A Fantasy Meeting

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The day seemed to take forever, I have been looking forward to this game for a long time. I will be able to see you and hopefully we will be able to meet this time. We have planned it many many times but it always seems to fall through, and frankly I am feeling hungry to satisfy your every whim. After spending the day shopping for those special items I may need tonight, and wandering around aimlessly through store after store. It was finally time to leave for the game. My friend couldn’t figure out why I seemed to be on pins and needles.. See she has no clue about you, and doesn’t know that I talk with you on the computer. Much less know that I even know you. I have done my best to keep our relationship just between the two of us.. For now anyway. That will soon change as the night moves on, not that I planned it to work out in any particular way, it’s just the way it happened.

Our arena is large, and our seats are directly across from the visitors bench, and right next to the penalty box. The time for pre-skate is almost here, and I practically drag my friend down the stairs so I can watch you when you come out. We get to our seats just in time, you are the 4th player to come out of the tunnel and I catch myself smiling when I see you. My eyes never leaving you as you skate around practicing and warming up. My mind wanders as I think about how I would like to “warm you up” but knowing that will have to come later. Then suddenly something brings my attention back to reality, and I notice you are doing the stretches before going back into your locker room. You seem to be extremely tense. I secretly hope it is just something that will pass and sit back and try to relax. Its hard to do so knowing you are right across the arena from me, and I cant be with you.

The lights go dim, and I put my feet up on the boards in front of me. Sliding down in my seat, waiting for the game to start. My friend, glances over at me and says:

“You didn’t watch any of the guys tonight, how come?”

“yes I did, I watched the opposite team for a change”

“But why?”

“Just because” not wanting to have to explain, and hoping that it will satisfy her curiosity. But of course with my friend, that doesn’t happen. See we tell each other everything, we keep no secrets.. But I have managed to keep this one from her and feel as if I still need to do so. At least until after the game. At that point I didn’t know what to expect so I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep the charade up. But for now, I was succeeding to do just that.

Then I hear over the intercom the starting line up for your team. Your name is announced, a smile crosses my face and suddenly I feel that all to familiar shiver run through my body. The one you have caused so many times on the computer. Knowing that tonight may just be the night that all those thoughts will become a reality. They announce the teams coming out, and again not watching our guys, but watching you skate around with the rest of your team. Your stick in hand, and a smile on your face. You look ready but still look a bit tense. I wonder aloud why you seem to be so tight. This of course gets my friend to start asking questions again.

“Who are you watching, and what are you talking about?”

“No-one, I am just making an observation that he seems upset”

“Ok If you are watching no-one, then how can you make an observation that HE seems upset?”

“Ok Liz, you win, don’t worry about it just yet. It will all be out in the open by the end of the night I am sure.”

Not even looking at my friend because I know she can read me all too well. And I was not ready to admit my concern just yet. So I continued to watch wondering if it was just the stress of the game, or maybe because you knew tonight was the ultimate night we would actually get to meet. I don’t know, but it didn’t seem to slow your game down any. You played wonderfully. Even making a goal against us, and I found myself silently clapping and cheering. My friend then looks at me with a look like she is not happy. She then tells me that I am going to have to explain my happiness of why I was cheering for you to get that goal… I just simply smile and snicker at her..

The game is over, and its time for the stars. Thinking to myself that you played great tonight I had hoped you would be getting one. Sure enough they announce your name and I cheer for you. You come out, and raise your hand up thanking the people still in the stands for their support. I wonder to myself if you know I am cheering. Or better yet if you can hear me. My friend now knowing who I was watching gave me a very quizzical stare, but not saying a word, then walking up the stairs. We start to head to where the guys on both teams can come out and meet the fans. Once we are in the area, Liz stops leaning against the wall and looking at me..

“What is going on? You have been acting peculiar all night long.”

Just as she asks this; a security guard walks over and says… “are you Trisha?”

I bahis firmaları reply with a sheepish grin, and “yes can I help you?”

“Yes I was asked by a player of the opposite team to please come out and escort you into the locker room. Would you please come with me?”

I then glance at Liz, and then the security guard, telling him to lead the way… I follow him, and we walk through the door. Knowing this would probably upset Liz, but knowing also that once she hears the whole story she will forgive me (I hope anyway)

As I walk back to the locker room, the rest of your team starts to walk out and toward the door to the bus. They glance at me, smiling as some snicker, knowing how you are waiting for me. I smile back at them and walk into the locker room. Then around the corner and I see you.. I stop suddenly, I can’t take my eyes off you. It is like I am mesmerized by the simple sight of you. You are sitting on the bench in nothing but a towel. Your body still wet from the shower, glistens as the light above shines down on you. You stand and walk over to me, your hand extended to shake mine. You take my hand in yours, and smile, saying “hi we finally get to meet” I open my mouth to talk but nothing comes out. My eyes glued to your chest as if I had never seen anything like it before. Suddenly I realize we are alone, and I smile, saying “hi, I’m Trisha I am glad we have finally met also”

Someone calls from just outside the locker room door, “Hurry up the bus is about to pull out.”

You look at me and say, “I guess I better get dressed and get going, don’t want them to leave without me.”

“No we can’t have that. So I guess I will leave you alone so you can get dressed”

“No you don’t have to go… I don’t mind. Please stay and talk to me, we can get to know each other better. How did you like the game?”

“It was great.. My friend is angry with me because I wouldn’t tell her why I was watching you so much.. She doesn’t understand that I have been talking to you for such a long time. But one thing I noticed is you seemed real tense….. everything ok?”

“Well my muscles really hurt today for some reason. They were tight through the whole game. Sometimes I wish I had someone to massage my body for me.”

Smiling at you, I say “well I can take care of that for you. I give great massages. Sometime when you have the time, I will have to show you.”

The next thing we hear is the lock on the door………CLICK………… We are locked in. You begin to laugh knowing that the coach will realize you are not on the bus, and have your head when he finds you locked in here with a girl from the opposing city. But you smile anyway thinking ahead of what may come from this predicament you are now in. And hoping that the coach doesn’t realize it too soon.

“Hmmmm, looks as if I am going to have the time after all to take you up on your offer of a massage”

“Yes but shouldn’t you try to contact your coach, or phone someone to let them know you are still in here?”

“Probably, but then again, I don’t usually do what I should. And I really would like to have that massage you promised.” giving me a wink and a suggestive smile.

With that I walk around looking to see where I can give this massage and see a table over to one side of the room. I look back at you, and say “well if you’re sure, then how about laying face down on that table over there and we will begin.” I watch as you walk across the locker room and lay face down on the table. Turning your head just a bit, to watch me as I start to walk over you wonder what is about to happen. I then reach in my purse and pull out 2 bottles… each containing oils for massages.. See I had this part planned for the night, although I didn’t expect to be doing it in the locker room. But we will make due. I hope no one catches us. I don’t know what they would say, or do to either of us if they did.. I quickly erase that thought from my mind and start to concentrate on your body laying there so inviting and awaiting for my touch.

You could hear me as I squeezed one of the bottles of oil, getting enough to coat both my hands. I then place my hands on your shoulders. Giving your shoulders a tight squeeze, and then running my hands and nails down your back, sending shivers through your body. I then move to your feet, lifting them up one at time I begin to rub the bottom of each one. Gently at first and then adding pressure.

“You know the nerve endings all run through your feet, If done right, you can seduce someone by just working on their feet.” I then continue to rub both feet. Then my hands move up to your ankles and your calves, over the back of your legs working toward your inner thigh. All in one smooth movement I continue on both legs. I then move to the center of the table… Hoping you were beginning to become aroused by my touches.

As I tell you “I need to raise this towel a little” I move the towel up further on your body and as I do you can feel the cold kaçak iddaa air hit the lower half of your ass. My hands begin to kneed your cheeks, as I moan saying “MMMMM you have a very nice ass, just perfectly round and very sexy.”

Your response is one that I would expect from you… “Thanks guess playing hockey has paid off after all these years.”

“You still seem very tense and your muscles are extremely tight, In order to give you the full benefit of this massage I need to remove this towel…. Is that alright with you or would you be too embarrassed?”

Not wanting to sound uptight, or anxious you say: “You can remove it if you need to.”

You then raise up allowing me to pull the towel out from under you exposing your ass to plain view… I step back and admire you laying there, trying to convince myself this is really happening. Almost pinching myself to prove it to me.

As I stood admiring your form, I could see that your cock was starting to come alive even though it was buried beneath you. Then stepping forward again, brushing gently against the table I continued on with my massage. My hands firmly massaging each ass cheek. Kneading them like bread dough, slowly but firmly.

I stand back from you, and admire your body once again… Smiling at you, I tell you to turn your head back and wait for me to finish. The next thing you hear is the rustle of my top, as I slide it off my shoulders and drop it on the floor. I then reach between my breasts, and unhook the clasp that holds my bra in place. Dropping that to the floor as well. Wanting to know what I was doing, you turn your head to look at me, opening your mouth to say something but the words were unable to come out. My hands rub along my breasts, and down my stomach, then back again. Slowly encircling my nipples with just the tip of my finger. Teasing myself ever so softly. I then walk up to you, turning your head back down, and telling you “ahhh ahhh, it is not time for you to watch just yet”

“What are you doing?” you ask, not sure what to expect for my answer.

I answer with a smile and “I am going to continue your massage” as my hands rub up the spine of your back. The gently squeeze your shoulders, pushing firmly against your muscles. Continuing on, moving from one side back to the other… I then bend just enough to allow my tits to rub against your back. Moving from side to side, so that you can feel them roll around your entire back.. You moan slightly, and then say “oh God” Then as I continue to move down your body, my hand squeezes your ass cheek once again… Kneading your mounds with a strong grip, my tits slide along one cheek, and then move across to the other and then on down your thighs and calves… Down to your feet.

I tell you then “Now there is only one rule at this time, You are not allowed to turn and look at me. Just lay there close your eyes, and enjoy the sensations that are about to go through your body. Understand??”

“Yes, I understand… mmmmmm I am really enjoying this”

I then squeeze more oil onto my hand, and rubbing it all over my tits, I moan softly. Massaging your back with my tits, I could tell that the feelings you were having were exciting and you started reaching that desired effect. I had hoped that this would work, and was quiet pleased to see that I had indeed succeeded. I rubbed them up and down the whole length of your body, from your back down towards your feet and back again. I stop to rub them over your neck and the back of your head whispering to you what I would like to do after your aches and pains are gone. My fingers then start to dig into your lower back and work their way up to your neck and shoulders. You can feel the strength in my grip of your muscles, and know that soon you will be able to enjoy whatever I have planned for you tonight. I continue for quiet some time, alternating from my hands to my breasts, and then back to my hands again. You are unsure what you are to do, so you decide to do and say nothing at all. (Which is just exactly what I want.)

“Ok,” I say, “turn over onto your back, its time to work your front area”

“I’m a little embarrassed, I have gotten more than a little aroused with the massage and all”

“Don’t worry about it, you have responded just the way I wanted you to.. No need to be embarrassed.”

Cautiously you roll over on your back, your cock whipping from side to side, standing erect like a flagpole. You glance up at me, and your eyes catch my tits sway as I walk toward your face. Not sure of what to do with your hands, you intertwine your fingers and lay them on your stomach. I reach your face, and bend down giving your lips a gentle kiss. You can feel my flesh press against yours and smile. I stop kissing you, but don’t lift my head from your face, looking deep in your eyes, I ask “want the massage to continue?”

“Oh……yes please, I am enjoying this way too much”

“I want you to relax now, and trust me that is the key to the rest of my massage. Trust!” kaçak bahis

As I say this, i toss the towel over your head. Then again you hear me squeezing oil onto my hands and within a second my warm oily hands were on your chest Kneading your muscles. Trailing my hands down towards your stomach, stopping just above your groin area. Occasionally my finger would lightly brush against the base of your cock. You hear me move toward where your head rests, and slowly I start to work your neck and shoulder area. Occasionally I would run my hands down the length of your arms and in doing so my tits would lightly brush over your face and mouth. I knew you could feel the nub of my nipples poke your lips through the towel. Your cock twitches with excitement at this new sensation and as I watch I brush my hands firmly down your arms again. This time as I do so, your tongue reaches through the towel and flicks my nipple… Wondering if you went too far, you wait for my response, when you feel myself pressing down on your mouth even harder, you know instantly I liked what you have done, and you do it again. Only this time you not only flick your tongue but give little nibbles as well.

Your cock is still semi erect, not completely hard but not soft either, it is limped to the left resting along your inner thigh. I finish kneading your chest and neck for several long minutes and then move down towards your feet. I then pick up one foot and place it in the valley between my tits, running my hands over your legs toward your upper thigh and then inwards, stopping below your groin and just millimeters below your cock.

Realizing just how quiet each of us had been up to that point, You say: “That feels great, Trisha”

I say: “I’m not done yet, soon your going to feel really great”

You don’t know what I mean by that, but it isn’t long before you start to find out. I finish with your other leg, and come up to the middle of the table and start to massage around your inner thigh and groin area, circling around your cock without touching it.

I stop for a second and all you hear is my zipper and a rustling sound. You know without looking from under the towel that I was removing my jeans. Intrigued you peek out from under the towel to see that I have indeed removed my jeans along with my panties. Your cock reacts to this view, waving back and forth in the air. You lay there breathing slowly and shallow as you listen to me squeeze a good amount of a straw-berry smelling oil onto my hands.. Again my hands move back to your groin, except this time it goes immediately to the base of your cock, as I grip you, your cock surges in my warm oily hand.

Gripping you with one hand and holding you up gently but firmly, I place my thumb from my free hand just between your ball sac and begin an upward motion causing more blood to fill your engorged cockhead. I am physically manipulating your manhood to cause it to get harder with each movement, and my thumb pressure makes your cock seem as stiff as steel.

I continue stroking your cock when suddenly you feel my tongue licking your cock from ball sac to tip. Stopping to give the crown a little kiss and then continuing over the top back down to the base. You wanted to see what was going on, and as you reach up to grab the towel off your face, my hand quickly reaches yours preventing you from removing it just yet.

“Relax and enjoy” I say, releasing my grip on your hand and continuing on my slow caressing licks of your rigid member. I continue licking and teasing for what seems hours, but only really minutes. Then when I got to the head, instead of a kiss you feel the wet warmth of my mouth engulf the tip. Slightly moistening the crown, taking you in my mouth deeper with each up and down stroke. Soon I was taking in most of your manhood down the moist tunnel of my throat.

My hands go up and down your rock solid pole, occasionally taking the tip into my mouth on the downward stroke. Soon I stopped stroking and you feel me climbing up onto the table. Straddling my legs on either side of my knees, I slowly lower my body to yours rubbing my tits over your cock. Positioning you between the crease of my tits I stroke it up and down. This goes on for several seconds when again you feel the warm moisture of my mouth engulf the tip of your cock.

I slowly ease myself up higher on your hips, and instinctively your hands go to my hips, helping me position myself just above your crotch. I grab your cock and press it against my pussy, where it sporadically twitched slapping against my slit. I reach up and take the towel from our face, your hands were feeling their way up from my hips over to my ribs, to just below each breast. Taking one in each hand and gently massaging them. I look down at you and smile, having said nothing I ask you “are you enjoying your massage” all the while grinding my body against yours, causing your cock to become very close to the warm wet heat emanating from my pussy.

“Oh yes very much so, It is the best massage a guy could have” This brought a smile to both our faces, as I wonder if anyone has ever given you this type of massage before.. I know I certainly have never given this type, at least not in the locker room.

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