A Dream Comes True

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I pulled up in front of the health it was 6:30 AM I had just gotten off work a 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM shift at the hospital.

I saw her in the health club climbing the Stair Master. She was younger than me maybe 22. I was on a treadmill across the room trying not to stare to openly as she continued climbing the sweat beading on her forehead running down her neck. Her leotard darkening with moisture clinging to her, the outline of her sports bra clearly visible under the clinging material her breasts rising and falling with every breath. Her long brown hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail held in place with a large purple scrunchy. The headphones she was wearing covered most of her ears small gold posts adorning each lobe. She glances in my direction and our eyes meet I blushed knowing I had been caught looking at her. She smiled and returned her attention to the TV in front of her. I look away the treadmill speeding up as it nears the end of my workout. I’m running harder now I glance up just in time to see her step off the Stair machine. She is facing me, her leotard clinging wetly to her body. I’m gasping for breath now straining to keep up with the machine. The buzzer goes off in my headphones and the machine slows to a cool down walking slowly, breathing hard I feel my leotard clinging to my breasts the sweat cooling in the air my nipples hardening as the sweat cools on my soaked leotard. I look up she is there looking at me. If I weren’t already so flushed from my work out she would have seen me blush. As it was I cold feel the warm surge creeping up my neck.

“Hi, I’m Linda.” She said, smiling at me her eyes the deep green color of the ocean.

“I’m Mary.” I managed to get out with some effort. “I haven’t seen you here before. Are you new here Mary?”

“No but my work schedule changed and I can my work out in on the way home.”

“Glad to meet you Mary.” ” I’ve been coming here for a couple weeks now and wondered if I was the only customer.” “It will be good to have someone to work out with.”

I smiled up at her noticing she was a good head taller than me when I was standing on the floor. “Yes it will.” I told her, as we walked back to the locker room. As we came to the door she opened it and told me to go ahead her hand brushing gently on my shoulder as I went through the door. Our lockers were at different ends of the room so I didn’t see her changing but did hear the shower come on. I normally didn’t shower, just put on my sweats and go home to shower. God, I wandered what she looked like I could feel my body warming with arousal as I though of Linda in the shower. I striped off my leotard unhooked my bra peeling the damp material from my breasts. My nipples, swollen and dark tilted up even though my breasts sagged under their unsupported weight. I rolled my panties down over my hips and stepped out of them. Running my hand over my mound feeling a roughness that reminded me I needed to shave. I wrapped a towel around myself and walked to the showers. Hanging the towel on the hook by the door I stepped in. Warm steam filled the tiled room as I found a stall near the one Linda was in. I set the water to as hot as I could stand it and let it flow over me lathering myself with the jell from the dispenser. My hands lingered on my breasts thinking of what Linda’s hands would feel like touching me. “My god,” I thought to myself, “you are so bad. You just met her and your already thinking of sex.” I turned the water all the way to cold and let out a scream as the cold water hit me making me tingle all over. Making my nipples all hard and crinkly. I shut off the water and stepped out grabbing my towel wrapping it around myself almost shivering. As I was drying off Linda stepped form the shower I thought I was seeing a goddess as she let her hair down shaking her head so it flowed down her back. Her breasts were not as large as mine and didn’t sag at all. Her areola were large a very dark reddish brown with very prominent thick nipples. Her tummy was flat but still very feminine flaring into full but perfectly proportioned hips and legs that seemed to flow from her bottom so smoothly. I hoped I wasn’t drooling.

I quickly looked away as she turned toward me hoping she hadn’t seem me staring at her again I was toweling my hair and couldn’t see her but hoped she was watching as I dried my hair I could feel my breasts bouncing and my nipples crinkle in the cool air. I bent over to dry my legs. I rubbed my smooth mound dry feeling my heat through the towel and my moisture dampening my large protruding labia. I bit my lower lip to slow the feelings building in me and stood up just as Linda walked from the shower room her firm heart shaped bottom swaying as she walked away. I saw her getting into her car as I was getting into mine I waved and hollered. “See you again tomorrow.” She waved back and I drove back to my apartment. I slumped into the chair in my living room my hands caressing my breasts my eyes closed in my mind Linda’s hands slipping under my sweat shirt caressing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my bare breasts teasing my nipples making me moan with desire. My hand moved into my sweat pants over my mound and between my moist lips finding my clit circling it finally rubbing it feeling my oily moisture coat my fingers as I moved lower my finger tip teasing my entrance. I moaned as my fingers rolled my clit. My hips tilting up my thighs opening as I thought of Linda’s body rubbing against me. I groaned my teeth clinching every muscle in my body contracting as I shivered and trembled uncontrollably as my orgasm surged through me.

I was running late the next day and pulled up to the gym just as Linda was leaving, “Hi,” I said, a little cheerily for having just finished a long shift. She smiled back and we talked for a few minutes about my running late and how she had to work out alone again today.

“Sorry, but I didn’t get off on time. Maybe tomorrow.” I smiled, hoping that I would see here again tomorrow.

“I hope you have a good work out I have to go now. See you tomorrow Mary.”

I went into the gym and drove myself hard thinking about how perfect her body was and how matronly I was becoming. Exhausted, I left the gym and went home. In the shower my hands slick with soap lifted my heavy breasts my thumb and fingers teasing my swollen nipples I closed my eyes and it was Linda’s hands on my breasts; her lips on my nipples; her fingers spreading my lips. Her long slender fingers tease my clit and slip into my hot moist center. “Oh! Oooh! OHOOooooooooo!” I cried out as my body shock and trembled. Gasping for breath I slid down the cool tile wall into the tub the shower streaming onto my chest. What was it about Linda that I couldn’t get her out of my mind?

Over the next couple of weeks, even on my days off, I went to the gym and worked out with Linda. We talked as we walked, ran, or climbed on the various machines. I could feel and see that the extra work I was putting in was having an affect on my body. My tummy was tighter, my legs and hips were firmer and I had lost almost 10 pounds. Sometimes I Linda looking at me, especially my breasts. One day I had to wear my regular bra rather than my sports bra and I caught her looking as they bounced and swayed while I worked on the Stair Master. She looked away when I saw her but later said, “You know, Mary you are really looking good lately.”

Now it was my turn to blush. “I have you to thank for it you know.” I don’t know where I got the courage but I suddenly asked her. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” “Do you have time?”

She smiled. “I have time. Where would you like to go?”

We walked the short distance down the strip mall to a coffee shop that was busy with people getting coffee, donuts, and bagels on their way to work. There was no problem finding a table as most people were getting their coffee to go. We sat down with a steaming cup in front of us and talked I found out she was just out of school and was still living at home since she hadn’t found a job yet. She asked about my job and my life and I found myself telling her things I hadn’t talked about in years. My failed marriage, my 11-year-old daughter who lived with my ex-husband. How I struggled going back to school to get my nursing degree and make a life for myself. I looked down at my empty cup and watch blushing. “My god I must be boring you with the tale of my life.”

“No, I think you are a really special person to have overcome all of that.” Her hand reaching out covering mine her long smooth soft fingers.

I felt a tingle move up my arm at her touch and I looked into her eyes she had tears in her big brown eyes and I could feel the tears running down my cheek.

“I shouldn’t have gone on like that.” I told her while she patted my hand. That was the start of our friendship and it was at that moment I think I fell in love with her.

Sometimes it was coffee sometimes it was juice but we got together each day after our workouts and we talked and shared the event of our lives. We also began to talk to each other on the phone almost every day.

I remember the day she called me waking me from a sound sleep; remember I work nights, to tell me that she had finally gotten a job. She was bubbling over and asked if she could come over and tell me all about it. She was at my door in about 5 minutes. I was still in my nightgown, an old very thin Garfield tee shirt that barely covered my bottom. I let her in and I could feel her eyes on me as I went back to my room for a robe.

“Mary, I’m sorry, but I just had to tell you.” “I got the job teaching 2nd grade at Smithfield Elementary School.”

I hugged her pulling her tightly to me. She was shaking and I could feel her trembling with excitement against my breasts. I could also feel my nipples growing hard as I held her. Linda was so excited her arms wrapped around me and pulled me even closer to her I could smell the perfume of her hair, as my head güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was pulled tight against her shoulder.

“I’m so happy for you.” I hugged her rubbing my hands up and down her back. “We ought to celebrate.” “I’m starting my weekend now so we can do something to celebrate tonight.”

“Oh Mary, Yes, yes we have to celebrate.” “Lets get really dressed up and go out on the town.”

“That’s a great idea I haven’t been out for ages.”

She finally let me go and I sat her down at the kitchen table and told me all about her interview. All about how much she wanted to get out on her own to get a place of her own, to finally be able to live her life. I yawned, and she remembered she had gotten me up.

“Oh god Mary, I woke you up and now I’m sitting here keeping you up.” She grinned and giggled. “I’ll leave and let you go back to sleep your going to need your rest tonight.”

“Don’t think I’m so old I cant keep up.” I chided her as I led her to the door. “Linda it was worth waking up to see you so happy.” I leaned up and kissed her, my lips just barely grazing hers “Your on your way now girl.”

“I’ll pick you up at 8:00.” She told me, hugging me again before she bounced out the door. As she drove off I leaned back against the door hugging my breasts to myself thinking, “Linda I Love You.

I went back to bed but had a very hard time going to sleep thinking of what I would wear tonight and what I hoped would happen between us. Mostly I thought about Linda, of how her hair smelled how her body felt against mine and how her lips fluttered when mine touched hers. I finally fell asleep after bringing myself to a crashing climax thinking about Linda’s lips on mine, her hands on my breasts, her hair spreading over my tummy as her tongue delved deep into my womanhood.

I woke up about 4:00 in the afternoon and had to decide what I would wear tonight. It was a special night, a dress up night, I thought as I looked through my closet. I finally decided on a slinky long black dress that was slit half way up my thigh. The neckline was a modest scoop that would show my very ample cleavage, especially with the black lace half-cup bra I would be wearing. A black, real silk, camisole, and matching black lace garter belt, very sheer stockings and black silk tap pants that let the slinky dress flow easily over my body. I decide to wear the highest heels I had, (two inches, remember I’m a nurse and shoes are for comfort) I spent over an hours getting my hair and makeup just right looking in the mirror I thought, “You still do look hot.” I couldn’t remember the last time I dressed up it must have been last Christmas for the party at the doctors house. Thinking back I haven’t felt this excited about a date since my divorce. I looked at the clock and it was nearly 8:00. I went and sat in the living room waiting for Linda to arrive. I could hardly sit still. Sitting down crossing my legs, picking up a magazine, putting it down, getting up, walking to the window, looking out to see if her car was there yet. Every time I moved I could feel the soft material of my dress caress my body the rough lace of the bra teasing my nipples to hard points. Finally, I heard her car pull up. I had the door open before she could even knock. I gasped Linda was absolutely stunning. She was wearing an emerald green dress that matched her eyes. Her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back shined in the light of my living room. I pulled her inside.

“My god you are beautiful.” Turn around so I can see all of you.” She blushed and twirled around in front of me the short skirt of her dress swirled out as she turned. Her dress had a halter-top and as she turned around I saw it was nearly backless. Linda’s firm breasts juggled and tried to peek out from the sides of the halter. Her nipples were as hard as mine poking points in the shimmering fabric of her dress. Her make up complemented her youthful skin so that you hardly noticed any until you reached her full red lips. I wanted to kiss them so bad to taste her sweet lips and tongue.

“Wow, you sure clean up nice.” She said, as her eyes took in my in my outfit. I could see she liked the way the dress fell straight to the floor from the tip of my breasts and how it slid over outlining my bottom in back.

She came to me, pulling me against her hugging me close. I could feel her soft breasts pressing against me and I moaned softly as she hugged me so hard. My hands caressed her back feeling her bare skin for the first time wanting more. I felt she wanted to kiss me I tilted my face up her lips gently brushed mine. I felt my knees shake and then she released me holding my hand and pulling me to the door.

“Come on or we will be late.” Just giving me a chance to grab my bag before she pulled me out the door. Sitting in the car I could hardly keep my eyes off her. I could tell she was nervous but didn’t really know why.

“Linda,” I said. “We will really make them drool güvenilir bahis şirketleri tonight.” “

Will you protect me if they start swarming around me?” She laughed. “If you keep them off me.” “You know we could always tell them we aren’t interested in men.” I said it jokingly, even if it was true in my case.

Linda looked at me at me blushed and kind of stammered, “MmmMary,” She stopped in mid sentence hitting the brakes hard, and just barely made the turn into the parking lot of the nicest night club in town. She pulled up to the valet parking and two young men in red vests and black pants assisted us from the car taking plenty of opportunities to look up our skirts and down our blouses. Linda came around the back of the car and took my arm.

She leaned over whispering in my ear, “Maybe this will put their eyes back in their heads.” She giggled and pulled me close as we went into the restaurant.

The dinner was fabulous but couldn’t tell you what I ate my attention was devoted to Linda. We talked about lots of things. Toasted her new job, and sipped what the sommelier said was the perfect wine with each course. The conversation turned to past loves and Linda feeling the wine started telling me how she had become engaged in her junior year and how just before graduation he had dumped her. I had heard it before but not all the details how he had called her a fat cheap tease and had never really loved her.

“That’s why I started going to the gym.” She was sobbing. I held her hand while she let it all out then took her to the restroom to fix her face.

I held her and told her, “He must be a real jerk if he couldn’t see what a wonderful person you are.” “Even if you had a few extra pounds.” “Beside look at you now.” “You have really showed him.”

“Mary, I feel so comfortable with you.” “Its like I’ve known you forever.”

I held her hand loving her more than ever we got back to our table just as the band started playing. “Would you like to dance?” I asked her. “Beside the sharks are beginning to circle.” I nodded toward the bar where several men were leering at us.

She giggled. “Lets it will give them something to talk about.”

It surprised me but she reached for me pulling me from my seat and guiding me to the dance floor. She held me close. I wanted to put my head on her shoulder and press myself to her but I didn’t. She danced well and I followed her lead. We watched the people around us. Whispering and giggling about the looks we were getting from the men and women.

The song ended we returned to our table and the waiter brought us two drinks, “They are from the gentleman at the bar.” He told us.

Linda picked up her drink and sipped it smiling in the direction of the bar. A rather nice looking young man came over and Linda thanked him for the drinks. “May I join you?” He asked, a hopeful smile on his face.

Linda took my hand in hers and told him. “No, my friend and I don’t need any male company.”

I almost chocked on my drink. Then she smiled at him and leaned over and kissed me. I was speechless. Linda then took my arm and pulled me up to the dance floor again this time pulling me even closer.

I leaned my head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear. “That was amazing.”

She pressed herself against me her hands sliding up and down my back. Being in her arms was wonderful my body was tingling with excitement, desire, and love. I sighed softly as our bodies swayed together.

I know I was thinking, “I love you” but didn’t realize I had murmured it until she hugged me hard and whispered back.

“Mary, I love you.” I looked up into her eyes she was crying as she held me close, our bodies pressed tightly together swaying slowly in time with the music.

The song ended, we went back to the table sitting close getting ourselves together clutching each other’s hands.

We left the restaurant and sat in Linda’s car. “Linda I really meant what I said.” I squeezed her hand. “I think I have loved you from the first time I saw you, and I have grown closer to you over the past few months.”

“I know.” She whispered. I could feel her hand squeezing mine harder.

“Mary, I’ve never told you before because I thought you would run away from me.” “You know my fiancée he broke up with me because someone told him I was a lesbian.” ” Mary, I got engaged because I wanted to be normal to be what my Mom and Dad always wanted.” “Oh Mary.” She broke down crying, “I’ve wanted to tell you so many times but I just couldn’t I was so afraid you would think I was a freak and leave me.” “I was so afraid of telling you my feelings.”

We were both crying by this time I took a tissue and wiped the tear streaked mascara from my face and handed one to Linda to do the same.

“Mary you look so beautiful even when you cry.” She said, daubing the tears from her face.

We returned to my house, and I would love to tell you that we fell into each other’s arms and made passionate love until morning, but the truth is we sat at my kitchen table talking until the sun came up. We talked about how we both had been living a lie trying to be people others thought we should be, and of how we had both been hurt so many times because of it. Before she left we kissed passionately for the first time.

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