A Fathers Love

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My Daddy always loved me. For as long as I can remember. Mom was never really around, she was always busy doing something else. Something that never seemed to include my dad and me. She didn’t even sleep in the same room as him most of the time – and that was if she was even home, which most of the time she wasn’t.
It was my father who took the time with me. Who loved me and cared for me. Always making sure I had everything I needed, and was properly cared for, provided for and loved. Growing up I had everything a girl could want. The perfect pink room, with all the stuffed animals and dolls I could ask for, with a princess bed, and a bathroom joined to my room. It happened to also go into the room that daddy slept in. Mom’s room was the Master, but he said he didn’t mind, and that it was better this way.
As I got older, Mom was around less and less, and Daddy spent more and more time with me. He always said to anyone who asked that he was making up for my lack-of a mother. I didn’t mind or notice her missing though. I loved my daddy, and that’s all that mattered.

One night before bed as I sat in the bath talking to my Daddy who sat on the floor beside me, I asked why at 10 years old , nearing 11, he still helped me in the bath every night, as most of my girlfriends were at the point where they were embarrassed to even be seen in a full swim suit by their fathers.
He explained that by this point in a girls life, a mother normally takes over, and explains and teaches the young girl of all the things it means to be a woman. And of relationships between men and women, and the changes already happening in my body. He told me that because my own mother wanted no real part in my life, that he new from when I was still an infant that this would fall to him. And he didn’t mind. He was actually happy that it had fallen to him. But because it had fallen on him, he said that he always tried to be really close with me, even when I was little, so that I would always be comfortable around him, and could show and talk to him about anything. Anything at all.
I only really understood part of what he meant by this at this time, but I trusted my Daddy, and knew that he knew what was best for me.
I asked him to teach me right then, but he told me that I had to wait, that even though I was almost 11, I was still a little young to learn everything of being a grown woman, but that he would teach me as the time became right.
I was a little upset at his answer, and asked to get out of the bath right away, so that I could go to bed, read, and think about what he had said. I could tell he was a little disappointed, but as we did every night, he turned the shower on to rinse the bubbles from my bath off as he stood outside the tub getting wet. He then continued to shampoo and rinse my hair, then put in the conditioner. He then lathered up and cleaned my who body, as I was used to before rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, and turning off the water. Then wrapping me in the towel, and holding me as I stepped out so that I wouldn’t slip on the wet floor, he then dried me off, and sent me to my room where I put on my pyjama’s and got into bed.
After about an hour, like normal he came in, kissed me goodnight and turned out all the lights, making sure I was safely tucked in for the night.

And life went on, as it does, continuing much the same way.

A few months later I asked him when he would begin teaching me, as I had been asking about once a week ever since that night in that bath. Finally frustrated with me, he told me “If you want a number so bad, lets say 13. Understood? Do not ask again!”
I was shocked at his outburst, and never did ask again.

Again, life went on.

Shortly after my 12th birthday, I came home to life-changing events. My mom was home, I saw her car in the driveway! This is the first time I had seen her in over a month. I was excited and scared at the same time. For the last 6 months or so, every time she came around it was never good., but none-the-less, she was my mother.
I walked bursa merkez escort bayan in the door, and instantly knew that this visit wasn’t going to be any better than the last few. She was screaming at my Dad, and I instantly wanted to turn and leave. She had seen me though, and started to tell me to turn around, that we were leaving.
I asked where she was taking me, where were we going? She had never taken me anywhere in my memory, and I was more than a little confused. She told me that we were moving. She had bought a house for me and her, and she was taking me there.
I immediately started to cry. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t really know her, and I knew that Daddy wasn’t going to be allowed to come. I cried and cried. I cried so hard I had to sit down on the floor. Finally I heard my daddy’s voice. He was calmly trying to get my mother to calm down. He was trying to get her to see reason, to say what I just couldn’t find the words to say. That I didn’t know her. That I didn’t understand why or what she was doing. And that I was scared.
My mother would have none of it though. She grabbed my arm, and tried to pull me up, screaming at me to get in the car. I couldn’t seem to move. Finally after what seemed like hours, but I know couldn’t have been, she gave up, and stomped out the door, leaving it wide open.
She opened her car door, and then paused, looking back into the house, where she stated, so that we could hear, but not quite yelling, that she would NOT be coming back, and that I would never see her again. She then climbed in her car and left. And true to her word, she has not returned, or even tried to contact me ever again.

Daddy seemed shocked, he then walked to the front door, closed it and locked it. He then sat down on the floor, wrapped me in his arms and held me as I cried.
I wondered if I should have gone with her, but as soon as I felt my daddy’s arms around me, I knew I had made the right decision.

Eventually I stopped crying, and Daddy went and ordered delievery for dinner, as there wasn’t going to be any cooking going on that night.
Neither one of us ate much that night, and I quickly asked for my bath after dinner. Sooner than normal, but I just didn’t feel right.
My bath went like normal, me quite sad. I knew what had happened, and realized I would never see my mother again, and while that was upsetting, it was also comforting.
I asked Daddy as he was towelling me dry that night if it was wrong that I was kind of happy that mom was gone.
He told me that there was nothing wrong with what I was feeling, and that it would all be alright.

That night, I didn’t sleep. I lay all alone in my bed, wide awake. Daddy checked on me a few times, but I was always awake. I don’t think he slept that night either.

The next morning I was really tired. Daddy called me in sick at school, and put me back in bed. Finally I managed to fall asleep, when I woke up, I could hear daddy on the phone. He must have been talking with someone at my school, because he was explaining what had happened the night before, and that I probably wouldn’t be in for a couple of days. I was relieved to know I could stay home and be with him until I was ready to go back to school.
I feel asleep happy knowing my daddy was protecting and loving me.

Later he woke me up for my dinner and bath, and I will admit, I was still pretty sleepy.
I stumbled my way through dinner, but perked up once I was in the bath.
I asked him if he still loved me, even though it meant Mom would never come home again.
He told me he did.
I asked him why she left.
He told me it’s because of him.
I asked what he meant
He explained that it’s because no one ever taught her how to be a good wife and mother, and he never taught her either. So it wasn’t all her fault but part his.
I didn’t know what to say to that, and just sat quietly in the tub.
Finally he talked again.
He told me that he was going to teach me different. That he would help me bursa merkez escort bayan be a good wife and mother, so that when I had kids, I wouldn’t do the same thing to them that she had done to me.
I smiled at that.
At that Daddy reached across into the tub and gave me a big kiss on the lips. It kind of shocked me, and I looked at him with questions in my eyes.
He then asked me if I was ready to begin learning.
I asked him what he meant, and he repeated his question.
I was still confused though, and I told him so.
He told me that he knows he had said he wouldn’t start teaching me until I was 13, but that due to what had happened, he felt that I should start learning sooner so that I wouldn’t get into my mom’s bad habits.
When he said this I remembered our earlier conversations, and agreed right away.
At this he smiled, and kissed me again.
He said that he might take it a little slower than planned, but that he would teach me everything I needed to know.
He then asked me if I was ready to start right then, or if I would like to wait till morning, and have one more night being Daddy’s innocent little girl first.
I told him I was more than happy to start right away, afterall Mom had left both of us, and we needed each other.
Again Daddy smiled.
He told me then to stand up, as he had to clean me.
Daddy took an extra long time cleaning me that night, and it kind of tickled to be honest.
After when he was drying me, he told me I was to go to my room, and sit on my bed wrapped in the towel, well he went and changed some things in the house.
I nodded, and walked off to my room. Wondering what Daddy was about to do.

After what seemed like forever, daddy finally came into my room. He had a big shopping bag with him.
He explained that these were new clothes for me, and that he would get me more in the next week or so, but this was enough to start. He also said that I was not to wear what I had in my closet and dresser, as those were kid clothes, and I was no longer a little kid. He then sat down on my bed, and removed my towel. He then pulled out a really nice night-shirt made of lace and silk, and told me to put it on. It barely covered my bum. I blushed a little, but daddy explained that this is what wives wear to bed. At this I smiled, and tried to climb into bed, as I figured he was putting me to bed like normal.
He stopped me though. He told me that wives sleep with their husbands, and that I was now to sleep in his bed. I was really happy at this and gave him a really big hug.

He also told me that the rules were changing, as I was now growing up. He said there would be more changes as I learned, but these were the basics:

1. No more playing or being with boys UNLESS daddy was around and supervising.
2. I was no longer aloud to have little kid baths. I would shower from now on, or have baths with daddy in them too. This excited me, cause Daddy never got in the bath with me!
3. For the next little bit he would help me, but by my 13th birthday I would be doing all the cooking for dinner and desserts, as well as all the housecleaning. This I wasn’t so happy about, but he explained this is what a good wife does.
4. I was no longer to sleep in pyjamas. I was to sleep in what I was told was ‘sleepwear” like what I had on, or naked. But that was it. And if Daddy requested something, that is what I would wear instead. This confused me a bit, but if that’s what wives did….
5. I was always to do as I was told, and to do it quickly. If not, then he would treat me like the baby I was acting like, and swiftly spank me on the bare bottom.
6. That these rules would change as I learned and changed, and they must be followed as they changed.

I was happy with this, and told him so. I told him that from the kids at school, I knew that husbands and wives had sex, and that that is how babies are made.
He laughed at this, which confused me a little bit.
He then asked if I knew what sex was, and I told him altıparmak escort no, which again made him laugh.
I asked him if he would teach me, and he told me he would, but not all at once, as if I did things to quickly, then I wouldn’t learn right, and that wasn’t good for anyone.
He also told me that I wouldn’t have to worry about school for a while, as he was going to take me out until the following school year. This excited me, as I never much liked school anyways. He said I would still be in school, but a different type of school, and that made me happy even though there was still school.

As we had been talking for a while, I was getting tired, as it was past when I normally went to sleep. I yawned and daddy chuckled. He said that since I was learning to be a wife, that I would likely be staying up later, but because I was still young, that he would let me sleep in in the mornings. This made me happy, as I rarely got to sleep in…or stay up late!
Daddy saw my eagerness, and smiled, and said that it was time for bed. I sighed, and went to walk to my new bed…in Daddy;s room!

I pulled down the covers and went to get in, but Daddy told me to stop. I was a little confused.
He said that because I was still a ‘virgin’ – I’d never heard this word before, that I had to wear panties to bed. Once I wasn’t though, then I could go to bed without them. I went to go get mine, but he stopped me and reminded me, that I wasn’t to wear my clothes anymore. I was a little shocked that this meant my panties too, but he reached into the bag and pulled out panties I had never seen before. He explained that it was called a thong, and helped me put it on. He then showed me where my new clothes would be….though right now all I could see where more of these “thongs” and the night-shirts like what I had on. There were a few other things, but I was too tired to really notice.
He saw this, and smiled, and told me to take off my top, and to go to bed.
I smiled at this, and quickly did as I was told. I neatly put my new top on the back of a chair though, as I figured he would be upset if I just threw it on the floor like normal. I then crawled into bed, and got under the covers.
Daddy then took off all his clothes too, and when he saw the shock on my face, he told me that he wasn’t a virgin, so he would be sleeping naked, without underwear. I just shrugged my shoulders and rolled over. He then turned out the lights, and crawled into bed with me. He then snuggled up behind me. This shocked me, especially as I could feel his body touching mine, and I could feel his penis on my bum.
I squirmed a bit, which made his penis twitch. Finally he roughly told me to lay still.
It was hard though, and I told him why, and he laughed. I didn’t know what I said was so funny.
He told me that if I promised to lay really still and go to sleep, that he would put his penis – but he called it a cock, and said I was to call it that too, that he would put his cock between my bum cheaks, just resting, so it couldn’t bother me anymore.
This made sense, so I agreed.
He slowly spread my bum cheaks apart, which felt weird, Daddy touching me that way, especially as he pushed the blankets down so he could see better. He slowly spread them apart, and then gently placed his cock between them, and let the go back around it.
I could feel wetness, and asked him if he had peed on me.
He chuckled and explained that it was something called precum. And that he would explain more on that later. He also said that he was so happy I was learning now, that he might actually cum in the night, and that if he did, not to worry, that it just meant he was extra happy.
This made me happy, and I nestled back into him, causing his cock to rub in my ass cheaks a bit, which felt pretty good.
He then reached one hand around me, and cupped my growing breasts in his hands, and told me to go to sleep.
By this point I was so tired, I didn’t need to be told again, and almost instantly feel asleep. Laying there with his cock in my ass cheaks, holding my boobs, felt so good and safe, that I couldn’t stop the sleep.

I slept like that all night. Waking the next morning to a sticky spot on my new underwear. I figured this meant that I had made daddy really happy, even though he was no longer in bed with me.
Little did I know what was to come.

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