A Favor for My Best Friend Ch. 04

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When I moved out of state to college I tried to put my time of experimentations behind me. It had been fun playing around with Sean and Michael but I was too old for these sort of activities and I needed to find a girl rather than being one myself. I found myself bunking with a cute baseball player from back home named Stephen. Stephen was a bit shy when it came to meeting new people, but his good looks and chill personality made everybody love him. As time moved on Stephen and I became best friends, having no other close friends at our new school. It was nice to finally feel a friendship that wasn’t tied to sex. `

Not like the thought never crossed my mind. At times he came home in his shorts and I couldn’t help but take a peek at his package hanging loosely behind the soft fabric. I had to have self-control though—just because my friends back home had taken advantage of my willingness to please didn’t mean my new roommate would as well. Besides, he was definitely straight. At nights when he thought I was sleeping he would sneak in girls. He tried to fuck them quietly but it was hard to miss the quiet moans and whispers of how hot they though he was. It got me so horny I almost went out of my mind.

My horniness was always spent in the shower. Our dorm floor shared a series of showers separated by thin white curtains. Every morning I would take a look at Stephen fast asleep, get hard, wrap myself in a towel and go jerk it in the shower. If I was lucky, I would get the shower by the window. I loved the warm feel of sun on my skin while I imagined offering myself to Stephen the way I had my friends back home. I did my best not to make splashing noises as I stroked my cock and fingered myself. Every day I saw the same towel go up next to mine and wondered if the boy on the other side was jacking too. “Couldn’t be” I thought, as the mysterious neighbor always left before me. Other boys probably figured everyone was jacking off, it was the fingering I wanted to hide. It wouldn’t do for the whole floor to know of my secret pleasures. After the shower washed away my cum I’d kurtköy sınırsız escort wrap up in a towel and return to my room where I would dress in front of a sleeping Stephen.

He never woke up for this but it was exciting thinking that he might. One day I went for a shower midday. I didn’t have a lot to do and I’d come home from my morning classes. Stephen wasn’t home so when I got to the room I began jerking it. My fantasies often revolved around offering myself to him in the manner I had to my friends back home. It had been a while since I’d been fucked and I can’t say I didn’t miss some aspects of the experiences. The temptation was too great and I sat on my thumb. WOW. I had never tried this before but sitting directly on my hand let me get deeper than usual.

Of course nothing compares to the real thing. But as I sat there I began rocking back and forth imagining Stephen’s sexy athlete body beneath me, thrusting lustily inside of me. It felt so good I didn’t think I needed to touch my cock to cum. I began moaning as I rocked back and forth my thumb slowly re-stretching my hole which had tightened from lack of usage.

I must have lost myself because I didn’t hear the lock click as Stephen entered.

“What the fuck dude?”

“Shit! Hold on let me-” It was too late. Stephen watched as I unloaded rope upon rope of cum on our dorm carpet. My anus tightened and twitched around my thumb. I lifted myself off it and removed it with a gasp.”

“Stephen I’m so sorry.”

“Wow man what the fuck don’t you know I come home early on Tuesdays?”

“I must have forgot I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah well you better be that’s sick dude. I mean I knew you were a cocksucker but jesus. You’d better clean that up man.” He said gesturing to the mess I made.

“What do you mean you knew?”

“Small world back home; word got around.”

What he was telling me registered. “You mean you know about–“

“Everyone knows. That’s all I heard about when I decided to be your roommate. Michael kept telling me I should give you maltepe otele gelen escort a try. Everyone thinks you’re blowing me.”


“Everyone back home. Here I’m the only one who knows.”

“Can we keep it that way?”

“Sure. You gonna clean that now?”

I grabbed a tissue and kneeled down to wipe my juices off the carpet.

“That’s gonna leave a stain.”

I looked up to see Stephen still standing before me. His usually soft dick was now tenting his basketball shorts. I couldn’t help myself.

My training with Michael and Sean in the role of Bitch came back in an instant. I tucked my fingers between Stephen’s bare hips and shorts and happily peeled them down. His dick wasn’t big but it was beautiful. He was golden with a perfectly rounded cut head.

“You like it?” Stephen asked timidly.

I nodded and holding with my left hand began licking at his beautiful member while gazing into his eyes. I could tell he was nervous and maybe uncomfortable but he couldn’t look away. In that moment my heart skipped a beat. I sat him on our couch and pulled off his shorts completely.

“Fuck Franky.” He moaned. “I’m not gay you know.”

“Who said anything about gay?” I grumbled through cock and slobber.

I don’t know why but I was in heaven. I wanted him inside me but I didn’t want to scare him away. I wanted him to mount me romantically and look in my eyes and—kiss. I wanted to kiss him most of all.

I moved my mouth up the underside of his shaft licking back and forth. Still holding him in my left hand I raised his shirt with my right to reveal his gorgeous body. I kissed his abs still stroking him and kissed his belly button and rolled my tongue back down to his cock.

“Oh…” He seemed pleased, but I wanted more.

“Frank can you do the other stuff?”

“What other stuff?”

“Well Michael said—he said you’d dress up.”

“What is he, my pimp? I don’t have anything to put on.”

“What if I got it for you?”

“Well then I guess I would, kartal rus escort so long as it fit. But for right now we can still do some new things.” I crawled over the sofa arm and presented my rump in the most appealing fashion I could. He reached out and pinched my cheeks pulling them apart to expose my hole. He was speechless, but hard.

He wasted no time penetrating, his beautiful golden cock slid in with ease. Although he was not large, I could feel him inside. It was much more pleasant than some of my more aggressive friends. He thrust back and forth like a jack hammer, hands clenched on my hips.

He sniffed my back and sent shivers quivering down to where he had entered me. I reached a hand back to feel the divide between us. I felt his slipper cock moving in and out and my hole, untouchably stuffed. He breathed on my neck, and I grabbed his ass. I started to moan but he shushed me. Our neighbors would know we were fucking. Suddenly I turned and we were kissing. Kissing and there was something magical in it. He kissed me harder and I could feel him cumming because he was twitching now. When he finished he broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes. His look went from wonder, to disbelief. He searched my face wildly and then backed away. His dick slid out leaving my hole empty and wanting.

He looked ashamed now and got up threw on some clothes and took his bag and left the room.

After he’d left I reached back and felt my open hole. It was ripping with cum and wanting for Stephen’s golden beauty, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t get the chance again. With nothing left to do I went back to the showers to clean up. My mind was in a daze of the encounter which had just occurred. I was surprised to see my shower buddy in my usual stall. I chose the one next to him and was shocked at what I saw. A perfect silhouette of Stephen stroking his member in the sun. The rays made every action in my favorite stall perfectly visible. Now I saw the benefit of this stall.

Watching him stroke, presumably to the thought of me really turned me on and I was ready for round two. I pulled back the curtain and to my surprise it wasn’t Stephen I saw in front of my but Chase, a computer nerd on our floor. He was embarrassed and moved to cover his cock. He stared me up and down in confusion. Well, round two it is.

I dropped to my knees.

I guess this makes two people who know.

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