A Hard Ride

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It was cold dark and rainy. I walked along the highway shoulder in the heavy rain, soaked to the bone. My thumb was out as cars and trucks blew past me at high rates of speed.

It was like that for hours. Rain and darkness. I was just about to give up when a large semi trailer pulled over to the side a few yards a head of me. The hazard lights went on as I approached the passenger door. It was unlocked and I jumped in out of the torrential October rain.

The interior of the large truck was dark and smelled of tobacco; Sitting behind the wheel was an older man, in his 40s, with a two-day beard a cigar in his mouth. His eyes were slightly wide and he talked with a hurried, manic pace.

“Come in out the rain there guy,” he said. “I can take you wherever you need to go.”

He introduced himself as Dave, an over-the-road trucker on his way to Dallas. That was farther than I needed to go, but he said he would drop me off anywhere along the way.

Dave was strongly built with thick shoulders and a strong jawline. His hands constantly clenched the wheel and he seemed to be not able to sit still in his seat, constantly fidgeting.

Soaking wet, I apologized for messing up his truck with water and mud.

He told me not to worry, and that I could change clothes in the sleeper cab. I had dry clothes in my pack, so I quickly got in the back.

“Don’t get many hitchhikers these days,” Dave said. “You are the first one I have picked up in a long time.”

“Really?” I said, stripping out of wet clothes. “I have been hiking for weeks now. Not many people pick up hikers anymore.” I had stripped naked, and was rummaging through my pack for dry clothes when I looked up – and saw Dave watching me through the rearview mirror.

I pretended not to notice. So he was a pervert. I didn’t want to do anything to piss him and get put back out in the rain.

“I have been driving for three days straight,” Dave said. “I have to get to Dallas on time and I am behind schedule.”

“How do you do that?” I asked. “I would fall asleep at the wheel.”

Dave chucked and pulled a brown glass vial from his flannel shirt pocket. He tossed it back to me and I caught it instinctively.

“Crank,” he said. “Keeps me up just fine but it makes me horny as hell too. Take some if you like.”

I sniffed at the white powder filling the vial. I had never tried the drug, but reminded myself that I was hiking across the country in search of adventure. I took a sniff.

Within seconds the drug took effect. My pulse quickened and I felt more jazzed than I ever had. Coffee had nothing on this stuff!

As my heart beat faster I felt a tingling in my balls. My cock began to stiffen. I looked back up, realizing that I was still naked, and saw Dave looking through the mirror again.

Hurriedly, I put on dry clothes and got back to the passenger seat. Dave was looking at the road now.

“Man this feels great,” I said. “I can feel how it would keep you up all day and night.”

“Yeah, it works great,” Dave said. “But I still have to stop every now and again, my eyes get tired and I need to move around. So I hit a truck stop every couple of days. In fact, there is one just up ahead that we will stop at.”

I told him there was no problem with that, thankful for the free ride. After a few minutes and a cigarette later, we pulled up to a truck stop. The station lights were off since it was about 2 a.m., and there were a half-dozen other trucks parked in the downpour.

“Here we are,” Dave said, turning off the engine. “We will stay here for a few hours. He took the brown vial back from me and took a big sniff. Standing up out of his seat, he stepped back to the sleeping cab. He began puling off his clothes, asking me if I was shy or would be embarrassed by him doing so. I said no, and he stripped down to black briefs. Unclothed, he had a stocky build, was covered in cheap jailhouse tattoos and hard a very large bugle in his crotch.

Reaching under the small bed, he pulled out several fetish mags and a deck of cards. “Since I am giving you a free ride, you will have to gamble with me, so I can at least have a chance to win some compensation.”

I hesitated, knowing next to nothing about poker or the like. I told him that I had little money to gamble with.

“But you have nice clothes,” he said. “I will play for that.”

I told him that since he was wearing only briefs, he didn’t have much to gamble with. I was getting a bit nervous, both from the crank and he innuendoes he was making.

“I rarely lose,” he grinned. “Come on, let’s pass some time.”

Reluctantly, I sat down on the bed across from him. We played several hands, all of which I lost. Each time he had me take off an article of clothing, I had to stand up and take it off. Shortly, he had me down to my undergarments, which at the time was a small gstring.

“Looks nice on you,” he said.

I asked to stop the game, as more than an hour had passed. But he insisted on one more hand. I drew a eryaman escort pair of fives, and was sure that I would lose and have to take off my last covering. Dave threw his cards down in mock disgust, saying that he had nothing.

Grinning he stood up and began to pull down his briefs. I told him he didn’t have to do that but he kept going. Soon, he was naked before me, revealing a large cock, with plum-sized balls beneath it.

“OK, how about getting back on the road now?” I said. Dave’s cock hardened as he stared at me, growing to at least eight inches in length.

“No, not yet,” he said. “First we are going to have a little fun.”

He began stroking his cock and it got even bigger, almost 10 inches! I looked him up and down and fully realized his intentions. I knew that I was no match for him physically, if he wanted to rape me, he could.

“Now, stand up and take off your string,” he ordered, voice taking on a demanding tone.

My heart beat faster and I realized that I too was getting very horny. I had never had sex with a man before, but the sight of his raging 10-inch cock and the horny look in his eye made me feel like fucking.

Standing up slowly, I turned around so that my ass was facing him. Bending over, I pulled down my gstring.

I spun around and saw Dave sitting down, jerking his massive cock as he watched me. Turned on by his voyeurism, I leaned back against the sleeper cab wall, and began playing with myself.

“I have never done anything like this,” I told him. “Will you be gentle with me?”

Dave laughed and shook his head. “No. I am going to fuck you until you scream like a whore.”

His words were like a light switch being turned on. Suddenly, the last hesitation was gone. I knew that I wanted to service Dave, be a vehicle to sate his lusts.

“Come here,” Dave ordered. “Get on your knees.”

I came forward quickly, bending over his huge cock. He grabbed my head and pulled my mouth right over his rod, forcing it down.

I gagged, almost choking as his cock filled my mouth and pushed down my throat. Opening as wide as I could so I could get air, I continued down until my lips touched his balls.

“Oh yeah!” Dave yelled. “Suck that cock bitch!”

He began fucking my mouth ruthlessly, pulling my hair as I deep-throated my first cock. Soon it was wet with saliva and precum. I became lost in a haze of speed and lust, sucking loudly on Dave’s monster.

Suddenly, Dave pulled my head up and forced me onto the bed, pushing me face down. Realizing what he was about to do, I asked him to take it slow and not hurt me.

But Dave was too turned on and too high on speed. He ignored my pleas and pushed his cock head against my virgin hole. I struggled as he pushed his unlubed cock into me, but could not resist his single powerful thrust.

All at once, 10 inches of cock rammed deep inside my ass. I had never felt anything like it before and it hurt like nothing else. I screamed like a little girl, a wail that grew louder as he pushed in each inch of his thick cock, which only served to make him even hotter.

“Go ahead and scream,” Dave whispered in my ear as he pounded my hole. “No one can hear you out here. And if anyone does, you can rest assured that they will do the same thing to you!”

Dave began fucking me hard. Harder than I had ever fucked any girl, or seen anyone fucked before. His balls slapped loudly against my ass with each thrust and his cock stretched me to the limit.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more, I began to enjoy it. My ass relaxed and took in each deep thrust easier than the one before. Dave’s massive cock was stretching me out, ruining my once-tight hole. His cock was so thick I could feel it pushing against my prostate.

I made the mistake of emitting a little moan of pleasure. Dave heard it and renewed his thrusts with more vigor. He developed a powerful rhythm, fucking my ass, pulling my hair and slapping my ass hard. This continued for what seemed forever.

Then Dave thrusts got faster, and he began to growl. “I am gonna come,” he grunted.

Suddenly, I realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom. If he came, he would fill me with a load of come.

“Please don’t come inside me!” I said.

He just laughed and kept going at it. Then suddenly, his cock started spasming inside me. He let out a loud howl and I felt hot fluid shoot inside me.

Dave kept fucking me even after he came. Each thrust was now accompanied by a wet sucking sound as his cock moved in and out of my hole, oozing come.

Dave collapsed on top of me, pinning me down on the bed. He stayed that way for several minutes, his cock still inside me. I did not come and yet was satiated and exhausted.

Dave reached for what appeared to be a CB radio. I asked him to get off of me and tried to wiggle my ass so his cock would come out. This provoked an unexpected response – anger. Dave slammed my face into the pillow and began ruthlessly sincan escort fucking me again. Each thrust nearly took the wind out of me and was quite painful. “Shut up bitch! Shut the fuck up!”

He fucked me until I screamed, begging him to stop. He finally did, and activated the CB radio. I couldn’t hear what was said, but it was a short conversation.

“We are going to the rest stop building, here, put this on,” Dave said, throwing me a short robe.

“I am not going out there in this,” I said defiantly.

“You will put that on or I will drag you naked across the parking lot,” Dave said.

I put on the short robe, which barely covered my ass. Dave dressed and we went out into the rain. If anything it was raining harder now than before Dave picked me up. We walked across the parking lot and entered the station. Inside was a small café, restrooms and shower facilities, a place exclusively used by truckers.

Soaking wet and nearly naked, I was shocked to see that the café was open and there were at least half a dozen men sitting at various tables. They stared at us silently.

“Got me a live one boys!” Dave said. Many of the many chuckled and some threw lewd comments at me. Dave laughed and pulled me towards the shower room. It was filled with hot steam and I could hear the sound of running water. We walked towards the largest stall, Dave behind me, a strong hand on my shoulder ensuring that I would not escape.

In the stall was a large black man nude and covered in soap. He turned and saw us. “Hey Dave.”

Dave pushed me against the wall and looked straight at the man. “Hey Sam, remember that $200 I owe you? Well, how about a trade? I have this hot bitch that can take big cock. So how about I share it with you and we call it even?”

Sam turned to face me, his large body glistening with water. I looked and saw a cock, which looked even bigger than Dave’s!

“You know not just any bitch will do,” Sam said to Dave. “I have ‘strong’ tastes which most can’t handle. And I don’t want any trouble with the law you know.”

Dave turned and ripped of my flimsy robe and slapped my ass. “Sam, this whore will like it, trust me! I will leave it here with you while I take care of some business. I will be back in about an hour.”

Sam pondered for a moment, idly stroking his black cock with soap. “OK Dave. You have a deal.”

Dave smiled. “Awesome. Have fun Sam.” With that, he turned and walked out of the shower.

Sam looked at me sternly, “Alright bitch, you listen up. You do what I say, when I say it and exactly how I say it, you understand? If you don’t, you won’t live to regret it. I can fuck you to death with this thing.”

I looked down, terrified, at Sam’s cock. It was now extending to almost a foot and was as thick as a beer can! Being impaled with that could certainly be the end of me.

Sam was built like Mr. Universe, even more so. His massive muscled body paralleled his cock in scope, and his body fat was so low it looked unnatural.

“OK bitch, I want you to walk out to the café and get my bro. He looks just like me. Bring him back here and we can get started.”

Trembling from fear, I reached down for the robe, which was by now soaking wet on the shower floor. “No,” Sam said. “Go out there buck naked.”

I opened my mouth, finding the courage to tell him “no way” when he lunged forward with amazing speed, his massive right hand closing around my throat. With ease, he wrapped his fingers all the way around my neck and lifted me into the air.

I gasped for air, unable to breathe. “Now, go and do like I tell ya,” Sam said.

He set me down. I was paralyzed with fear. Such strength! I was damned.

“Go!” Sam ordered.

Like a zombie, I walked out into the café. I immediately drew stares, but not like I expected. I held out a slim hope that someone out there might be as horrified as I was and do something to help me. Instead, I heard catcalls and whistles; as if I was a stripper coming out on stage. I saw Dave sitting in the corner, talking with two other men. They looked up and began to laugh.

I saw the other man, the “bro” Sam referred to. He was at the far end of the room, and as far as I could tell, was an identical twin to Sam.

As I walked towards him, the men near me would stand up and grope my naked body. One of the last ones actually stuck a finger in my ass. Sam’s brother looked at me with a large grin. “You have something to say to me?”

“Yes. Please come with me to the shower. Sam is there.” I was trembling.

“My name is Pete,” he said as he stood up. “You will be screaming that name when I am done with you.”

The crowd roared at this statement, goading Pete on, telling him to take me into the back and fuck me like a whore. Pete put one arm around my neck and walked with me to the shower area.

We opened the door and went inside. I could still hear the voices outside. Sam was still under the stream of hot water. etlik escort “Hey bro,” he said to Pete.

“Hey Sam.”

Sam looked at me. “Take off his clothes bitch.”

Pete looked at me impatiently. Not wanting to incur their wrath, I began removing Pete’s clothing. Like his brother, he was stacked and packed. His body was so lean that I could see every vein and even muscle fibers. It was almost alien, and certainly disgusting.

I pulled off his shirt and then reached for his belt. Pulling down his pants, a thick cock as large as Sam’s leapt out and smacked me in the face, almost as if it had a sadistic mind of its own.

They both laughed loudly at this. Before I could even get back up, Sam’s huge hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me into the shower. The hot water was pointing down to the drain and the whole room was thick with steam.

Sam threw me into the corner, and Pete came up to his side. They looked like a mirror image of one another. Both were at least 6’5 and stood like giants over me.

They looked at each other and smiled as they grabbed their cocks. Pointing them like weapons they both released their bladders and soaked me in hot rivers of piss. I cried out, repulsed by their action. Each time I tried to crawl out of the corner, they threw me roughly back down. Each time I tried they got a little rougher. On the third desperate attempt, Sam slapped me across the face so hard that I saw stars.

I was lying on the tiled floor, stunned and helpless. I felt large hands grab my thighs – they were big enough to close their grips around them! I tried to open my eyes, but the steam made it hard to see. In the thick fog bank they looked even bigger, more sinister and even bestial.

“Now you are gonna suck us off,” Sam said. “And you better do it good, cause it’s the only thing that’s gonna lube your hole when we take it.”

Quickly, I grabbed a cock in each hand and went suck-crazy. I know if they dry-fucked me I would surely die. In the heavy steam we were all sweating which made their cocks hard to grip. They seemed like angry snakes, struggling to stay out of my hands, as if they wanted something else.

Both men were at least a foot long. I sucked as hard and fast as I could but could not deep throat them. Sam kept telling me to “take it all” but I couldn’t. Angrily, he grabbed me by the ears and rammed his cock all the way down.

It felt like his cock was down to my stomach, and maybe it was. I couldn’t breathe and instinctively struggled for air. They were feeble attempts, however, and I began to feel light-headed.

Then I felt large hands on my ass spreading my cheeks apart. Then what felt like a baseball bat being pressed up against my hole. If I could have, I would have screamed for help, loud enough for someone in the next state to hear it.

But Sam’s cock prevented it.

Pete began to slowly push his cock inside me. Dave seemed very small compared to the violation I was receiving now. My hole burned as Pete’s thick meat pushed it apart and entered my body.

Same pulled his cock out of my mouth just as I was about to lose consciousness, as Pete kept working his cock inside me, Same began slapping my face with his rod.

“Yeah bitch,” he said. “You are gonna get it good.” Slap, slap. “We gonna take you like you never imagined it could be.” Slap, slap. “Longer and stronger than any other men ever could.” Slap, slap. “You gonna scream, you gonna beg and you gonna cry.” Slap, slap. “We gonna ruin your ass. Gonna be able to drive a bus through it when we are done.”

Oh god, I thought. Am I going to get out of this alive?

Pete kept pushing inside me, stretching me out farther and farther. More than I though was humanly possible. Surely, there was no way my ass could take 12 inches of cock, let alone be fucked repeatedly by two of them!

Pete stopped, and re-gripped my ass, each hand covered half of my pale white flanks. And then he thrust in hard.

Like Dave before them, I screamed bloody murder when Pete took my ass. Being fucked by a telephone pole couldn’t have hurt this much.

Then he picked up speed, fucking faster and faster. I was on my back, legs spread wide. Sam put is cock back in my mouth and began fucking my face. Both uttered scathing obscenities, each more disgusting than the last. I was in a daze, still cranking and now being fucked within an inch of my life. I began to hallucinate from the pain and the drugs. Both Sam and Pete’s eyes seemed to glow red and their teeth looked large and pointed like a dog’s.

Their words became this arcane grunts, bestial but somehow I knew it was a coherent language. Yes, I knew I was damned now.

They fucked me forever. They traded between my holes so many times. They came more than any many could. Both shot loads inside me at least six times and made me swallow three more. They ended at last by making me jerk them off in unison and they stood over me as they orgasmed one last time, bathing me in come,

I was beyond exhaustion and violation. I could not believe my day had turned into this. I could not believe it was at long last over,

Or so I thought.

When Pete and Sam left, the other men from the café took over. I was gang-raped my six more men. Thankfully none of them were endowed like Sam and Pete. But they fucked me good and hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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