A Girl Called Sami Ch. 11

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Sami’s dad came to pick Sami and her stuff up from the dorm, including her motor scooter; with all of her stuff taking up the bed of the pickup, they had to rent a small trailer for the scoot.

It was a fun drive home with her dad, talking about stuff they didn’t usually get to talk about. He informed her that he finally made the decision to sell off the 300 acre parcel, the one with all the Southern Pines, to one of the biggest wood processors in the country.

He told her of taking some of the money for use to ‘fix’ up the house a bit. As usual with her dad, he understated the situation.

Pulling into the long driveway of their farm, Sami was blown away by all the improvements they had done since she had been home last, at Christmas.

“Damn, pops, the place looks great,” Sami exclaimed as her eyes swept the yard and 100 year old family homestead, freshly painted and with a new side-porch.

“Watch your language, Samantha June,” her dad cautioned, but with a soft smile on his face. He was never able to be stern with Samantha, never; for him, Samantha June would always be his ‘baby’.

The following weekend after she had arrived home, Bonnie drove from Gulfport to pick Sami up for the trip to Memphis. Bonnie spent Friday night with Sami and her family and on Saturday, the girls headed north for Memphis and their summer adventures, whatever they might be.


The apartment, their apartment for the summer, was in a gated community, had two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom; there was a half-bath as well, in the hallway. The girls each chose a bedroom to unload their stuff into, though in truth they would be sharing a bed.

But to outsiders, guests and the like, it appeared that they each had their own space, and that was the point, after all.

Bonnie knew some of the staff at the station, of course, having made trips with her dad on occasion; Sami was accepted as ‘family’ by Bonnie’s uncle and he made her transition into the station’s art department, an easy one. Sami’s eye for detail and finesse on projects soon earned her the respect of her co-workers.

All in all, it was a very smooth transition from student-athlete to worker-bee.

At the end of their first work week, the girls debated where to go to celebrate that fact.

“I so don’t want pizza or anything like that,” Bonnie proclaimed as she drove them home.

“No, me either,” Sami agreed, deep in thought about some options for food and fun for them tonight.

“Feel like some BBQ?” offered Bonnie.

“Yeah, I could do BBQ, that’s sounds good.”

“Then, maybe hit Beale Street to check out some Blues Clubs?” Bonnie further suggested.

“It’s Friday night in Memphis, Tennessee; seems like it’d be against the law not to do BBQ and Blues, don’t you think?” Sami said in agreement.

“Seems like,” agreed Bonnie as she turned into the drive of their complex.

Sami and Bonnie were getting dangerously close to becoming a couple, something both said that they didn’t want, but neither doing anything to ensure that they didn’t.

For her part, Sami wasn’t at all sure about what was going on with her feelings about Bonnie; but she was honest enough to admit that she felt something for Bonnie that she didn’t see coming, whatever it was.

As far as Bonnie was concerned, she was stone-cold nuts about Sami-girl, plain and simple, no mystery to her at all. Did she love Sami? Definitely; was she in love with Sami? Probably; was she concerned that she felt that way about another female? Not in the slightest.

And while the sex was a huge factor in Bonnie’s feelings for Sami, it wasn’t the most important part of her relationship with Sami. No, that would be the genuine concern and caring that she knew Sami had for her; not even Roy ever cared about her in that way, about her as a person, with thoughts, ideas, desires. No, no one ever really bothered to find the real Bonnie Sue, no one but Sami.

For Bonnie Sue, it was enough.

They were just finishing off the plate of ribs that they had split, fingers and lips smeared with BBQ sauce, when Bonnie said, “There’s a couple of clubs we can get into without ID. The owners are friends of my uncle,” wiping her mouth with her seventh napkin of the night.

“Cool,” replied Sami, wiping her mouth and hands afterwards with one of those ‘wet naps’ that are supplied with the Rib dinners.

Paying their server, and leaving a generous tip, the girls strolled out of the rib joint, heading for the clubs.

They took their time, casually strolling in the cooler night air, stopping periodically to stand outside of a club to listen to the music. They people-watched the Beale Street scene during their walk, always a fun thing to do in Memphis, especially on the weekends.

As they passed a smaller club, Sami glanced at the playbill on the outside board that advertised the acts, as well as food and drink offerings.

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Sami suddenly exclaimed to no one in particular.

“What? güvenilir bahis What are you blabbering about?” Bonnie asked when she stopped and turned to look at Sami.

“Look at this playbill, second group from the top, on the left,” Sami simply said.

Looking at the advertising poster, Bonnie asked, “this one, ‘Billie and the Blues Crew’?” her eyes back on Sami afterwards.

“Remember the girl I told you about? The one who worked at the Grille with me and was an art major that lived in our dorm, above us?” Sami was saying, “You know, the one I said didn’t come back to school and I couldn’t contact her?”

“Yeah?” Bonnie answered, her eyebrows scrunched together, trying to connect the dots.

“That’s her, the chick on the left, in the picture, that’s Billie, from upstairs,” Sami proclaimed.

“Wow, that’s incredible; almost kinda’ spooky,” offered Bonnie, then taking another look at the photo on the poster, “huh, she’s kinda’ hot, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah, very hot indeed,” Sami said mysteriously, but smiling when she said it.

Reading the poster for dates, Sami typed a memo into her cell phone, telling Bonnie that come hell or high water, they were coming to see Billie; Sami needed to find out what the hell had happened to Billie after last summer semester ended.

The girls visited a couple of clubs, and Bonnie was right, they had no problem about ID in either. The music was good at both clubs, but since they couldn’t drink, they decided to call it an early night.

“We can drink at the apartment; Daddy has a liquor cabinet and I know it’s fully stocked,” suggested Bonnie.

“We can do that,” agreed Sami as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Get me drunk, and I’ll do things to you,” Bonnie teased.

“And if I don’t get you drunk?”

“I’ll still do things to you,” promised Bonnie, with a wink and evil grin to Sami.

Bonnie never disappoints, thought Sami, as she moved her hips in response to Bonnie’s mouth and tongue’s attention to Sami’s pussy.

The surprise for Sami was when she felt Bonnie’s finger rubbed across and around her puckered asshole; the surprise, causing Sami to climax within fifteen seconds.

We should think about getting us a dildo, Sami thought, climaxing again, right after the thought.


“Sami, it’s Billie; I got your note,” Sami heard after answering her cell phone’s ring.

Sami had dropped off a note with her numbers for Billie with the club manager on that Saturday, the day after seeing the playbill.

Sami launched into a litany of questions, immediately, trying to cram a lot into the little time she had to speak, since she was at work when Billie called.

“Sami, I know, I know; Look, the club’s ‘dark’ tonight, and the band will be doing sound checks for a few hours; can you meet me, after you get off of work, and we’ll have a beer and I’ll bring you up to speed, okay?”

“Mind if my roomie tags along, since we’ll be in her car?” Sami asked.

“Of course not, Blondie; see you tonight and oh, park in back of the club, you’ll see our bus and I’ll make sure the club’s people know that you’re my guests, okay?” Billie answered.

“See you after work, and Billie? I’m so relieved to hear from you, I was so damned worried,” Sami answered.

“Yeah, I know baby, I’m sorry, I really am,” Billie’s voice sounding contrite.

Sami and Bonnie parked next to the tour bus and were let into the club after they had knocked on the back door. When Billie saw Sami turn the corner, from the exit hallway, she shrieked and jumped off of the stage and ran into Sami’s opened arms, both of them hugging so tightly, their bodies almost looked like one.

“Bonnie? Right?” Billie said when she and Sami broke their embrace.

“Yes; now I remember you,” Bonnie said in greeting, “I remember you from the dorm.”

“Yep, right above you guys, in 304,” Billie said, accepting Bonnie’s hug of friendship.

“Johnny, can we get a couple of cold brews for my friends,” Billie called to the bartender who was stocking the beer boxes.

Johnny looked at Sami and Bonnie, as if judging their age-status, then to Billie; making up his mind, he replied, “Yeah, sure Billie, but if anyone asks, ya’ll got the beer yourselves when I was taking a leak, okay?”

“Okay, and thanks, sweetie,” Billie replied.

Billie’s tale, the condensed version;

Billie’s been playing music with most of her band mates since ninth grade; they had always attracted attention in and around her hometown of Greenville, Mississippi, the heart and soul of Mississippi Delta Blues, and had always ‘talked’ of making music a full time career at some point.

When Billie returned home between semesters last summer, they were asked to take part in a Blues Festival in Greenville which showcased local artists and groups. Fate had placed an A one thing led to another, talks became intense, and decisions had to be made about returning to school or grabbing at the brass ring in front of them.

“Music’s güvenilir bahis siteleri always been my first love,” Billie was saying as she toyed with her beer bottle on the table in front of her, “so, I decided, we, the group, decided to take the chance with music.”

“Daddy was transferred by his job to the west coast, and I chose to stay in Greenville, to chase the dream,” Billie was saying, “Julie and I have been involved for a while, ever since high school, really, and moved in together; we spent every damned day rehearsing, perfecting our sounds and harmonies with the rest of the guys.”

“I was going to call you, you know? But, well hell, Sami, there’s no excuse, I guess is the truth of the matter,” Billie confessed, “It’s not that I didn’t think about it, but as we started cutting tracks in the studio and playing clubs and venues across the east coast, I just didn’t and I feel like a turd because my laziness caused you to worry; I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, Sami,” Billie concluded, wiping a small tear from the corner of her eye.

Smiling, Sami reached with her hand and wiped a tear from the corner of the other eye, and leaning towards Billie, she kissed her a sweet, tender kiss of friendship, and squeezed Billie’s hand in hers afterwards.

“All is forgiven, baby; I’m just glad that you’re alive, well, and happy; really, I am,” Sami said to her.

“Hey Billie, we’re ready to do the sound checks whenever you are,” a very attractive girl called out from the stage.

“Jules, come over here for a second, I’d like you to meet some friends of mine,” Billie called back.

Jules, or Julie, was also multiracial, like Billie, and was not unattractive to the eye. On the slim side, and 5’6’ish, with full breasts popping over the top of her low cut top, she garnered a lot of attention from both men and women when she entered a room.

“Ladies, May I present, Jules, bass player extraordinaire; Jules, my friends, Bonnie and Sami,” Billie introduced with a hand to each.

“Nice to meet you girls, any friends of….wait, Sami? Sami, as in ‘magic-tongue Sami’?” Jules interrupted herself to ask, her eyes hard on Sami-girl’s face, now.

Though the blushing didn’t show on her Café au Lait complexion, Billie could feel the heat rising up her neck to her face.

Sami’s face did indeed show the blush that appeared upon hearing the remark, and it took a lot for Sami to blush.

Bonnie’s face didn’t register anything, but her mind, ah yes; her mind was flashing erotica by the bucketful.

“Oops, sorry Billie, sorta’ slipped out,” Jules said, but without the smile leaving her face, or her eyes leaving Sami’s face.

“No more weed for you tonight, big-mouth,” Billie said in an attempt to recover the moment.

“Anyway, very glad to meet you two ladies; Billie, we’re ready when you are,” and smiling at Bonnie and Sami, Jules returned to the stage.

“Sorry about that, Sami; Jules gets a bit loose-tongued when she smokes,” Billie’s face clearly showing remorse for the comment, “Hey, how ’bout you gals come to our show Friday evening, as my guests; we always do our full shows on Friday nights, okay?”

“Love to, Billie, thanks,” Sami said for them both.

“Great, meet us at the bus around 8 or so and we’ll blow a bone before the show, okay?”

“It’s a date,” and hugging each other in goodbye, Billie went to the stage, and the girls headed for the back door, after thanking Johnny for the beers.

“What beers? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Johnny replied with a smile and a nod of acknowledgement.

Don’t ask Bonnie what she and Sami talked about on the drive from the club to their apartment, she couldn’t have told you; oh, she conversed with Sami, but only part of her brain took care of handling that.

The rest of the her brain was overflowing with images of Sami’s fair skin and blonde hair moving up and down between Billie’s legs, and of Sami’s tongue, Sami’s magic tongue deep inside of Billie’s snatch.

When Bonnie and Sami walked inside of their apartment, it would be fair to say that Bonnie came close to the line of ‘forced sex’ on Sami; except that with Sami, there was no forcing necessary.

“Wow, what the hell got your motor running?” Sami asked as she twirled Bonnie’s hair in her fingers; Bonnie’s head was lying on Sami’s thigh, her mouth and lips wet with Sami-juice.

“Couldn’t get the image out of my head of you going down on Billie,” Bonnie truthfully replied, “and it sorta’ turned me on.”

“Sorta’ my ass,” Sami laughingly said, “If the image turned your crank, the real thing would probably give you a stroke.”

“I’d risk it,” Bonnie said with a chuckle, “Billie’s a real cutie; yeah, I’d risk it.”

“I could always give Billie a call and invite her and Jules to our place for dinner, if you’d like,” Sami said, sort of half-jokingly.

“Yeah, why don’t you do that,” Bonnie said, seriously, before she kissed up Sami’s stomach, then taking Sami’s tit into her mouth.


When iddaa siteleri Sami called Billie the next morning, she didn’t mince her words with Billie about the invite.

“And after dinner, if you two are up for it, we’d kinda’ like some play time with ya’ll; Bonnie is hot to get into your pants Billie and, truthfully, I’d like to get to know Jules better.”

“Hang on a sec, Sami,” Billie said, then holding the phone to her chest, Sami heard Billie relay the invite for food and play; she also heard Jules’ reply of “Hell, yeah!”

“Sounds like that’ll work, Sami-girl; want us to bring anything?”

“Nope, we have it covered, and I’ll pick ya’ll up at 6’ish.”

Bonnie stayed behind to keep an eye on dinner while Sami drove downtown to pick up Billie and Jules. They shared a doob on the drive back to the apartment, and Jules kept her eyes on Sami for the entire drive back to the apartment.

Sami kept darting her eyes to the rearview mirror, to Jules in the backseat, to the swell of her breasts showing above her low-cut, spaghetti-strapped top. When Jules caught Sami looking at her in the mirror, she just smiled seductively at Sami, which was turning Sami on immensely.

Once at the apartment, Billie latched onto Bonnie, keeping her company in the kitchen, talking and flirting brazenly with her. Sami and Jules fixed drinks for all of them, and joining Sami, they went out onto the patio, leaving the patio light off, leaving it dark.

Standing next to each other, the sexual tension was palatable in the night air of Memphis that night. Turning to Sami, Jules reached to Sami lips with her own, opening her mouth to accept Sami’s tongue as Sami had done to accept hers. When Sami’s hand found her breast, Jules held their kiss while she pulled her top down so that Sami could fondle her freely, without the bother of material.

Breaking their kiss, they held each other’s eyes in their own, and Sami’s hand continued to squeeze and caress Jules’ tit. The only reason they didn’t screw on the patio was the fact that they were called in for dinner by Bonnie and Billie.

“After dinner? You and me, your bed,” Jules said to Sami, “and we’ll pick this back up where we left off,” and giving Sami a kiss to think about, they joined the girls for dinner.

They wasted little time in eating, did these four young women, all anxious to move to ‘dessert’; leaving the dishes rinsed and in the sink, the girls gathered in the living room to share a joint, to mellow out, and to leave inhibitions elsewhere, if anyone had any.

Bonnie and Billie started with kisses and touches to each other, neither particularly caring that Jules and Sami were watching, for a while, anyway.

When Sami began kissing Jules’ breast swell while fondling her, Jules just closed her eyes and enjoyed Sami’s kisses and touches; and when Sami pulled down her top to take her chocolate-colored areola and nipple into her mouth, Jules moaned softly from pure enjoyment at what Sami was doing to her.

“Your bed?” Jules suggested, and when they rose to head that way, it was apparent that Billie and Bonnie were going to screw right there in the living room, both of them half-undressed, kissing and fondling each other in a sexual frenzy.

Sami undressed Jules, taking her time in doing so, enjoying her kisses and tongue tasting of Jules’ body as she did so.

Jules was doing her damnedest not to climax as Sami’s tongue flicked back and forth across her clit as she stood there, her clothes in a pile at her feet and Sami on her knees with her hands squeezing Jules’ fine ass, pulling her love-box to Sami’s mouth and tongue.

And just when she thought she was going to lose the battle and climax, Sami pulled her mouth away from Jules’ pussy, her pubes now wet from Sami’s mouth and tongue.

Standing, Sami gently pushed Jules backwards onto the bed, her pussy at the edge and her legs dangling to the floor. Staring into Jules’ eyes as she stripped off her own clothes, Sami was about to burst with desire for this black girl.

Sami leaned over Jules, supporting her body with her arms on either side of Jules, on the bed; leaning down, she kissed Jules hard and lustfully while Jules fondled Sami’s breasts.

Moving her mouth to Jules’ breasts, Sami sucked and licked her large nipples, biting them, tonguing them as Jules’ insides turned to mush under Sami’s tongue strokes. Kissing down Jules’ belly, Sami finally kneeled between Jules’ legs; slipping her hands under Jules’ ass, she lifted her pussy to her mouth, Jules’ clit swollen and large between Sami’s lips.

“Oh, Damn,” Jules cried when the orgasm exploded, catching her by surprise, but in a good way. And just as that climax began to ebb, Jules felt Sami’s tongue enter her, and the ride started all over again, and again, and again…

“Oh, oh, oh, Damnit, Damnit girl, don’t stop, please, whatever you do, don’t stop,” Billie was begging Bonnie as Bonnie Sue Madison was busying herself with eating Billie’s sweet-tasting pussy.

Inwardly, Bonnie smiled to herself when she heard those words from Billie; sliding her tongue further into Billie’s pussy, Bonnie Sue Madison, of the Gulfport Madisons, had no fucking intention of stopping as she noisily munched on Billie’s sex-wet snatch…

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