A Glorious Hole in the Video Booth

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Sandy had been in the “adult novelty” shop with her husband before, but she hadn’t been to the 3rd floor where the elevator she was alone in was taking her. It was dimly lit with mirrored walls, and more out of habit than concern she checked her hair in the reflection. Glancing down, she noticed that her nipples were hard enough to show through her sweater. She hadn’t dressed provocatively on purpose, but appreciated the stares she had received as she walked through the crowded store on her way to the elevator. The parking lot had been full and she wasn’t surprised that there were so many shoppers on a Saturday afternoon, but she was surprised that they all seemed to be men. Normally their blatant stares would have made her uneasy, but standing in the elevator she found herself a little out of breath and she could feel a slippery wetness between her legs. Still watching herself in the mirror she pinched her nipples lightly to make sure they would stay hard for the rest of the men she assumed were up in the adult video department she was headed for.

Sandy had told her husband Tom that she was going to stop by the store and pick up a gift card for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party after getting her hair cut. “I’ve got a 2:30 appointment so I’ll probably be home around 5:00 if I’m lucky. I’m going straight to the toy store afterwards and then right home,” she said as she headed out the door. “Maybe if you’re really good, I’ll bring you something fun.”

As the elevator door opened and Sandy walked out, she was met with the same appreciative looks from the men browsing for videos as she had received from the others on the first floor. For some reason, the gift cards had to be purchased in the video department of the large sex shop and Sandy found herself in a room full of horny men searching for adult videos that would most likely fuel their masturbation sessions later that evening. The thought of them jerking off gave Sandy a sudden shiver and the dampness in her panties increased. She walked directly to the register on the other side of the room without making eye contact with anyone, but she knew they were all watching her ass wiggle in her tight jeans as she went past.

Sandy got in line behind two men who had apparently found the videos they hoped would get them off or maybe get their wife or girlfriend in the mood. She couldn’t help noticing the first man had chosen a video called “Anal Intruder Squad” and she wondered if watching the movie was as close as he was going to get to having anal sex that night. She pictured him sitting on his couch stroking himself later while the video flickered from scene to scene. She wondered what his cock looked like and settled on a long, thin one with a large head in her mind’s eye.

The man in front of her placed his videos on the counter next and the clerk, a cute guy with wavy brown hair mentioned that he received two free video booth tokens with his rental of “Bend Over Boyfriend” as part of a promotion they were running. “It’s one of the featured videos in our booths this month, but the tokens are good for any of the movies that are currently showing,” he explained to the customer as he rang up his rental. Waiting for the customer ahead of her, Sandy had noticed a sign over a nearby doorway that read “Video Booths”, but she wasn’t sure what it had meant. Overhearing the clerk’s comment, she realized that it was possible to watch movies here in the store and she wondered why anyone would want to.

Sandy was trying to see around the corner of the doorway into the video booth area when the clerk asked her what he could do for her. “Oh, I’m sorry” Sandy said with a jump, “I didn’t know you were ready for me.”

“No worries,” the clerk whose name tag read “Garth,” said smiling. “I’d do just about anything to get ready for you.”

“Well,” Sandy said blushing, “you can start with a gift card for $50. I understand you’re the guy to help with that right?”

“I’m you’re guy,” Garth said in sexy way that made it clear to Sandy she could have more than a gift card if she was interested. He grabbed a gift card and began ringing it up though the electronic register. “This might take a couple of minutes since our system is pretty busy tonight,” he added while stealing a glance at Sandy’s breasts and visible nipples.

“So I was wondering what the deal is with the video booths?” Sandy asked casually. She had hoped he would offer her a couple of free tokens too so she would have a reason to go look for herself.

“Oh you know, the usual thing. Sometimes guys can’t wait to get home to wax the dolphin so they head in to a booth to shoot their load. There’s lot’s of eye candy around here some nights and guys figure they might even get lucky if they stick around and drop a few tokens.” Sandy wasn’t exactly sure what Garth meant by eye candy, but she got the gist of his comments well enough to understand that the video booths were a place to give yourself bebek escort a quickie before heading home with your purchases.

The tightness in Sandy’s nipples and damp crotch of her panties reminded her of how aroused she had become while watching the men pore over their video boxes. Images of them stroking their hard cocks had filled her mind as she waited in line and on an impulse she asked Garth for a dollars worth of video tokens along with the gift card. “A dollar isn’t going to do much for you if you know what I mean,” he said with a wink. “I’d suggest five dollars worth. That way you can check out all the movies to make sure you find one that’s interesting. There are only eight titles showing right now, but the tokens only last about two minutes each.” Sandy reached out for the tokens and before dropping them in her hand, Garth grasped Sandy lightly by the wrist and looked openly in her eyes and said, “Try booth number 8. It’s my favorite.”

Sandy’s heart raced as she walked through the doorway marked “Video Booths” and turned left into a hallway lit by several light bulbs made to look like flickering candles. The semi-darkness gave Sandy a sense of anonymity as she noticed there were four doors on either side of the short hall with numbers above each one. Most of the doors were closed as she headed toward number 8, which was the last door on the right. The sounds of sex from the movies playing in each booth filled the hallway. A woman moaned in orgasm from the video in booth 2 as Sandy passed, causing her to wonder who was watching and what they were doing. The door in booth 5 opened as Sandy drew near and an average looking guy stepped out sheepishly, quickly lowering his eyes to the floor. His discomfort was obvious at seeing a woman standing in the hall outside the booth he had jerked off in moments earlier. A whiff of testosterone and semen hit Sandy like a dart sending a tingle though her that made her pussy contract as if it held a cock that had just come.

Sandy passed an open door in booth number seven, which was empty and stepped through door number eight into a small room no larger than her linen closet at home. She quickly closed the door behind her and flipped the lock hoping it actually worked. A fake candle light bulb glowed on the wall beside her revealing a small round stool in the middle of the square floor. Opposite the door was a small TV screen next to a panel with a series of numbered buttons and a slot for the tokens to go in. Surprisingly, there was also a shelf with a large box of tissues and basket of trial-sized lubes of various brands. Sandy laughed at the apparent merchandising and wondered if the store saw an increase in lube sales after a big night in the video booths. A small wastebasket in the corner that was half filled with tissues was the only other attempt at décor in the warm room. The booth was cleaner than Sandy had imagined it would be and she was pleased to see that the rose colored walls weren’t scarred with graffiti or the phone numbers of men hoping to get a late night call.

Sandy sat down on the stool and dropped three of the tokens in to the slot, which instantly started the video where it had ended for the previous occupant of the booth. A light on the button panel told Sandy it was movie number 4, a badly dubbed European version of Tarzan that featured a guy with a loin-cloth that did nothing to hide his enormous cock. Sandy watched briefly as Tarzan fucked what she assumed was Jane from behind before shooting a large load of cum on her tits. The fake candle bulb had gone out when the movie started, leaving the room dark except for the blue glow of the TV screen. Sandy noticed for the first time that she could see a hole in the wall between her booth and booth number seven next door. The neighboring booth was still empty and light was coming through the hole now that Sandy’s booth was dark. It seemed odd to her that the hole hadn’t been repaired when the rest of the booth seemed fairly well cared for. It was about three feet off the floor and about as big around as a softball. Sandy had read about something called a glory hole in an erotic story once and wondered if this was one. Not knowing what to make of it, she didn’t give it any more thought and turned her attention back to the movies.

The tingle in Sandy’s pussy had turned to a throb as she flipped through several channels of lesbian sex (not her favorite), a gang-bang (too much of a good thing) and Bend Over Boyfriend, the featured movie according to Garth (interesting, but not what she was after). It dawned on her that this was what her husband meant when he described his “spank-a-dex”. Except that in his case it was a mental list of sexual scenarios and she had the visuals to go with them here in the video booth. She flipped to the next channel after her lazy scroll through the other movies and caught a glimpse of a guy stroking his long, fat cock before istanbul eskort the first three tokens ran out and the video clicked off. The room light came back on and Sandy had to dig in her purse where she had stuck the other tokens. It took her a few minutes to locate them, but grabbing a handful, she quickly dropped more in the slot and the movie of the guy jerking off came back on in a flash.

A guy masturbating wasn’t normally high on the list of things that got Sandy hot and bothered. Sure she enjoyed watching Tom get himself off once in a while when they were in the mood for something different, but Sandy’s earlier thoughts of customers jerking off to their rental movies made her stop and watch intently.

The twenty-something hunk that was stroking himself was sitting in a swivel chair in a poorly designed set that was supposed to look like an office of some kind. At least that’s what Sandy assumed the cheap metal desk and dusty potted plant were supposed to conjure up. He had probably been wearing his only suit earlier in the movie before he slowly pulled it off to reveal his rock hard abs and nicely shaved cock and balls. In most porn movies his secretary would have come in to give him a pretty face to shoot his load on, but in this case it looked like he was on his own ’till the end.

Sandy dropped another handful of tokens into the slot to keep the movie from turning off again and decided that it was time to do a little stroking of her own. She stood up and unbuttoned her jeans, letting them drop to her ankles. She wanted to take them off, but the boots she had worn shopping were too hard to take off quickly and there was something sexy about the sight of her pants down around her legs in a booth made just for this sort of thing. Still standing, she rubbed herself through the soft lace of her black panties. They were soaked through at the crotch and she could smell her own juices in the warm room. Her clit stiffened as she became even more aroused watching the hunk slide his hand the entire length of his cock. Like the rest of him, it was tanned a golden brown and had a straight shaft that was so thick Sandy doubted she could get her fingers all the way around it. His large hands had no trouble with it though as he slid one up to tease the prominent ridge around the slightly flared head. The veins in his cock pulsed with his heart beat as he seemed to near orgasm.

Sandy slipped her panties down to meet her jeans and sat down on the stool spreading her legs wide so that her knees nearly touched the walls on either side of her. She leaned back while her fingers made wet sounds as she pushed one and then several into her pussy, wishing it was the hard cock in the video spreading her lips open. She was stroking toward orgasm when it dawned on her that something in the room seemed different. There had been a glare on the TV screen earlier from the light coming through the hole in the wall and now it was gone. Sandy glanced over and could see a flickering light through the hole where there had been a solid one previously. Someone had come in to the booth next door without her hearing and had started the video player in room seven.

Her instinct was to pull her pants up and get the heck out of there. She had no idea who was in the room next to her, but she had a feeling it was Garth the video clerk who had steered her toward room eight. She had a pretty good idea why now. He probably figured he’d give her a little while to get wound up watching the movies and then sneak in and watch her come. Ninety-nine out of a hundred times Sandy would have bolted for the door, but the combination of her buzzing clit and the pre-cum leaking out of the hunks big cock on the TV made her mind up for her and she decided to stay and finish what she had started.

Sandy’s eyes had adjusted to the dark earlier and she could easily see the silhouette of the person’s torso in the booth next to her through the hole in the wall. She was no more than a couple of feet away from the wall and she realized she could clearly make out the shape of a cock sticking up out of the lap of her neighbor. That solved the question of whether it was a man or a woman next door, but not the question of if it was Garth over there jerking himself off, since she had no way to see the other person’s face. Glancing occasionally at the big cock ready to burst in the video, she also watched the show next door with excitement as she continued to keep herself close to coming.

The office hunk began to groan in a way that made it clear he was going to blow and Sandy couldn’t resist watching him as he shot load after load of white cream into the air. It fell on his cock and balls as the movie shifted to slow motion so that every drop was caught as it cascaded down on him. The sight of his come dripping down his balls into his ass crack nearly pushed Sandy over the edge and she figured she was only a half dozen strokes away from kağıthane escort her own creamy orgasm. As the hunk quivered in his post-orgasmic glow Sandy looked to see what her neighbor was doing and her hand stopped mid-stroke. Sticking through the hole in the wall within easy reach, were the stranger’s cock and balls.

This cock wasn’t as big as the office hunk’s but it was much more real and it was pointing directly at her. The head bobbed up and down slightly as it pulsed along to the man’s apparently racing heart. Sandy could clearly see the stranger was wearing a set of silver cock rings that made his cock look like it was ready to burst. One ring ran from the top of his cock, under and around his balls making them stand out like a firm navel orange. A smaller ring attached to the larger one with a leather strap, circled the base of his cock squeezing it so that it looked like it would be as hard as stone to the touch. As Sandy watched, a single drop of pre-cum rolled down the underside of the man’s rigid member and on to his balls. Sandy’s fingers hadn’t left her pussy and she soon had her clit on the verge of popping again. She spun on the stool so that she was now directly facing the hard cock sticking through the hole in front of her. It was an amazing sight to see a large, well-shaped penis jutting out of a wall in all its glory. It struck Sandy that the term glory hole really was appropriate considering the way this cock was on display.

Sandy was reaching for the stranger’s cock even before she knew she was going to do it. As her right hand thrummed her clit in a perfect rhythm, her left hand reached up and took a small packet of the lube from the shelf in her video booth. Tearing it open with her teeth, she squirted the entire packet onto the bulging cock and began to stroke it hoping to time their orgasms as closely as possible. Sandy could feel the hot cock slip in and out of her fingers as she concentrated on the thrusting red head. She leaned forward and spread her legs as far as her jeans would allow giving her maximum contact between her clit and her slippery fingers.

A pulsing started at the base of the stranger’s cock and Sandy knew that it signaled his oncoming orgasm. As she stroked him faster, the entire length of his cock seemed to grow fatter, causing the ring to sink deeper into his flesh as the first rope of white cum flew out and landed on the floor at her feet with a wet slap. She coaxed the next string out soon after the first and it landed on her thigh next to her pussy. Sandy dipped her fingers into it and used it to lubricate herself as she flew over her engorged clit like a lover’s tongue. As shot after shot of the stranger’s hot come landed on and around Sandy she felt her own orgasm start deep in her clutching pussy and swell throughout her body as she erupted in her own ecstasy. Sandy’s moans of pleasure joined the muffled groans coming from the man in the booth next door. Her climax peaked and slowly subsided leaving her with her head against the wall next to the hole the man was still extended through. Without thinking Sandy turned and kissed the head of the cock, tasting his tart come for the first time. She could feel the heat on her cheek as she leaned against the softening penis. As he began to pull himself back through the hole, Sandy noticed a small heart-shaped mark on the cum-covered strap connecting the cock rings. It was a mental image she knew she would never forget.

Sandy was using the remaining tissues in the box to clean herself up when she heard the stranger open the door in his booth. His movie was apparently still running since the light hadn’t come on. That’s a good way to keep from being recognized I guess, Sandy thought. She held her breath hoping that he wouldn’t try to talk to her. After a few minutes of waiting she opened her door to an empty hallway.

Despite the extreme pleasure Sandy had experienced in the video booth, she was mortified at what she had done with the stranger. She loved her husband very much and even though they had fulfilled many sexual fantasies with other people it had always been together as a couple. She knew she had to tell him, but worried about how he would react to her story.

Sandy was surprised to find Tom sitting in the family room watching a porn movie when she got home. “Boy am I glad you’re home,” Tom said with a grin as Sandy came in the room. “I’ve been thinking about you wandering around that sex shop all afternoon and I was getting hornier by the minute. I finally decided to take matters in to my own hands.” Sandy decided that her confession could wait and she did want to feel Tom’s cock in her still wet pussy. She slipped out of her clothes right there in the family room and lay down on the couch as Tom also pulled his clothes off. She wondered if Tom would smell the stranger’s come on her or notice her swollen pussy before she could tell him the truth.

“Honey, there’s something I have to tell you,” Sandy said as Tom walked toward her. She couldn’t help noticing his cock was as hard as she had ever seen it, and as he got near she saw why. There, peeking out from a recent coating of come was a set of silver cock rings complete with a small heart-shaped mark.

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