A Chance Encounter

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This is a true recollection of my first encounter with Louise, events that occurred a few years ago, they are my treasured memories and thoughts, so true in fact that I still tingle when I think about them.

It was at a friend’s party when I first came across this girl. I call her a girl because she wouldn’t have even been in her twenties, she was not yet a women. I was instantly drawn to her when she first walked down the driveway with her friends, was it the boyishly short haircut, the tailored shirt that hugged her petite frame giving a glimpse of her perky breasts or was it the tight pants that caressed her curvaceous rear. I could not take my eyes off her and stole a glance at her as often as I could hoping that she would not catch me staring but also wishing she would notice me.

My friends were playing a drinking game when she came over with her friends and joined in on our conversation, we spoke but it was as a group and all I could remember was that confidence that she appeared to show and those beautiful brown eyes, those eyes that just drew me in. The night was drawing to a close and I kept checking her out from a distance and new I did not want this to be the last time I saw her. As soon as she had left I went straight to the host of the party, the girl that had invited her, she was my friend’s girlfriend (but that would soon change). I asked her about her friend wanting to get her number, a couple of days later I had it.

I phoned during the week, gathering all of the confidence I could manage just to make the call. It all sounds simple, like a girl, get her number and call her but it was outside my comfort zone, I was certainly not experienced in the art of picking up girls. We spoke for a short period of time, I do not recall how the conversation went but she did agree to go on a date so I would assume well enough.

Saturday had arrived, it was date night and I was very excited, the whole day carried a sort of nervous tension, I could feel it in my body. It was time to get ready for the date so a shower was in order. As the water poured over my naked torso I felt the need to release some of the built up tension. I explored my memory bank for a past encounter to inspire me, I was so hard now that it stood straight out in front. I gripped it tight with my thumb and my first two fingers. I ran them down my shaft, slowly massaging my now bulging penis. It felt so good and I immediately wanted it to feel even better. I squeezed harder and rubbed a little bit faster, still not too fast.

The desire to stroke harder was getting strong. The excitement grew in me and I started breathing heavily. I watched my thumb and two fingers slide up and down my dick in a rhythmical fashion and I started to feel the pleasure build. I now wrapped my forefinger and thumb around my dick just underneath the head of my penis, forming a ring with them. Using this ring, I stroked my shaft. I increased the speed as I went until I went almost full out, almost as fast as my hand could go.

The sensation felt so good and I could feel a tingling feeling growing below.

At this point I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted to cum then and there. I gripped my whole fist around my cock and stroked hard. My right arm moved quickly, up and down, up and down, so fast that I couldn’t even count the strokes. All sorts of images ran through my mind. I could feel the pleasure moving up from the base of my dick. My breathing was getting heavier at this point, it was going to happen soon, I could feel it. The tingling sensation rose up my throbbing shaft. I watched the red, swollen head of my dick pulse with anticipation. I held my mouth open and my breathing paused. I felt a rush of pleasure bursting forth. I groaned as I came and tossed my head back. The cum shot out of my dick, hitting the shower wall, four or five more shots pulsed out, hitting isveçbahis the shower tray before disappearing down the drain with the last drops of my cum dripping down the fingers wrapped around my satisfied cock. Time to finish getting ready.

It was a long drive to pick up this girl and it gave me time to think about what the night may hold, I was excited but my nerves were building. I arrived at the door, knocked and was greeted warmly by Louise, she was gorgeous, petite at about 5 5″ and again those stunning brown eyes were mesmerizing, her nice pert B cup breasts didn’t look too bad either. She invited me in and we went to her room and continued to talk, small talk, the kind of conversations you have when you try to figure out what each other is about without giving to much away.

It would not be long before we were on our way, we were heading in to town to meet up with some of my friends in a bar, have a drink and shoot some pool. I remember feeling relaxed, comfortable but also protective and even a little jealous as my friends engaged in conversation with her, again it was her confidence in talking with them I guess it seemed even slightly flirty, I wanted her for myself. We seemed to be having fun, enjoying each others company but it was time for a change in venue, we were to meet her friends in a club in the city.

We arrived, the music was loud, not as chilled back as our previous surroundings but we caught up with her friends and starting talking, they seemed like really nice people, down to earth just like my friends. Things moved to the dance floor and, unlike most males I certainly did not have an issue with dancing and there was no way I wanted her on the dance floor where some other random guy might try to work his way in to her tight pants. After dancing for a while I had the sudden urge to kiss her, I wanted to connect further with her, I pulled her towards to me. I was beginning to feel my manhood start to stir, my erection pressing against her hip, she must have felt it. I drew her in closer until our lips met and our tongues darted out to touch each other, each of us probing for approval to open wider, our tongues found each other and our passion flowed, I explored her mouth with my tongue and savoured her taste. I was absolutely ecstatic; I was having one of the best nights of my life. The night seemed endless, we danced for hours, sneaking in some more kisses but eventually it was time to take her home.

We arrived back at her house and I did the gentlemanly thing and walked her to the door, she stood there and asked me if I would like to come in, her parents were away. I entered the house with absolutely no expectations, the night had gone perfectly, we went to her room. We listened to some music and talked, we sat on the bed with the anticipation building. A shiver shot through me, this was too good to be happening to me. I was thinking how I wanted to fuck her now, and also how unlikely that would be tonight. What was I even thinking, this is a first date! I don’t remember ever being so aroused in my entire life, my cock was hard and standing to attention, she had turned my cock to stone.

Stealing her lips with a passionate kiss gently at first exploring then plundering her mouth as I got a little more demanding for her to open her mouth, the kiss was searing. I was now holding her tight and could feel her breasts pressed between us, our hands moved over each other, exploring, she responded well. Things seem to move at a rapid pace and it was not long before we were in our underwear, her matching lacy bra and G string which revealed that round ass of hers, god she was hot I thought to myself. She seemed to take control of the situation, I was letting her dictate the pace and the outcome, one thing was for sure, she wanted my cock and I was certainly glad to serve it up for her. She unhooked her bra and isveçbahis giriş dropped it to the floor exposing her pink areolas which beautifully accented her firm breasts. Her nipples were hard and my mouth was wet with anticipation.

I felt throbbing in my hard cock as I took off my underwear, my cock now sprang free from its imprisonment. I grabbed the top elastic of her G string and slowly pulled it down, feeling her pussy hair run through my fingers as I pulled her panties down and off her. My fingers returned to find her wetness once again and prodded her entrance. She was wet and ready for me to slide into her.

We were now completely naked when she said “did you want to use a condom”, then quickly followed that with the words “you don’t have to if you don’t want to”.

Being a male the automatic response was to say no, it is in a man’s DNA to want to spread his seed and of course I thought she must have been on the pill. I remember thinking wow she barley knows me yet she was willing to let a stranger, someone that she had only really known for a few hours ride her bareback. Maybe she didn’t like the feel of a sheathed dick in her, preferring to feel a man cum inside her velvet lined cunt.

We moved harmoniously to her bed, I lay on top her, kissing her passionately, I gently spread her legs so that I could enter her pussy from the position we were in.

I positioned my cock at the entrance and pushed the head in gently, parting her lips. It went in quite easily, and she gave a little moan in pleasure. After it was all of the way in, I paused for a second and we kissed some more. I started slowly rocking my cock in and out of her, I could feel her body responding to my movements and started to move faster, my cock slick and covered in her juices. I felt her body building as she moved against me with every thrust. She was moaning loudly and I stopped, I stopped and asked her if she was alright, I thought I was hurting her.

“I’m fine” she said.

I had never been with a girl that had made so much noise before, this was great I thought to myself, I had hit the sex jackpot. I enter her again, making sure she can feel every inch as I delve into her pussy. She breaths in and starts to moan, I begin to move faster, and with more purpose, pushing my cock along the walls of her vagina, filling and stretching it with every stroke, and then pulling out, till just my head is left and she feels empty. With the emptiness, she moans and I reply by driving myself into her, pushing her senses. As I’m thrusting, I reach for her tits, my hands latch on and squeeze and massage them, exploring her nipples. I keep thrusting and feel her tighten around my shaft. I continue my assault on her body, the feeling is intense, and I feel a tightening in my balls and know that I can’t last much longer. Her pussy starts to milk my cock as I thrust deeply inside her, my balls tighten and I can feel it start. Within seconds I thrust into her and explode, a stream of hot seed spurted from the tip, splashing the inside of her pussy. The gobs of semen kept coming, as blast after blast shot into the depths of her womanhood. I arched my back and groaned as I emptied my balls into her fertile, ready pussy, had she cum I did not know, I had and the evidence was now inside her.

We stayed there, I was buried inside her for what felt like an eternity in paradise. Then very gently I slid out of her.

It was truly one of my greatest sexual experiences of all time which thankfully had been extended due to my earlier shower wank, I had lasted a respectable amount of time I thought to myself, not to bad at all.

A short time later she excused herself from the bed and went to the bathroom, whatever semen I had deposited inside of her was now oozing back out of her pussy and creating a sticky mess in between her legs.

My mind isveçbahis yeni giriş started to go crazy in her absence, I had just fucked my third pussy, I was on my way. My thoughts then turned towards this beautiful creature, how many guys had she been with, how many cocks had penetrated that wet and inviting pussy of hers and exploded there man juice inside of her. How many cocks had she had in her hands, wanked off or sucked before they had fired a thick gush of spunk out of their cocks and into the back of her throat. She seemed aware of her body, she was confident and she definitely knew what she was doing, I thought the number would be close to at least 10 dicks. 10 hard cocks that she had spread her legs for, allowing them to penetrate her pussy, pumping her, plundering her, hitting bottom with every stroke pushing deep inside. 10 dicks she had climbed on top of and impaled herself on and ridden to feel their long thickness inside her.

10 guys bending her over and entering her from behind filling her pussy with their rock hard cocks, forcing her pussy to take in every inch of their raging manhood, their balls slapping off her throbbing clit making her whole body go numb, in shock being slammed hard as their cocks punch deep inside her pussy, dominating her and making her scream in pleasure. 10 different guys, their hot cum rocketing up their cocks and flooding the depths of her cunt, as I had just done. I then went to the place where every man goes, was the size of my cock alright, at 6 inches it was average but if you had been with 10 guys surely by the laws of average she would have been fucked by an 8 inch or maybe even a 10 inch monster cock. Would she have lusted for a bigger cock to pound her, for her to ride, who would know.

She returned from the bathroom and joined me back in bed. We lay there and talked for hours, neither able to sleep, just enjoying the moment, enjoying each others company. Just when I thought things were finally at an end things between the sheets started stirring again, my penis throbbed and was ready for round two.

She spread her legs apart, encouraging me to enter her and before you knew it I was back inside that wet and inviting pussy again pounding away, her moans turning to little grunts with every impact. After a while she rolled me over, her cunt clasped the foreskin and pulled it tight over the tip of my cock. She wrapped her legs around me and impaled herself on my shaft. She pulled me into her depths. Her muscles kept sucking on my cock, pulling it in, allowing me to admire those fantastic tits, giving me something to hold onto.

She slid up and down on me for ages, controlling the depth of penetration, making sure her engorged clit was rubbing against my body. It was time for another change, I positioned her on all fours. There facing me was this beautiful curvaceous behind, the one I had admired on the first night I had met her. I entered from behind, giving her the full length of my shaft, I thrust into her deeply and she continued to moan in enjoyment. I thrust harder and harder, my balls slapping against her rear, her pussy clamping down on my cock in a primal attempt to milk my seed from me. I wanted to blow one final load deep inside her pussy but to no avail, it was just not going to happen and we eventually stopped after what seemed an eternity. I was not going to cum again that night, the shower then the load I had previously delivered was all I had left, I was not going to cum for a third time.

I wondered what she must have thought because as far as she was concerned I had only cum once that night, I hoped she was not disappointed or thought she was not good enough, she certainly was.

We continued to talk, there was no way that we were going to get to sleep again and before you knew it, it was time for her to get up and go to work. She worked in a bag shop in a mall and needed to leave. We dressed and kissed each other goodbye. I left in my car and she left in hers, that was the best night of my life and I couldn’t wait to fuck her again and until that time I had some new images for my spank bank.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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