A Different Kind of Love Story Ch. 02

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“Bless me father, for I have sinned; it has been two weeks since my last confession and I accuse myself of the following sins,” I hear the words come off my lips almost in a whisper as I’m already picking up that thick musky scent from the fire that is raging between my legs.

How the church could condemn such a handsome young priest like you to a life of celibacy seems almost unconscionable to me, but you’re not leading a celibate life anymore are you my horny young cleric? For years I’ve felt you’re eyes peeling my clothes off of me one piece at a time while you tried to hide that bulge that always seemed to be present in your pants, and of course the way my lips now wrap themselves around your finger when you place that Holy wafer on my tongue tells you just how hard I’d suck on you until you’d spit all that sticky goo inside my mouth. But you and greedy prick both know I’m never going to give either of you what you crave, and yet we both keep returning to this little cubicle again and again teasing and tormenting each other until our getting off just can’t be put off any longer.

So let me tell you of all my shortcomings as we both ready ourselves for another bout with decadence, and hearing myself confessing to not having enough patience with all my darling little 3rd graders as I feel that ache between my legs becoming almost crippling. But if it wasn’t for spreading my legs apart for my son and teasing you my sins would just be so mundane compared to all those cheating wives and young girls who kneel in here and tell you of all the naughty things that they’ve been up to since their last confession, and of course all while you’re rubbing yourself too.

“Is there anything else you’d like to share with me my child,” I hear the words letting me know that it’s finally time for us to be naughty.

That’s it Father; just keep breathing in all those wonderful smells that my pussy is making just for you, and even though some people would find these fumes offensive; you’re not one of them, are you? If you only knew how excited I am right now as I’m feeling my kitten’s warm piss trickling down my thighs you’d pull me out of this tiny covey hole and fuck me just like you’ve been dreaming of for so many years. But you can’t take me like that; can you? You want me to offer myself to you, but it’s never going to happen so you might as well accept this is as close to getting between my legs as you’re ever going to get. So ask me as many questions as you want until it comes time for both of us end our agony.

“I’m weakening Father,” I reply as the feeling of my thighs already quivering is only going to make me torture you even more.

I just love how we can play this game of cat and mouse with each other while everyone else is totally oblivious to what’s really going on behind these curtains, and tomorrow morning when you see me standing in line for communion I know your prick will already be stiff and wishing my tongue was gliding up and down its length. But I’m sure by now you must suspect that before I come to Mass each Sunday morning my mouth and hand have already slid up and down my baby’s cock until he fills my cheeks with his cum; and in a way it’s such a shame that you can’t see my lips going up to his with our tongues pushing that salty treat back and forth between our mouths the way lovers are supposed to do with each other. There’s no way you’d ever do that with one of your church whores who suck you off, would you? But my baby gobbles his semen down his throat without hesitation, and he licks it out of my pussy too. You’d run away like a frightened rabbit if I tried to make you suck your own cum out of me, wouldn’t you Father?

Something told me I should have slid a pair of panties up my legs before I left to come here tonight with you, but it’s been months since I’ve even worn a pair of them. Maybe it’s because of all the times I’ve walked in the door after a long day at school and ended up being thrown on the kitchen table with my baby’s mouth slowly working its way up my legs, and then to feel his mouth sucking on my juicy lips until my screams for him to fuck me finally has him climbing on top of me. I’m sure you’d love to see his big dick making me squeal like a little girl every time he bottoms out just so deep inside me, wouldn’t you? There’s a part of me that really wants to let you see my ass bobbing up and down him with his dick glistening with my juices, but I’m afraid Father, and yet I want you to see all that thick white cream being squeezed out of my pussy after he cums inside me. Does that make me a naughty girl Father?

“Did you shorten your nightgown again my child,” the words reach my ears as I dig my nails into the wooden railing trying to stop then from sliding down between my legs.

Of course I shortened it you idiot; haven’t you figured out by now that every girl over the age of thirteen shrinks her nightgown sooner or later. The truth that we’ll all vehemently deny is nothing excites us more than a pair esenyurt escort of hungry male eyes going up and down our legs, and whether we’re young or old it’s that feeling of them being molested that always moistens our panties. I still remember my little brother doing everything he could to get a peek at me as I strolled around the house in front of him with my thighs barely covered; Mommy knew what I was doing too, and the sounds of her moans in the middle of the night told me just how much Daddy loved looking at my skinny legs. But you like looking at my legs too; don’t you Father?

“Yes Father,” I whisper trying to sound just a bit contrite but I know you’ve already figured out that every night when I pull my nightgown over my head and slip into bed my baby is already hard and waiting to slide inside me.

Oh God I can’t believe how excited I am right now, and the thought of going out into the frigid air with my pussy so juicy is already making me dread those many steps I’ll have to make before I get to my car. But if that’s the price I’ll have to pay for being inside here tonight with you so be it; and the way I’ll rub myself listening to your low moans as you’re filing your pants with all that thick white creamy semen is definitely worth the discomfort. All I can say though is thank God I’m the last sinner who’s going to be kneeling down in here tonight, and the way my kitten is frothing reminds me so much of how she is right before she swallows my baby whole.

“Your son loves looking at those long legs of yours, doesn’t he,” he asks as all the videos we’ve made with me walking around the house in a tiny yellow t-shirt begin to play in my head.

How Davey would have loved to see me dressed like that back then; and Daddy too for that matter. I suppose out of decency I would have had to wear a pair of bikini panties but I have a feeling Mommy wouldn’t have minded too much if I’d forget to wear them from time to time. There were just so many times when she use to call me into the kitchen for no apparent reason before they went to bed to be a coincidence, and just standing there talking to her with my nipples hardening as the feeling of Daddy’s eye going up and down my body always made my legs tremble. But it was when I listened to the sound of their bed knowing that it was me Daddy was really thinking about me as he was pumping her made my fingers so sticky, and I’m sure you’ve heard so many young girls confessing to lying in bed rubbing their virgin pussy’s just like I use to do; haven’t you Father?

“And I love showing them to him,” the words roll of my tongue as my fingers plead with me to let them slide down between my legs.

For years I’ve told you that I’ve been snooping at what my baby has stashed away on his computer, and all those pictures and videos of so many young girls built just like me with those long legs and tiny tits told me all I needed to know about what my baby was really thinking about when he looked at me. Of course so many of those young nymphs had a dick as big as his buried inside them, and that only weakened me even more every time sat down at his computer with my fingers buried inside me. So yes Father I enjoy showing him my legs, but I enjoy it a lot more when I’m spreading them wide open in front of him. Maybe that’s why after eight months our honeymoon shows no signs of letting up; and waking up every morning with the feeling of his cock pressing itself against my juicy lips just like it did in the beginning seems like the perfect way to start our day.

But everything’s changed now Father because each time he ejaculates just so so deep inside me we’re both hoping that will be the one that will finally make my tummy swell with our baby. I bet that thought isn’t going through your head when you’re jammed all the way inside Gretchen Carlson, is it Father? You fuck her just to cum; don’t you you pervert, and so does she. She’ll never tell you but there’s no way she wants your baby growing in that anorexic body of hers, but maybe her brat daughter does. I’ve seen how the two of them fawn all over you in a way a woman only does when her slit is begging for a dick to slide inside her. I wonder; are you fucking them both Father; because if you are you better be careful or one of their belly’s just might start growing in a way that will have you panicked for sure. Then all those rumors about you and them won’t be able to be denied, but you’re just too sly to let that happen, aren’t you? But what I want to know is if you have them; then what’s with your obsession with me?

“So tell me child; just how short have you made your nightgown,” I hear him ask as my fingers ball themselves into a fist as the screams coming from between my legs are becoming almost unbearable for me to ignore for much longer.

“Short Father; very very short,” I reply knowing his hand is probably already wrapped around himself and waiting patiently for me to push him over the edge.

“Come avrupa yakası escort come my daughter; you can tell me how short it is,” he whispers as my fingers finally over rule what little control I have over them and slide down between my legs.

What is it about being in here with you that drives me insane, and the thought of my baby waiting for me with that long thick baby maker of his fully erect and waiting to stretch me wide open is all I can see now. He knows how much I want my belly to swell with his baby, and for some odd reason being in here with you legitimizes it in a way I still haven’t figured out why. But why should I care about anything other than the lover waiting to slide inside me when I get home, and I’m sure you know full well what we’re going to be doing together as soon as I walk in the door; don’t you Father Maroni?

“It barely reaches my navel,” I hear my own voice tortured by the stress I’m putting myself under as my fingers frantically begin rubbing my tiny knob in a way I know I can’t take much more of before I start screaming.

Slow down fingers; I’ll tell you when it’s time to rub me. But for now we have to tease this bastard as he’s picturing me walking around with my slit fully exposed to my baby. You can see me; can’t you Father? All last summer your eyes were glued to my ass, and you know how I got that triangle gap between my thighs, don’t you? At first I just thought it was a myth that only teenage boys bought into, but it’s real Father, and only girls who love to fuck a lot have that gap between their legs. If only you knew just how much my baby’s cock stretches me in ways that has me screaming for him to stop, and yet I keep climbing back on top of him again and again for even more punishment. But I have to wonder Father if you have a big dick too, and considering how those two whores always seem as though their protecting their territory when they’re around you tells me maybe you do. Too bad I’ll never find out, and I’m sure you feel the same way about me.

“You don’t wear panties my child; do you,” his voice just as stressed as my own whispers as I’m sure he must be close to cumming too.

“I never wear panties Father; you know that,” I moan as I’m trying to stall my orgasm for as long as I can.

“Tell me child; what’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home tonight,” I hear him ask more in a gasp as we’re both so close to finally ending our agony.

“Do you really want to know Father,” I ask as I can’t believe the stress I’m putting on myself as my fingers are begging to finish me off.

“You can tell me my daughter,” he says with his voice straining from what we’re putting each other through.

“I’m going to pull my sweater over my head and then slowly slide my skirt down my legs in front of my baby with my eyes locked on that huge organ of his sticking straight up and waiting to slide inside me,” I moan as I close my eyes and see myself undressing as though I were watching a nasty video on my baby’s computer.

“Are you still wearing your boots,” I hear him ask as I suddenly realize my baby has never fucked me with my boots on.

“Do you want me to keep my boots on Father,” I whisper knowing already this is how I’m going to take my baby when I get home.

“Oh God yes,” his voice quaking tells me he’s only a minute or two away from spitting all over himself.

“I’m going to climb on top of my baby and slowly slide myself up that gorgeous teenage body of his as I feel his cock rubbing itself against my tummy; can you see me Father working my way up him until the lips of my pussy are just nuzzling themselves against the head of his cock,” I moan as my fingers finally over rule that part of me that was still controlling them.

“Are you going to let him slide inside you,” he asks as my fingers begin frantically rubbing me.

“Do you want me too Father,” I moan as I feel that first wave beginning to hit me.

“Oh yes, but please keep talking dirty to me,” he moans just the way I’m doing now each time my mouth opens to say something back to him.

You like hearing me talk dirty; don’t you Father? There was a time I could never utter any of the words that just so freely come out of my mouth now. But I could see how much it excited my baby whenever he’d hear me using words that were just so alien to me before we started making love, and it just seems the nastier I talk the harder he fucks me. All I have to do Father is whisper in my baby’s ear how I love the way he’s stretching Mommy’s pussy and he explodes inside me, I bet you would too if you heard me whispering in your ear.

“I know what you want Father; you want my baby to pump my pussy balls deep until you see those thick white globs of cum oozing out me, don’t you,” I whisper as my eyes just can’t seem to focus as my fingers seem to be taking forever to end this agony I’m in now.

“Balls anadolu yakası escort deep Kathrine; balls deep,” he moans in a way just like my baby does right before he cums inside me.

“That’s it Father; watch my baby stretching my pussy with his hands ripping my ass wide open just like you’re going to do to Gretchen and Merissa tonight,” I hear myself say as my thighs are trembling so much now I wonder if I might actually collapse kneeling in here.

“When I’m fucking them tonight it’s your pussy that I’m going to be thinking about,” he moans as I can’t believe he hasn’t cum yet.

“Fuck my pussy you pervert,” I moan more in a scream as my fingers almost have me where I need to be now.

“Oh God, I’m cumming Kathrine; I’m cumming,” I hear the words as though there a million miles away filtering into my consciousness as I’m rubbing myself to another incredible orgasm in here with him.

“Me too Father, me too,” is all I can manage to get off my lips as I can’t believe what happens in here between us.


“Oh baby, you going to take care of Mommy tonight,” I say as I pull my sweater over my head and begin sliding my skirt down my legs just like I said I was going to do in the confessional twenty minutes ago.

“I’ve never seen you like this,” is all he says as his eyes going up and down me is only pushing me further out of control.

“You never fucked me with my boots on, have you,” I whisper as I’m climbing on top of him knowing he’s going to be pumping me in only a matter of a minute or two.

“I like this look on you skinny Kate,” he says as the look on his face as my hand is guiding him to my juicy lips is just one that I cherish so much.

It’s that part of me that is still your mother that just adores that look of utter pleasure on your face as I’m slowly sliding down your length, and there’s no way a wife or girlfriend will ever pick up all those little nuances that only a loving mother will notice. You belong to me baby, and now that you’re back inside me I’m never going to let you go. But you want t me too, don’t you baby? So just relax and fuck me like you’ve been doing for all these many months, and in the morning you can take me again.

“So do I baby; so do I,” I whisper as my tongue just seems as though I have no control over it along with my mouth and lips as they’re wildly kissing his mouth just like they do when he’s pumping me so hard.

“He really got into your head this time, didn’t he” my ears hear the words as I finally feel his beast bottoming out just so deep inside me.

“We both know what he really wants to get into; don’t we baby,” I moan as I bring my mouth back down to his and my tongue just seems beside herself as she’s licking the inside of his mouth just like she does when he’s about to cum.

Oh Baby; even after all these months I can’t believe how your dick stretches me out in ways that still panics my insides sometimes when you’re buried this deep inside me. But it’s alright my flat little tummy; he’s been pushed against you so many times that you should know by now that he’s not going to hurt you. In fact soon he’s going to make you swell with his baby; then you’ll feel those tiny fingers and toes so gently clawing inside you again like they did when he was inside you. But for now you have to be patient, and each time he bottoms out up against you just know that he’s the one I’m in love with.

“You belong to me Kate; and so does your pussy,” he whispers as he pulls me down as I feel him so slowly pulling out of me.

“You going to pump me with those long deep strokes that will finally give me my baby,” is all I can manage to get off my lips as I feel his hands opening my ass just like I told that pervert he would do.

“You’re ovulating, aren’t you,” I hear him ask as he suddenly jams himself inside me as far he can go.

“I think I am baby; I think I am,” I whisper as my eyes look into his seeing all that unconditional love he has for me.

“I just have this funny feeling that tonight’s going to be the night,” he says so softly as pulls my mouth to his and I feel my insides beginning to scream as he’s already pumping me in a way that for some reason feels different that’s both scaring and exciting me at the same time.

That’s it baby; just keep pumping Mommy until it’s time for you to spit all that sticky cream deep inside me, and if you’re listening eggs this is the night that his sperm is finally going to find one of you make my tummy swell with our baby. I wonder what you’re going to ask me Father when you see that baby bump showing for the first time, but I don’t care what you’ll think, and even though I’ll be the talk of the parish I’ll just blame it on a fling that both you and I know isn’t true. But right now my baby is pumping me so hard that there’s no way he can last much longer, and the thought of him suckling form my breasts like he did when he was a baby just wants him to explode deep inside me and make my belly begin to grow with our baby.

“Give it to me baby; and tomorrow we’ll go up in the attic and get your old highchair, stroller and everything else I saved,” l whisper in his ear as he jams himself all the way inside me.

“I’m cumming Mom, I’m cumming,” he moans as he’s filling my insides with all those hundreds of thousands of tiny creatures that are hunting for my eggs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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