A Bath in Ponce, P.R.

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Back in 2006, my family and I flew to Puerto Rico to have a vacation together. We stayed about 5 days, and my parents rented a car so we could travel to different parts of the island ourselves. The furthest distance from one side of the island to the other was probably about 4-5 hours.

We visited a few before we arrived in Ponce. There was a nice beach there, or so we thought. Once we arrived, it had a very small tide, and it was full of rocks by the shore that hurt to walk on. We didn’t stay long.

I was the first to head to the showers to rinse myself off. I recently turned 18, and was hungry for some Puerto Rican cock. I imagined finding a man there who was hung with a beautiful cock, who would fuck me good and leave an imprint on me forever. Sure enough I got my wish.

As I walked into the public restroom, I noticed it was divided into showers on the left and a locker room on the right, with the toilets and sinks located in the back. I headed towards the showers in my brown trunks and noticed the shower room had very minimal privacy – there were two small rows of cubicles per showerhead, with boxed walls as high as your head and closed çankaya escort off except for the opening.

The showers appeared to be empty, but I noticed a man across from me when I turned around. I began to rinse off when I realized he was completely naked, rubbing his body with soap, taking quick glances up at me like he knew I was watching him.

The man was tall, maybe about 6’3 and he was dark skinned – very sexy. He didn’t have a 6 pack or the hottest body, but he was hot as fuck to me. He looked like he could have been a dad. Somewhere around his mid-thirties.

I stared at him from afar and admired his masculine body. He had big muscular arms, a chest that puffed out, a beer belly that was just perfect and thick thighs to complete the set. His cock was a darker shade of the rest of his skin. It was uncut, fully erect, and covered in soap.

There’s nothing I love more than sucking a fresh and clean dick.

I imagined it in my mouth. I began to get hard and horny. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I felt like I was living a scene from a porn flick.

I began keçiören escort to pretend to rinse my body more just to prolong the experience. Nobody else was coming into the showers. It was just him and myself. He continued to glance at me, to which I finally summoned the courage to ask him for some shampoo. I had none, and I noticed he had a bottle of shampoo with him.

He didn’t speak, just nodded and began to walk over to me. We met half way, and he walked over with his boner wobbling side to side. I was so close to this man, I saw the water droplets on his skin fall down his arms, thighs, and cock. He had a sort of grin that turned me on even more. I wanted him so badly in that moment. I just had to compliment his dick – it was too perfect.

“Nice cock” I said, to which he did not respond vocally. He simply smirked and nodded his head with appreciation.

“Can I touch it?” I asked.

He nodded his head, and I went for it.

I grabbed his cock with my right hand and began to stroke it. He was looking around making sure nobody was coming. It felt so fat and thick in my hand. etimesgut escort I had a good grip on it. I wanted more. I had to take advantage.

“Can I suck your cock?” He nodded once more, and I got on my knees and latched onto his dick like I never sucked a dick in my life (which is hilarious).

I grabbed his thighs with both hands, and continued to suck on his cock. Slobbering and looking up at him as he kept a look out. I was loving every second of this. I knew it would be any moment now that someone would be walking in.

I grabbed his dick with my left hand and cupped his balls with my right – and sucked and sucked some more. I wanted his cum in my mouth. I began to hear him moaning, and that made me want to be more passionate. I licked his balls and dick like I wanted to taste his chocolate skin. I was so turned on, I had a boner myself. I was dripping pre-cum under my trunks.

The whole encounter lasted about 15 minutes. I wish we had space and privacy to just fuck. I wanted to feel his huge cock inside of me. I wanted his load inside of me. I kept sucking and jerking his dick with my hand at the same time – he seemed to like that very much. Until he finally came, and he shot on my forehead, cheek, and tongue. I put his oozing cock in my mouth once more to make sure I got all of his cum. He was trembling with excitement.

We quickly got back into our cubicle and finished showering. I never saw him again. But that encounter will forever live in my memories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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