A daughters friends Ch. 2

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I couldn’t get my mind off the visual images of watching my wife have such uninhibited sex with our daughters high school friends. At first what seemed liked forced sex turned into mutual consent. Although I felt betrayed my insides were boiling over with lust and excitement. I eagerly fast forwarded my security video secretly hoping to see more action. I was really feeling confused at that moment, unfortunately or fortunately, I didn’t find any more hard pounding sex with the young studs and my wife. The fact she did this and hasn’t said anything to me, makes me suspicious that something else must be going on or she is hiding something. I became suspicious of everything and watched for any clue or mis-step that would give me proof something else was going on. I found nothing! In anticipation of finding something, someday, I asked Jake to come over and upgrade my camera system by installing more cameras and adding audio if possible. He told me he would take care of it but he would need all day. I planned on taking the wife and kids out of town over the weekend so I gave him access to my house and told him to do his thing.

Again, I kept playing back my secretly recorded video and nothing. Jake did a great job. The hi def cameras were strategically placed throughout the house, even knowing they were there, I could barely see the lenses. They could pick up the sound on the other side of the room.

One day after work I came home and my wife had left a note that she had gone shopping and the kids were over at friends. She told me that she would be home after dinner. I headed into my man cave and started to scan the last few days of video. As I reached the video for that day I saw myself leaving for work. That was a trip, looking at myself as I was 8 hours earlier, dressed as I was heading out the door and my wife giving my usual goodbye kiss standing in the entry way with nothing on but her robe. As I stared at the monitor, I heard the doorbell rang, I started to jump up and go answer the door when I realized it was on the monitor. As I looked down I saw my wife reluctantly open the door as she stood behind it to conceal the fact she was in her robe. All of sudden Trevor pushed his way into the house and greeted my wife with an enthusiastic “good morning Ms. C”.

My wife was stammering over her words “Trevor, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” “Of course Ms. C but I couldn’t get what happened a few weeks ago off my mind and was real horny this morning. I just figured I would stop by and get some from my favorite milf.”

She snapped back “Trevor don’t talk that way, that was a mistake and I am very sorry escort gaziantep minyon bayan for letting it get out of hand. I shouldn’t have ever let that happen. Consider it a one and done. I am married and, anyway just let that be the end of it.” “Well Mrs. C the way I see it we were consenting adults and the only one who has anything to lose is you!” As Trevor gestured with his hand around the house “all this shit might be gone if Mr. C found out-don’t you think.” My wife glared at him and sternly ” you wouldn’t” “Let’s not find out”.

Then Trevor approached my wife as she stood with her arms across her chest to prevent her robe from opening. “Come on Ms. C, don’t play hard to get, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it or that you don’t want some more of my nice thick dick.” With that he grabbed her and pushed her backward toward the couch where she lost her balance and fell on the cushions. He quickly dropped to his knees and was hovering over her body trying to kiss her and open her robe. His eagerness was more than she could fend off and within seconds he had his tongue in her mouth and his hands were mauling her breast. As he stood up, he kicked of his sandals and let his gym shorts fall to the ground. As he stared down at my wife’s exposed woman hood , he spit on his hand and started lubing up his already rock hard monster cock. My wife’s pleas and begging for him to stop, fell on deaf ears as he resumed his position between her legs. However, this time he was guiding his enlarged, swollen dick to the slit of my wife’s pussy. As he started to enter her, the look on her face was one of discomfort and pain as this young stud tried to push his entire manhood into her without giving her time to adjust. There was no fore play, no letting her get wet, just pure lust of trying to impale her with his swollen dick for his pure pleasure and by this time my wife did little to stop him. She just kept adjusting, squirming and re positioning herself on the couch to accommodate her young lover. It didn’t take her long to start producing enough juices that allowed Trevor to slide in easily. As he started his thrusting, not only could I see him stretching my wife’s pussy to the limit, but I could hear the sloshing noises of all their juices mixing together. She was so tight I even heard the popping sound when his dick withdrew all the way.

His inexperience showed in how he man handled her beautiful full C breasts. She always made me be gentle with them but gave no protest the way her young lover was aggressively playing with them. After about ten minutes he grabbed her, picked her up and escort bayan nizip bent her over the arm of the couch. He proceeded to drive his dick all the way in her doggie style. He was thrusting his hips so hard and fast that my wife’s face was buried in the seat cushion. For every grunt and groan Trevor made, my wife responded with her own groans of ecstasy. This young man had been pounding my wife for a solid 30 minutes with no sign of letting up. He then laid on the floor and guided my wife to mount him. As she was bouncing up and down on this young man’s dick she started rubbing her clit and within seconds I watched her drench her young stud as she was squirting all over his chest. She was screaming out in pleasure as Trevor kept pulling her hips toward him.

I was so aroused and turned on watching my wife squirt all over this young man. I have never seen her squirt before and here this high schooler is giving my wife pleasure I have never known her to enjoy. Trevor finally started tensing up as he began to empty his young seed into my wife. My wife collapsed onto his chest.

After several minutes of recovery she stood up. She was wobbly and the mixture of their love juices were dripping down onto his solid hard body. She fell back toward the couch and collapsed. As he stood up his dick was glistening from their juices. As he walked across the floor he made no attempt to control the dripping jizm on my floor. Then he collapsed in my ez chair with his naked, sweaty, cum-drenched body. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. As I reached for my own cock it was only then that I realized I had cum all over myself.

As I fast forward the video I saw my wife get off the couch and leave the room. About ten minutes later she re emerges into the living room wearing a sexy white teddy that I had just bought her. She had a wash cloth in her hand, walked over to her young lover where she knelt and started cleaning his flaccid cock. As she was cleaning him, his dick started swelling to it’s full size. My wife replaced the wash cloth with her mouth and started sucking on his enlarged member. It wasn’t long before Trevor pulled my wife up from her knees and placed her pussy on top of his swollen dick. Once she was fully impaled on his dick he started bucking up inside of her.

She allowed him to continue in this position for about 5 minutes when she finally lifted herself off of him. As she looked down at her young conquest she reached for his hand which he readily accepted. She pulled him to his feet and led him down the hallway. When I switched cameras and saw her lead him escort bayan nurdağı into our master bedroom-my heart started racing as if it were coming out of my chest. My wife is going to allow this young stud to violate our marital bed.

Over the next two hours I watched the two of them have raw sex at times and at other times they made slow passionate love. Whatever the pace this young man always maintained a rock hard erection for my wife enjoyment. On the monitor I heard my daughter yell to my wife that she was home. My wife, with Trevor still balls deep inside of her, responded to our daughter “ok sweetie I’ll be down shortly!” Then I saw my daughter look into the bedroom and laughed as she told her mom “I thought that was Trevor’s car down the street, no wonder I didn’t see him at school” During this whole exchange neither of them stopped what they were doing and my daughter just stood in the doorway staring at the both of them fucking like rabbits. As she leaned against the doorway she slid her hands beneath her shorts and started rubbing her young pussy beneath the thin fabric.

“Mom is Trevor as good as all the girls say at school?”

My wife responded “he is pretty damn incredible she muttered between the moans and grunts.” As she stood in the doorway ferociously rubbing her pussy, I could see the orgasm building in my own daughter while she watched her friend from school fucking her mother. As my beautiful daughter started climaxing I could see her tense up and legs go wobbly. She leaned against the door jamb for balance and shouted to her mom. “Damn mom, your pussy looks good with Trevor stretching it out and I didn’t know you were so into sex. You and dad don’t seem like the type.” My wife responded. “sweetie your dad is no Trevor so he hasn’t opened this up in me. This young stud is fucking me like I have never been fucked, I am so horny I don’t know how to handle this.”

While my ego was suffering from these words what happened next floored me. My daughter walked towards her mother and asked her if she was horny enough to clean up her pussy form the orgasm she caused her to have. As my daughter started to mount her mothers face my wife started using her tongue to clean up her daughters pussy. I just about fell out of my chair at what I was watching. My daughter had the smoothest shaved mounds I have ever seen. Her mother was licking her mounds clean and burying her tongue up inside those tight teenage lips. My daughter was sitting there grinding her hips and pinching her nipples as I watched another orgasm build and then she started pushing down on her mothers face so hard I though she would suffocate her mother. After a couple minutes and the orgasm subsided my daughter got off her mother’s face and stood there watching the two of them go at it.

After a few minutes my daughter reminded her mom that Dad might be home anytime so don’t get caught. I felt betrayed that this family secret is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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