84 Yr Old Therapist Saves Marriage

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There are many reasons for writing this story. Sex for the seniors is overlooked in the stories on Literotica. I will try to fill that void. I have plots for a couple of stories with older participants and I will have senior sex stories posted soon.

But for my first submission I would like to tell a true story of one of my great final successes just before retirement from practice. This story is true, the names Bill and Susan are not the real first names of the couple. I see them socially at the country club, and they are still acting like newlyweds. Members comment how blissful and how much in love they seem to be.

I am Dr. Richard Snyder, and I am 84 years young. My practice for the last 30 years, until I retired 9 years ago, was as a Sex Therapist. In my practice I treated a few singles and a lot of married couples who had sexual problems.

I have a friend, a divorce court judge, Steve, with whom I often play golf. One day while riding the golf cart to our next shot, I asked him if he enjoyed his job. He said at times it was very depressing.

“My most recent case was a couple fighting and arguing, over what she wanted in her settlement. The woman’s lawyer was trying to bankrupt her husband, for support, alimony, house, cars custody of the children and child support and half of their stocks bonds and other assets. The reason the husband filed for divorce was that the wife was fucking 5 different men from our country club. He had detective reports and videos of her with each of the men. Seems she always had the sessions in her home when he was on a business trip. He suspected her and had video cameras installed in the bedroom. When he was going on a trip, he called the detective and informed him he would be away and he was to start surveillance at the house. The recorders that were recording the bed room could be started recording by the detective from his car, by a radio signal. When the detective saw a man enter the house, he would activate the recorder. In 2 months, she had had 5 different men in her bed, and it was all on tape.

“Wow”, I said, “How in the hell did you rule on that one?”

“Well, on investigating her, I found out that her parents had passed away and had left her with a huge inheritance, so she had plenty of money, and their huge home. Since she was the guilty party, I awarded custody of the children to him, no alimony, she didn’t need it. The house they lived in, I awarded to him, and he was to pay her $1.00 for her signature on the deed transfer to him. She could have the children, one week end a month, no men allowed in her home when the children were there. She was responsible for her own lawyer fees. I never saw a woman as angry as she was, but I thought it was a good decision. If her husband had been caught fucking 5 women, all taped, I would have been equally hard on the man.”

We continued talking as we played, telling me some of his other cases. He said that many of the couples who were seeking divorces had plenty of grounds for a divorce. Steve said that many divorce cases that came to his court were couples who had sexual problems. Reasons ranged from not enough, too much, hated sex, no fulfillment etc. Steve had a thought, since I was widowed, retired and needed something to do a couple of hours a day, he wondered if I would be willing to see some couples for some counseling before he granted them a divorce.

“I’d like it as a condition of their divorce. No divorce, until they had visited a sex therapist a few times, to see if that would help. Maybe we could save a few marriages and keep families from splitting.”

I told him that I would be happy to do a couple of hours Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Only afternoons, because I played golf in the morning’s. If there were couples, where both worked, I’d be available in the evenings, Mondays, or Wednesday. I like to go to the club on Friday night.

On the following Monday he called and said, “I have a lovely couple in my office and I’d like to have you talk to them. When can you see them.?”

I said, “Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 is OK if that is acceptable to them?”

Steve must have placed the phone down on his desk because I heard him ask them if Wednesday at 2:00 was OK.

The man said that would be fine with him. I heard a woman’s voice say, “Judge, do we really have to go? I can’t even talk about sex with Bill, how can I with a Dr.”,

Steve said, “That is my condition, before I will grant a divorce. I really want to see this marriage saved, Bill is handsome and Susan, you are beautiful, a perfect couple if I ever saw one. You have two children at a very impressive age and I am sure a divorce would be devastating to both of them. I am sure you will like Dr Snyder, he is very experienced and is doing these consultations at no charge to you or me. Let’s say I beat him at golf and he is paying off the debt by saving a divorce. If after three meetings with him you still want the divorce, it will be granted, much as I hate to see such a beautiful Kartal Escort couple break up a home.”

Steve picked up the phone and said, “Doc, 2 PM Wednesday is fine. Talk to you later, bye.”

The couple appeared at 10 till 2:00 and sat in their car in my driveway. My home is rather large, circular driveway, with large well kept grounds.

Later Bill told me he and Susan discussed my house, and she was still trying to back out of seeing me. She just didn’t want to discuss sex with a Doctor. He told her he loved her very much and please just this once, hide your inhibitions.

I had heard the car pull in and I was at the door before they rang the bell. Bill gave me a very firm handshake and Susan very quietly said hello. I invited them into my den and offered them a drink. Soda, coffee, tea of something stronger. They both said a soda would be fine.

Susan was very apprehensive about meeting me, but , they were ordered by Steve, as a preliminary to any divorce proceedings.

Bill, was what my 18 year old granddaughter would call “a hunk”. Susan was a definitely a head turner. A very handsome couple, he was 6′ 1″ in great shape, she was 5’8″. He was 40 and she was 39. I suspected that Susan had a terrific figure under the loose dress she was wearing. Much to long to hide those legs.

He was 24 when they married and she was 23. He was on the road to a having a successful business when they married.

At the beginning of the session I told them I’d like to know something about your lives, work, marriage, business and anything that comes out during our first half hour.

I learned they had been high school sweethearts. They had not had any sex with each other until they married. She was still a virgin and he had had only a couple of one night stands which were, wham, bang, thank you maam’s.

After high school he served an apprenticeship as a machinist and tool and die maker and when he was 22, with financial help from his father and a bank opened a small machine shop, doing all the work with only one worker. That worker was now his shop supervisor.

He now had a shop, employing 32 workers. His shop had all the latest computer controlled lathes, milling machines and Bridgeport’s. Business was great and they had a nice home, paid for, money in the bank, swimming pool, hot tub, 2 expensive automobiles and 2 beautiful children

They had been married 16 years and had a son and a daughter, 10 and 14 respectively. Susan was a stay at home mom and took care of the books for the business and payroll and taxes.

After getting acquainted, ” I asked William why he wanted to divorce such a beautiful woman.

“He said, I am almost ashamed to say it in front of Susan because, she is so against any sexual talk. All sex was dirty, you did not talk about it, she only had sex to please me, and that was getting less and less frequent. She was afraid of getting pregnant again, so I’d have to use a rubber. I finally went and had a vasectomy, thinking this might help. It hasn’t. I feel that I am still young, have a prosperous business, we want for nothing except sexual satisfaction. I want a wife that can enjoy our life and in addition a great sex life.”

He said, “I don’t think I will ever love anyone more than I love Susan, but what is the use of the next 30 or 40 years of the same.”

She sobbed quietly when Bill said that he loved her, she dried the tears with the offered tissue.

“The sex just to please me, always me on top, just doesn’t do it anymore. She has never to my knowledge ever had an orgasm.”

I asked Bill. “Have you ever tried to do her orally, so that she could achieve an orgasm, Or use your finger to stimulate her clitoris?” Bill said that Susan would never allow his hand, let alone a finger to touch her there.

I saw Susan’s face turn deep red and she lowered her head almost to her beautiful chest. She really was inhibited.

I said, “Susan your turn, tell me your problem and why you are agreeing to a divorce.”

Through sobs, she said, ” Her widowed Aunt, that practically lived with them as she was growing up, had instilled in her that sex was dirty and you only did it to have children and when your husband desires were so great you allowed him to do it. Any position except him on top was not allowed. Bill said she told him this on her wedding night. .

I asked Susan, “Have you ever encouraged Bill to come to you or was it always him asking?”

“He always asks,” she replied almost inaudible.

I asked Susan, “Have you ever climaxed masturbating?” Her face reddened and she said, ” No, I have never done that, that would not be a proper thing to do.”

“Did you ever take a mirror and look at your privates?” Again, she reddened and said, “No”.

“Have you ever, when Bill was asleep, reached over and took his pens in your hand and squeezed it gently and masturbate him gently and wake him up?”

Again Susan’s face turned crimson again. Tuzla Escort

“No. No. I just couldn’t do that”, she said, with lowered head. .

I then said to both, “You need some lessons on what all married couples should know. If you have a king or queen size bed, get rid of it and get an oversize double bed. Couples should sleep close to each other so that when the desire comes over either one, they are right there.”

“Yes, Susan it is completely proper for the woman to be the initiator.”

Come and sit beside me, one on my right and one on my left, and let’s look at some pictures.

“Susan, you need to know what is inside your vagina, that it is not dirty to see, or talk about sex. Words like cunt, love box, pussy, love tunnel are just some of the names form your vagina. It is not dirty or ugly to call them by any of these names when making love. “Ram to my love box”, “Stick it in my pussy” ” I adore your love tunnel” “your cunt is so wet”, are all word of passion while having intercourse. Hear them, say them, tell your partner how much you love him or her while having sex , All of this will heighten your pleasure.

“Susan, after hearing your reasons for your sexual inhibitions, it may be hard for you to say them, but I can assure you at the right moment you will. After all, Susan, all the women you see, the beautiful, ugly, fat, thin all have one. Some work as God intended, others need help to make them work and that is what I hope to do, get yours to work. But Susan you will have to help. Susan had a slight smile.

Bill, you also need to know what is there and how to operate it.” That made Susan sinker. I explained the clitoris, the vulva, the anus and all the other pictured parts. I explained that the clitoris is especially sensitive and many women received multi orgasms just having it stroked. And more so when the man uses his mouth and tongue to lick and suck the inside of the vagina, and when he pays special attention to the clitoris. The anus is also, an allowable part of sex life, Susan was beet red through all of this explanation.

“Bill you and Susan need to discuss in the privacy of your bedroom, in the dark, your sexual interests. Express your understanding of how she might view certain things, like masturbation and vibrators as useful aids in achieving sexual satisfaction.

“Bill, I can understand that Susan has been, as some call it brainwashed. And now we must deprogram her. I have had patients in the past that suffered from the same programming. It is sometimes difficult for some women to be de-programed easily.”

“Other women de-program very quickly, I have found that the women who intensely love their husbands, will re-program quickly. I have had a few, not many, that achieved a successful sexual encounter with their husbands after one session. Rare, but it has happened, and I have always said the deeper in love the couple, the easier it is.

“Bill, you say you love Susan and she says she loves you. Because it sounds to me like you’re at the end of your rope and quite possibly might want a divorce because of only one thing, sexual differences. Susan, I know that Bill must have much love for you or he would have other women satisfy him, but he hasn’t. So before you divorce lets see what we can do to prevent it.”

“Bill, You hang in. there is nothing wrong with your wanting your needs to be satisfied by your wife and she by you. You both need to know that. it’s very important that your marriage fulfill you both sexually as much as it does in other ways.”

“Now Bill and Susan, I have a set of 3 video tapes, the best I have ever seen, not pornographic, but instructional. Actual demonstrations of how sex should be done.”

“The Better Sex Video’s,” every couple should own these, especially newly weds, and couples that have been married for a long time and need to spice up their love making.”

“You never grow too old to not want good sex. I am 84 and still have a very full sexual life with a few widow ladies. True, I cannot get a stiff erection anymore, but my tongue and hands can satisfy any woman and I cam still enjoy an 0orgasm..”

I have a series of three educational sexual tapes. I have given the set of three videos to almost all the couples that I have counseled through the years

I know I have saved a lot of marriages with my counseling and especially the tapes.

I gave them the first tape and instructed them to view it together, in bed. “Susan, always wear a nightgown, no PJ”s and try to be relaxed.”

Before viewing the video they were also to go to the drug store and get a bottle of the new KY Warming Liquid Personal Lubricant .

“I want to see both of you Friday, at 2:00 PM.

Susan’s parents lived a couple of blocks away from where she and Bill lived. Susan called her mother and told her that the divorce court judge said that we cannot get a divorce without first seeing a Dr friend of his. A Dr Stevens, a sex therapist. We went to see Anadolu Yakası Escort him this afternoon at 2:00. “Mom, I was so embarrassed, and at first I wished I could disappear. As the session progressed I did relax a little. He really is a nice man and wants to help Bill and me through this.”

“Mom, could the kids could stay at your house tonight? We age going to have a kiss and make up and have a long talk and maybe more, and we want to be alone.”

Susan’s mother said, “Oh Susan, I do hope you and Bill can stay together, we love both of you and the children. Please Susan be open minded and give in a little”.

“Mom I am going to give it everything I can, you know me and my sexual phobias. I have always blamed your sister for doing that to me, but I guess that was her sex life also. She couldn’t keep her husband either, He left and never came back. Thank God they never had any kids.

” Of course they may come over. In fact tell then to come early for dinner and we will take them to a movie or maybe we will all go out for dinner and a movie. I’ll drive them home in the morning at 7:30 or 8:00 and wait for them to get ready for school and I will drive them to school.”

Mom, I love you and Dad very much. Give dad a kiss from me. See you in the morning.”

I had made another appointment with them for Friday evening at 7. They arrived smiling and I could see that they were almost glowing, especially Susan.

They entered my living room and sat down. After some small talk I asked Bill first, “Well?”

Bill said, “Dr, it was unbelievable, we both experienced the most wonderful sex that either of us ever had. We ever believed it would be so intense and loving.”.

I asked Bill, “Was the video helpful?”

He replied, “I now agree with you and the good doctors on the video, that we are very stupid when it come to sex. You gave us tape 1, when do we graduate to tape two?”

“Am I to understand that you watched the complete tape?”

“Good God, no,” Bill said. “We had to stop, where the Dr said we could.

“I want you and Susan to complete the first tape before going on to tape 2 and 3.

I asked Susan, “Susan what are your feelings now about your experience?

She was much more relaxed then on the previous visit and talked freely about her experience. She had no idea that sex could be so wonderful and satisfying.

She said, “After the children left for school, Thursday morning I thought to myself, I wish Bill could stay home, so we could make up for all the wasted years, it was so wonderful.”

“Well, it seems that the video was helpful. I was sure it would be, from all the results that I had with couples when I was in private practice.”

Bill asked, “Dr, what was you fee for an office visit?.

“At that time, 9 years ago, it was $100.00 for an hours visit. I always included the videos with the fee”.

Bill replied, “It is worth thousands of dollars or more, to Susan and me. I am sure you and the video saved us from a divorce and having to break up our family. I am sure the kids noticed a change in their mother yesterday and this morning. Our daughter asked Susan this morning, “What are you so happy about, Mom?” Both kids could see mom was different.”

“Yesterday when her mother brought the kids home she immediately noticed the change in Susan. She had a big smile on her face and was almost giggly.”

“Bill and Susan would you both of you mind describing your experience. Don’t be bashful, I have probably heard all you will say before.”

Both together, said they would be happy to tell me, they needed to tell someone how wonderful their experience was. .

Bill said, “One of the first things I learned from the tape is that foreplay is necessary for great sex. Kissing, hugging, and massage are important parts of a great sexual experience and is always necessary before actual, penetration. We had never had foreplay, it was, here I am, get satisfied so I can go to sleep. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

When I inserted the tape you gave me, I pressed the tape play button, there was an introduction of what we were to expect. There were 2 Doctors, a woman Dr and a male Dr who told us the reason’s for so little sex knowledge in most men and women. What we could expect to learn from the video’s.

“An actual couple, neither particularly beautiful, but easy to look at and soothing voices for Susan to hear. They explained everything they were doing and why. They were not porn stars, but just regular everyday people. We were instructed to stop the tape, and the woman was to put on a sleep mask.”

“I stopped the tape. Susan said,” I know I have one, but I don’t have any idea where it is.”

“We both had to search the bed room to see where she had placed it. We finally found it in the bottom of a drawer, it was black and had white lacey trim around the edge. She put it on, and believe it or not it was a turn on.”

“Next we were to disrobe. I can see the reason for the mask now.”

“I stopped the tape and we both did as instructed. Susan did not feel at all comfortable with this, but the mask helped her, she had never disrobed in front of me, or saw me nude, and if she could not see me it would make it easier to remove her gown..

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