so I did, then he pushed me away.

“Give it to me,” he said. I laid back and Dave started to suck He really wanted me to cum and he used his hand as well as his wet mouth. After a few minutes I gave him what he wanted. One, two, three or more large spurts of hot cum his mouth then he pulled away, some cum dripping from his mouth. He apologized (?) and sat back. I was spent and laid there for a few minutes, and then we both got up and got dressed.

“Want something to drink?” he asked. I followed him into the kitchen and he gave me a soda. As we drank he said that this had been great and he wanted to keep sucking cock. I agreed, and after finishing my drink we parted ways, he had that drive to do.

So the weekend went by and I hadn’t heard from Dave. No email so I sent him one, then another a few days later, and another; nothing, no replies. I was bummed to say the least. Here I had thought I had finally found a steady cock to suck and nothing; I guessed he had a change of heart.

Well, about a month later I was flicking channels on the TV and saw Dave! It was a local show, some kind of restaurant review program or something. That was interesting, so I decided to try and get in touch with him. I called the station later that day and asked about the show, how to get reviewed. I didn’t want to seem pushy. A lady answered and said that the show had been cancelled about six weeks ago – about then same time when Dave and I had sucked each other’s cocks. Seems Dave had moved back to California. Fuck! So he knew he was moving out of state and figured that sucking a cock here before he left would be perfect. He could see if he did like sucking cock and he could do it in the most discrete way. I had to laugh, and although I was sad he had moved away, I was happy that he had answered my question; yes, I love to suck cock and still do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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