A call on Saturday morning

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She was out side in the garden pulling weeds on a Saturday morning, when her cell phone rang. “Hello” she said.

“What are you doing?” he said

“Working in the garden.”

“Stop, right now and go into the house!” Her breath caught in her throat and her heart started pounding at the commanding tone of his voice.

“Yes, sir” she whispered as she stood and went into the house.

“Go into your room, take out your small dildo and pull down your pants”

“I have it sir my pants are down”

“Suck and lick your dildo, I want to hear your wet mouth on it”

“Yes, sir”. She held the phone to her mouth as she lick and suck the rubber cock making it wet with her saliva.

“Now set on the phone on loudspeaker then put it on the bed, open your pussy with one hand and stuff the wet dildo into your pussy, tell me as each inch go in.”

“Yes sir” she did as instructed laying the phone on the bed after switching it to loudspeaker. She spread her pussy lips with the thumb and finger of her left hand and presses the tip of the rubber cock to the opening of her pussy.

“The head is pressing into my pussy, sir. Now sliding in the first inch. Now sliding to the second inch sir, .starting on the 3rd…”

“On my count of three you will have the full 6 ½ inches inside you understand.. One two three!” He could hear her slam the dildo into place in her pussy trying to make his count, he know that last ½ inch would have been a hard fit when she was not fully relaxed and turned on. “Now turn it so the balls are pressing your clit and pull your pussy lips down over the end of the dildo. Then pull up your panties and pants and do them back up. When you are redressed sit on the edge of the bed and pick up the phone.”

He listened to the whisper of fabric as she redressed. The sound of the zipper going back up, her little moan as she sat on the bed, pressing the dildo hard into her cunt.

“I am here sir.”

“Good girl, now I want you to go back to the garden and get on your hands and knees as you pull weeds. I want your pants pulled high around your waist to hold that dildo in place, as you weed and crawl around the garden. Do not stand up before I call again, if you need something crawl to get it, and don’t think I won’t know if you don’t.”

“Yes, sir. How long until you call again sir?”

“That is none of your business pet. Now go into the garden then hang up and put your phone in your pocket.”

“Goodbye, sir.”

“Good pet”

She pulled her pants high around her waist letting the crotch cut into her pussy lips, then knelt in the garden. Her pussy throbbed with the feel of the dildo pressed hard into her cunt, the head on her cervix. Each movement causing the dildo to rub back and forth as she crawled along the flowerbed pulling weeds. She could feel her pussy juices starting to soak her panties as she move from bed to bed. How long had it been? She felt flushed and hot as she worked the knees of her pants damp from the dirt. Her palms sweating inside her gloves. She jumped as her phone rang and vibed in her pocket. She fumbled with the phone trying to get her glove off while staying on her hands and knees. “Hello……sir”

“Good girl” he said as he sat in his car just down the street where he had been watching her. He watched her pulling weeds and crawling thru the dirt and wait until he saw her moving her hips to rock the dildo inside her as she worked. He did not even think she realized that she was swing her hips and humping the dildo as she worked.

“Now crawl to the end of the flower bed, sit up on to your heels with your ankles crossed and then put the phone back to your ear.”

“Yes sir” she tucked the phone into the front of her blouse and crawled the length of the flowerbeds. She wondered if any of her neighbors saw her as she moved down the flowerbed, did they wonder what she was doing? She crossed her ankles and sat up and back on to her heels the end of the dildo landed directly on her heel forcing it deeper into her. Her breath was coming in short pants as she fished the phone out of her shirt and put it to her ear.

“You are such a good girl today pet! Here is what you are to do next. Get up and walk to the front porch, take off your shoes and socks being sure to bend down and untie each one and remove them one at a time by hand. Then come back on the phone.”

“Yes, sir. May I stand now sir?”

“Oh you are a good girl today! Yes pet you may stand now.”

He watched her stand and move to the front porch. He could barely see her as she bent to remove the items as instructed.

The dildo pressed deep inside her as she stood and walked slowly to the front porch, the dildo sliding a little out of her as she walked due to her flowing juices. At the porch she bent to undo her shoes her pants crotch pressing the dildo back inside her rubbing her clit and pussy lips as she shifted position. Each little move she made as she took off each item causing it to shift and rub inside her. She stood up and took the phone from her blouse again, “I am ready for your next instruction sir.”

“Are you my pet? We will see, walk up to the front door and open it but do not enter. Once the door is open put your phone on speaker and lay in on the floor inside the door. Then slowly remove your blouse and pants and stand in front of the door.”

“Sir? Please sir someone might see!”

“Of course they will, that is the point to show what a little slut you truly are now do it or the game is over!!”

“Yes sir.” She whispered. Then pressed the button to switch the phone to speaker as she walked slowly toward the door. Her hand on the doorknob she hesitated her breath coming in short worried pants.

“Open the door NOW!”

She jumped as she realized that he could see her and if he could others could. She opened the door and laid the phone on the floor. Slowly button-by-button she undid her blouse until it hung open.

“Come on pet, you can do it take it off.”

Her blouse slide off her shoulders and dropped to the porch behind her. Her thoughts raced who would see her? What would they think? Would it turn them on? Could they really see anything as she was facing the open door any way?

“Now the pants.”

She undid the button and zipper then slowly slid the pants down over her hips letting them drop to a puddle at her feet.

“Now step out of your pants and turn around and pick up the blouse and pants. Stand facing away from the door and fold each item of clothing your dropped.”

Her breath caught in her chest as she stepped out of the pants and slowly turned. She keep her eyes down, even if someone is there I can’t see them she thought as she did as she was told.

“Now walk to the edge of the porch and put them next to your shoes, then walk back to the door and stand facing the doorway.”

Her body trembled from head to toe but she did what he said, keeping her head and eye down so she could not see anyone, if they were even there.

He could see her shaking from where he sat and watched her, this was better then he thought she would be able to do. He wondered if she thought everyone was watching her but he knew that there was no one on the street, maybe they watched from their houses but that view would be obstructed at best. He watched her lower the clothes to the porch step. “STOP!” She froze in place still facing the street head down. “I know you can hear me you just proved it. Now take off your panties and bra and put them on the pile before you walk back to the doorway. Oh and don’t lose the dildo from your hot wet cunt when you do it.”

She could not believe this, that he was asking her and that she was doing it as she walked to the porch step in only her panties, bra and dildo. She froze at his voice it seemed so loud. Her whole body shook as she listened to his instructions. Oh my god she couldn’t do that she just couldn’t. Her mind race in circles as she stood there slowly she started to shake her head no.

“Come on pet, you can do this think how hot you feel just to think of being in undies outside. Think of how hot you will be walking naked on your own front porch. Come on pet be a good girl you can do it for me.” He coaxed her and praised her until her hands lift behind her back to take off the bra. “Oh pet! What a good pet you are. So compliant so giving. Now the panties, don’t lose your dildo. Now turn and walk to the door and wait.”

What was she doing? She could not be doing this on the porch her mind screamed as her hands reached to remove the bra. Her head swam as she listened to his voice telling her what to do next telling her how good she was. She turned and walked to the door the dildo trying to slide out of her wet cunt as she walked. She stopped in front of the doorway and stood shaking.

“Good girl, you are doing wonderfully now step inside the house and pick up your phone. Leave the door open and go into your bedroom and take out all your toys and put them on the bed. Lay them out neatly then kneel next to the bed. Cross your ankles and sit back on them so that the dildo is on your heel then spread your knees wide apart. Put the phone on the floor in front of you and then cross your arms behind your back holding your elbows in your palms. Keep your head and eyes down. When in position your are to say “your pet is waiting sir” do you understand?”

“Yes sir” she whispered as she stepped into the house and picked up the phone. She went into her bedroom and opened the drawer of toys. Carefully she laid out the three dildos, each progressively longer and thicker. Then the nipple clamps, clit clamp and weights that went with them. Next the paddle, the crop and the small whip. Lastly was the collars, cuffs, restraints and both a short and long leash. She wondered when he had gotten some of these items and what he was going to do with them, but did not hesitate until the drawer was empty. When all were neatly on the bed she moved to the side of the bed by the door. She placed the phone on the floor and knelt. She crossed her ankles and sat back on to her heels. Now with the dildo held in place she spread her knees as wide as she could, crossed her arms behind her back and lowered her head and eyes and then spoke the words he wanted. “Your pet is waiting sir.”

At her words he moved the car into the driveway, picked up her things from the front step and entered the house quietly closing the door behind him. He could hear her breathing even before he got to the bedroom door the short excited pants as she waited for him. He was still amazed at all she had done already today they had not gone all that far in these games yet as they had only just started to play, london escort agency but he could see that this was turning point in the game and it really appeared that she was needing a lot more than he had been giving her so far. He was amazed by the power and passion he felt as he watched her follow his instructs as if he really was in charge of her every more. He was so turned on to command her to do things that he knew she wanted and yet didn’t, but that she did on his say so.

He stepped quietly into the bedroom to look over the scene that was set. His beautiful pet kneeling at the side of the bed, a bed full of toys of pleasure and pain that she had laid out for him as instructed. Her large tits displayed by the way her arms were held behind her back, her nipples hard and puckered, her pussy hair sparkling with her juices she was so wet with excitement. Oh he will have to see just how far he can push her, what will she take before she bolts or shuts down. He is surprised by his thoughts and desires, he did not even know that he wanted this or how hot it would make him. He walks up to her and reaches down to pick up the phone, hanging it up and turning it off so that no one would interrupt them. He turned off his cell also and took the phone off the hook on the bedside table. He reached out to stroke her hair, “what a good girl you are today. Everything that I have told you to do you have done.” His hand stroked her hair and down onto her breasts as he talked to her. Soothing her, quieting her as you would a frightened animal. Stroking her shoulder, breasts and nipples his hard cock just inches from her down turned face, making a tent in his pants. “How did it feel to have that rubber cock inside you as you worked in the garden?” He asked but he covered her mouth with his hand so that she could not reply. “Did it make you hot to crawl in the dirt with a cock inside your tight, wet pussy? Did you think about if any one could tell that your pussy was stuffed with cock as you worked? Did you know that you swing your hips and humped that cock as you worked, that anyone could tell that you were turned on and horny?”

She heard the sound of a car starting and pulling into the driveway, she knew that he must have been right across the street the whole time. She wondered what he thought of her for her slavish response to his every command. Her mind raced to nowhere as she knelt there waiting on him, submitting to his every whim so far. Think about all the items she had laid on the bed. As her mind raced she did not hear him enter the bedroom until his shoes showed up in her line of vision. She started to panic as he took the phone and moved around the room, how could she be this turned on by this submitting to him. She was not a slut, he will think such terrible things about her. Just as she started to move his hand touched her hair and she froze. His gentle stroking of her hair and breasts calmed her, his words of praise soothed her fear of his rejection of her actions. She wanted to answer his questions but did not know what to say or how she felt beyond hot, horny and wet but was saved from answering by his hand over her mouth so she licked and kissed his palms as he talked.

“Did you get even hotter as you took off your cloths at the door? Did your breath come in quick pants of excitement?” He kept his hand over her mouth but began inserting fingers one at a time into her mouth to be sucked and licked. “I was so proud of you when you striped the bra and panties off as instructed for that there will be a reward later, but you did hesitate more than once at my instructions for that there must first be a punishment.” She whimpered into his hand but sucked harder on the thumb in her mouth. “Now listen very carefully to me.” He removed his hand from her mouth and took her chin in his hand turning her face up to look into his. “This is very important, you must choose to continue the game or not. If you choose to play this game will last until Sunday night or you use the safety word to end it, do you understand?”

She looked into his face but did not speak.

“You may speak now, in fact you must say it out loud.”

“Yes sir I understand.”

“Do you choose to stay or go?”

“Stay sir.”

“You understand that from now on the only one that decides anything from now on is me until Sunday night?”

“Yes sir”

“What is your safety word for slow down and for stop?”

“Slow down is Mississippi and stop is Boston.”

“Very good pet. This will be a very interesting weekend. Now to start with you have no name from now on. You will respond to pet, girl, slave or slut, understand nod your head yes or no.” She head nodded yes as her breath caught in her chest. “Now pet first we must do something about your punishment, not to harsh I think as this is new to you but enough that you will remember better next time.” “I believe I like that look of your chest and nipples displayed this way but I think they need more decoration, don’t you?”

She nodded her head yes even as her thought went to the items on the bed, oh what did he mean by decorations. Her nipples puckered harder at the thought of the clamps and weights lying on the bed. She had, had clamps on her nipples before but they never seemed to be enough, not tight enough or heavy enough.

“Yes I do believe decorations will help, but I don’t want you to move so I think I will start with some restraints and see where we go.” He picked up the Velcro straps from the bed, he looped them around her arm and hand just below the wrist on each side so that she would not be able to pull her arms from behind her back. “Now let me think about the decorations that you will need…….hum is it punishment or pleasure? I think punishment for now.” He reached for her nipples and began to roll them between his finger and thumbs. “Yes punishment is the way to go,” he said as he pinched down hard on each nipple and pull outward.

She gasped and arched her back to press into his hands as he pulled away. Her pussy was so wet it was drooling on the floor between her spread legs but the pain added to the flow.

He released her nipples and watched them redden and pucker as he reached for the set of clamps on the bed. These were adjustable clamps so that you could make them very tight or just tight enough to stay on. “Yes, punishment if good for a slave don’t you think? If helps them know their place and what to do.” As he spoke he turned the screw on the clamp 4 times on each one. She was not going to like this he thought as he did it, but she would not know until they went on how tight he had made them. “Now lets see if these are punishment for my little slave.” He said as he pulled out her left nipple and opened the clamp. He let it close slowly over her nipple gently biting at first then tighter and tighter it closed, he heard her breath suck in as it tightened until she whimpered as it closed the last bit. “Oh good slave you took that very well, now the other one.” Again he pulled out her nipple and opened the clamp. This time she knew how tight it would be so he let it close faster, not quiet a snap but close. He was rewarded with a small yelp from her.

He stood back to look at the nipples closed in the vice grip of the clamps and pulled down by the chain between them. Wow that was hot to see! Would they be tight enough to hold the weights he thought as he reached out to tug on the chain. She did not move but arched her back to follow the pull.

She heard the chain of the nipple clamp being lift from the bed but did not move her head to see. Oh god would he make them tight, tight enough to fill that ache in her nipples, she hoped he would not be to soft hearted to see her in pain, pain that she needed but did know how to ask for. She felt his finger on her left nipple as he pulled it out from her chest. The clamp closing over it, she was disappointed it was not enough was her thought as it closed, but it got tighter and tighter and tighter until whimpered in pain/pleasure at the feel of it. Oh yes she thought he did it, it was painfully tight. She waited on the pleasure of the other nipple being slowing closed in the jaws of the clamp. First the pull by his finger and then the clamp only this time he did not close it by tiny degrees, she could not hold back the yelp of pain as the clamp almost snapped closed on her nipple. Oh yes, the feel the tightness. She felt him lift the chain and tug on it the clamps did not come off but felt a little like they wanted to.

“Nope not quite enough,” he said as he pulled on the chain. She began to whimper as he gave the screw 2 more turns each. “There that will hold what we need.” Her nipples looked quite beautiful squeezed by the clamp until they were turning colors. Well he would not be able to leave them on that tight for very long so he should do something more. He picked up the weights from the bed. “Let see one or two each to you think?” “Yes your right two to start with and then maybe we will see just how many your can hold.” He attached two weights to the chain just below each clamp and stepped to view his work. The weight pulled her nipples destining them toward the floor it was a very hot look really.

She was both relieved and afraid when he said the clamps would be tightened. Did she really want that? With her next thought she was released, she did not have to decide only he did, her only decision was stop or not. And she was nowhere near wanting to stop. She began to whimper in pain as he tightened the screws 2 full turns. Her breath in short pants of pain. Weights? He was going to add weight? 2 oh god how would that feel? She didn’t have long to think about it as he added the weights to each nipple and she wanted to cum that very second. He stood back to look at her and it made her feel sexy, sluty and hot, hot, hot…

Yes he could tell by the flush of her skin that this is what his little slave had needed and he had not known. “You know what slave, I think we will need picture so that you can relive this moment as much as you need.” He left the room to get his digital camera, on the shelf next to it was the camcorder. Now that is a thought …yes her head was down she would not see the camcorder if he put it on the dresser. Next time he would plan ahead have it set up already. For now that would have to do. He took both back in to the bedroom and set up the video as best he could quickly and then began taking pictures for her to look at later. He showed her a couple of the shots right then to see her reaction.

Pictures he was going to take pictures? She thought of how she might look and whimpered in desire as he left for the camera. Her legs were starting to ache from sitting escort london on them, but she did not move. She heard the click of the camera as he moved around her. OH god she looked hot in the couple of shots he showed her.

“Now it is time for the punishment.” Come on I will help you to stand. He took her elbows in his hands and lifted her to her feet. This set the weights and chain swinging and small whimpers and moans to escape her. “Now I want you to walk forward to the sofa table there in the middle of the room. You didn’t think about why that table might be in such an odd place I bet?” “Stand in front of the table.” “Now lean forward over the table I will support you so you don’t have to worry about falling.” “Be sure you are over the table far enough that your tits are hanging on the other side slave.”

Stand she was not sure she could get up with her arms tied but then he lifted her by her elbows. Oh god the weights and chain tugging biting as they moved. She walked up to the table that she had not noticed before it was about top of her leg high. Bend over it how she would fall with her arms tied that way, but then his arm was around her shoulders as she leaned out over the table. Oh yeah she did not want to lay on the clamps or her nipples so she stretched a little forward so that her breast hung over the side of the table.

“Now these will help you with the punishment,” he said as he added cuffs to her ankles. “Now spread your legs until your are laying on the table.”

He attached a soft rope to the cuff and put it around the table leg pulling it tighter until her toes only touched then the other leg. He watched her struggle to hold on to the dildo as it slipped. He picked up the collar from the bed with more rope and put his hand on her back as she tipped backward. “Now stay in place pet.”

She spread her legs until she was laying and felt the dildo start to slip from her dripping pussy. How could some that had been so tight going in now just slide out like it was a pencil. She felt her leg being pulled toward the table leg until her toes just touched the floor then the other leg. Now she really was losing the dildo and tipping backward off the table. He hand was on her back holding her in place as he put a collar around her neck.

He fastened the collar and run the rope thru the two rings and down to the table legs. Pulling it tight enough to hold her but not choke her. He caught the dildo just as it slipped from her pussy. “Now that will not do that is one more thing to punish.” But lets not waste this slicked up dildo now. I think it is time that more than a finger is in that ass of yours.” He said and he pressed the head to her asshole.

“Sir, please no.”

A hard smack of his hand to her ass cheek was his response. “What, you are a slave and have no say in this.” I guess we will have to have some punishment and then the ass be filled. If you are good I might even add some lube for your asshole.” With that he slapped her ass again. “In fact I think you should be thanking me for this spanking you so badly need. I want a “thank you sir” after each one.”

She jumped at the smack to her ass, which made her tits move. Oh, the pull of the weights and clamps. Oh he was changing into a master, his tone, his demands everything and it just made her hotter. What a slut she really was but he was loving it she could tell. Another slap to her ass, the clamps pulling, the feel of her ass on fire… his demand for a thank you sir, everything pushing her toward the edge of coming. “Thank you, Sir.” “Thank you, Sir.” “Thank you, Sir.” “Thank you, Sir.” “Thank you, Sir.” “Thank you, Sir.” “Thank you, Sir.” “Thank you, Sir.” It got harder and harder to say “Thank you, Sir.” And she started cumming her ass on fire her nipples in pain her arms ached everything was too much to hold off her cum. She cried out as she came, body-shaking, legs stiff. And then dropped back over the table.

Well that was interesting she came from a spanking or was it the nipple clamps or both. Well this is still only the beginning so there would be more time to see. “Did my slave cum? Did she so like the pain that she lost control? And I don’t recall telling you, you could cum?” His hand rubbed lightly over her red-hot ass. His other hand stroking his hard cock. “Well since you came it is only right that I do also. Now I think I might just check out that virgin ass for my hard cock instead of the smaller dildo.” He striped his clothes off as he walked around her.

“Suck my cock, get it nice and wet” he said as he stuffed it into her mouth. “Yes I think I will just take that ass as part of your punishment. Think how it will feel to have my big, hot, hard cock driving into your tight little ass.” She whimpered around his cock. “But I don’t want to ruin it for later so you’re in luck and I will add the lube.” He reached over her back as she sucked and stuck a lubed finger in her ass. “Yeah that is it suck that cock, the better you suck the more lube I will add” as another finger of lube went into her ass. “Oh that is good slave, you are really doing well” he reached down and picked up the weights in his hands holding them to release the pressure temporarily.

Oh god her ass he was going to fuck her ass he was not small she should have let him put in the dildo. His cock was in her face and she began to lick and suck it hard, hoping she could make him cum before he could fuck her. He finger was in her ass over and over as he added more lube. Then the weight lifted from her nipples, he was holding them relieving the pressure and weight.

“Stop” he pulled is cock from her mouth as the pre cum leaked from the tip. “You thought that would work that you could make me cum when I had your ass to look forward to.” “Silly slave, I can have that mouth any time, now it will be your ass” He dropped the weights that he held in his hands and she cried out in pain. “Remember who is the master” is all he said as he walked around the table to her ass.

Oh god he had wanted this for so long but she was hesitate about it ….Now he got to have what he wanted. He applied a hard smack to each cheek to distract her as he lubed his cock and began pressing into her ass. “Relax slut, fighting will only make it worse and I will have this. You are just a fuck toy, a hole for me to fill as I want.” As he talked to her he pressed harder into her ass, until the head of his cock slipped into her ass.

“Yeah that is my fuck toy, take the cock, take more of it, let it in. slave” she moaned and whimpered and grunted as he pumped in and out of her ass each time going deeper until he was in up to his ball. And then he held. Oh it was tight and hot in there. He reached under her to her pussy to find it dripping on to the floor. He rubbed her clit and stroked her pussy lips until she relaxed again.

Her nipples hurt, her ass stung and her mind raced. The hard slap to her ass checks startled her and then she felt his cock pressing at her ass. Oh god it will not fit he is to big. He kept talking to her in his master voice coaxing, her to let him in, telling her that he will fuck her so she should make it better by letting him in. His cock pressing harder not letting up and then suddenly the head was in her ass. She sucked in air and held her breath for a second, ok that was not so bad in fact it let kind of good, a full tight feeling, she relaxed a little more. His strokes were short at first letting her get used to the feeling, more and more of his cock sliding into her ass with each stroke. She found herself wanting more whimpering and moaning in need, grunting as she tried to take more of him with each stroke. Her pussy on fire with need her juices dripping from her spread open pussy. Finally she felt his hips touch her hot, red ass. He was in all the way and he stopped moving, just holding inside her pressing her into the table, she was so full, so tight. She felt his fingers on her pussy and clit, stroking petting her wet dripping pussy until she relaxed under him.

Then he began to stroke in and out of her ass slowly at first, fingering her clit and pussy, then finger fucking her as he fucked her ass. He could not believe how it felt. He pumped harder and faster as he came closer to cumming. He put his hands on her hips to hold her as he pounded into her ass. Thinking about the weights on her nipple and how it must hurt as they swing to his pounding. Harder and harder until he could not hold back. He came in her ass, flooding it with hot cum. As he did he heard her cry out and felt her spasm as she came. Her ass squeeze down on his cock locking him in place.

She felt him start to move, slowly at first stroking in and out of her ass, his fingers still on her pussy. The he was finger fucking her in time to his strokes into her ass, she feel her cum building inside her. He moved his hands to her hips holding her in place and he pounded into her ass hard and faster, clamps and weights pulling and bouncing as he fucked her. She was going to cum, the pain the pleasure the hot feel of this cock in her ass. She felt him stiffen and then flood her ass with his cum. That pushed her over the edge her 2nd cum ripping thru her, her ass clamping down on the hot cock inside it holding him as she shook and came.

He lay over her back as he recovered. “Now slave that was a great job. You did well pet you made me happy so for that I will end the punishment with only 10 minutes of the full set of weights on your nipples and your dildo in your ass to hold in my cum.

He heard her whimper as he pulled from her ass and he smiled he know that whimper it was “the don’t go” one she always had after they made love. He pickup the dildo and slide it easily into her asshole. “Now for you weights.” He picked up the remaining 6 weights and walked to her head. “Count as I add them”

“One, sir two, sir, three sir” her breath gasping, her voice a whisper. “ four, sir,,,,, five, sir, six, sir” as she started to cry from the pain.

He set the timer to 10 minutes and set it on the floor she could watch the time go by. He took pictures of her stuffed red ass and of her nipples weighted and distained. Her tear streaked face. He really could not believe she had not used a safe word. He went to the bathroom to clean his cock and then to get a snack and a drink. Knowing that the video camera was still on her.

She heard him walk away as she watched the timer, tears of joy/pain dripping from her face and cum dripping from her pussy and ass. She felt so good, hot, sexy, wanted she loved that he had finally taken control, used her as she needed to be use. She relaxed into her bindings london escorts letting her mind flout away on the sea of feeling racking her body.

He stood in the doorway watching her as the timer ticked away the last few seconds of her punishment. Her nipples distained, the clamps had slide down on her nipples so that they seemed to be holding on to the very ends of them. Her body making little movements as if she was having one long slow cum, the movement moving the weights in a slow swing her ass red and beautiful from the spanking he had given her. He waited on the timer she seemed total unawhere of him. She jumped at the buzz of the timer he wondered where she had been while she waited, she had made no more then a few soft whimpers and moans during the time. He walked up to her and stroked her hair as he turned off the timer. “What a beautiful pet you are. So good to stay silent in your punishment. Now I will release your feet and then neck, stay still and I will help you to stand and then remove the clamps.” He untied each of her ankles and moved her feet closer together so that she could relax her legs and would know it was ok to move them. Then he untied the neck rope from each leg of the table letting it hang from the rings on her collar. “Now pet I want you to bring your legs together and push up as I lift your shoulders, don’t pull backwards of the weights will catch on the table edge.” He put his hands under her shoulders and began to lift up slowly until the weights had cleared the edge of the table, then pushing back to help bring her to her feet.

He gently wiped the tears from her face as she leaned into his hand. “Ok pet, now this will hurt.” He stroked he hands down her breasts to her distained nipples and took a clamp in each hand. “Ok, take a breath and hold it.” As she drew in a breath he released both clamps at once. At her gasp and small scream he drop the clamps to the side and took both breasts in his hands quickly sucking on each nipple to help the blood return to it and rolling them in his fingers until she stopped the silent screams. He took her in his arms drawing her until her breasts pressed to his naked chest.

She had drifted away from herself floating on the feeling racking her body, not thinking, just being. She jumped at the sound of the buzzer throwing her back into her pain and lust filled body. She felt his hand on her head. He was telling her something but her mind was not fully with her yet and it did really matter he would let her know was to do. She felt him untie each ankle and pull on the cuffs to bring her legs together. She felt the rope on the collar release and then his hands under her shoulders pressing straight up. She brought her feet together and pushed up to match his lift, then he was pushing back on her shoulders as she tried to clear her mind, until she was standing. The weights pulling her nipples out long, painful not pleasurable any more. His hand wipe the tears from her face and she leaned her head into the comfort. This time she could understand what he said and she drew in a breath and bite off the scream as pain lanced thru her nipples. He hands were on her breasts massaging, rolling the nipples, sucking them into his hot mouth until the pain subsided. She leaned into his shoulder as he put his arms around her and held her to his naked chest.

“Are you OK pet?”

“Yes, sir.” Her voice still shaky as she spoke, her mind still floating in the sexual high.

“It is time to clean up pet.” He said as he reached out for the larger dildo lying on the bed. “Now let’s go into the bathroom and clean you up so that we can continue.” He took her hand and lead her towards the bathroom, the cuffs on her ankles, collar on her neck with the ropes still hanging from it and the dildo in her nicely marked ass.

She let him lead her into the bathroom, the dildo in her ass gently rubbing as she walked. She catch site of herself in the mirror, sweaty and flushed, her nipples red, sore and standing out, her neck collared, arm bound behind her back, her ass red with his hand prints, the dildo sticking out of her ass, cum running down her legs from her ass and pussy, she had the look of a sex toy that had been well used.

He saw her looking at herself in the mirror, the site she must be to herself, so loving marked and used as the toy she so wanted to be but could not ask for. He removed the binding from her arms and gently rubbed her arms and hands. “Lean forward and put your hands on the edge of the sink, pet.” She was moving before he even finish saying it. He looked at her in the mirror her breast hanging between her arms as she held her back straight and looked at herself in the mirror. He took the rope hanging from her collar in this hand, “now bend your head and shoulder down toward your chest.” As she rolled her back to shorten the distance between her head and chest he began to wind the rope around the base of her breast, pulling it tight then looping back to the collar and fastening it in place, then the other side. “Now stand up and look at yourself pet.”

Her arms ached from being bound behind her, it felt wonderful as he massaged each arm after releasing the bindings. She leaned over the counter at his first word. The site of her large breasts hanging from her chest was hot to see. At his request she rounded her back and brought her head down. She watched as he wound the rope tightly around the base of her breast and then fastened the rope to her collar, first one then the other. She stood arms at her side as told she looked at herself in the mirror. Her large breast bound into tight hard balls on her chest. By standing up her collar lifted the breasts high up and made her the picture of a slave. Marked, bound, and stuffed, she felt him run his hands over her tight breasts and caressing the sore nipples. Then he bent down and removed the cuffs from her ankles.

He watched her reaction in the mirror as she stood and found that the collar pulled her breasts high on her chest. He saw the slight arch she put into her back so that they were as high as possible and as tight as possible. He caressed her breasts and nipples as he watched the color of the breast change from the blood flow restriction. Then he bent to remove the cuffs, no since getting them wet if it was not needed. He turned on the shower to mildly warm and helped her step into the shower. “Now reach behind you and pull out the dildo, wash it well and then hand it to me, but let the water flow over your breasts and nipples as you do this.”

She had stepped into the shower at the slights touch from his hand. She stood with her side to the shower stream. At his instruction she reached for the dildo in her ass, but stopped and turned toward the shower spray positioning herself so that the water hit her bound breasts before she reached again for the dildo and began to pull it from her ass. She felt the cum and lube leaking from her ass as she brought the dildo in front of her so that she could wash it. She soaped it well and then rinsed before handing it to him, she saw him place it on the counter next to a larger dildo that she remembered laying on the bed.

“Now turn around and wash your ass and pussy. Use your fingers inside your ass help wash away the cum and shit. Now that sloppy wet pussy, make it all nice and clean for your master to use again.” She followed his instructions to the letter, he watched her finger sliding in and out of her ass and she pulled out the cum and shit that was mixed there. Then move on to her pussy, spreading the lips to wash away her cum. Scooping the water into her pussy to rinse it.

“Now stand still until I tell you to move.” He said as he turned off the hot water she gasped as the cold water poured over her. “Now turn around and let it run on your front.” She did as she was told as she started to shiver from the cold water. “Good slave, now step out of the shower and stand on the mat.” He saw the goose bumps covering her body as she moved but the cold water had taken some of the heat from her nipples and ass as he had planned. As she stood on the mat dripping and shivering he removed the binding from each of her breasts and then the wet rope from the collar rings. He handed her a towel to dry off with.

“You are a beautiful, obedient pet.” He whispered as he watched her dry herself. “Such a responsive slut to every pain and humiliation I have given you today.” “Now hang up the towel and go to the mirror again.” He watched her move into place. “Freshen up your hair and make up.” While she did this he watched her and stroked her body. “Good pet, now spread your legs a little for me, and I will fill your needy pussy with this dildo before you dress again.” He picked up the larger dildo from the counter and showed it to her as she silently moved her legs apart. “Now see even after washing you are wet and slippery down here. This dildo will have no problems sliding into your sloppy pussy.” He spread her pussy lips and with one slow stroke buried the fat dildo deep inside her. Her only response a slow sucking in of her breath as it filled her. He buckled a belt with a strap hanging from the front around her waist, he pulled the strap up between her legs and attached it to the back of the belt. He pulled the strap tight until it pressed into her pussy lips and the dido hold it is place.

“Now pet we are going out for a little while so come and let me pick out your clothes.” She followed him back into the bedroom walking with the fat dildo rubbing and moving inside her. He pulled clothes from the dresser and closet as she stood at the end of the bed. He handed her the shelf bra, low cut cami, sheer over blouse and short denim skirt. “Put on the bra first so that we can make any adjustments.” She bend scooped her breasts into the bra before standing to fasten it. “Oh nice. But I think the straps should be a little shorter to really push your breasts up.” He said as he stood behind her and shortened them until your breasts where lifted and the strap cut into her shoulders her nipples just above the edge of the cups. “Now the cami.” She dropped it over her head smoothing it into place over her breasts. “Now that is too high” and he adjusted the cami straps until it front of it barely covered her nipples. “There now the skirt and blouse.” She dressed tucking the cami and blouse into the top of the skirt which pulled the cami even lower on her breasts.

“Now step into these shoes and I will get dressed and we are off.” She simply whimpered as she put on the 5inch heels and buckled the strap around her ankle. She was wondering what he was up to now. She was dressed (barely) like at hooker and he said they were going out. The fat dildo in her made her hot and wet and felt so tight and full. She watched him dress in casual clothes and then followed him out of the room. To their next adventure that he had planned for this day.

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