A Day at the Office

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“Oh good, she won’t be back for a few hours.” Chloe thought to herself as she flicked the computer on. Her superior, Yvonne, had just gone off to lunch with a client. Her company had a policy, personal computer use was strictly forbidden. However, her fiancee had been gone for almost 3 weeks and her only means of contact with him was via random emails. With the office door closed, excitedly, she clicked the INBOX open, and there waited a sexy little message. Her nipples hardened instantly as she began to read, “I’m missing you, you face, your smile, your blond hair, your tits, your pussy, and most of all your lovely, sensitive clit. I want you to touch yourself, and imagine my tongue at your pussy lips. Tracing up and down, pushing deeper with every lick. I hope to taste you soon. xxx.” He always made her hot, but in his absence, she felt more lustful than ever. She craved a touch more now than ever.

As she closed out her account, she began day dreaming about his delicious cock, and how she wanted to lick, stroke and suck it, before ropey strands of cum splashed on to her lips and tongue. She reached between her thighs as she felt the dampness accumulate and saturate her panties.

She had to touch herself. What harm could it do? Yvonne would not be back for a while she thought. She slowly began unbuttoning her suit jacket, revealing her ample, firm breasts.

The feeling of the jacket slipping off her shoulders and uşak escort the cool air con sweeping across her exposed flesh had made her pussy throb even more. Her jacket fell to the floor. She slowly unzipped her skirt, letting the material slide loosely over her hips, and dropping in a heap around her ankles.

She walked over to the black leather chair to release some of the pressure that made her pussy so tight with the urgency to be touched.

Gently stoking herself from the outside of her panties, she felt tingles of pleasure shooting up her spine.

Her panties were already soaked with her juices. Feeling the damp saturation, only made her pussy trickle the sweet fluid even more abundantly. She tugged the lacy fabric between the lips of her cunt, making her clit harden and pulsate.

Licking her lips, wishing she could taste herself, she began to rub the hot, moist fabric.

First very slowly, she rubbed her shaved pussy. With each second she moved more vigorously. Her body began quivering with shocks of pleasure

Waves of excitement started to radiate through her body as she began to moan in ecstasy… until she heard the door knob begin to turn…

Yvonne, walked into the building exhausted and irritated. Sweeping her reddish brown hair from her cheek, she sighed. The client meeting was quick but still no deal had been made… which only meant another meeting. All uşak escort bayan she wanted and this point was to get into her office, pack her things away, and get home to a glass of merlot, and a relaxing vibrator session.

She reached for the door of her office and twisted the knob, shocked by what was at her desk waiting for her. Her assistant nearly naked. Her tits looked fabulous and her pussy, though covered by lace, was begging to get licked. Chloe nearly crying, stammered, “I am so sorry, I’ll pack my things and go, just please, don’t tell anyone what you just saw, I’ll do anything!” Instantly Yvonne felt the blood rush between her legs. A wave of passion consuming her thoughts. She knew this situation could definitely work to her advantage. As she closed the door behind her, and locked it, she mischievously grinned at her helpless victim. Her blue eyes glimmered with lust. “You’ll do anything?” she asked as she moved closer to the desk.

“This will be our little secret, correct?” Chloe nodded nervously, but sensed that what was about to happen was something she would enjoy immensely. “I will do anything you ask,” she breathed heavily.

As Yvonne started to unbutton her jacket, she commanded the young slutty girl, “Stand up, and bend over the desk!”

Obediently she did as she was told.

As she undressed herself, jacket, skirt, shoes, stockings, she admired the girl’s escort uşak lovely ass, licking her lips, imagining the sweet nectar of her pussy. She pulled the black lace aside with one hand, with the other she slid a finger between the glistening folds of flesh. Disappearing into the tight, pink pussy before her. Slowly pushing it in, then out, adding a second finger, again, in and out, a third, in and out. The girls breathing quickened with each thrust. Fingers gliding in and out of the sleek crevice. Her hand glossy with cum, which was also oozing down the assistants thigh. As the moans of her assistant became more intense, her pussy was also pulsating and throbbing with desire. Wet with lustful anxiety.

Ready for some stimulation of her own, She sat back on the floor. “Sit on the desk and look at me.” she instructed, as she started to massage her clit. Chloe stood straight and started to sit back on the desk. She maintained eye contact with her superior as she spread her legs over the mahogany desk top. She had come numerous times already, but seeing her sexy dominant boss below her made her want to get touched and tasted again and again. She once again started to dip her fingers into her slippery slit, and took them up to her mouth to taste the sticky fluid that was practically pouring from her. Yvonne was also near coming as she pumped her fingers in and out of her, while working her clit with the other. Both woman were staring intently at each other. Licking their lips and writhing as they were consumed by climax. As they came both threw their heads back with elation as the shivers of orgasm rushed through their bodies. As they caught their breath nothing was said. Only grins of satisfaction crossed their lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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