A Breath of Forever Ch. 8

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Rebecca laid on the bed with Stacy as Jim stood in the open doorway with a very impressive erection. Rebecca smiled and called him over to the bed with her index finger. Stacy’s hand was moving in circles right above Rebecca’s pussy. Stacy’s index finger dipped right into the top and Rebecca’s slit and felt how warm her cunt still was and how slippery Jim smiled and walked over to the bed and laid on it next to his wife as hi kissed her lips.

She grabbed his erection and teased the tip of his cock with her thumb as Stacy started kissing down her body stopping right above the parting of her pussy lips. Jim was watching Stacy and pulled away from Rebecca’s kiss. Rebecca smiled and squeezed his erection hard and he moaned loudly placing his hand on hers.

“I want to watch today. I’m going to go and sit in the chair across the room to enjoy the show.” Stacy knelt on the floor and looked at Rebecca.

“Scoot down, Rebecca.” Rebecca did as she was told and watched Jim get situated with his erection in his hand. She bit her lip wishing she could swallow his cum.

“Jim, why don’t you let me give that bad boy a blow job while Stacy eats me out. I want to feel the cum going down my throat.” Jim began to pump his cock harder as he watched Stacy between his wives legs. Rebecca’s hands began to run over her breasts and squeeze them as Stacy licked her clit while her middle finger was diving in and out of her sopping pussy.

Rebecca closed her eyes and was feeling Stacy rubbing her G-Spot and she started to jerk and Stacy let her do so for a few seconds and then pulled out. Rebecca’s eyes flew open and saw Stacy porno sticking the finger in her mouth.

Stacy stood up her erect nipples looking like eraser tips. She smiled down at Rebecca and climbed on the bed straddling Rebecca. Rebecca scooted back and got onto her knees. Her lips met Stacy’s. As they kissed Stacy’s right hand was between Rebecca’s open legs rubbing her cunt. Rebecca’s hands were tangled in Stacy’s curly hair as she held Stacy’s head to hers.

Stacy leaned against Rebecca their breasts becoming flat against one another as Stacy pushed Rebecca down. Rebecca was pressed against the mattress by Stacy’s sexy body. Rebecca’s legs opened wide as Stacy removed her hand and placed it to Rebecca’s mouth. Rebecca willingly lapped up her juices and Stacy placed one leg between Rebecca’s and the other leg on the other side of Rebecca’s leg.

She went back to kissing Rebecca and then began to move her lips down to Rebecca’s right nipple as she started to grind against Rebecca in search of her climax. Rebecca moved her hands down to Stacy’s back holding her close to her feeling her orgasm building deep inside her.

“Stacy, you are so hot.” Jim said as he climbed onto the bed. His hand was on her ass sliding a finger between the pale globes. Stacy started to cum and Rebecca was whispering in Stacy’s ear.

“Cum for me, Stacy. Cum only for me. Make that sweet sound. Cum all over my leg. Cum my sweet, Stacy.” It was this small whisper filled with sentences that threw Stacy over the edge screaming and tensing as she came all over Rebecca.

When Stacy’s breathing died down she kissed Rebecca’s anime porno lips tenderly and she whispered,
“I love you.” When their lips broke. Her lips went back down to Rebecca’s nipples as she slowly licked the areola and nibbled at the nipple. While her mouth was working Rebecca her hand was rubbing the G-spot once more making Rebecca tense the muscles in her pussy. Her hands grabbed the back of Stacy’s head and held her to her breast as she started to cum screaming.

Once her shudders shook over her she laid there with her eyes closed and felt Stacy’s lips on hers once more. Rebecca opened her eyes and saw Jim watching her with another hard on. Rebecca kissed Stacy and excused herself from underneath her. Stacy sat on the bed and watched as Rebecca crawled slowly over to Jim.

Her hands were on his legs and she lowered her mouth onto his hot and large cock. Rebecca’s mouth was running down his shaft while he held her hair knowing how it turned both of them on so. Stacy crawled behind Rebecca and started to rub Rebecca’s anal entrance as she watched Jim’s face contort holding Rebecca’s head. His hips were thrusting into her head as he kept saying, “oh yeah” very breathy and almost in a state of a moan.

Rebecca widened her kneeling stance and Stacy got on her back and started to eat Rebecca one more time. Stacy loved the sweet and sticky taste of Rebecca’s pussy on her lips and in her mouth. Rebecca was moaning on Jim’s cock as Stacy latched onto her clit and brought her to another orgasm as Jim came down Rebecca’s throat.

Rebecca cleaned Jim’s cock and knelt up arap porno so she could look at Stacy’s smiling face. Jim looked at Stacy as well and asked,

“You have any other friends interested in joining? I think one more gal would be perfect.” Rebecca looked at Jim and asked,

“Doesn’t that border on orgy?” He smiled and said,

“I guess but think of it. While you girls are going at it wouldn’t you like to see another woman fucking me?” Rebecca made a face and said,

“Not really.” His jaw dropped and asked,

“You can make love with another woman but I can’t? Its just sex, Becca.” Stacy smiled and agreed.

“He has a point, Bec. Why don’t the two of you think about it this weekend?” She stood up and cleared her throat. “I know someone who might be really interested.” Jim stood up and so did Rebecca. His arm was around her waist and he kissed her neck.

“Can we at least throw it on the table for discussion this weekend?” Rebecca looked at Stacy’s smile and nodded.

“I guess we could. I mean what harm would it really do? We’ll get a hearty supply of condoms and no worries.” Stacy kissed Jim’s cheek and Rebecca’s lips.

“Happy Anniversary! I’ll talk to Delia this weekend and then when you get back we’ll all work something out.” Stacy left to go into the bathroom and Rebecca turned to Jim and buried her head in his chest.

“What are we getting ourselves into?” Jim chuckled and said,

“Who knows? What I do know is that it’s going to be a blast.” He kissed her neck again and then broke away. “I need another shower before we head up. Care to join me?” She smiled at him and he held out his hand. “Come on. I’ll wash your front and you can wash mine.” She chuckled and grabbed his hand.

“Let’s wait until we’re alone though.” He bent down and kissed her lips softly.

“Anything for you babe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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