A Celebratory Outing

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I came. I saw. I kicked ass. Work was an utter victory today. The project was done three days early. I wanted to celebrate with someone, and you were first in mind. I called. You answered on the second ring. Could the day be going any better?

“Hey Baby!”

“Hi Dan, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I’m off work early, just kicked ass on a project and want to celebrate. You free?”

“Mmm, I dunno. What kind of celebration did you have in mind?”

“You and me. Wine, chocolate, and blankets. Hiking up to a certain secluded spot in the Gorge.”

“Fuck, that sounds amazing.”

“You in?”

“Yes. Damn, yes. I shouldn’t bail early today, but how can I say no to an offer like that?”

20 minutes later I pulled up to your door, supplies in the back. You came running up to the car, looking absolutely spellbinding in tight jean shorts and a low cut white tank top. The grin on my face and my eyes lingering hungrily on your chest as you climbed in did not go unnoticed. A playful smile, a short but lustful kiss, and we were off.

We drove the long way up the old highway, the windows down on the beautiful day taking in the green and gorgeous Columbia River Gorge. Your hand on my leg, or mine on yours or our hands together, we hardly stopped touching the whole way.

The hike was fabulous. Stunning views of the river often on the way up the Angel’s Rest trail. Stunning views of your delightful ass in those shorts whenever the trail narrowed, and you went first. And you always went first. The way your hips moved as you sauntered saucily in front of me did not go unnoticed. At each pause for a view there were more playful smiles and increasingly long lustful kisses, and then we were off again. Finally, we cut over the rocks to our off-trail trail, winding through the trees and boulders to find our little sheltered hiding place. My cock was throbbing, anticipating the moment I would take those shorts off as I watched you sway your hips for me once again.

The only place we had fucked as often was my bedroom, and once we arrived we set up swiftly in a well-practiced dance. Blankets, glasses, wine, chocolate, and holy fuck did her eyes always look so stunning? It was good that this was familiar, for as many times as we had made love, I still found it hard to think about anything but how fun and beautiful and satisfying everything about you was. Soon we were reclining side by side, sipping of each other’s wine and feeding each other nibbles of chocolate while we talked of everything antalya escort and nothing at all. It felt only as long as a moment and only as short as a lifetime before I found myself kissing you again, wine and chocolate forgotten as we sipped of each other’s lips and fed each other small nibbles of neck and ear while our hands caressed everything and ignored nothing at all.

The light through the fir trees danced and moved in dappled shadows over your body as you pushed me over and straddled my body, the warmth and weight of you perfect on me as I watched you pull the white top over your head, then reach behind to undo your bra. I held my breath in anticipation and gasped softly as your lovely brown breasts came free. A light breeze brushed over us, and refreshing as it was, it left goosebumps across your exposed skin. I reached out and slowly, firmly caressed them with my warm hands. My racing heart had me feeling anything but cold. I sat up too, threw off my t-shirt, and wrapped you close in my muscular arms for another kiss, reveling in the feel of your firm tits against my own bare chest.

When we came up for breath, I could wait no longer to have the rest of you. I rolled you over and laid you down to strip off those shorts, utterly unsurprised to find your bare pussy free of any panties. I removed your shoes one at a time, kissing your calves as I raised each leg. Then I stood straddling you and pulled off my own shorts and boxers to let my cock spring free above you, raging erection and closely manscaped balls proudly on display for my naked lover. I relished the hungry look on your face as you drank in the sight and reached up to take hold. You sat up and spun your legs underneath you to rise and take my manhood in your mouth. I moaned with pleasure as you sucked, licked, and stroked with gusto. I buried my hands in your hair and did my best to keep my eyes open amidst the ecstasy, so I could watch your expert ministrations, never failing to be amazed by this beauty so eagerly feasting upon every inch of my dick.

But I didn’t come here just for a blow, however amazing. I pulled your head off my dick by your hair and we locked eyes. The lustful connection in the gaze spoke volumes, and without a word, you knew I wanted to fuck you now. And I knew you wanted to be fucked. I had only to start tugging up on your hair and you climbed to your feet. We kissed deeply again and I could taste my own precum on your lips. I slid a hand down to feel your pussy, groaning in antalya escort bayan excitement to find it already swollen and dripping wet with desire. I kissed back to your ear, sucking on the lobe, then down to your neck to bite you, just hard enough to make you gasp and moan at the sensual pain of it. And then I was turning you around and pushing you down again to your knees, facing the stunning view of the river.

Forcing you to your hands and knees, I took hold of your hips, slid my thick dick between your legs and across your pussy lips a few times, pleased with the change in your breathing the sensual tease induced, and then pressed the smooth head between them and slowly, oh-so-fucking slowly inside the perfect wet warmth of your hole. It was too slow for you and I could feel you trying to push back to get me deeper inside you, but my grip and my arms were firm, holding you while I pushed my hips forward, pushed my cock in, slow, slow, slow, until finally your ass cheeks were cool and smooth against my hips and I began to pull your hips toward me, pressing my body against the give of your ass to get deeper still. You moaned and bucked, trying to create more motion, but I held you firm with my strong arms, reveling in my control over you, in your wild desire to be fucked, in the feel of a wet pussy gripping my rock hard manhood.

Holding you still with one hand I reached the other up and clawed it down your back, just hard enough to send a chill down your spine, then reached up again for your hair, wanting to pull it. Then, releasing my other hand from your hip, I pulled out just a bit and gave you a hard spank, making a loud, recognizable smack. A risk, sure, that some other hikers could be near enough to hear, but I didn’t fucking care. I had my dick in my dirty bitch, and it was time to fuck her. Slow at first and only slowly speeding up, I moaned at the intimacy and exposure and fucking amazing sensation of riding you doggy. I loved every whimper, every breathy sigh and moan, the deep hunger to be fucked that your posture and vocalizations screamed to me, and my own insatiable desire to fuck you. There could be nothing more romantic and erotic than to be joined in flesh, my most sensitive part deep inside you, connecting us irrevocably. My dick throbbed as you gave it another tight squeeze with your strong, soft, slippery pussy.

Your ass jiggled and bounced just right as it slapped against my hips, fitting perfectly as my white muscular form pounded hard against escort antalya your pleasing brown curves. I stepped mentally out of the moment while we found a perfect rhythm, picturing how we stunningly erotic we must look, this fit sexy couple, not so young, but far from old, on our knees in scenic woods, wildly fucking each other, nearly in the open, with shade and light playing across our now sweating naked forms as we indulged in the most ancient and honored of carnal pleasures. I wished I could have a picture or video of the ecstasy on your face as I thrust steadily in and out of your tight pussy, of your ample tits as they bounced with each pound against your ass. As it was, I came back to the moment and gave your hair a tug and took deep pleasure in the sight of my cock pushing into you, pulling back your pussy lips just a bit with each pull out, of the feel of my hand in your hair, the sight of the sensual arch of your back, and of your ass as I rode it and your adorable little asshole exposed for me as we fucked. All fucking perfect, amazingly erotic, and the best way I could imagine to celebrate a victory.

As I could sense you growing louder and nearing a climax, I held my pace, not rushing it, but began feeling my own orgasm approach in anticipation of yours. Soon we were cumming together, beginning with you releasing a cry of passion sure to be heard for a quarter mile around, then a groan and grunt of pleasure from me as well as I began to pulse and cum, shooting what seemed endless amounts of semen deep inside you. I released your hair and hip and leaned forward to kiss your back and caress your tits as we stopped thrusting and held to enjoy the moment, but you quickly shook me off and reached for my dick, taking it in your mouth again and gently sucking and running your tongue around it as it began to soften, cleaning off our juices and pushing me right to the absolute edge of too much, too sensitive. I moaned in satisfaction, until I could take no more. I pushed you down to the blanket and took my own turn giving oral in the afterglow, licking and sucking and kissing that smooth pussy hungrily, amazed as always at how good it tasted, not minding the bits of my own cum as I worked you quickly up to yet another orgasm, quieter this time, as I squeezed your ass, licked your clit and looked up to watch you rubbing your nipples as you came again for me.

Finally, spent, I lay beside you and we held each other in the woods, watching the branches blow in the breeze, enjoying how it also kept off the summer heat and the insects that would have sought the bare flesh of our sweaty bodies. We dozed there together in silence and occasional caresses, basking in the freedom of the outdoors, the pleasures of a good fucking, and the companionship of trusted friends with benefits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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