A Day In My Life

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I’ve been seeing my current boyfriend for almost two years. This is a very accurate day in my life with regard to that.


I love the way my hand opens and closes around him. My pink fingernail polish sets his cock off nicely. He’s so big! 9 ½”, I know because he let me measure it once, teased me about doing that after he made me measure my little thing too. My little penis barely 3″ when erect, I am little-boy like. I feel my sissy-like thing squirm in my panties as I do what he likes, do one of his favorite things. I masturbate him. I love giving him hand jobs. I get to see his cock up close, watch it and him respond to my teasing and the things I do to drive him crazy.

He is slippery and shiny with K-Y jelly. His cock is covered in it. The slippery, squishy and sticky sound of my hand moving on him is punctuated with his moans and heavy breathing, that and him saying ‘fuck!’ or Ahhh!’ a lot. I love how my fingers squeeze shut as my fist reaches the top of the head of it and then open back up slowly as my hand moves down and over his shaft. He is so thick that I can barely get my fist closed around it. And so hard, he is like a rock. When he fucks me it’s like having a hard rubber or metal dildo put up inside of me. I know that feeling intimately, have felt it too many times to count!

I can feel every vein of his erection as I move my hand over it. I particularly love the edge of the bottom of its head, so big! I stop every now and then at the base of the head. I close my thumb and middle finger in a tight circle and hold it up just below the head. I move the tip of my index finger over the hole of it, push down gently into his urethra and make tiny little circles in his precum. I know that makes him squirm and wiggle. I love the feeling of power doing that to him.

“Fuck! Ooooo…my god…uh…What are you doing?…ahhh, oooo, don’t stop…”

He is lost to my hand. He gasps as he says that to me, his eyes closed. I love the sounds, the noises, he makes when I do this for him. He tenses. I see his muscular upper legs tighten, shake and stiffen, raise slightly off of the bed as he arches his back. I feel his butt tighten in my other hand. I feel him clench his cheeks as he lays on the bed next to me, my fingertips just barely into the crack of his rear end. I am sitting up with my legs tucked up under me, one hand under his butt, the other on his beautiful erection, sitting beside him. I am slightly kneeling and looking down at him. He is naked. And he is gorgeous. I look down over his cock and balls, the hard abs of his stomach, his well developed and muscled body. He is the man that owns me. And I feel my little thing stir, get wet on the end as I look at him and think about what I am for him. I’ll do anything for him and he knows it.

I feel his firm right cheek in my hand as I grip him, hold him in place as my other hand strokes and works on his cock. I pump his cock slowly and methodically. I fuck him with my hand. He loves this!

“Do you like that, Daddy? I want you too. I love doing this for you.”

I purr to him. His eyes are closed. I see him bite his lip slightly as I lean forward and kiss just the end of it. His hands palm down on the bed at his sides, I see his fingers dig into the sheet and close, clutch them in his fists.

“Uh, uh, uh…yessss…fuck…you hot little bitch, don’t stop…ahhhh…”

I am wearing sheer panties, cute little ruffles in the back with a sheer white front panel. My soft penis shows a wet spot on the end of it through my girly underpants. I am wearing lace top thigh high stockings with little pink bows in the back at the top of each. My shoes are 3″ spike heel open-toe pumps, shiny patent leather showing off my pink toenails. My hair and makeup are perfect, super model like. I went blonde kurtköy sınırsız escort for him today, big blonde hair with a pink bow in the front over sexy bangs. Baby smooth top to bottom with a lubricated tight little hole, not messy, just slippery enough for instant access, that is what he likes. I met him at the door like this with a sexy little silk short robe over it all that barely covered my rear end. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me deeply as soon as he came in the door. He pinned me to the wall and French kissed me. Off came the robe, he slipped it down over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor as he put his hand down the back of my panties and pushed his middle finger into my slippery little hole. He made me come up onto my toes.

“Oh my.”

That was all I said as he took his tongue out of my mouth, pulled his lips off of me and finger fucked me. He pulled his finger out of me and pushed it into my mouth. I hate when he does that but never deny him.

“I’ve been thinking of that little ass of yours all day. Let’s go.”

He slipped his finger out of my mouth and took me firmly by my arm and led quickly up to my bedroom. As soon as we got there I didn’t have to be told. I undressed him. I took his clothing off of him like the good little, dirty little, sexy little girl I am for him. I am his mistress. I do what pleases him. I’ve been doing this for him for almost two years now. I know what he wants even before he says it.

When I knelt in front of him and took his shoes, sox and pants off, I took my time pulling his underwear down slow and off of him. I let his semi erect cock fall out in front of my face. I let it bounce in front of me and kissed it while looking up at him. When he was naked he went to my bed and laid down.

“Jack me off. Get over here. Put that slippery stuff on your hand.”

That was all he said. I know what he likes. I know how to do this for him. I took K-Y from the night stand drawer next to my bed. I wanted to fix my lipstick but I didn’t. I didn’t want to keep him waiting. I’ve heard that tone before, that demanding tone that means, ‘NOW!’.

I feel him throb in my hand. I love that feeling. I bend forward and flick the hole of his cock, run the pointy end or my tongue up it as my hand slides down the full length of his shaft to his balls. Just a quick lick with the point of my tongue makes his whole body shake. I push into his hole.

“FUCK! Ohhhhhhhhh…”

He leans straight up, puts his hand under my arm into the pit. I feel him grab my panties with his other hand and rip them down. He almost tears them. I hurry to raise myself up to accommodate him stripping off my underpants. It all happened so quickly I almost fell off the bed. I feel him yank me over on top of him. I sit up on top of him, feel his hard cock push up against my butt. With my legs to his sides I raise up to let him into me. I know what he wants.

“Ahhhh, ohhhh…”

I cry out. I always do. It hurts when he first enters me, separates me like that. It’s so big and it never gets easier to take him in for the first time. He holds his cock up with one hand, reaches around and grabs my right cheek with his other and pulls my rear end apart. I feel it at my tight little hole, feel the huge head of it press against me and separate me. And then it’s in me. All the way, quickly, I cry out, loud. He says nothing. He just grunts, moans as he pushes deep into me and pulls back out slightly, stabbing me the way he does. I feel every inch of it. I feel the huge head of it deep inside of me. I feel his hand pull out from between my legs, brush roughly against my little balls. I wince, whimper, cry out, letting his cock go up into me deeper. I feel him take my hips in his hands as he lays back down onto the bed. maltepe otele gelen escort He moves me up and down on him, ignores my whimpering and crying out, as he holds me tightly in his hands and starts to fuck.

I sit straight up on top of him. My tiny soft little boy like penis bounces as he fucks me. It feels like his cock is in my throat, all the way up inside of me to my throat! When he comes thirty minutes later I have tears in my eyes. I feel the tiny bruises he will leave on my hips with his fingertips, feel them dig into me. I feel cum drip from my butt, down over his erection and onto the bed with the first powerful spurts. He gushes, he cums huge. He always does the first time. I feel five strong spurts and then several weaker ones. The bed is soaked. The crack of my rear end is covered with him. I am full of him and ready to explode.

He holds me up tightly in place and milks himself to the end, the last drop.

“Oooo, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, little girl. That’s it.”

He pulls himself out of me. I feel it ‘pop’ out as my butt, feel my little hole around him to the end of his cock as he pulls free of me. He lifts me off of him, almost pushes me off the bed. I don’t have to be told or asked. I move down between his legs and start to suck him clean. He lays back on the pillow with his arm across his eyes, lays back and says nothing as I lick, suck and swallow.

“You know, there is nothing like that tight little ass of yours. Nothing. This never gets old, Princess.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

I put him into my mouth all the way. Even soft he is huge. I suck and lick the last of me and him off of his cock. I pull my mouth off of him and hold it up as I concentrate on licking and sucking his balls clean.

“My daughter went back to college today. Her boyfriend picked her up and drove her back to campus. I don’t even want to think about what he does with her like I do with you.”

He laughed as I ran my tongue up between his legs, buried my face into his crotch as I licked his inner cheeks below his balls. I pushed my tongue up and flicked his hole, felt him squirm.

“You really are a good girl. Every man should have a sissy mistress like you. My wife isn’t half as hot as you are. And she’s hot, Princess. But she won’t do the things you do. Don’t think I don’t appreciate that, you hot little bitch.”

I feel his hand on the back of my head.

“And you are a hungry little bitch. That is the best kind.”

He sat up, pushing my face and head back slightly. He reached down and took his soft penis in his hand and held it up, pointed it toward my face. I took it into my mouth. I run my flat tongue across the bottom of the head of it, over the hole. I pulled up onto my knees, pushed my rear up and out, arched my back. I knew he could see my butt in the mirror. I could feel his cum run out of me and down my left leg across the top of my stocking.

“I love doing this for you. I could do it every day.”

I put him back into my mouth after pulling him out, looking up at him and whispering that to him. He looked at me in the mirror, didn’t see my face as I said that. I felt him start to get hard again as I worked on him. As his cock grew bigger in my mouth I started to pump it, masturbate it with my mouth. I felt my little thing bounce between my legs as I pushed my butt out with my legs spread slightly. I was on my knees bending down over him. I moved my head up and down on him.

“You really are the perfect girl. You are…uhhhh, oooo….”

When he came the second time he took me by the sides of my head. He held me tightly as he came in my mouth. I can never get him all the way into my mouth, can only get just over ¾ of it into my mouth before I start to choke. When he came kartal rus escort and the first spurt of it hit the back of my throat I felt him pull my face down onto him. I choked slightly and felt his cum explode in mouth and run out around the edges of my lips. He held me tightly and fucked my mouth as I struggled to swallow for him. When he finished he pulled me up and off of him. He pulled my face up toward him. He pulled me up and top of him, face to face. He smiled at me, saw my cum covered lips, my smeared lipstick.

“Go fix your makeup, you’re a mess. You’re too cute to be such a smeared up little girl. Go.”

He patted my bare butt. I pulled myself up off of him and up off of the bed and walked to my makeup room. He was right. I was a mess. I could feel my butt throb as it always does after he uses me like that. I felt it throb in a good kind of numb way. I love that feeling.

When I went back to the bedroom he was gone, his clothes up off the floor. I went downstairs and found him at my front door. He just stood there with my silk robe in his hands. He put it over my shoulders, helped me back into it.

“You, Princess, are special. Don’t ever forget that. And you’re mine. Don’t ever forget that either.”

He put his hand on my naked butt when he said that, squeezed it.

“I do it for you, Daddy. Only for you. You own me. I want you to love that.”

“I do. And don’t think I don’t appreciate that I can be demanding with you. If I had more time I’d put that slutty little butt over my lap and spank you, have you do your dirty little show for me too. You know I love my little bitch when she’s being a whore. Next time.”

I know he likes that, watching me masturbate while standing in front of him, finger fucking myself with one hand, struggle to make myself cum with my other, while he times me. My ‘dirty little show’, he likes to tease about that.

“When will you visit me again? You know I want you here every day. I’d do this for you every day, you know I would. And I hate that you have to leave so quickly!”

I moved up close to him, pushed myself up into him. I kissed his ear.

“I’ll be back day after tomorrow. She’s out of town for two days. I’ll have time to let you take care of me then. And don’t think I don’t appreciate your hungry always-ready attitude. I know what you need. And I like to be the man that feeds that. Next time maybe all in red. You know the outfit I’m talking about.”

He brought his hand down so hard across my bare butt it made me come up onto my toes. A loud ‘SLAP’ reverberated off of my hallway walls as I cried out sharply, felt some more of his cum run out of me.

“Daddy! Ooooooo…”

“I have to go. You think about what you just did, think about the fact that I can have you like that anytime I like. Princess, you be a good girl.”

He kissed my cheek. I know he’ll never kiss me after he cums in my mouth, especially after he’s fucked my rear end. I didn’t put my mouth up toward him. I felt him pet my butt, run his hand over my cheeks. I pushed up against him.

“Bye, Daddy. I’m your little girl. You now that.”

He opened the door and walked out. I watched him walk to his car. I closed the door and went slowly back upstairs to my bathroom. I did what I always do after he leaves. I stood in front of it and masturbated. I looked at the little bitch in the full length mirror. I felt my wet rear end, his cum in me and all over me between my cheeks. I could taste his cum in my mouth, taste my rear end in my mouth. I masturbated slowly looking at the ‘girl’ in the mirror. I am his mistress. I am his. I am his sex toy. I am his. I am his dirty girl. I am his.

I came all over the floor. Slowly dripping cum from the end of my soft little thing as my hand moved over it, I watched the short little baby like spurts. I caught some of it in my hand. I smeared it across my freshly madeup lips. I smiled as I looked at what I saw before me in the mirror. I stayed full of him for the rest of the day. I left the mess on the bed and floor. I left the mess on my face too.

I felt like the whore I am. I felt wonderful!

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