A favor for her mom

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I travel often for business, so when I told my girlfriend I had to go to Vegas the middle of the following week she was glad to hear that it was only for one night.

It was now Monday evening and as usual, Kelly (my girlfriend) and I were not getting along very well. We had plans to go out to dinner with her parents (Allen and Barb), but Allen wasn’t feeling well, so we offered to pick something up and just have dinner at their house.
We all sat eating and talking at the table and it was obvious by his lack of conversation that Allen was getting sick. Barb was telling us about the 30-year reunion that they were going to attend this weekend in Vegas. Barb told about how she used to compete in beauty pageants in her early 20’s and that every 10 years all of the ladies she competed with would get together for a reunion. Barb, at 51, didn’t look a day over 40 and was still a very attractive woman, while Allen was in his mid sixties now and a little worse for the ware, so to speak. Barb had helped plan this year’s reunion, but was afraid she wouldn’t make it if Allen wasn’t feeling well.
As we continued talking, Kelly mentioned that I was going to Vegas this week. Allen who was only half listening popped up with the idea of me going to the reunion with Barb. I explained that I would be coming home on Friday morning, the same day that Barb needed to leave.
Kelly asked me if I thought I might be able to meet with my clients on Friday morning instead of Thursday afternoon so that I could help her parents out if Allen wasn’t feeling better. I agreed that if my clients could change our meeting time I would help out.

As it turned out, my clients were glad to make the change and set the meeting for first thing Friday morning. I called Barb and Allen Tuesday night to let them know of my availability. Allen was feeling worse and didn’t want to wait for the last minute to make the plan, so he asked me to stand in for him so that he could use the weekend to quietly relax and get some rest. I agreed and told Barb I had to leave Thursday evening because my meeting was at 8am. She didn’t want to make the 4 hour drive alone, so she agreed to just drive out with me and we would just stay there until the reunion on Saturday evening, then drive home Sunday morning.

I picked Barb up at 5:30 and we hit the road. We had small talk most of the way and the excitement of seeing all of her old friends after being out of touch for 10 years put a glow in Barb that I had never seen before. As we drove she adjusted her seat as far back as it would go and leaned it back to a semi reclining position so she could relax. As I glanced over in conversation, I couldn’t help but notice that she still looked almost as good as her daughter. It really was amazing how well she kept herself looking, as well as how good nature had been to her all these years.
As darkness fell, Barb slid off her shoes and put her feet up on the dash as many women do on long drives. I don’t think either one of us was really thinking about the situation, but Barb was wearing a skirt and though she pinched it between her knees, it still fell to the sides and I automatically took a very long, close look at the view of her entire leg, all the way up to her hip which was now in clear view. Even though it was dark outside, the interior lights of my vehicle set a dim lit atmosphere which gave me just enough light to send a chill down my spine as my eyes soaked up the sight of these beautifully smooth 51 year old legs, not to mention the D cup breasts hidden under the button up shirt she wore. Barb always kept just enough buttons undone to keep any man glancing at her cleavage.

We checked into the hotel and prepared to get some sleep. I had showered first and as I relaxed in bed, Barb emerged from the bathroom wearing a thin bathrobe, which was just long enough to cover the cheeks of her ass. I tried not to look as she walked around preparing her bed, but when she bent over just enough to adjust her pillows, the bottom half of her ass was peeking out from under her gown and it was clear that she was either wearing g-string panties or non at all. My prick immediately sprang to attention. With only my very loose fitting shorts and my sheet barely covering me, there was nothing to hide the proof of my excitement. As she spun around to say a final goodnight before shutting off the light, Barbs eyes shot straight to my pup tent. Her eyes grew wide and she started to blush, but quickly turned off the light and climbed into her bed.
The next thing I knew it was 6 in the morning and I was getting up to get ready for my meeting. All through my meeting, all I could think about was that ass. After the meeting my clients wanted to take me to lunch and discuss additional plans for the end of the year.

After lunch I knew I had to do something to relieve the pressure, so I went to my favorite adult store at the north end of town so that I could j/o while others watched. There was only one booth occupied so I took the booth next to it. I chose a movie with 2 young studs doing an older woman and began working my cock as I raised the shade london escort agency to the occupied booth. The curtain on his side was already up and I could see it was a young guy with a nice 7 incher. I fantasized about him and I taking turns with Barb, just as the two guys in my movie were doing with the woman they had. It was only minutes and I could feel my time was near. I pumped my cock hard and pulled my balls down firmly, it was all I could take. My cock exploded all over the wall in front of me. As I finished I looked over at the cock in the next both. It was being stroked hard and fast and quickly exploded just as mine did.

Barb and I had went out to dinner and walked around a little. She was getting so much attention in her tight skirt and low cut sweater that she was getting embarrassed. She climbed up under my arm as we walked in hopes that it would eliminate some of the attention if others thought we were together. It didn’t really work, but I held her there the whole time, enjoying the fact that every time she turned slightly away, my hand would land right on her tit and she never moved quickly to get it off.
As I prepared to shower that night I told Barb that I didn’t want to leave the bathroom steamy for her tonight, so if she didn’t mind I would just leave the door open so the steam could dissipate a little. She thanked me and said that would be fine.
From the bathroom, the mirror on the wall of the room reflected right in between our beds. I knew that if she sat on the side of her bed and looked toward the mirror she would have a perfect view of me in the bathroom. I faced sideways to the mirror and began undressing. I removed my pants and shorts first, then leaned in and started the shower in hopes it would grab her attention. As I stood back up I quickly glanced toward the door and she was staring straight into the mirror. I quickly pulled my shirt up as if I hadn’t seen her and paused as if it was stuck around my neck. I swung my hips toward the door so that she could get a good look at my now rising cock. Then, as I tossed my shirt to the floor I turned my back to her and leaned down to remove my socks with my ass aimed straight at the mirror. I thought I heard her gasp, but I’m not sure.
As I showered, she came in and said she needed to use the toilet and would be right out. I could hear the sound of her pissing and for some reason my cock got rock hard. As she finished she said she would put my dirty clothes on the foot of my bed. I poked my head out as if I didn’t hear her to ask what she had said. As I did this, I pulled the curtain just hard enough to pull it from the wall and thrust my hips toward the opening just enough for my cock to be in view. Barb took a deep breath as her eyes went directly to my hard tool. She repeated her words and as I told her that was fine, I reached down and gave a quick stroke to my cock as if I was soaping it.
Knowing she was watching, when I finished, I threw open the curtain and dried off in full view, never looking at the mirror that I knew she was using to watch me.
Barb also left the door open with no reason as to why, but I took full advantage. As she undressed I could see that her body was very firm. Not quite like Kelly’s, but very close. Her tits were paid for, so they still stood firm and it was clear that she stayed neatly trimmed down stairs, but most amazing was her perfect ass. Her ass looked like that of a 25 year old, as firm and tight as any I had ever seen.
Barb called out for a favor. I went to the door and asked what she needed. She said her razor was on the sink and asked if I could hand it to her. I figured this was my chance to see where she would go with this, so I held the razor like a cigarette and slid my hand through the curtain saying here it is. I had my hand low and she backed right into it with that tight ass. She didn’t move so I just rubbed it as I lifted my hand higher and again said here you go. She spun around to take it and pushed her tit right into my hand and held it there as she slowly took the razor from my hand. I didn’t want to push the point, so I left the room and returned to my bed.
As we laid in the dark that night just after turning off the lights, I slowly and quietly stroked my tool. I let it unload all over my stomach and in the morning I made sure she saw the dried results as I went in to shower again, but I didn’t look at her to see her reaction.

Tonight was her reunion and she was dressed to kill. She wore a tight black dress with a slit up the side to her hip. It was so low cut that you could see her cleavage all the way to the bottom of her breasts. Best of all was that she had no panty line and no bra, so her nipples were poking through the fabric all night. We danced all night and she often rubbed her ass against me just enough to get me hard, to which she responded by grinding her ass into me even more.
We had a great time and she must have told me 20 times that she couldn’t thank me enough for being such a great date/escort for the evening.

When we got back to the room I immediately rinsed off in the shower. I was so excited from escort london all of the grinding that I knew I had to do something to push the limit. I came out of the bathroom wearing just my loose sleeping shorts. I knew that if I sat down she would have a view of my cock and balls as they hang partially out of these shorts when I sit.
Barb was already in her nightgown when I came out and we both brushed our teeth together. She commented on how her feet were sore from dancing in her high heels. She sat on the edge of her bed and began rubbing her feet. I knew this was my chance, so I sat on the edge of my bed across from her and laid back stretching my arms. This would definitely give her a perfect chance to look at my cock hanging out. I could hear her breathing getting heavier and then it hit me, that if I rubbed her feet for her, I should have a clear view of her love lips. As I sat up and offered to rub her feet for her, her tits were about to fall out and her nipples were rock hard and poking at least a quarter inch out underneath her robe. My cock sprang to attention and as she answered, “that would be great”, my cock fell out the bottom of my shorts. I quickly dropped off the bed to my knees and grabbed a foot to rub. Barb sat back a little on the bed and leaned her head back. She was really enjoying the foot rub. I told her to lay back and relax. As she did, she allowed her legs to fall apart to a natural position. I now had a wide open view of her panty covered lips. I could tell she had enjoyed the grinding and the view of my cock because her panties were very wet.
I took the foot I was not rubbing and rested it on my thigh. This forced Barbs legs to spread wider and also put her foot 3 inches away from my hard cock, which was still sticking out of my shorts. As she enjoyed my foot massage, she shifted her foot and it rubbed my cock. She left it in that position and every few seconds would move it to stimulate me.
I switched her feet to rub the other one and this time I placed her foot right against my throbbing cock. As I began to rub her foot I saw that there was some pre-cum on the inside of her toe. Without thinking, I raised her foot and licked off the juice. She let out an audible sigh. I continued to suck her toes for a minute and as I did, I began rubbing lightly all the way up her legs and thighs. I looked up to see if her panties were getting wetter and realized that she had been pulling up on them to put pressure on her clit. Her panties were pulled way up between the lips and there was juice running down between her ass cheeks.
She told me she really did want to thank me for being her date for the evening and said she wanted to make it up to me. I paused for a second and as I dropped her foot down and placed it on the top of my cock, I told her she was making it up to me by being my date for the rest of the night.
As I said this I ran my hands all the way up to her panties. She lifted her legs into the air, pulled her panties to the side and began rubbing and spreading her pussy for my viewing pleasure.
That was more than I could take. I wrapped my arms around her legs, pulled her to me and put my mouth on her pussy. The taste and smell were musky, but very sweet. I was even more turned on by the fact that we had been dancing and grinding for 6 hours and I was diving right in to eat that sweet, juicy, sweaty pussy. Her body went stiff and she pulled my head into her. She held my hair as I licked and sucked on her tasty love tunnel. Occasionally I would slide my tongue down to the crack of her ass trying to get to her hole, but not knowing if she liked that, I was cautious.
After about 10 minutes she began shaking and gasping for air in a breath-taking orgasm.
She pushed me off, rolled onto her stomach and laid there leaning over the bed. Her tight ass was 2 feet from my face and there was no way I was going to let this go. I leaned forward and began licking the crack of her ass. She gasped and reached back and spread her ass wide. She started calling out, “lick it, please just lick it, I’ll do anything, please just lick my asshole”. Without hesitation I put my tongue to her hole and started to tickle it. I could feel it quiver so I licked harder. She began to push back a little so I pushed her to the bed and buried my tongue in her ass.
Barb let out a little scream as my tongue penetrated her tight bunghole. I continued to tongue fuck her ass until I thought my tongue would fall off. When I stopped, Barb turned to me and kissed me lightly. She gently sucked my tongue into her mouth and moaned in pleasure at the taste of her own ass on my tongue.
She said she wasn’t sure if I was into anal or ass play, but that it was one of her favorites when she was young. I told her I loved anything there was that included ass play. She said it had been 15 years since she had licked an ass and asked if I would allow her to lick mine. I told Barb she could do whatever she wanted with my ass and leaned over my bed so she could have complete access to my tight hole.
For almost 15 minutes she licked and tongue fucked my ass and even put a couple of fingers it london escorts when I asked her to.
Barb asked me to turn over onto my back so she could suck my cock for me. She sucked my cock, balls and ass for more than a half hour. She told me she had always liked sucking dick, but never as much as now. I wanted to really turn her on, so I asked her to slide a finger in my ass while my cock was in her throat. She surprised me by sliding two fingers in me, but they slid in with ease and it felt great. I pulled her fingers out, sat up and began sucking on her fingers like she had sucked my cock.
Barb’s eyes burned with fire as she watched me suck the two mini dicks she had just taken out of my ass. She leaned in and kissed me passionately, again sucking my tongue as if it were a small cock.
Barb then spun around and knelt doggy style at the edge of her bed. She asked me to start with her pussy. She yelled out, “I need you to fuck all of my holes, but start with my pussy… Please fuck my pussy”.
I put the head of my cock to her lips and began to rub up and down at the entrance. In seconds Barb was dripping wet. She told me to hold it still and she slowly pushed back onto my cock. She paused for a few seconds then pulled off and slammed back hard. She did this many more times, then it was my turn. I grabbed her hair with one hand and her waist with the other and told her that if she liked it slammed hard, that I would give her just that.
I started slamming my cock into her at a steady slow pace. After about 20 strokes she started cumming. It caused her to fall forward off of my cock, which luckily kept me from cumming. I waited a minute then slammed my cock back into her a few more times. She started saying nasty things about me fucking her pussy ass and throat, so I pulled my cock out, turned her around and shoved my pole down her throat. To my surprise, she was able to take most of my cock before gagging. I started fucking her mouth like a pussy and she moaned loudly and grabbed my ass pulling me in.
I pushed her off and onto her back. I climbed over her and lowered my cock back into her soaking pussy. I pumped her swollen pussy full of my cock as long as I could and pulled out to keep from cumming. She pulled me up to her face and engulfed my cock with her mouth. Again I had to pull out to keep from filling her throat full of my hot fuck juice.
I turned Barb over and had her lean over the bed, with one knee up on the edge.
I went back down and shoved my tongue deep in her pussy. She reached back and pulled my head in, yelling, “eat my pussy, yes, yes, eat my aching cunt”.
I went back and forth from her pussy to her ass burying my tongue in both. Then stood up and told her now it’s time to give her what she really wants, no, what I really want.
I shoved my cock into her pussy and held it there. I began working her, swinging my hips side to side as I pushed deep in her. I felt her body star to shake and her tunnel began squeezing my cock in spasms. I stood still while she came on my cock again, knowing it would leave her wanting more.
As I pulled out of her pulsating cunt she began pushing back at me yelling at me to fuck her some more, not to stop yet. I told her now was my turn and as she pushed back, I raised the head of my cock two inches and slammed it right into her tight ass.
Barb squealed with pain, but continued bouncing on my cock. After a minute she stopped and started swirling her ass in circles. She said feeling my cock press against every side of her ass tunnel was going to give her a great orgasm. I told her that it wasn’t her turn this time and began to fuck her ass deep. She froze and dropped her head to the bed and started screaming into the mattress, telling me to fuck her ass harder.
Barb wanted to reposition, so she laid on her side with her knees to her chest. I put two pillows under her hip so her ass would be lifted up for me and I slid my cock back in her ass. In this position there was no interference. I sunk every bit of my cock into her ass and began pumping hard. She gazed at me with a combination of pain and lust in her eyes and begged me not to stop.
I fucked her ass as long as I could. When I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer I rolled her to her back and shot my load all over her mammoth tits, covering one of her nipples completely and spraying the other with a few squirts of its own.
“I hate to leave a mess”, I told her, so I started licking her tits clean and sharing my cum with her. After her tits were clean, she said that she also hates to leave messes, so she’d like to try a first and return the favor.
She pushed me to my back and started sucking my cock clean. The excitement of her sucking my cock, right after I had pulled it out of her ass, turned me on so much that my dick got hard again. She spent the next ten minutes deep throating my cock until it exploded in her mouth. She greedily swallowed every drop, saying she loved the taste of my cum.
I spent the next few minutes licking her pussy and ass clean and sucked her clit to make her cum one final time. We fell asleep just before the sun came up.

She sucked me off twice on the way home. Once while driving and once in the restroom of a gas station, but that’s a whole different story.
At least now I know where her daughter gets her nastiness from.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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