A Cottage Caper Ch. 03

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Anny Sugar

Angela seeks a double penetration.

If you are offended by anal sex, or sex between men in a loving MMF threesome – then read no further, this story is probably not for you.


Mike and I were butt-naked as we entered the bedroom. But Angela still had her panties on: for all that they concealed. The gusset was virtually transparent with pussy secretions.

Mike went over to their king-sized bed, turned and perched his butt right on the edge of the high mattress and lay back with his feet still on the floor, and knees spread wide. His cock arched and bobbed in anticipation, angled back an inch or two above his lower belly.

Angela went straight for him like iron to a magnet. With one hand on Mike’s scrotum and the other around the base of his cock, she fellated him. With the flat of her tongue, she lapped like a kitten up the length of his cock from balls to tip, then sucked as much of his cock as she could fit into her hungry mouth.

Angela kept her bum up high, spread her legs, and wiggled her ass back and forth to get my attention. It was clearly time for her to lose those sopping panties. With a flourish, I slid them to the floor. She stepped out of them and spread her legs a little wider which gave me a fabulous view of her aroused, wet pussy from behind. Her inner labia were red and glistening, peeking through a dense forest of russet pubic curls which extended all around her pussy and further back into the valley between her butt cheeks.

I knelt to get an eye-level view of her lovely pussy. I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs to spread them a little more and approached her pussy, pressing my lips to hers. Rolling my tongue, I explored the opening of her vagina and tasted the ambrosia of her arousal. She responded by thrusting her hips higher to give me better access and I shift my focus to her swollen inner labia now within reach. I suckled on the lappet of each in turn and ran my tongue vigorously up and down the slick slot between them.

Angela’s whimpers and words of encouragement were somewhat muffled by Mike’s cock gently thrusting in and out of her mouth. However, I did manage to catch a couple of words: “Lower . . .” and “clit . . .”

With the pointed tip of my tongue, I reached deeper between her legs until I made glancing contact over the nub of her clit and the firm, deep ridge of erectile tissue leading down to it. She showed her approval with cries of pleasure. She came up on her toes and bowed her knees to give me better accesses.

After several minutes of pleasuring her pussy, I began to develop a crick in my back and neck. I stood to stretch it out. As I did so, I admired her big, beautiful bum beckoning me.

Still standing behind her, with hands on her hips, I leaned in and planted a sloppy kiss on each cheek in turn. Then I gently spread the valley between them. I was greeted by a perfect, lightly-pigmented anal rosebud winking back at me. With the pointed tip of my tongue, I dove into the very center of that impish brown-eye.

Startled, Angela shrieked, immediately clamped his buttocks tightly closed, and fell forward over Mike.

Oh, no! Had I done something wrong?

“I’m so sorry . . .

“I didn’t know . . .

“I didn’t mean to . . .” I stammered in embarrassment.

I’d seen rimming in porn videos and had often wondered what it might be like. I’d always wanted to try it. Angela’s surprised response made me belatedly realize that perhaps not everyone would be as attracted to it as I had become.

“What did he do, Babe?” Mike asked. And I shrank back a little further.

“He licked my ass,” she replied. “I mean, he friggin’ he stuck his tongue RIGHT INTO my bum-hole. Oh, my God!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. . .” I repeated, thinking I had offended her.

“Oh, don’t be,” she said, smiling at my confusion and embarrassment.

“Actually – it felt good.

“It’s just that I wasn’t expecting it. You surprised me, Tony.” And she continued: “Not even Susan has ever tried that with me.”

“So, Babe, would you like him to do it again?” Asked Mike with a beaming smile.

“Well,” she responded.

Then her body language took over. She thrust her bum up higher, reached around behind, and spread her butt for me. As she did so, she sashayed a little from side to side to coax me in.

Moving back, I took one long swipe with the flat of my tongue from the bottom of her pussy right up to the top of the valley between her glorious butt cheeks, then I settled in with pointed tongue-tip flicking and probing all over her cute winking brown-eye. I just loved its firm concentric ridges, and the way she almost sucked my tongue into her with every winking contraction.

I could almost hear her purring as she thrust her bum towards me. I settled in with my face deep between her spread butt cheeks, and with my lashing tongue worked all the magic I could muster.

“Tony, don’t you dare . . . make my brown canlı bahis eye blue!” she teased between lollipop licks of Mike’s burgeoning erection.

I adored the smell of her. Rich and musky down over her pussy; but more subtle and sweeter up over her anal flower. And funky, even slightly spicy to the taste.

After a while she began to murmur:

“Oh-h-h-h, YES!


“That feels fucking fantastic.

“Please . . .

“Please, don’t stop,” she mumbled into Mike’s groin, stroking and sucking him with a vengeance.

While continuing to tongue her anus, I slipped a hand between her thighs to explore and pleasure her pussy. I rubbed and stroked her mound. I grasped each swollen outer lip between thumb and forefinger and gently kneaded down along its length several times on each side. Then I ran saliva-wet fingertips up and down between inner and outer lips, and finally up and down the center, rubbing firmly over the main body of her clit just below the surface. Her hips rolled and twitched in response. Soft cries and pants of pleasure were muffled into Mike’s groin.

Mike began to groan and whimper which made me look up. To my delight and astonishment, I saw that he had both feet high in the air with a hand behind each knee, holding his thighs up and wide apart. His back was arched such that his pelvis was tilted upward exposing his anus to Angela’s oral onslaught. I could just imagine his winking ass responding the way hers was responding to me. I watched as she licked and sucked from balls down to his bum-hole and back again: all the while forcefully stroking the shaft of his hard cock – in a classical rusty-trombone maneuver. Clearly, I’d initiated something new in their sexual repertoire!

I returned to rimming Angela’s beautiful, wrinkled ass and playing with her pussy from behind, I gently slid one finger into her warm, wet vagina. Then, as she opened wider, I added a second finger, and times even a third. I curled the tips of my fingers downward and softly raked into the wrinkly pad on the front wall of her vagina just beyond her pee nodule, stimulating what I hoped was her G-spot. I ran my fingertips in a come-hither motion all over its slippery soft surface until that section of her vagina swelled with engorgement rather like a prune or walnut buried just below the velvety surface. I rolled the whole pad gently from side to side, occasionally encircling it drew it up hard against her pubic bone below. I repeatedly strummed my fingers over the deep swelling until she could take it no longer, and would briefly jerk away. And then I’d probe for it once again.

With my other hand, I spread wide her swollen outer labia and pushing gently upwards, caused the pearl-like bud of her clit to pop out from under its protective hood. I used the pad of my thumb to very gently, but mercilessly, massage that sensitive nub: around and around, up and down, over and back: enjoying its hardness and exquisite sensitivity.

Angela’s hips arched and thrust rhythmically. She rocked and rolled: slowly, sensually at first; but soon increased in tempo and intensity. I did my best to keep my tongue in contact with her brown-eye with the bouncing of her butt. Pussy juice, liberally mixed with my saliva, ran in rivulets down her inner thighs.

As much as I could, I synchronized my stroking and probing with the bucking of her hips. But eventually, her movements became too erratic and even more intense. She went almost silent: panting softly with occasional gasps and whimpers as her orgasm built, and built, and built, relentlessly.

Suddenly she cried out, clamped her buttocks, and forcefully closed her thighs like two restraining fists around my busy hands. Her body language clearly commanded me to cease and be still. Orgasmic spasms radiated out from deep within: down her legs, and up her back.

Then her knees buckled and she sagged slowly to the floor. Her breathing was ragged, and her expression was distant and dreamy. A thin sheen of sweat beaded her brow and upper lip. Euphoric endorphins flooded through her as waves of orgasmic release surged from nose to toes, from tip to toe.

She sat on the floor leaning against the bed for several minutes, eyes tightly closed and lower lip held between her teeth. Deep fasciculation writhed within her thighs, and occasional spontaneous, spasmodic twitches cramped and flexed the muscles of her belly. She remained unresponsive until the intense orgasmic paroxysm passed.

We discovered a faint stain on the bedside throw rug the next day: clear evidence that she ejaculated several teaspoons of girl-goo – something she had hardly ever done before.

“Oh-h-h-h, MY God,” she whispered, coming down from her orgasmic high:

“My Sweet Lord …

“Oh, my God . . .” she whimpered, over and again.

Finally, back to earth, she let out an expletive:

“Ho-ly Fu-u-ck. That was a freakin’ SUSAN orgasm.”

She crawled up onto the bed and lay down in the middle bahis siteleri of it: physically and sexually drained.

I willingly took over attending to Mike’s magnificent boner. I took his scrotum in the palm of one hand, his shaft in the other, and sucked on the bulbous head. Mike reached down and ran his fingers through my hair, guiding and encouraging me. After a few minutes, I felt one of his hands leave me and, looking up, watched him pinch one of his nipples.

Angela propped up on an elbow watched us with fond fascination. She leaned over Mike and kissed him. I briefly left his cock to reach for his other nipple, pinching and twisting it. This brought a gasp out of Mike, which broke the kiss with Angela.

Angela looked me square in the eyes, and with almost a growl said, “Come here, you! Come and lay down beside me,” patting the bed beside her.

Dutifully, I left Mike and lay on my back beside Angela in the middle of the bed.

Without recent stimulation, my cock had sagged and softened, so that it fell along belly like a fat sausage. Angela worked on bringing me back to full erection. She sucked the tip and stroked along the shaft with one hand while rolling my balls with the other. And Mike cut in with a kiss on my lips and a pinching twist on each of my nipples. Under such an onslaught my cock was soon as hard and erect as ever before.

Angela went over to the nightstand and took a condom out of a box she’d evidently set out in anticipation earlier in the evening. She unwrapped it, held the base of my cock with one hand, deftly rolled a cover over me with the other.

Then in one fluid movement, she straddled me cowgirl style. She held onto the base of my rigid cock to guide me deep into her well-prepared pussy. She rolled her hips, bumping and humping as we moved in synchrony. Soon my cock was deep into her groove, both literally and figuratively.

“And now you too, Mike” she commanded.

Mike rolled on a condom and came up behind her. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the valley of her butt. Next, I heard the snap and pop of the lubricant top. Then I felt the cool, slippery gel running down from her ass all over my upper thighs, balls, and perineum.

Pushing his erection down at the base, Mike positioned himself at her anal entrance and attempted to enter her, but failed. Because of the angle, instead of going in his thrust went sliding up along her crack.

Feeling this, Angela lifted her butt and spread a bit wider for him. He realigned himself and entered her.

However, Angela’s adjusted position inadvertently pulled my cock out of her vagina. I arched up and only just managed to re-enter her pussy. So, she angled down towards me a bit, but then as I thrust in, Mike popped out again.

We tried several more times unsuccessfully. Much as Angela desperately wanted her double penetration, that configuration just wasn’t going to work for us.

Then to make matters worse, the more I concentrated on not falling out of her pussy, the more I lost my erection.

Perversely at that moment, I thought of Lisa with twinges of guilt. So my renegade cock softened even more. The more I tried to override the erectile dysfunction, the more my cock softened and shrank. Soon the condom simply slithered off. I was almost flaccid.

Then, Angela, the wonderful, enchanting girl that she is, simply switched gears.

“Tony, you scoot up here, up to the top of the bed,” she said.

Which I did. I placed my head on the pillows and Angela, got up on hands and knees, and settled in between my legs. Mike approached her from behind and this time plunged deep into her ass with ease and began vigorous, rhythmical thrusting.

Angela grasped my nearly flaccid cock around the base and took just the head into her mouth. She sucked incredibly hard for a moment, then suddenly released all suction, almost blowing me out. Then sucked hard again. She repeated this over and over – as though attempting to physically pump up my erection by pneumatic suction alone.

The sensation was incredible, intensely pleasurable. Her suction was so intense that it was almost painful at times. But it sure did the trick. In no time, my cock was hard and erect once again. I reached down to masturbate my shaft, thinking to help keep my erection going. But she brushed my hand aside and said:

“Tony, I want to see if I can get you off with my mouth alone,” she said.

That had never happened to me before.

Angela set upon me in earnest with her head jerking in sync with Mike’s thrusting. Sucking then releasing, then sucking, while her tongue did a magical dance all over the underside of my cock.

After a few minutes I saw, or rather, felt Mike pull out of Angela. I saw him remove the condom, then thrust back into her once again.

I couldn’t help wondering if he had reentered ass bareback. Had he shed the condom for more sensation, I wondered? Or had had he, perhaps stripped the condom bahis şirketleri to enter her pussy? I watched him closely trying to decide. Mentally working on this delicious, erotic conundrum took me to greater heights of arousal. It wasn’t long before I felt that familiar tingling between scrotum and anus, and an urgent fullness in my groin foretelling an impending orgasm.

Just then Mike grunted loudly, gave one last hard thrust and held it deep in her pussy. I knew that he’d just beaten me to the finish line.

Mike withdrew and came around to watch what Angela was doing to me. When I turned towards him, his cock was at eye level: sagging and spent, oozing one last drop of cum from the tip. But what really did it for me was the hint of a white frothy ring of jizz – and pussy juice – encircling the base of his cock. So, he’d obviously cum in her pussy!

“I’m nearly there,” I announced.

“So near,

“So-o-o close.

“Really close.

“Nearly, very, nearly, THERE.”

I intended to give Angela lots of warning in case she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth. However, the closer I came, the more she latched on and kept going. I climaxed as surge after powerful surge of cum shot up through my cock, spewing out thick ropes of creamy jizz.

Angela took the first blast in her mouth; then held my cock against her cheek: which I anointed with goo, along with few of her eyelashes, and even one small pearl of cum caught on a lock of her hair.

“Tried to warn you in time,” I muttered when I could catch my breath.

“Oh, yes you did,” she smiled. “And Tony, I do like the taste of your cum

“BUT this,” she said, touching her messy cheek: “This, was for Mike’s benefit.”

Even then I still didn’t quite get it.

I thought she meant that she had me cum on her cheek as a visual treat for Mike. But, no, she meant much more than that.

Mike leaned in and licked all my jizz off her face.

“You see, he likes the taste of cum too” Angela explained.

“And let me tell you, Dude,” said Mike between licks, “You taste great! Almost creamy.”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied, “been that way ever since the vasectomy.”

For a moment that gave them pause.

“You taste your own cum?” Angela asked incredulously, with a broadening smile.

Oh, how I do so adore her dimples when she smiles like that.

“I thought only Mike was crazy enough to do that,” she said.

“Do it every time,” I replied, silently wondering to myself whether cum-eating was something most men did, at least now and then.

I told them that before my vasectomy the volume of my ejaculation had been somewhat larger, but the taste was somewhat dry and thin, slightly metallic, almost tangy. However, since my vasectomy, my jizz had become generally gooier, sweeter and more gelatinous. I had to agree with Mike’s description: “creamy” about summed it up, although I’d never thought of it quite that way before.

“Say, Mike, did the taste of my pussy juice change after my tubes were tied?” Angela asked with a teasing, silly smile.

Ah-ha, so apparently both Angela and I had each undergone surgical contraception following the birth of our last child. I’d not yet noticed the faint bikini-line caesarean scar somewhat hidden below her dense pubic bush.

“Can’t say that it did, Babe,” Mike replied with a grin. “But you know there’s no orgasmic flow down a girl’s tubes when she comes.”

“Point!” she conceded.

“And now Tony, what Mike did for YOUR mess, you’ve got to do for HIS,” said Angela. With that, she rolled onto her back to expose her soggy pussy smeared and still leaking a mixture of Mike’s cum and her own pussy juice.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Positioning myself between her knees I admired the cream-pie so wantonly displayed before me. Angela’s dark springy pubes were moist with the gooey mixture. Her deep red frilly inner labia, still slightly swollen, held several whitish clumps within their folds, and a small pearl of cum appeared at the opening of her stretched, slowly contracting vagina.

I took my time cleaning her up. I loved the taste – and smell – and feel – of it. With kitten-like licks, I cleaned her up from top to bottom, from outside to in, and inside out, all the while coached and encouraged by her whimpers and soft words of encouragement.

While I was busy with her pussy, Angela licked and sucked at Mike’s softening cock until it too was squeaky-clean. She even attempted a foreskin-flurry.

“Aha, ah-ha,” Mike gasped and flinched in response. “Still a bit too sensitive for that, Babe.”

She smiled, then resumed licking his shaft with the flat of her tongue in wide, broad strokes, as well as gently sucking on the head of his cock, clearly enjoying their mixed spent secretions.

Eventually, Angela got up to pee. Then she insisted that she hold our cocks and watch as we men did so too – together.

Still reeking of sweat and sex, it was time for a more general, total-body clean-up.

“Skinny dip! ‘Last one in’s a dirty, rotten egg.” whooped Angela.

Three sweaty bodies bounced up and raced each other through the cottage and down the path to the beach.

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