A Hole Between Rooms Ch. 01

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I’m going to give some background on what’s happening. You can skip to the next part if that doesn’t interest you.

Here are the cliff notes. My name is Jay, the family that’s possibly maybe relevant here in the future is my sister Eve, my other sister Nola, Mom, Dad, two cousins (F) May and June, and my aunt Bethany. Everyone’s in their 20’s or older. When covid hit and half of us lost our jobs, we ended up moving in together renting one large house to save money.

(I’m vastly oversimplifying to keep anonymity)

It’s been a big adjustment for everyone, but thankfully we’re all safe and no one has come down with the ‘rona. The layout is Eve and I’s bedrooms are in the basement along with the den and pool table room. May, June, and Nola have rooms on the main floor, and finally, the parents and Aunt Bethany have rooms on the second floor.

When we all moved in together, only Eve and I worked from home and so needed the best internet. Initially, we had the modem and router in Eve’s room with the rest of us on wifi, however, I ended up needing an ethernet connection as well.

(I promise this matters, just hang with me.)

We drilled a hole through the shared wall between our basement rooms to bring the connection to my side but ended up having a 1-inch hole which is far larger than necessary. By the time I realized the issue, it was too late and I just told Eve I would get a rubber gasket type thing to fill the void space. I got lazy, though, and just used a post-it note to cover it.

Here’s where things take a turn. Last night I was just browsing and I heard something that sounded like headphones putting out sound nearby but I couldn’t tell what it was. I moved around my room until I got to the hole and put my ear to it. At first, I thought Eve had some TikTok playing and was about to go back to my laptop when I listened a bit closer and could have sworn I just heard a moan.

Now, I need to put a few things out there. First, I have never had any serious feelings for Eve before this. Sure, I would notice when she wore something that showed off her figure, but it never progressed beyond that. Also, incest porn in my mind (at the time) consisted entirely of eye-rolling scenes with step-sisters caught in washing machines, so the category was not in my usual interests.

All this is to say I was frozen in place when my brain registered the sounds coming from her room. I got tunnel vision and had trouble breathing. A panic attack felt like it was going to overwhelm me. I was hyper-aware of every sound I was making and immediately stilled. I’m sure if you could see me at that moment I’d appear to be in shock.

I took several deep breaths, steadied myself on the wall, closed my eyes, and leaned in to listen closely. First, there was some muffled talking, then a single “slap” sound, and finally a long, low moan. I could tell this all came from the speaker she was listening through rather than Eve herself. I listened more. Additional detail started coming through, I could make out a masculine voice say something, then feminine moans, then the unmistakable audio of hard fucking.

This continued for several minutes after which I had to move away from the hole since listening required I crouch in a very uncomfortable position. As quietly as possible, I tip-toed to my bed and sat down. My head was spinning. I knew what I heard, and could guess what was happening on the other side of this wall, but I had no idea how to feel. One thing I only then realized, I was hard as diamond. Looking down, my dick was standing tall at attention against my PJs. I suddenly felt so incredibly horny, that I thought I might just cum right then and there. My mind was bombarded with ideas of what she was doing.

I’m not proud of travesti gaziantep this part, but I opened her Instagram and desperately scrolled looking for bikini pics. I knew her better than anyone else in the world, but I suddenly had to have her image in front of me. I pulled out lube and laying in bed, I started with long, slow strokes. This lead to a faster rhythm when I noticed my fun was making noise. Specifically, the frame of my bed was creaking. I had never heard this before when jacking off, but I also usually used earbuds listening to gonewildaudio or had a video playing and hadn’t known this creaking happened. I felt very self-conscious and slowed down my strokes until the creaking stopped.

The side effect was this primal need to jack off faster and faster, but having to hold back-almost edging myself. Lightning went through my body and I climaxed. I contained most of it in my shirt, only a little hitting my face. I wiped it off with a paper towel on my nightstand and just stared at my ceiling.

I head my sister watching porn. She was almost certainly getting off mere feet from me. Fuck, I had no idea what to think. I still don’t. I passed out soon after.


The next day, I woke up groggy and with the sun in my eyes. I needed to piss and was working up the effort to take care of that when I suddenly realized I had overslept and was late for work. Immediate panic, adrenalin shocked me totally awake. I typically set my alarm the evening before but I fell asleep before doing so. I looked at my phone, multiple missed calls and texts from my boss. I hurriedly called him and apologized, getting on my work computer and starting everything up before running to the bathroom to get the bare minimum done. I half-joged back to my desk and stubed my fucking toe on the god damned desk leg. This set off a few choice words while I attempted to get my work setup functioning.

I ended up drawing the attention of Eve who walked over to see what all the noise was about. She knocked at the half-open door. I turn to see her and EVERYTHING came rushing back from last night. I must have had a weird look because she stopped mid-sentence and asked if everything was alright. I mumbled out something and said I would explain later and to please close the door.

Thankfully everything was fine with work and I got my feelings under control before too long. My boss was surprisingly understanding.

Cut to later, I was logging out of my job and couldn’t avoid thinking of where things went from there. I started to write my thoughts down in my journal and was struck with the impression I’m overthinking the situation. Siblings have experienced far worse than overhearing the other getting off, so I tried taking a mental step back and evaluate where my head was at. I like Eve. I love Eve. We’ve been through hell in this family, and she’s just generally been an awesome person. She’s funny and always smiling. No exaggeration, she’s one of those people that needs a reason to be in a bad mood.

Physically she’s an 8, easy. She’s also single. She’s had a handful of boyfriends and girlfriends the last 5 years, but nothing in the last 6 months or so, her consistent complaints to our sister Nola have made that clear. Last I heard she was looking on bumble and tinder for matches that didn’t set off warning bells to her, but that’s been slow going.

Side note here, there’s one instance in the past where Nola had me buy her a vibrator and the cousins found out. That’s a whole other event unrelated to this but worth telling at some point if only to give better context to the family dynamics.

But back to the situation. It was half an hour after work ended and I was sitting at my desk gaziantep travesti going over all the angles when there was a knock at my door. I pushed myself off the desk, rolled over the ground on my chair, and reached up to open the door. Eve was standing there with a large amazon box in her arms.

“Delivery for Jay, extra heavy, move aside!” Eve proclaimed, walking in. She dropped the box on my bed and turned, moving toward the door as though to leave when she stoped next to me and subtly rubs her fingers together while looking the other way. It’s an inside joke between us going back years. I fulfilled my end and gesture over my pockets as though expecting money.

“So sorry, rain check” came my reply.

I moved over to the box and opened it up. Most of the space was taken by cartons of protein shakes I buy in bulk online. Don’t judge me, I like the taste and it’s economical. Next to those was a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. They’re a favorite of both of ours. I usually hoard them, only doling some out to the rest of the family when I’m feeling generous. My thought process was that getting Eve in a good mood could only be a good thing.

I told her to put out her hand. She complies and I set one chocolate down.

“This is for the delivery”

I set down another on her hand.

“And this is ’cause I like ya”

She smiled, huged me, then went to actually leave. I was unexpectedly overwhelmed with the compulsion to not have her leave. No particular reason, I had no plan, I just wanted to spend more time with her.

“Where are you going? Tell me how work was” I said, trying to keep my voice level.

Eve turned around, beaming that perfect smile (was it always perfect? Is this my brain conspiring against me?) and started talking about the absolute trash work colleague she’s dealing with that’s causing problems. I took it all in while unloading the protein drinks and breaking down the amazon box. She sat on the bed and told me stories about her day that amused her, but would have made me mad in her position. She’s a saint.

Now, for this next part, you need to know what Ferrero Rocher are. I encourage you to look it up if you aren’t aware. They’re hazelnuts dipped in chocolate, surrounded by wafer, and then dipped in chocolate again with bits of hazelnut sprinkled on top. I like to just pop them in my mouth and savor them.

Eve on the other hand has a different method. She lightly bites into it, taking off the entire outer shell before eating the inside. She claims it’s the only right way, though I’ve had my doubts. Never again will I question it though, because of what happened next. This chocolate shenanigans she did got her hands messy. She looked around her, obviously wanting something to wipe her hands with.

What happened next is burned into my brain forever. In what felt like slow motion, I saw her spot a paper towel on my nightstand. The paper towel I wiped myself off with the night before. The paper towel with ME all over it. She grabed it, and while talking about something I’ll never remember, wiped her hands and then MOUTH with it. But that’s not it, no. She had a spot on her fingernail with chocolate that wouldn’t come off, so LICKED the paper towel to use for cleaning.

When I tell you I almost passed out, believe me. I was steaming red, my face felt like it was burning. So many thoughts streaked through my head, I wanted to just pause life a moment and take it all in.

As she tried to use the paper towel on her finger and it wasn’t working, she went for a SECOND lick of the paper and this is where I nearly have a heart attack. She made a face as though bothered by what she just tasted and I paniced hard.

“Hey, gaziantep travestileri Eve, before I forget, we should watch a movie tonight, whatever you want, I’ll order us pizza” I was almost stammering just wanting to desperately not have my sister connect the dots in her head.

She looked toward the den outside my door, “For sure, that’s so sweet, thank you!” she said.

“Excellent, I’m going to get some organizing in here done and I’ll meet you out there in an hour,” I replied.

She left closing the door and I felt like my chest was going to explode. I definitely unlocked some new kinks I never knew about before. The paper towel was left on my nightstand, a monument to…something.

I spent the next half hour furiously writing everything down, wanting to remember it all. I’m just so lost on what I’m feeling here. I debated getting myself off, but I heard Eve in her room next door and I got paranoid about sound again. I tidied things up in my room, then got some clean clothes and went to take a shower. I came back, dropped my stuff off in the room, then lounged on the den’s couch and looked up pizza to get us.

A little later Eve wandered out and let me know she’s chosen what we’re watching. It’s called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. It was really funny, and I made sure to laugh at the punch lines, but I couldn’t have cared less about it. On our sectional, Eve was laying on the arm of the couch and had her legs going down the furniture, across my legs while I sat up straight. This was normal, nothing that we haven’t done a thousand times before. But this WAS the first time I’ve had to fight a boner from making its appearance while doing so. I survived, the movie ended, and I suggested she pick another. She chose Cabin In The Woods. She said it was written by the same person. It was a horror movie, but a satire at the same time. Again, I’m sure it was fantastic, but my thoughts were elsewhere.

Then came a moment in the movie where the hot blond was topless in the woods, and I could feel myself losing the battle for my erection. Instead of moving her legs, or making some excuse to get up, I just kept absolutely still. She was unlikely to feel it since her legs were spread apart a bit. The horniness became palpable, my vision was locked on her legs. They were smooth to the touch, exposed almost entirely since she was in pajama shorts. I ran my hand up and down her leg almost absently, just loving the touch. Up and down, up and down…

The movie ended, credits rolled, and Eve yawned, it was a great moment. Then she turned the lights on from her phone (smart bulbs that I installed mind you) and swung her legs over to sit up on the couch. During the leg sweep, I attempted to roll my hips and have her notice nothing, but no luck. She hit my dick poking against the pajama pants I was wearing. It was only a momentary contact, but I could tell by how she looked over after sitting up, she felt it. I moved to lean forward and fiddle with the coasters on the coffee table, saying something along the lines of it being a good movie, but I should head to bed. She paused, I could see from the corner of my vision she was staring at me.

“Did you hurt yourself this morning? I heard a yell,” she said.

“Yep, guilty. Hit my toe when I was walking. I woke up late, and was in a hurry.” I said, pulling out my phone and acting like I was checking messages while hunched over.

“Aw, how does it feel?” she asked.

“Good, fine, you know how it is. Hurts like hell for 5 seconds, then fades away,” I replied.

“Glad to hear, but are you sure you’re okay? You look really red, have you taken your temperature today?” she said, a mild tone of concern in her voice. She reached over and put her hand on my forehead, pausing to consider if I was indeed running a fever. “It doesn’t feel that bad, but you should use the thermometer in the medicine cabinet before you go to bed.”

And with that, she leaned in, kissed my cheek (again, normal for us), and got up to bounce away. Still hard, I loitered in the den until I was sure she was settled, then quickly escaped to my room.

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