A Hall Pass for the Wife

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“This one, email her.” She scrolled up and down looking at the pictures on the woman’s profile.


“Yes. Of all the one’s we’ve looked at. She is the one I want, I just hope she thinks I am hot too.”

“I am sure she will. She is totally not what I expected.” I started to draft an email.

It was our 7th anniversary. The seven-year itch. We had been watching a movie, it was one of those late night “Adult” features on cable. It wasn’t real porn but every twenty minutes or so, two very attractive models who couldn’t act worth shit rolled around mostly naked.

“I’m nervous. What are you going to say?”

In this ridiculous movie, the two main characters were having their seventh anniversary, just like us. They had decided to fend off the seven year itch, they both got a hall pass.

She was the one who started it. She was going to give me a hall pass, just like the guy in the movie. I thought she was kidding until I came home one night and she wasn’t there. Instead, laying in our bed, was her insanely attractive friend. I was never into her friend; I thought she was a bit of a snob. Still, she was hot. The sex was okay, like most crazy hot women she pretty much just waited for me to do something. When I was done she dressed and left, Tammy was just downstairs in the coffee shop. She came upstairs and I got to have the really satisfying sex I was used to.

“Here you read it.”

Okay, I told her, she would get a pass too. The difference was that I wasn’t going to set it up blindly. She would get to pick. Not just anyone though. I had to approve. She was quiet at first but I took it as a feigned reluctance. I was somewhat surprised with her but she had always been a little naughty, that’s why our sex was better than anything I was going to get in a one-night stand. My mild surprise turned to shock when she went on to tell me more. She would do it, but she wanted a woman.

“No, this is too nice. I don’t think this girl is nice, look at her pictures.”

“You don’t want nice?”

The pause went on for what felt like an eternity. “No. I want her to be bad. I want her to take me like a man. This one, what’s her name, Destiny? She looks like she will fuck my brains out.

She re-wrote our email.

Hi. I know this may sound forward but isn’t that what this site is for? My husband and I are exchanging free passes. I would like to use mine to explore a fantasy. You are hot and I want you to fuck my brains out. Let me know if you are interested, we can meet and see if we click.

We were surprised the response came back quickly. She was intrigued. She wanted to meet Friday for a drink.

“I guess I have a date.” She smiled at me.

“I think I have a hard-on.”


I could tell she was getting nervous. She had to wait three days to meet Diane. Her name wasn’t really Destiny. They had exchanged text messages. I could be there but I wasn’t supposed to interrupt their meeting. As Friday morning turned into afternoon I left work early. Tammy had been getting ready for an hour already and was laying in bed with her hair done waiting for my input on her dress. We went classy with a little red Ralph Lauren. It had a deep plunging back that would just show the very hint of her tattoo.

The Wine bar was crowded and I took up a seat at the end of the bar. Diane was going to wear the blue dress from her profile. Tammy didn’t wait long before the woman walked in. They recognized each other quickly and took a tall table in the bar where I could see. Clearly introductions were underway as they looked over at me and waved.

Tammy looked spectacular. If I wasn’t married to her, I would still have picked out her long brown hair, her tanned skin and her gentle smile as the prettiest woman in the bar. She was drawing looks from the other men milling about from the minute she walked in. She wasn’t a tall woman but her legs were lean and long. The deep plunging back of her dress revealed strong shoulders and again, just a hint of the stylized butterflies across her lower back. The plunging neckline teased the gawkers with just enough of her soft round breasts to make them want more.

Sitting across from her, I could understand what Tammy saw in the Diane. I would say she was slightly older than Tammy’s 36 years. The muscle mass of her shoulders and arms was deceptive but I would have put her over 40. She had a long neck that seemed canlı bahis longer because of the short platinum blonde hair. She had pale eyes as well, a gray color that seemed to hint at blue depending on the light. Her pale coloring was contrasted by tanned skin, I guessed her to be a runner. She didn’t have the feminine softness of my wife but again; I think that was her appeal.

They talked a good long time. I was through a third glass of the house Pinot when finally they stood. I was pleased to see a hug between the two women. Diane ran her hand down Tammy’s bare arm and rather than walk towards me, walked the opposite way across the bar to the restroom. Tammy had a nervous smile as she walked towards me.

“So, I asked.”

“Um, you have to find yourself a ride home!”

“Oh really?!” the surprise in my voice was obvious.

“I mean, is that okay. It wasn’t really what I expected. Seriously, I can just tell her no, maybe we can…”

“No.” I cut her off. “Go! I am good.”

“You are. I mean, really, you are okay with this?”

“Ma’am.” Interrupted a waiter firmly. Tammy’s nervousness was obvious and the waiters harsh nature had her speechless.

“I’ve got it.” I cut in, taking the small leather folder with the check. The bar was crowded and we were pressed closely together. The waiter had brought an additional leather of chaos. I of course worried about my Tammy. I wanted her fantasy to come true. I wanted her to enjoy it. I was worried though by the trepidation that clearly was growing. She was tense and her smile trembled a little around the edges.

“Hi, I’m Diane” the woman said, sliding in behind Tammy, the two women were pressed together. Diane’s arm moved around Tammy in a casual embrace. Tammy closed her eyes and took the woman’s arm in her fingers.

“Wayne, How do you do?”

“Your wife is just delicious, you don’t mind if I borrow her for a couple of hours.”

“Not at all, you ladies have fun.” I grinned.

Tammy kissed me but didn’t say anything; Diane took her by the hand, the women contrasted in bright red and blue. I ordered a scotch and a steak and settled in.


I had a good buzz when the taxi dropped me at home. My own nervousness had been tempered by the red wine and stiff scotch. At home, I opened a bottle of our favorite red blend and set myself up with an old cigar on the back patio. I didn’t smoke often but I expected a long night.

A second glass of wine was followed by a tall glass of water. I had taken to studying my watch. We had met at seven, when they left, it was still light so I suspected it couldn’t have been after 8:30. It was closing in on 11 and although I was still drinking I felt myself sobering up. I wondered, looking at the long ash on the cigar, if I had dozed off. The water tasted good, the cigar not so much. I stuffed it out and poured a half glass of wine. I was walking the bottle back inside to chill it when I heard my phone buzz on the table.

-just left. home soon.

-You okay to drive? I responded. Not sure what I would do if she wasn’t.

-Y. im shaking all over but i am sober. Love you. Make me a drink.

-Drinking wine.

-Save some O


I waited for her on the patio thinking I would hear her car but I was startled when the back door opened. I stood to greet her. She was clean and smelled of flowers.

“We showered.” She said and greeted me with a long kiss. Her arms stayed wrapped around me for a good moment or two longer than a standard greeting. “Wine?” she asked.

“You stink!”

“You smell good.”

“Thank you.” She was smiling.

I was dying to hear about her night but there was no way I wanted to be the one to bring it up. I had found early on in life that the best way to engage a woman was a little flattery. That said, I was not entirely sober, it was past midnight and I was going out of my mind wanting to know. “God you are beautiful.”

“She giggled.” Is that your way of asking about my night.

“I guess so.”

“Good. D told me exactly how she wanted me to tell you. Take your clothes off!” she gave me her most seductive look. It could make me melt in her hand normally. As she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, letting it drop off her shoulders to the ground, I did more than melt, I vaporized.


It was a warm evening and we sat nude on our back patio. We had bahis siteleri only one neighbor with a two story house and we had never heard from them so fuck it. She watched me as she talked.

“I don’t know if you were watching but she didn’t even let me get to the car. We were just outside the restaurant where they have those really tall bushes I like.”

“Imperial Cypress.”

“Whatever, she was holding my hand and kind of yanked me. Fuck is she strong. She pulled me to her and kissed me. Right fucking there. Tongue, her hand all over my back and skipping into my dress. I think I turned bright red. I was hoping you saw.”

“Fuck, I thought about it but I didn’t want to look like a stalker.”

“Your loss!” she winked. “So I thought she was gonna drive but she had her own little secret. Her husband had dropped her off!”

“I didn’t know she was married.”

“I know! So anyway, she rode with me, told me how to get to her house.”

“I take it she didn’t seem freaky or anything. You weren’t scared driving off to a strangers house.”

“You’re sweet,” sometimes I forget she lived her own life before we married. She glosses over some of the stories but I pick up things. She skipped over it. “So she lives pretty close really, In the Foothills. You know the fancy townhouses. They are nice. Too small for us, but you know, it was nice. We could look at them when the kids are gone. ” She drank more of her wine, I finished my glass. She continued.

“So she seems perfectly normal. I mean, other than her hair, It’s a little strange but she just seemed like one of the girls. We got to her house and she was just like me, flipped off her heels right inside the door. She opened a glass of chardonnay. You know I’m not big on it but I was nervous so we sat in two barstools in her kitchen and we were just kind of talking, she was telling me she works at the U. Not a professor or anything. We were just kind of talking and out of no-where she goes, ‘I want a shot, you want one?’ My eyebrows must have given away some surprise or something. “I know! So of course, I was like, is this going to go anywhere or what, so I said sure, and she poured us tequila. Shit, we are out.”

“I’ll get one.” I went to the kitchen for another bottle remembering only now that I was naked when my hard cock flapped against my belly.

“Aww, he went away.” She giggled when I came back with another bottle. “sit down, he will come back.”

I did as I as told.

“So, she said you were either the type of guy that wanted every detail or didn’t want to know. Should I give you the dirty scoop.”

I was embarrassed by my answer but I didn’t want her to stop. “No, go on, I want to hear.”

She grinned at me. “Good!” She took another long swallow of wine. “Because the shot was like her go sign. I had just finished gagging it down when she was on me.” My cock twitched. “You said you wanted me to take you and that’s kind of how I roll. Are you ready.” I was totally panicked but she did exactly what I wanted, she totally took control. “

“She totally kissed like a man. I could tell how she was going to be, you saw how big her shoulders were. I was like pinned there against the bar and she was kissing me and her hands hand my dress off and she was pinching me.”

So that was odd, she wasn’t a pincher. “Really?”

“Yeah! And you know me I was totally like ‘Ow.” And she was like, ‘don’t be a pussy.’ And she pinched them really hard and I was like kind of fighting her.” This was all so strange to me. She was playful but I had never seen her be submissive like that.

“That’s not really like you.”

“Shh. Or I wont get through it. So I was just down to my panties and she looks be straight in the eye and fucking lifts me up on the bar.”

“She was that strong.”

“Shh.” She was looking off across the patio. Her left hand was holding her wine, her right hand was on her breast. “she just threw me up there and the next thing I know her mouth was on my clit. ” she paused, her hand rolled the soft flesh of her tit until she held her nipple. She pinched it as she continued. “She wasn’t soft or anything like in the chick porn, she was just like bam, fucking me with her tongue. You know how I squirm, she just pinched my nipples that much harder till I stopped moving. I tried to force her hands off but that just made her grip down…” she paused again, pinching her nipple tighter. bahis şirketleri She looked back at me. “you think im a weird.”

“Not at all.”

“you can play with yourself if you want.” I didn’t respond but I complied. I didn’t really play with it, I just kind of left my hand there. I didn’t want to come. She smiled at me. “because she only let me come once. I know I could have come again but she was like, come on. And she took me to the bedroom.”

“Did you, up, did you lick her.” It was the best I could do.

“Well, we fingered first.” Fuck, I sorta came in my hand right there. “We were in the bed and she was so fucking hot, I mean, you would have been dying.” I was dying already. “So she sorta got on top of me and she put my hand so that I was inside of her and she had her hand so it was inside of me. Its hard to describe. ” She put her hand between her legs as if to demonstrate. I couldn’t really get past her spread legs to think about it. “it wasn’t really fucking but it was kind of close and she moved her hips like it was fucking and we kissed. She kissed really hard. It wasn’t those girl-girl kisses in the movies you know.” Her eyes were kind of closed and she was moving her hand against herself. “So I started to come and she talked dirty to me and you know how that just sends me right over the edge. It was a really hard one and I had to roll over. I was like begging her, I need a break, and she was like, good… come here.”

I knew what was next.

“I was kind of cuddling her and she ran her fingers inside of herself and I watched her lick them. She did it like she was sucking a dick. She asked if I had ever eated pussy before, and I was like no, and you know, well, I guess you don’t know, I have always wanted to, you know, just once, to know what its like.”

“You always said you couldn’t! Like you thought there was no way.”

“I know, I know I was supposed to think I couldn’t but I always wanted to. She fingered herself again and had me lick her fingers and I licked them like I was giving head and she was like, ‘yeah, do it just like that. Make me come, please.’ Yeah, she said please and I was oh yeah and I totally did. I made her come and then I fucked her with my finger while I licked her, you know, like you do, and it was just so fucking.” She stopped talking; I had been so focused on watching her and not coming that I didn’t notice her fingers on her own little clit. She heaved and set her wine down and let it happen and I had a handful of come too when she was done.

“My hot little bi-sexual wife.”

“I know. I’m awful. You don’t hate me?”

“You aren’t awful at all. I love you. You just get sexier.”

“Do you like hearing about it.”

“Yes, don’t stop.”

“You’re a pervert too!” she smiled at me finally.

“Should I tell you about the sixty-nine.”


“I totally ate her pussy while she fingered my ass.”

“you like that!” I winked.

“I know. Fuck. I came so many fucking times.”

“In the shower.”

“OH FUCK, that’s right. She bent me over. They have a huge shower. She bent me over and fucked me from behind.” She had me at a loss for words. “I told you, I could barely drive.”

We each had another glass of wine and I moved my chair so that we were sitting next to each other. I petted her leg until she put my hand on her clit. She stroked me as we jacked each other off slowly and sipped our wine.

“Fuck me?” she asked.

I did


“I think you got the better end of the hall passes.” I teased her, we were rolled together as spoons, enjoying the post coital feel of each other.

“I know, I should have let you pick your own. I really thought she would be good.”

“She was fine. She just didn’t seem that good because I have to compare her to you. Maybe I will get to choose my own at 14.”

“We need to talk about that.”

Yes, my heart skipped a beat. It was bad enough it left a tingle in my right arm. What the hell?

“I mean, you don’t have to wait like another whole 7 years because you don’t just get a hall pass. I mean, you don’t need a hall pass if I am there.”

I was quiet for a minute because I didn’t want to be the one to say it. She wasn’t talking though so I had to. “Like, a threesome?”

“Or four, I don’t know just an idea.”

I was silent but my response was not a secret. My cock twitched awake pressed to her ass with the thought of watching her and her lover. With the idea that I was going to fuck her as she ate her lovers pussy I was hard again.

“I’m glad you like the idea.” She rolled me over. “my pussy is tired. Lie back.”

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