A Family Holiday Ch. 01

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Lynnette crossed her legs, mindful to keep her skirt at knee’s length. She chatted with Dora from Underwriting, munching on salad between bits of office gossip. Working for a major insurance firm didn’t have to be boring. With all of the love triangles and who’s sleeping with whom, you could write a novel. She glanced outside at the falling snow. It was only a few days until Christmas and the office was glittering with festive decorations. She was especially happy to see this Christmas arrive. Her two-week vacation started after the office party. She needed a break and couldn’t wait to be home for a while.

Barb Madison wandered over to their table and asked to sit. She was Mr. Albertson’s secretary and knew all there was to know about the people in the office. Mr. Albertson was a womanizer, a cad and President of Operations. Barb knew all the gossip, and would occasionally give up what she knew. Barb was smiling a big grin, so she must have been ready to tell something really hot. “Guess who is bopping whom in the copy room at night?” Barb glowed with satisfaction of knowing what others didn’t. Lynnette thought about it for a moment. Who had after hours access? Who was hot enough for someone to risk his career for? Lynnette ventured a guess. “Mr. Conrad of Risk Analysis?” Barb smiled and shook her head negatively. “Mr. Walters of Reinsurance is giving “the big one” to Francine Myers, Bob Altman’s Secretary! Or should I say “the little one”! He has a whacker the size of a cocktail frank.” The girls laughed. He was well known in the office for offering big raises to fuck office bimbos with his little pecker. Lynnette had been asked, but had politely refused. But that was before.

Back at her desk, Lynnette thought of her situation at home. It had been weeks since she had been fucked. Harold was holding out for some reason, but she had no idea why. He was not above sexual blackmail to get what he wanted. But Lynnette had no clue what he was after. He hadn’t hinted about a gift. He hadn’t been pouting lately. Her only other choice was that he was having an affair. He was getting his pole wet in someone else’s pond. He’d had extra time on his hands since the shop he worked at had shut down to retool. It did that every year, but usually Harold was paid. This year, all the workers were told the company didn’t have the money. It made things pretty tight at home. Maybe he had found someone to console him while she was at work. It made her furious just to think about it. She would scratch the eyes out of any woman who dared to take her man. As she mused about punishment for any tramp that would trifle with her husband, she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

She looked up to see her nephew standing in the doorway of her office. He was beaming and wearing a wide grin. Stanley was an ambitious lad who didn’t mind starting at the bottom. She had gotten him a job in the mailroom, knowing he would soon be on his way to Junior Executive. He walked in and hugged her. He was always such an affectionate soul. Even as a child he was always giving her kisses and rubbing her stocking-covered legs and crawling into her lap to hug her. Stanley rubbed her back and hugged her tightly. He could feel her bra strap and felt his cock stir. He pulled away before she could notice how happy he was to see her. He lightly kissed her lips and then went on his way. Lynnette had compliments from all the women. “Stanley is so polite, and openly affectionate. Most young men don’t know you in public these days.”

The day she had waited for finally arrived. The office party was in an hour and then she could sneak out early and head home for two whole weeks. She gathered all the gifts she had been given and had them tucked away in a shopping bag, ready to make good her escape. She went out onto the floor to mingle a bit and say her holiday greetings before she left. Party streamers and mistletoe had converted the staunch old insurance firm in to a winter wonderland. She smiled a big smile betsobet yeni giriş as she went around the room, hugging and kissing people. Some men she kissed on the cheek. Others insisted on a kiss on the lips. She tried to resist, but when a woman has done without physical affection as long as she had, it is hard to keep your lips to yourself. The libation helped some. A few nips of the office punch and she was feeling warm and friendly enough to kiss every guy in the office.

Lynnette heard her name being called. Mr. Albertson was in the doorway of his office, wiggling his finger at her and calling her name. She walked over on wobbly legs. He smiled at her and pointed up to the mistletoe hanging over his door. She obliged by turning her cheek up to him. He took hold of her face and turned her back and kissed her on the lips. Mr. Walker, his Junior Executive, giggled at the exchange. Mr. Walker giggled too much to be taken seriously. She smiled at them and started to walk off. “Not so fast, little lady. I’ve something for you. Come into my office.” Lynnette obediently followed him in and paid no attention when Mr. Walker closed the door. “Lynnette, dear, I am awfully proud of the job you are doing for us. I wanted to personally present you with a little bonus.” He handed her an envelope and a package. She was shocked. No one ever got bonuses at this company. “Now Lynnette, let’s keep this between us. The other girls might get jealous and we wouldn’t want any strife. It is just a token of my esteem…and affection. He patted her shoulder and she looked up at him and smiled. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. It will be welcome. With my husband being out of work while they retool the plant, it will really help.” Lynnette opened the envelope at Mr. Albertson’s insistence. She dropped her chin in surprise when saw the $2,000.00. “Why, Mr. Albertson. I don’t know what to say. How can I ever repay such generosity?” That was just the question he had wanted to hear.

Dwayne Albertson brushed back the trim edges of his mustache. He was a flirt and a womanizer, but he was a damned good looking one. He smiled at Lynnette and then put his arm around her. He rubbed her shoulder and walked her toward his desk. He pulled a bottle of Brandy out of his desk and poured a drink for her. He handed her the glass and she absently drank it down. Her mind was on the bonus. Dwayne continued to smile. He said nothing, but poured her another drink. She drank this one as fast as the first. She was having trouble standing, so Dwayne helped her to sit on the desk. He knew the time was right, so he made his move.

Dwayne put his hand up her skirt and pushed his way to her pussy. She didn’t protest. She was barely capable of thinking at this point, but she could still understand what the bonus could mean to her family and what would happen if it was taken away. She parted her legs for him and let him feel of her panties. He leaned in close and pressed his tongue into her mouth, probing her eagerly. Neither noticed Mr. Walker going about the pre-determined duty of opening the package and making ready the contents. The gift was a new digital camera. He had it ready to use by the time Dwayne was feeling of Lynnette’s full tits through her soft sweater. They didn’t notice the camera. Dwayne was driven by lust and knew what Mr. Walker was doing. Lynnette was being carried away by the lust of a woman doing without and didn’t care what Mr. Walker was doing.

Dwayne began to undress her, pulling the sweater over her head and revealing the lacy bra that middle-aged women wear to make them feel sexy. She was no girl, but she wasn’t bad for 44. She had full tits that strained against the bra. Her rounded tummy was sensual and arousing. She wasn’t fit like a model, but Dwayne found her to be irresistible. She was a real woman. She wasn’t a silicon sister, and her hips had not seen a liposuction hose. She was 100% woman. Dwayne took off her bra and revealed big, betsobet güvenilirmi rosy areolas. The nipples stood firm and begged to be sucked. He obliged by licking and sucking her tits as if they were the last two on earth. Lynnette felt, through the haze of alcohol, a new exhilaration. A man who wanted her body and took it. He pushed her down on the desk and raised her skirt. Her stockings were the perfect touch. She preferred them to panty hose. But they weren’t just practical to Dwayne. They were symbols of the legs he had loved forever. They were just like the stocking-covered legs of mom. His mind flew back to the day he took mommy on the kitchen table. He was forced out of the family in disgrace, but never regretted fucking her hard. He had cum in her while she begged him to stop. He was disowned at 19 and was set adrift to make his own way. It was the two best things that had ever happened to him. And now, here before him, was a willing mommy. A sexy woman who would spread her legs and gladly accept his love. He felt his huge cock pushing against his pants, begging to be free. He took the scissors off the desk and cut open her panties, so he didn’t have to remove those wonderful stockings and the garter belt holding them up. He looked hungrily at her glistening pussy.

He pressed his face into her dripping cunt while Mr. Walker set down the camera long enough to unzip Dwayne’s pants. It wasn’t the first time he had been an assistant to this type of meeting. He knew just what to do. He kneeled in front of Dwayne and pulled the huge erection from his pants. He cuddled it and kept it growing while Dwayne enjoyed the taste of Lynnette’s pussy. Mr. Walker leaned down and began to suck on Dwayne’s balls as he lapped at Lynnette’s juices. Dwayne began to growl like an animal. He pulled Lynnette’s ass toward him and pushed a finger up her tight asshole while his tongue penetrated her cunt hole. Lynnette moaned loudly and felt waves of orgasm beginning to wash over her. Dwayne reached up and grabbed a handful of tit and began to squeeze and pinch. Lynnette was soaring toward orgasmic heaven. Mr. Walker felt of Dwayne’s cock and knew it was ready. He got up and went back to the camera. He heard Lynnette moaning and decided to subdue the noise. He placed his handkerchief into her mouth to mute the moaning. Satisfied that it was soft enough not to be heard outside, he picked the camera up once again.

Dwayne pulled her legs up over his shoulders and rammed his rock-hard cock deep into her waiting pussy. It was not used to such force, or to such a big dick. She bit down hard on the handkerchief and stifled a scream that was part ecstasy and part pain. Dwayne’s mind went back to mommy again. That was just how she had reacted to her son’s over-sized manhood. He was pounding away at her, poking her bush with such fervor, he didn’t think about the pain he might be causing. Hell, he had given the bitch $2,000.00 fucking dollars. He deserved the best fuck she could give.

He pounded furiously, feeling the walls of her pussy contract against his assault. He felt his balls tighten and felt the spasms as his dick exploded inside her. He gasped out “Fuck! Shit, what a whore!” and then leaned his exhausted body against her. He was sweating and breathing heavy. Mr. Walker took a final picture of the two, still joined like dogs in heat, and went to the PC to download the files. He smiled a chipper little smile and hummed Jingle Bells while he waited.

When the files had all been transferred, he put the camera back into the package and handed it to Lynnette. She was barely able to walk, and could feel jism running down her legs. She was dizzy from the alcohol and delirious from the fucking. She took the package from Mr. Walker, who whispered in her ear “Don’t forget to erase the disk later.” He smiled at her and sent her out the door into the party. Lynnette wandered out into the crowd with a smile of her own.

“Lynnette! Ready to go? betsobet giriş I’m ready to head home.” It was Stanley. Thank heaven he was driving. She was in no condition to drive home tonight. He put an arm out to steady her and walked her out of the office and into the parking deck. He held onto her tightly, wrapping his arm around her. He helped into the car, taking a long look at the garters revealed when she slid into the seat. He got into the driver’s seat and buckled both their belts. Lynette murmured something about erasing the disk then passed out. Stanley started the car and pulled out of the parking deck. He was heading home, but maybe not directly.

Stanley reached over and tried to wake Lynette. He had pulled off the road onto a seldom-used dirt road. He couldn’t get Lynette to respond, so he knew he was safe. He pulled her into the back seat, nearly drooling thinking of having her body at his command. He pulled her skirt up and felt her pussy. It was still drenched with Dwayne’s cum. He smiled at her. “You naughty little whore. Getting it at the office, huh? Well, one more poke in the bush won’t hurt, will it? You’re not going to feel a thing, dear Auntie. You won’t remember a thing, either. All just a dirty dream. A nasty, wet incest dream.” Stanley pulled his hard cock from his trousers and lay atop his darling aunt. His cock slid in easily. Her pussy was wet and stretched from Dwayne’s fuck. The idea of having her was hot to Stanley, but having sloppy seconds was even hotter. He pounded her limp body, eyes closed as he fucked her hard. “Yeah, Auntie. Take it. Take my dick. You love to be fucked. You love getting dick. I want to fuck you hard and make you my bitch.” Stanley told her all his fantasies about his hot aunt. How he wanted to tie her down and fuck her mouth. How he wanted to strip her naked and parade her in front of the family. He told her how he wanted to fuck her ass and make her scream.

Stanley shot off with a loud growl. He kissed her cheek and thanked her for the fuck. He had wanted to take her for a while. He had dreamed about since he came to work with her. Every day as they drove to work together, he dreamed of her stopping the car and asking him to fuck her. His fantasies revolved around her cunt. She was the hottest piece of ass he had seen and being her nephew made it better.

He put Lynnette’s clothes back in place and got into the driver’s seat again. He drove on to the house. He was content with the fuck…for now.

Lynnette awoke the next morning feeling tired, hung over and sore. She remembered Dwayne’s pounding and grinned despite the pain. She walked slowly to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. Her husband sat across from her and cast her a suspicious glance. “You were in some state last night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so shit faced. What the hell kind of office party was that?” Lynnette stared at him coldly. What the fuck did he care? He didn’t want anything to do with her, so why did he want to know what she had been doing. “It was an orgy. We all got drunk and fucked on the floor. I was taken by at least seven guys.” Harold rolled his eyes. “Yeah, right.” Lynnette wanted to go get her soiled panties and shove them into his face. Some one wanted me, you shit. But she just sipped her coffee. He didn’t care. He had pussy some place else.

Stanley came tripping happily down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Good Morning!” He kissed Lynnette lightly and the cheek and leaned over to do the same to Harold. Harold jerked back and gave him a “go to hell” look. Stanley just laughed. “Great party last night. Aunt Lynnette got a bonus and a party favor. Harold looked at Lynnette again. “Yeah? How much?” Lynnette smiled, thinking of the wad of cash she had in her purse. “$1,500.00 cash. I was shocked. I was the only one to get that big of a bonus. I guess they really value me there.” Harold smiled, for the first time in weeks. “Great, hon! I’m real proud of you.”

Garson came down the stairs in time to hear his dad say something nice to his mom. It had been a while. “What did you do, mom?” “I got a bonus at work. And a…well never mind. It was a great bonus.” Lynnette thought about the camera. What did she know about all this new technology? It would make a great gift for Garson.

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