A Battle

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I felt it coming, but didn’t expect it to be this bad. But there it was, a terrifically powerful and instant downpour of foul, smelly rain that I was usually delighted to see that night at what was probably about eleven. After all, a storm like this was usually followed by a multicolored striped streak of light across the sky. It was the perfect setting for what was about to come, a downpour of diminished dreams. What we had been hiding from had traced us. Of course, death was what we had feared all of our short new lives, and that is what kept us close to the rest of the world. It wasn’t avoidable though, to hide from death at this point, we had to fight death away as our closely related enemies had come for what would be a battle of the societies we had created.

We were now like the societies we had escaped from. We were fighting over our principles. Each of us believed in a similar path to utopia, but seeing no way to reach that without demolishing those who disagreed, we had come to a war over the land, and they were striking first.

One thing was for sure our homes were beautiful. The hills of green grass were littered with huts and agriculture, and the trees were terrific weeping willows that bent over in joy, not misery. On this rainy day, the hills still looked awesome, or what you could see of them through the mist.

The two groups of us were fairly evenly matched at about twenty-three persons to a people. They attacked one hut with a fire at what is probably about two in the morning. I had been in the hut they torched, but was awake laying in fear as I was listening to hear if the footsteps I swore I heard were that of our night watchman or someone else. I sensed the feelings of a nearby source of fire and immediately jumped from the tent to see one of the Greens face to face.

I swung at him and missed as he punched me in the stomach. I hunched over clutching my body at the blow to my abdomen, and he kneed me in the face. As I was being carried away I saw my fellow bunkmates yelling as they ran from their enflamed sleeping quarters. The whole camp had been awakened and knew I had been taken; they didn’t know what was to come of me.

Lydia let her emotions take over like I knew she would and came screaming after me.

I don’t know what happened between then and now as I passed out, or was knocked unconscious. It’s surprising and sad that the Greens had built “cages” for whomever they caught as a hostage; they clearly hoped for this feud much more than we did, or just saw it coming and prepared. I could have sworn cages were why we had left civilization to create our own society, but then I guess that’s why our two tribes had separated, at a clashing of views.

I was placed in a shoddy cage type structures that went into the ground. My beloved torpid girl had yet to awaken. I looked around, having not yet seen much of our enemies’ home I was surprised by some of the differences, but not so much the similarities. The similarities, like what their homes looked like, were just the way they were because of what we had at our hands to build with, but the differences represented the isveçbahis dissimilarities between the two communities. There was a much more visible hierarchy in their settlement. One of the main reasons we were at war was the ever-nearing closeness of the Greens to the structure we had abandoned.

Lydia woke up. At first, she was in somewhat of a daze, as she came to. She looked around, with comparable reactions to mine: startled when she saw the confinement she had been placed in, curious as to how our close enemy lived, and a myriad of feelings when she saw me next to her in the same situation as she.

“Oh, darling, are you alright?” she asked sympathetically as she reached up and gently felt my face with her right hand.

“I’m fine, dear. What happened to you?”

“Jonathan used some sort of pressure point and I was painlessly knocked out.” It was strange that we used to know some of those we were fighting on a somewhat personal level and could refer to them in person.

“This is all so ironic, everything about this is just ironic.”

“What do you mean?” She knew what I meant on some levels, but I hadn’t reenacted the earlier events to her between Abraham and I. We were sitting now holding hands with our backs to each other.

“Well first of all, when we created our society, which was later the two communities it is now, if you can call them that, we had bases and reasons. We wanted to get away from the greed, oppression, and social structure of the world we lived in, and so many other things. Look now, all the things we ran from, are what is fueling this battle.”

“I know what you mean.” Of course she did, I knew she did. It had stopped raining a long time ago, and the weather was fairly nice considering the circumstances. She had sat up and was next to me, rubbing my leg now that she was out of her daze.

“There is more though. Before Abraham died, we had an enlightening and worrisome conversation. When the dinner we had for his weakening body was coming to an end, he told me to come into his bench with him. We sat for a while and talked about life and how he felt about his inevitable passing.”

“What’d he say? I never really got to talk to him much before he was gone.”

“He had come to terms with death, as a lot of people do when they have been battling with it for so long. But that is not why he wanted to talk to me. He had had a dream a few nights before, and that it was the third time in the previous weeks he had imagined something like it. The dream intertwined his nearby passing and the soon to come fight between the Greens and us. He didn’t tell me exactly what happened in his dream, but more his analysis of what he saw. His dream was apparently too complex to explain. He predicted that there would be an unstoppable fight amid the two miniature civilizations, and that the end result would be disastrous. He told me that I would have to decide to either return back to society and avoid whatever responsibilities that might fall into my lap, or to stay here and mend or recreate whatever is lost of the society we were ultimately pursuing in the fighting.” I paused, and isveçbahis giriş turned to face her. “Everything he said seems like it has come true. Luke, one of the Greens I don’t think you knew as well as I used to, woke me one night as he was leaving on his own to return to normal civilization, and asked me to come with him. It’s all just terribly ironic Lydia.”

She didn’t say anything; she just sort of ran her fingers through my hair and massaged my scalp as I saw a tear swell up in her eye. That’s a difference between men and women: a woman will do that, a man might sit and stare in deep thought. I don’t know what that says about the two genders; just that they’re different is all.

“You know,” she said, finally, “this might be our last time together, who know how serious this will get. And you might have noticed, the only thing guarding us it this cage; no people are around…lover.” I looked straight in to her eyes as a wind brushed through the cage.

“This will be great. Here we are, on the bare ground, completely alone in the outdoors, with miles of nature surrounding us, yet we are still in the confines of this cage. Let’s fuck like animals baby.” With that I kissed her long and hard and passionately. I breathed the clean air in through my nose as I felt her soft wet, familiar tongue caressing mine. I stood her up and removed the sundress she had made and was wearing when she came here; she probably hadn’t fallen asleep yet. I had been sleeping so I had only loose fitting pants on and she slipped those of me and let them fall to the ground.

My cock sprung out and it was already hard. We embraced and felt the brisk wind on our naked backs as she pushed me back slightly. Her hand reached down and went right past my hard dick and began groping my balls. I gasped as she did this with her smooth hands and I rubbed her perfect, firm, large breasts. She had somewhat fluffy nipples, but I liked them to be bigger than average without being the size of pancakes.

We stopped our kissing for a moment as we went to the ground again. I laid her down on the moist dirt ground and sucked and played with her nipples as I moved my hand to her crotch and went straight for her clitoris. She somehow managed to reach down with her long arm and stroke my cock, which stirred at the unexpected touch. We both moaned and groaned as we rubbed all over each other’s naked bodies in the sunlight.

We had forgotten all about the problems that had been facing us at this point and were entirely focused on these spectacular feelings spreading all over ourselves.

I spread her legs open just as she was about to reach an orgasm; I paused for a moment as I positioned myself. When she looked at me in response to the stop I surprised her we pussy lips by forcefully entering her with my throbbing cock. She screamed with pleasure.

“Oh God yes! That’s it baby…right there!” she yelled I slowed my pace on and off and at that point we had totally lost the thought of where we were. I grabbed her legs out and lifted her ass off the ground and pounded her like I never had before and she loved it so much she was yelling. isveçbahis yeni giriş We didn’t care if anyone could hear us. Not only was she screaming, but I was moaning and yelling her name as well. The combination of our adrenaline and hormones and the heat of the moment had completely taken over us both and it felt amazing. I kept pushing harder and harder and then she yelled and I saw the feeling of orgasm run through her body as I felt it on my cock. I reached down as I was still pushing and rubbed her clit. The moment was so intense and felt so incredible and I climaxed right then with her. My cum filled her as she sat up and grabbed my close to her and we fell back to the ground again as I shook with the last few spurts of cum shot into her.

We held each other there on the ground for a couple minutes, rubbing each other with the still burning heat of emotion and excitement. Then I rolled off of her and we lay on the earth together as I very gingerly rubbed her stomach and pussy and leant over and kissed her neck.

“We need to get the hell out of here.” She finally said. The moment had died down enough and we had both drifted into thought by then so it wasn’t unreasonably timed to some extent. And it was true. We lay there for another moment. We looked at each other and kissed.

“Get the hell out of where?” she really could have been referring to a lot of things: the cages, our villages, or maybe it could have been some metaphor.

“These damn cells.” She said. I looked around for a couple minutes somewhat frantically until my eyes caught the wonderful flaw.

“Right there, in the corner,” I pointed, “we can tear this thing down, or at least one bar. That’s enough room to get us through.” The cages, like I said, were shoddy structures. To the left of the corner, in between the bars, was the most intricate spider web. It was a terrific sight that we noticed at the same time; we both watched it with scrutiny for a short time and got to work.

I propped Lydia up as she worked on the weakness point of the chamber. When it finally came down, we squeezed through. Just after we were through, I saw a man about 50 yards away heading in our direction. We spotted each other simultaneously.

He ran towards us as we escaped towards our side of the land. He was holding some sort of weapon that was a javelin type object. If he got any closer to us he would have had the opportunity to use it. I yelled as I jumped over a log that was just at the top of a small hill from which our town was visible. I didn’t look as I stopped to help Lydia when she tripped over the log and our hearts began to race.

Lydia was bleeding from above her left eye as I helped her up. I didn’t then run, but stopped and faced the man who was following me. I flinched as he neared me and raised his weapon, and I bent to pick up a rock or whatever I could grab.

The man stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth dropped, as did his weapon, and he stared straight past me. I heard Lydia gasp behind me right before she was at a loss of breath. I looked at the man as to not let my guard down, but when he didn’t move I turned as well.

As I turned and saw the horrific sight of the destroyed village that was my home and the dead bodies that were my community and family and enemies, I fell to my knees as the visions of Abraham’s dream flashed through my mind.

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