A Girl by the Name of Alayna Ch. 02

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**Yes, all of this has happened to me, so there. Settled. Small edit for Ch. 01 – erogenous, not androgynous, ha. Thanks..whoever that was. And again, I suggest listening to the songs I mention (though in this one there aren’t too many) because they mean a lot to me for the things I experienced during them. Thanks for the great feedback for Ch. 01!**

I woke up early to a small tickling feeling, and I opened my eyes to find her looking at me with those big beautiful green eyes while her finger was tracing over my chest. I got lost in my thoughts, staring at her, still reeling from last night, but starting to think of what would happen. She still has a boyfriend, I come from a very traditional Filipino family, and people in our city are so judgemental..

“Hi,” she said, a small smile on her face, her hand still wandering. “Thanks for last night..” She leaned forward and kissed my forehead and I felt more at ease. Alayna started a trail of soft kisses down the side of my face, to the base of my neck, and worked her way back toward my mouth, but I dodged it and lept over her to the bathroom. Honestly, I don’t think I have bad morning breath, but it’s still morning breath, which just doesn’t fly with me.

She was laughing at me. “Shut up!” I mumbled while I brushed my teeth. I finished and walked back over to her. We were still stark naked, and she lay on her back on the couch, dragging her feet to bend her knees, and put her hands over her head, perking up her tits. She gave me a crooked smile and bit her lip and all I could do was drop my jaw.

After I collected myself I dropped to her, kissing her hard. She brought her arms around me and held me tighter, pushing our breasts together, then grabbed my hair to pull my face into hers.

After a long while of hot kissing, I remembered my brother and sister usually stumble into the house early morning, so reluctantly I told her we had to stop and get dressed. She splayed her arms out and groaned in complaint as I got up from her embrace and put my jeans and wife beater on, leaving our undergarments scattered.

“When’re your aunt and cousins gonna be home?” I said in a tone that would make her realize we had a good 5 to 6 hours in her empty house. She shot a glare at me first, still upset I broke the kiss, then realized what I was implying and her harsh look turned into a sexy vixen smile. “Yeahh see?” I laughed. “Now hurry up and get dressed dumbass.”

“Hey! Not nice!” she said as she gathered her clothes. She slapped me with her shirt playfully and I gave her my puppy face. “Not fair” she smiled.

“Yeah you’re not the only one who can do that.” We kissed. It was just a short one on the way out the door, but still so soft. I loved how she tasted.

It seemed like forever to get to her house because we caught both red lights on the way, but we stole kisses during stops and held hands when I didn’t have to shift gears.

When we arrived at her house she turned on the small stereo in her kitchen to our favorite station, Old School & R&B. It was a weird commercial for breast augmentation which made me laugh.

“Hey maybe you should pay attention,” she said sarcastically.

“Shut up!” I said and this time I tried to slap her but she caught my hand. She then loosened her grip and held my hand more gently, brought it up to her and kissed it, sending goosebumps up my arm, and placed it on the small of her back. I felt for the small dimples just above her ass and when I found it she smiled and licked her bottom lip. I tried to catch it before it went back to hide in her mouth and we kissed slow and passionately, but it was too short because she pulled out and said “I’m hungry.”

I groaned when Alayna left me standing with my nipples just getting hard, but then I saw her pull out a bowl of strawberries and a can of whipped cream. I bit my lip in excitement.

She closed the fridge with her back and slid down to the floor, smiling as she disappeared behind the island counter they had. I walked around corner and saw her sitting with her legs spread but slightly bent to fit in the aisle. I sat down opposite her spreading my legs as well.

She took a strawberry and, keeping her eyes on me, slowly wrapped her soft pink lips around it as she took a bite. I raked the side of my bottom lip with my teeth and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips connected and I tasted the strawberry juices on them. I stuck my tongue in and felt a small chunk of the strawberry and stole it and broke away. She gave me a small smile and squinted her eyes in playful anger. “User.”

“Hey I’m hungry too” I joked.

“Well I can fix that,” she said, and suddenly she was taking off her shirt and her bare breasts bounced. My eyes widened as she brought the can of whip cream to her left nipple and sprayed it on. I was just staring when she said “Well come on or do you need me to show you first?

I shrugged, sarcastically pondering the thought then she laughed and grabbed the back of my head and brought it to her breast. I took bursa escort in all that I could fit hungrily, sucking in and swallowing most of the whipped cream, and then sucked on her nipple making her moan.

“Mmm, yeah,” she said, echoeing more between my legs than it did my ears. I toyed with it with my tongue and raised my hand to play with her other one, but she took it off and just held it, weaving our fingers. I took the hardened nub with my teeth lightly and tugged it back and forth before pulling back and letting go, releasing a sudden harsh exhale from her. There was a little whipped cream left around my mouth and she licked it off, never breaking eye contact, then we kissed, and I still wasn’t used to how soft and amazing she felt.

We continued to play with our food. Eventually our clothes were off again and we were sitting bare naked on the kitchen floor, our bodies covered in sticky trails of saliva and strawberries and whipped cream. We were sitting there laughing and I was thinking how perfect this all was, how perfect she is, when my one of my favorite songs came on, India Arie and Musiq Soulchild’s Chocolate High. I don’t think I have a bad voice because my dad had put me in the church choir when I was young and a family friend started giving me voice lessons not too long ago. So I started singing to her make her smile, and by the time I got to Musiq Soulchild’s part before the chorus we were dancing (still naked) like the couple of cheesy idiots we are..

Your precious darkness got me so

Strung out and lovin’ the way that you

Got me so wide open, my baby doll

Jonesin’ and fienin’ under my skin

My nerves are screamin’ when you’re not here

See baby I need ya

sugar you’re so delicious

Alayna cut me off during the chorus with a kiss. Our hands started traveling up and down each other. Her warm, soft touch sent tingles through my whole body as she placed her hand flat on my stomach and her fingers tickled between my breasts. I moaned into her mouth and she continued to explore me, both of her hands cupping my breasts, pulling at my erect nipples.

I went to feel the small dimples just above her ass again and traced them with my nails. As our passion grew I kissed her more hungrily and I could feel through the way she was rubbing my body and massaging my ass that she wanted me to give it to her again. I picked her up and we still kissed as I made our way back to the island counter in the kitchen and dropped her on it loving the sound of the slap of her ass on the surface. She moaned at the pain and the aggression between us.

I moved my kisses and my tongue to the soft spot behind her ear and one set of nails dug into my arm as the other clutched my hair. “Ooooh yeah Jolene! Mmm god!!” she said and I went straight for her beautiful globes. It’s a good thing we were already naked because I would have ripped her clothes off. I took both in my hands, cupping and squeezing, and alternated each nub in my mouth, licking and sucking. It was a circle chase of moans and pleasing, her moans came from my pleasing of her nipples and I tried to please her more as her moans escaped.

My mouth moved to her flat stomach, kissing over her abs, my tongue tracing those toned, sexy V lines that led down to her vagina. I slid her ass forward toward the edge of the counter, making a loud squeak from the friction. It didn’t sound good so I checked on her. “Ooh, you okay?”

“Shut up!” she said with her eyes still closed, and pushed my head down. (We say shut up a lot…limited vocabulary being teenagers and all.) I wasn’t done with her abs yet, I wanted to show her how much I appreciated how sexy she looked, even if it wasn’t for me. I kissed down the center line of her stomach. God, she’s so perfect. I could feel her strong ab muscles but she still looked very feminine, only having the line down the middle that pointed to what I wanted so badly.

“Mmm” I moaned into her pussy as I took what I could into my mouth. Her taste, her smell, that musky-sweet nectar drove me wild. I sucked it all into my mouth and used the flat of my tongue to rub and suck at her clit.

“Oooohhh shhhiitt!” Her hands flew to the counter and she lifted her hips toward me. I increased my pace and I felt her legs wrap around my head and pull me further into her sex. I looked up to find her looking at me, panting heavily through her smile. Her face, everything about her is so beautiful, I just had to kiss her. I broke away from her pussy and she undid her legs as moved up her body, stopping briefly at her breasts, and then I let my hands take care of them. My tongue slipped into her mouth, still tasting the hint of strawberries and whipped cream. Hers danced with mine as our faces pushed more into each other, trying to melt together into one being.

We continued kissing and feeling each other and suddenly we found ourselves lying on the counter with me on top of her. I could feel her pushing her pussy up toward me and I put bursa escort bayan two fingers in her at the same time I played with her earlobe between my teeth, making her gasp and then groan. I’d read and heard things before about stimulating the g-spot, so I tried to find it. I used my other hand to push down slightly on her waist and reached with the two fingers. I felt that patch of tissue (or at least I thought I did) and slanted my fingers up, careful not to hurt her with my nails, only using the pads. Stroking it back and forth, I could feel it start to back for me.

Alayna looked at me, wild eyed and lost in the sensation. “Wha–?”

“Just relax.”

“Holy–I feel like I’m gonna pee on you!”

“It’s ok it’ll be gone in a sec. Do you want me to stop?”

“I dunno..yeah. Just, just fuck me.” She said, still a little short of breath. I didn’t mind the rejection, some will like it, some won’t. For me, it was all about pleasing her anyway.

I took my wet fingers out and tasted her juices, then slid them down and around her nipple, and back again to her hot and waiting pussy. Alayna rose forward and kissed me, tasting herself on me, and I let her have it selflessly. While I worked up the pace of my fingers my tongue massaged hers and tickled the roof of her mouth behind her teeth, and she moaned into my mouth, “Mmm yeahh.”

With my two middle fingers in her hot, wet sex I used the heel of my palm to massage her clit, and I could feel it swelling. I wanted to hear her more so I started ramming my fingers in her, harder and faster, making a sloppy wet slap between my palm and her hardening nub. She had her leg bent between mine, and I was so wet I couldn’t help rubbing my pussy on her thigh slowly to get some sort of stimulation. She arched her back and her grips around my tits tightened. I could feel her shaking beneath me and her pussy tensing as I sucked at the base of her neck and kept driving my fingers in her and her hips bucked wildly as she came, moaning and groaning and breathing incoherent words into the now-thick air of the kitchen, her breathing broken up.

I slowed and eventually took my fingers out as I eased her down from the orgasm, and kissed her sweaty body down to her pussy to taste her. Reaching up, running my fingertips over her body, tickling her and perking up her nipples, I used the flat of my tongue again to clean her up, and took an outer lip in my mouth and sucked it, then did the same with the other.

She ran her hands up and down my arms, hands still playing with her breasts, tongue finishing its job. Alayna brought me up to her, and I held myself up on my left elbow, stroking her hair, my right hand caressing her forearm. I leaned down to kiss her but she stopped me, one hand on my chest, the other bringing my hair to one side, tucking it behind my ear and coming to rest at the side of my head.

We stared in each others eyes for what felt like hours, no words, no smiles, no feeling or caressing, just looking into each others eyes, each others souls. Pretty Wings by Maxwell was playing, saying what I felt; what I couldn’t say. Your face will be the reason I smile, but I will not see what I cannot have forever, I’ll always love you I hope you feel the same… Say it damnit!!!

But I just couldn’t. There was still too much to consider. Her family, my family, our friends, her boyfriend…god, I didn’t even wanna think about what they’ve done. The damn song didn’t make it any easier. Why did the chorus have to go If I can’t have you, let love set you free To fly your pretty wings around..

“Alayna,” I said, not in a whisper, but just a quiet voice. If someone were at the dining table 10 ft away they wouldn’t have heard us. “Um..” I finally broke away from her stare; the look in her eyes was so intense I couldn’t handle it. I looked at her chest, slightly glistening with sweat, and I ran my finger back and forth tracing above her breasts. I chickened out. “We should shower.”

I climbed off and helped her down. She looked at me, knowing I had something else to say, but I just looked down at her hand and took it, feeling her squeeze a little so I kissed the back of her hand before she led me to the bathroom.

I leaned back against the counter as she turned on the water. She stood a couple feet away but leaned forward, putting her weight and her hands over mine on the edge of the counter so she was in my line of sight looking up at me. Her slightly scrunched up eyebrows and the look in her eyes asked me what was wrong. I gave her a half smile. She gave the same one and came up to kiss me. She brought up both her hands to cup my face, stroking my neck back and forth. Her touch was still so soft, so caring, and it still gave me little goosebumps, but it felt different; almost sad, like I was saying goodbye.

Thoughts of what she might or might not have done with her boyfriend ran rampant in my imagination, making me kiss her harder. I took her hands as I pushed bursa sınırsız escort her back, slamming her into the wall, and pinned them above her head. She gasped but I interrupted it, shoving my tongue in her mouth, attacking hers. I was jealous of him, what things they might have shared together, ‘physical’ experiences they had together that he took from me.

She moaned, but that was different too, shocked, almost telling me to stop. “Wait–” she started, but at the same time I drove a finger in her pussy. Her exhale came out as sharp and sudden as my finger entered her. I nipped at her neck harder than I had before. She took a deep breath through her teeth and moaned.

“Yeah? That what you like? Is that how he gave it to you?”

“What?” She pushed me away from her. “Jesse? Is he why you totally switched moods out there?”

I told her what I was thinking. How I was feeling..jealous, angry. “C’mon. You guys have been on and off for like a year almost and you haven’t done anything??”

“No! Well–nothing like this! We’ve made out, yeah, but whenever he’d try to go further I’d stop him. It didn’t feel right, like he was trying to force me. Those times we broke up were because he couldn’t hold out anymore.”

Fuck, you’re a jackass, I told myself. I closed the gap between us. “I’m sorry.” I could hear 112 singing from the kitchen Cupid doesn’t lie, but you won’t know unless you give it a try, and I knew what I wanted to do.

“This is new for both of us, ‘kay? I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, when school starts and we’re both busy, but I right now I know that I just.. I want you. I want to be around you all the time, to be with you, to do–“

I looked at her. Not just her pretty eyes, but her, all of her. Alayna, my work out partner, my classmate, my confidant, my best friend, my everything. It felt like my intestines were tieing themselves into a monkey fist knot, but I said it. “I love you.”

We were face to face now, our noses grazing. Her mouth was open slightly from the shock, but her eyes were warm and smiling. “I love you Jo.”

My heart was flying, and it lifted me, us, off the ground. I was breathing heavily, my chest was rising up and down against hers. I was smiling like an idiot by I couldn’t stop; I was overflowing with bliss and joy and ecstasy. I felt better when her smile got just as big. We kissed and again I took her top lip and teased the web between her gum and lip with my tongue while she sucked at my bottom lip, and I felt her teeth nibble and roll it back and forth, making both of us moan over and over. I love kissing her; it’s so hard to describe, but it feels electric, amazing, elating, mind-blowing, and it gives me butterflies every time.

The steam from the shower filled the room now so she turned the knob toward cold and we stepped in. I reached for a loofah, but she grabbed my wrist, then poured the body wash in her hand. She washed my upper body without disconnecting our lips, her tongue massaging mine as her hands did my breasts. They moved down to my abs, and her nails tickled me as they scratched lightly in the line that split my abs, then moved around to my back, and I let out a long groan matching the scratches she trailed down to my ass. My arms tingled when her soft, warm touch graced them, squeezing slightly at my shoulders and then running their length.

It washed off when she knelt down to wash my lower body. She kissed and licked around my belly button, teasing the rim of it while she poured more soap in her hands and lathered them. She held my hips and brought me closer to her and she started to make out with my waist just above my pussy. My legs felt weaker, and I put my forearm on the wall to help me stay standing. Her hands went to my ass, rubbing and soaping them first before squeezing and bringing me even closer to her as she began to nibble at my waist, moving that incredible sensation across to my hips and then licking above my thighs down to my pussy.

My legs spread as her tongue ran across my clit, making me shiver and I put a hand on her head to keep her there. She continued to lick up and down my slit, making me more wet than the shower could ever hope to do. Her hands didn’t stop what they were doing, massaging my thighs and descending to my calves, then she curled her fingers and scratched up to my hips which were rocking against her magical tongue working circles on my hardening clit. She did to my what I had done to her earlier on the counter, sucking my pussy in her mouth and rubbing the flat of her tongue on my nub. Wow, I’m a fucking genius, I thought to myself, and moaned her name, “Mmmmm Alaynaaa…”

She put her lips around my pussy. “Mmm yeah? Feel good? You like that?” she moaned, kissing and sucking in my clit between questions.

“Oooohh yeah…God, you feel so fucking good.” My hand searched for something to hold on to and clutched the shower curtain.

The water had washed the soap off of both of us by now, and she slid her hands around to my quads, squeezing before slipping one hand underneath and she entered a finger into my pussy, slowly pushing it in and out, and while her thumb worked my clit she kissed and raked her teeth across my thighs and above my pussy, then she worked those kisses back down over my trimmed landing strip and back to my throbbing nub.

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