A Day at the Print House

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Andrew was a jerk! But it seemed Neeley was the only one that thought so. Everyone from the high-ups to the floor workers worshipped their new foreman. She didn’t get it! He was demanding, egotistical and disrespectful all rolled into one. In his mid-forties, he wasn’t bad on the eyes, yet, he was such a dick, the notion of finding him attractive in the same way as those barely-legal, simple-minded twerps he had hired as copy runners, triggered Neeley’s ad nauseam! What had they called him, ‘charming’? Not! He was sugar-coated shit! Pitifully, everyone glorified him because he had won the printing industry’s most prestigious honor, the Gold Ink Award.

After Andrew’s first month, Neeley found herself nostalgically missing her old foreman who had retired. The Lithograph, the printing house where she was a journeyman printer, had hired Andrew from a competitor; lauding the acquisition as some grand coup! As far as Neeley was concerned he could have stayed put; The Lithograph could have done perfectly fine without him on the payroll! Every day for the past six months, he was always needling about something that didn’t get done as if she was the only printer available! Today had been no different.

She had several print-jobs stacked near her printing machine, queued to go out that afternoon, when Andrew came over with a requisition for a rush reprint. Neeley scanned the document and looked up at him incredulous.

“Are you kidding me?”

“The overnight printer had already run the job, ten-thousand pages,” he said and pulled out a single sheet pointing to the ink that had bled and blotted, ruining the entire job.

“And he didn’t re-run it?”

“He was out of print stock…it’s just arrived.”

“I don’t have time! Give it to someone else, I have three jobs to get out before the afternoon…” she indignantly spewed as if she had a say in the matter.

“I’m giving it to ‘you’…” he retorted with a frown, his intense green eyes tightened into a squint which made the crowfeet at the outer edges of his eyes more pronounced.

“But what about my deadlines…?” her voice whined.

“This is a priority, Neeley, isveçbahis just do it!” he said gruffly and turned away.

‘Asshole!’ Even though she was only in her late thirties, she was too good a printer to be taking crap from some fly-by-night, prima donna that had everyone standing in line to lick his ass!

After her final job was stacked and readied for delivery, Neeley pulled off her apron and went to the bathroom. Since her morning exchange with Andrew, she had spent the entire day on a slow burn, exacerbated by not taking a break. Now, her blood had reached a rolling boil.

Exiting the restroom, she saw Andrew in his office through the window. At his desk on the phone he was completely carefree. It pissed her off. How could everyone be so blinded by his outward dazzle?

Her eyes clocked him; an angry scowl froze on her face. Still talking on the phone, he unexpectedly looked up as if sensing her presence. His head tilted. Her rebellious posture refused to stand down; their eyes locked, battle-ready. With a manly two-finger motion, he summoned her into his office. Her approach was defiant.

He was ending his call when she entered. He motioned for her to sit. She didn’t. He hung up and scrutinized her insolence. Relaxing into his chair, he crossed his arms and stared, meticulously perusing her body from top to bottom and back. Had she not already been heated by her own anger, she would have flushed under the tint of his wolfish gaze.

“Since you refuse to sit, maybe you should just say what’s on your mind?” he finally said.

“Oh, how I wish I could speak my mind without you using your position to fire me!” she angrily shot back.

“Don’t let that stop you,” he quickly engaged her only to snigger. Suddenly standing, he went to the window that looked out onto the floor and shut the blinds only to close and lock the door leading into his office. Returning to the front of his desk, he stood directly in front of her, his height presenting a challenging and imposing demeanor.

“You want to unleash on me, give it your best shot!” he threw it back in her court while fully posturing an assurance of no isveçbahis giriş repercussions.

“I can speak freely and frankly?”

“By all means…especially if it will help get rid of this attitude you have towards me!”

“Maybe if you didn’t turn me into your fucking go-to person there wouldn’t be an attitude!”

“And if you weren’t so good at what you do you wouldn’t be my ‘go-to’ person!” he angrily defended.

“Oh, don’t!” she huffed cynically. “You single me out and dump all the shitty jobs on me and all because I won’t kiss your prima donna ass!”

His hand, like lightning, gripped the back of her neck. Suddenly his lips were pressed against hers, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth.

Bleating, Neeley attempted to resist but his hand tightly clasped her neck as his mouth smothered hers stealing her very breath. His slithering tongue probed savagely hard on a mission to quell her defiance. It didn’t take long. Operating solely on physical desire, her tongue surrendered to his wet advances as it sensually swirled against his, forging an unexpected, yet, passionate erotic alliance. When they broke free, their heavy breaths excitedly panted. Andrew had her jeans unbuttoned in a flash. A rogue hand quickly made its way into her pants slipping under the silk of her panties. She shuddered when his roaming digits made contact with her wet pussy. A frown of satisfaction swept across his face.

“Fuck, Neeley! You’ve driven me crazy for months!” he confessed as she yanked at his belt undoing it and tugged at the button on the waistband of his pants. He quickly shed his shoes.

“You could’ve just said something instead of…” before she could finish, his mouth was back on hers. Their energies were awash with mercurial quicksilver! She trolled into his pants and freed his rigid, blood-swollen cock. Just touching it sent her female organ reverberating in repeated ripples of anticipated desire. She hurled his pants to his ankles. He, just as desperate, slid both her pants and underwear in one swooping motion down her body only to cup her warm and moist pussy in the palm of his hand collecting its nectar, isveçbahis yeni giriş which he brought to his mouth to savor and sample.

Eagerly kicking off her shoes, Neeley stepped out of her fallen garments giving Andrew’s fingers ample access to explore the source of her feminine mystique. Leaning back on his desk, he grabbed her ass and lifted her hips onto him, aligning her pussy to his dick where her arousing wetness easily slid onto a beauty of an erection. Feeling his bulk penetrate her sent tingling tendrils of excitement across her body. She shuddered in delight.

“Wrap your legs around me,” Andrew instructed as he shifted upright. She complied. With her legs wound around his waist, he moved to a wall and pressed her hard against it. Maneuvering his hands under her legs, he manipulated her ass, pressing his cock deep into her pussy. With her legs now hanging over his forearms, he commenced to fucking her rough and hard, just how she liked it!

“Oh,” she shrieked as the fleshy walls of her female tunnel gripped his cock at every plunge. As he ramped into her it was apparent both were sailing a wave of pleasure. He fucked her one hard brutal stroke after another until she thought she’d lose all consciousness. It was wickedly raw and he quickly led her to the zone. The orgasm exploded across her body. She squealed and screeched in delight. He, too, was ascending the peak. His hurling became dire; urgent! He drove his cock hard and merciless into her receptive pussy until his groans became heavy and stark.

“Fuck, fuck!” he hissed as his launching dick jerked wildly inside her. His muscles tensed and strained. He grabbed her legs tight and leaned into her trying to catch his breath.

Once calmed, he held onto her and carried her to his desk where he rested her bare ass along its edge.

“For your information,” he grinned, “management brought me in to fast-track you as their new star. You’re the prima donna! I’m here to mentor you!” He winked. “At last we’re speaking the same language!” He said gleeful as he pulled out of her.

Neeley was stunned but it didn’t properly register; the pipe he had just laid on her was far more stirring! Slipping off of his desk, she squatted and licked his shrinking dick clean. His gentle hand fondly stroked her hair. This little quickie had been eye-opening! Perhaps he deserved his ass to be licked after all!

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