A Free Show

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When I received the e-mail at work from my wife Lois I new I was in for a treat. All the e-mail said was, I’ll be having lunch at the mall food court. Why don’t you come and see me. The key word here was ‘see’ instead of meet.

You see, my wife loves to tease me and any other man who wants to look. She is always wearing clothing that reveals a lot of her hot little body. Her favorite is to wear skirts and no panties. She tells me how hot and wet her pussy gets went she thinks about other men seeing that she has no underwear on, and she knows how hard she makes my cock when she is exposing her naked cunt in public or at home.

I had trouble concentrating the rest of the morning, thinking of how she would be dressed. How horny she would be after an hour of showing off. How her pussy would taste as I lick the hot nectar of her swollen cunt after the show. I always tell her that naughty girls deserve a good licking.

As I left for lunch I told my coworkers that may be late getting back, knowing that Lois was going to be ready for a good fucking. I knew that we would meet after I watched her exposing her bare pussy by being careless when she sat or bent over.

I arrived at the mall before her and went straight to the food court, took a seat and waited for her arrival. I had brought a paper with me and got a coffee so that I wouldn’t look out of place as I watch her put on her show.

At last, there she was walking down the mall towards me. She was wearing a short tight mini skirt and a loose fitting silk top. The top had spaghetti straps and a rounded neck line. She was already drawing looks. The smooth silk showed the form of her tits as it seemed to mold each succulent breast. It was easy to tell that her nipples were already hard. She also was carrying a stack of books and papers in one arm, which were to come into play very shortly.

She was only a few feet in front of me when, with a devilish smile, let a pen fall from her books. She bent at the waste to pick it up. I had a perfect kuşadası escort view of her bare tits as the top fell away. I could only imagine the view that the people behind her had, as I was sure that she would not be wearing panties. She gave me a wink as she straightened up and continued on he way to get a coffee.

There were several tables at a long bench type seat across from me that were empty. I watched as Lois came back with her coffee, putting her books and coffee on one of the tables. She had to bend slightly to put the books down. My cock twitched when I saw the cheeks of her bare ass peeking out just below the hem of her skirt. She pushed the books to the middle of the far side of the table. She would have to slide along the bench seat to get to where her coffee and books were.

My cock was throbbing in anticipation of the view I would have as she slid in. I was also sure of how wet her cunt would be. Her juices would be flowing as she thought of how many other men might get to her hot and exposed pussy.

I was not disappointed. I watched as she slowly sat on the bench and took her time sliding across. Each time she moved along the bench her legs parted, exposing her naked pussy. Her pussy lips looked swollen from her excitement. It seemed that she was spreading her legs father each time she moved.

I looked around to see if there might be some other men around that noticed the show she had just given. I wasn’t sure but there were several men that seemed to be looking her way. I looked back in her direction, her eyes were also searching the area to see who may have been watching.

She spread the books and papers out on the table as if she was working on some sort of project. My eyes focused on what was going to happen under the table next. Her legs were together, but the skirt was riding so high that you could still tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties. You could easily make out her nicely trimmed bush. Then she leaned to one side as if she was trying to see something on one of the papers farther from her. Ah, yes, her legs parted again exposing her wet pussy for every one to see. Then she sat up straight again closing her legs.

It was then that I heard a comment come from behind me.

“Did you see that; that hot looking babe over there isn’t wearing any panties. She just flashed her naked cunt.”

“No I missed that.”

“Have a seat here, I’ll get the coffee, maybe she’ll do it again.”

Knowing that she had an audience was driving me crazy. I thought my cock was going to bust through my pants. Lois saw me reach down and make an adjustment in my pants and responded by reaching down to scratch her inner thigh. She sat there with her legs parted as she lazily scratched, looking like she didn’t realize what she was doing.

I was ready to cum in my pants. Both from looking at her exposed cunt and hearing the comments from the two men sitting behind me watching the show as well.

Lois was putting on a great show as she continued to pretend that she was working on a project. She would cross her legs and on cross them, each time letting us see up her skirt. Then stretching to read or mark something on a page that was to her left or right. Each time allowing her legs to part. She continued this for about forty-five minutes. I could tell she was getting hotter because she was parting her legs for longer periods of time. Letting every one see just how swollen her pussy was. It must have been hard for her not to reach down and start to finger fuck her steaming wet cunt. She loved doing that for truckers on long trips.

Finally she began to gather the books in preparation to leave. I knew I would soon be tasting those hot juices from her sweet pussy. I just love to eat her hot cunt any time, before I fuck her or after. I think she likes after better. She seems to cum harder knowing I can taste my own cum as I lick her swollen pussy lips.

Sliding out from behind the tables I could not believe how far she was spreading her legs. You could see the wetness of her swollen pussy lips easily. When she reached the out side of the bench she stood up, straightened her skirt, and grabbed her books and papers up. Turning towards me she dropped the pen again just to give me another look down her top as she picked it up.

When she left I followed as planned. She headed for parking garage, up the stairs to the very top level where hardly any body ever parks. I followed far enough behind to make sure no one else was following, yet could still see her naked ass as she climbed the stairs. When I reached the top and opened the door to the parking area, there was Lois leaning against the back of her car, legs spread and skirt hiked up.

“Fuck me ; eat my cunt. Do something now. Make me cum. My cunt is so fucking hot. Bury your cock in my pussy. Hurry do something. Lick my pussy. Oh anything. Look how wet my fucking cunt is”

She was just rambling on she was so horny and worked up. I kneeled between her spread legs and began to lap up her sweet pussy juice from her swollen cunt lips as I removed my hard cock from my pants. I was teasing her swollen pussy by just barley licking it, when she grabbed my head and pulled it tight to her. I felt her hips stiffen and begin to vibrate as I continued to lick her hot pussy. Her orgasm must have lasted a good minute before she pulled my head up, looked into my eyes and said ” fuck me hard! Now!”

My hard cock slid into her hot pussy easily. As I pumped hard into her, she began to ask me questions about how many men saw her. Did I think they liked looking at her hot pussy. Would they be looking for a place to jerk off. She always likes to hear me tell her what men were looking, if I heard them say any thing. When I told her about the two men behind me that I heard talking about what a hot looking cunt she had, I felt her hips start to shake again. She was cumming again and I also flooded her tight pussy with my own hot load.

Both of us spent, we arranged our clothing and headed our separate ways until later when we would again talk about the afternoon events. What will that bring?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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