A Holiday With Kelly Ch. 10

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The afternoon sun was slowly setting on the horizon as Kelly and Rob walked along holding hands, nonchalantly making their way back to their hotel room. Strolling along in silence memories of Kelly’s afternoon gangbang, with Collette, were still very much in the forefront of both their minds.

“What would you like to do tonight baby? It is our last night.” Kelly asked finally breaking the silence between them.

Rob stopped and pursed his lips, thinking for a moment, before answering.

“Tonight, you’re definitely mine. We spent our first night here together and I want us to spend some time tonight being together. Maybe having a romantic meal.”

Kelly beamed at him with obvious delight “Oh baby really? That would be perfect. Thank you.”

“Want to get a drink?” her son grinned back at her, delighted he had made his mother happy.

“Mmhhmm…. That would be nice.”

Finding a beach bar, a little further along they decided to stop, Kelly seating herself at a table while Rob went to the counter to get two cold beers.

“How are you feeling mu…. Kell?” he enquired as he joined her with their drinks.

“You mean after this afternoon at the beach and taking on so many men?” Kelly took a long draught of her beer before answering his question.

“Mmhhmm…” her son affirmed doing likewise with his own drink.

“Just how many men did fuck me? I lost count.” She asked coyly.

Rob shook his head “To be honest I’ve no idea but I reckon that you both took at least a dozen pricks in each of your pussies.”

“Oh god really?” she giggled naughtily, “I feel like a complete slut for doing it but I absolutely loved it. I loved doing it for you and I loved being used by them.”

“Are you sure? I mean you’ve done so much this week. I thought maybe you would end up hating me.”

“No honey I would never hate you.” Kelly smiled, “And yes I’m very sure. You’ve woken up a side of me that I didn’t know existed. I want to carry on being your whore if you want me to.”

Rob finished his beer, “You know I do. You’re everything I could ever desire in a girlfriend.”

His mother blushed and took a last mouthful from her bottle before the pair of them got up to finish their walk back to the hotel.

Strolling along hand-in-hand they didn’t talk, spending the ten minutes or so thinking back over their experiences of the past few days.

“We need to put some of our stuff in the cases” Kelly suggested when they got back to their room, “We won’t have a lot of time tomorrow morning.”

“Agreed.” Rob sighed looking around disconsolately at the clothes and others items he had left strewn about.

His mother laughed at his rather forlorn expression “It’s not my fault you’re such a messy bugger.”

“I’m a teenager. It’s my job.” He grinned back at her as he started picking up his things.

“Don’t forget to keep back whatever you want for tonight and the morning.” She reminded him starting to pack.

For the next hour or so they concentrated on packing their things for the trip home, leaving out just the clothes and toiletries they needed for the evening and the journey home.

Finally, she took a moment to look around the room and, satisfied she had put everything she possibly could in her suitcase, Kelly peeled off her bikini.

“I’m going to take a shower honey.” She informed him with a grin stepping completely nude, into the bathroom leaving her son to finish his tidying.

Turning on the water Kelly had just got in when an equally naked Rob joined her under the shower.

“Jesus Christ, someone’s bloody horny…. again.” Kelly sighed contentedly as her son pulled her back into his arms, his erect cock pressing between her firm buttocks.

Pushing her hair aside Rob nuzzled her neck, gently biting her ear lobes and making his mother shiver with delight as little ripples of arousal began to course through her well used body.

“Aren’t you ever satisfied?” she giggled wriggling her backside against him and feeling his prick grow even harder in response.

“Not when you’re around without your clothes on.” He laughed and turned her around to face him.

Kelly gazed up at her son and slid her arms about his neck pulling his mouth down to hers. Their lips met and she closed her eyes as he immediately searched for her tongue with his own.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” she ran her fingers through his hair as they kissed, pressing her slender frame against his taller muscular body.

As their mouths met his hand slowly caressed up between them and cupped a breast, pinching and rolling her nipple and making her shudder as she moaned softly with pleasure.

“Oh Rob… ohhhhhhhhh!”

Teasing her for a moment he felt her teat firm into a hard nub before switching to her other soft mound and repeating his actions until he had her literally squirming against him, gasping with pleasure.

Stop…. teasing me… I…. I need you…. now.” His mother whimpered softly gazing intently into his eyes.

Sliding his hand lower, his fingers klasbahis yeni giriş tracing lightly across her belly, tickling her belly-button, then gently stroking her hairless mound before they eased between her thighs.

“Ahhhhhh!” she gasped with delight, her legs instantly parting giving him total access to her sex as she leaned back against him, his finger lightly running along the length of her slit.

Enjoying the feel of her slim frame pressed to him he continued to tease her, fanning the flames of her desire as he did so.

“Oh yes Rob…. Yes…. I love you.” Kelly trembled, a mixture of her own juices and a variety of men’s semen oozing out to lubricate her slit, as her son’s digit finally probed between her outer lips and up into her stretched vagina.

Worming first one then a second finger knuckle deep into his mother’s hot pussy Rob held her against him as she writhed and caught her breath, her pleasure growing with every second.

“Please Rob… please…. Don’t tease me… I need you inside me.” She begged softly as he finger fucked her.

Pulling his digits out of his mother’s dripping slit Rob offered them to her to lick and stared down at her as she sensually ran her tongue along his sticky fingers.

Waiting until she had lapped them clean, he spun her around and pushed her forwards so he had her bent over at the waist, leaning against the wall, before nudging her feet apart.

“Oh god, fuck me baby.” She sighed, barely having time to brace her hands against the tiles before her son drove his shaft all the way up into her cunt.

“Oh…. my…. god…. Yes…Yessssssssssssssss!” going up on to her toes Kelly groaned out loud as she was impaled on the throbbing 8″ of Rob’s hard meat.

Grasping his mother’s hips firmly, he immediately began to fuck her. His shaft slamming up into her cunt while her puffy pink labia clung to his prick, cushioning every stroke he made and making it even more pleasurable for him.

The sex was rough and fast. Rob eager to re-claim his mother after watching her take part in the afternoon’s gangbang and then getting fucked by Stefan. Kelly meanwhile needed to have her son inside her again after he had recently emptied his balls into Collette.

Pushing back onto his hard length Kelly moaned in ecstasy and urged her son to fuck her harder, desperate to take his seed in her.

“Fuck me baby… fuck me…. harder…. harder!” She whimpered, wriggling around on his hard dick.

“Oh…. shit… shit…. mum!” Rob groaned, re-doubling his thrusts and bodily lifting Kelly off of her feet every time he slammed his cock up into her juicy slit.

With her hair swaying around her face and her tits bouncing with the force of her son pounding into her, Kelly convulsed in ecstasy, the sensation of release rapidly growing inside her. Unable to hold back she could feel her vaginal muscles clenching tighter around his shaft as she went over the edge.

“Oh fuck… Rob… don’t stop…. Don’t fucking stop…. I’m gonna…. Cuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” the last word came out as a shriek of sheer ecstasy as she climaxed on her son’s rigid pole.

Pistoning his hard meat into his mother’s pussy Rob fucked her through the tremors of her orgasm as he sought his own release.

“Oh mum… mum… I’m…” he grunted behind her.

Kelly jerked wildly, speared on his pulsing organ “Cum in me baby…. I want your seed in me.”

“Aaaahhhhhh…. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” he buried his cock in her welcoming cunt and ejaculated, pumping his sperm deep into his mother’s womb.

Gasping for breath he held Kelly against him, gently fondling her modest breasts, leaning against her as his prick slowly softened before slipping out of her gaping slit.

“You are something else mum.” He told her, pulling her round to face him before kissing her.

She giggled, her arms about his neck again “Well I’ve certainly got something of yours…. it’s running down my leg now.”

They both laughed and then turned their attention to finish showering, Kelly making sure she soaped her son down before he did the same for her.

It was about a half hour later that Kelly, wrapped in just a towel, finished drying her hair and put down her hairdryer to begin putting on her make up. She wanted to look good for their last night on holiday especially as Rob had told her wanted her to just be with him for the evening.

Carefully putting on her false eyelashes she coated them with a thick layer of mascara to make them even darker and longer. Then satisfied with how they looked Kelly applied her eye liner and a deep burgundy eye shadow to emphasise her blue eyes.

A touch of pink lip gloss completed her appearance and, after making a final check in the mirror, she stood up and casually dropped her towel onto the bed.

“Fuck mum. Every time you do that you make me want to fuck you all over again.” Rob grinned at her as he finished dressing.

Kelly giggled sexily as she slipped a lacey white thong up her legs klasbahis giriş “Well keep it in your trousers until later. We need to go and eat.”

Taking a bag from the small wardrobe she extracted a scrap of turquoise and proceeded to put it on. The dress was basically just a tight strapless tube that clung to her body like a second skin. Without a bra it hugged her breasts, her nipples clearly obvious through the material, while the bottom ended just a couple of inches below her panties.

Rob stared at her “When did you get that?”

His mother smiled back at him, slipping on her white sandals with the 3″ heels, “I saw it when we bought the swimming costume and slipped out to buy it the other day. Do you like it?”

“Like it? It’s bloody sensational.” He enthused taking her hand as they left the room.

Strolling down to the brightly lit parade of bars and restaurants Rob felt like a million dollars with his gorgeous mother on his arm wearing the tight short dress. Kelly, on the other hand, felt she looked like the slut she had willingly become for her son.

Wandering along they chose a restaurant they had eaten in before and, after choosing from the menu, settled down to enjoy the bottle wine they had ordered.

“Rob.” She took his hand a looked at him seriously, “Are you sure this is what you want? Me and you together like this. We could just go home and leave everything we’ve done here behind us. If you would prefer that?”

“Is that really what you want?” the hurt in his eyes was obvious to her and she shook her head, blonde hair flicking around her shoulders.

“No.” her answer was short and spoken softly, “I want to be with you like we are here.”

He squeezed her hand.

“You know things won’t be as simple though. Back at home.” She continued without waiting for his answer.

He shrugged “I didn’t imagine they would be but as long as we’re together I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.”

“You’re certain it’s what you want? You know you could have a girl your own age?”

Rob grinned at his mother “I was thinking that when we get home, I could maybe move my stuff into your room.”

Kelly smiled with relief “That would be just perfect.”

Just then the meals arrived; Rob having chosen a steak while Kelly had selected a prawn linguine.

Pausing their conversation for the moment they sat and ate quietly. With little conversation happening the pair of them reflected on the past week and everything that had happened.

“That was delicious.” Kelly stated, interrupting the silence, as she put down her knife and fork before picking up her glass to finish her wine.

“Certainly was.” Rob agreed finishing the last bite of his steak, “The perfect meal to end our holiday.”

“Where to now? It’s still early.”

He considered his mother for a moment “How about a last visit to the Epic bar?”

Kelly frowned “You want to share me now, tonight?”

Rob smiled at her and shook his head “Not necessarily. Just show you off in that dress. Unless you want me to that is?”

“I do but it depends on who it is and what happens.” She bit her lower lip hesitantly, “I’m all yours and I’ll do whatever you want.”

Settling the bill, they stood up to leave and Rob couldn’t help but notice how almost every male eye there followed his mother as she swayed out of the restaurant.

She got the same reaction in the bar. Every man who saw her enter followed her across the room with their eyes, watching as she slipped up onto a bar stool, her dress riding up and giving them all a flash of her panties as she sat down and crossed her legs.

Almost immediately Miguel, the bar owner, appeared at her side.

“Kelly,” He leered his eyes coveting her, “and Rob of course. How are you?”

“We’re fine thanks.” Rob answered sliding an arm protectively about his mother, “Just enjoying our last night before we go home tomorrow.”

“Ah you are leaving us.” The bar owners dejected expression a clear indication that he wanted to fuck Kelly again.

“Yes, tomorrow morning.” She added.

“I suppose it happens to everyone. Let me get you a drink. On me.” He turned the charm on again.

Accepting his offer Kelly requested a zombie while, as usual, Rob had a beer.

“Don’t say it.” she said to her son as the overweight, middle-aged bar owner hurried off to collect their drinks, “We’re both well aware of what he wants.”

“And what do you want?” he answered her with a question.

“Not him. Not tonight.” Kelly shivered remembering how the old Spaniard had taken her anal virginity the night before.

However, much to their surprise it was Andres, Miguel’s beach-bum son, who returned a minute or two later and handed Rob a bottle of beer before sidling up to Kelly and handing her the cocktail she had requested.

“My father tells me you are leaving tomorrow.” His conversation was directed at Kelly completely ignoring her son.

She fluttered her eyelashes at him as she replied “Yes, we’re flying back to England klasbahis güvenilirmi tomorrow morning.”

He smiled at her, his eyes roving lustfully up and down her body “That’s a pity. I hoped we might spend some more time together.”

“That would have been lovely but, unfortunately, it’s time for us to go home.” She looked enquiringly at her son as she replied.

“But we still have this evening.” His voice was suggestive.

Kelly bit her bottom lip, her body tingling as it started to respond to the cute young Spaniard’s obvious propositioning of her. Casually she uncrossed and recrossed her legs, flashing her knickers again, taking a moment before answering him,

“Yes, there is still this evening.” She replied flirtatiously before finishing her drink.

Andres smiled “Another perhaps?”

“Please.” She held out her glass and turned to look at her son, “Do you want another beer baby?”

“Yeah sure.”

Taking the empty glass, the Spaniard disappeared to get another round leaving Kelly and Rob alone.

“You want him to fuck you, don’t you?” he asked as soon as Andres was out of earshot.

“Do you mind?” she bit her lip nervously, “I won’t let him if you don’t want me to.”

He considered her for a moment “What if I… I want… to watch?”

“Do you?” she slid off the stool and moved closer to her son, gazing up into his eyes.

Rob nodded and looked away as he replied quietly “Yes.”

Just then Andres returned with their drinks putting an end to their discussion.

Passing Rob his beer he slid his arm around Kelly. His fingers immediately beginning to caress her hip and down onto her arse as he pressed his body close up against hers.

“Perhaps we could take our drinks somewhere quieter.” He smiled at Rob as he blatantly propositioned her, his hand gently squeezing her backside.

Squirming slightly in his grip Kelly smiled sweetly and played hard to get with him, “I’m sorry Andres but it’s our last night and I want to spend it with my boyfriend.”

“Then all the more reason for us to say adios properly.” The gorgeous young Spaniard looked between the two of them as he gently eased Kelly further away from her son, “Then you and your boyfriend can be together.”

She looked helplessly at Rob realising that, despite what they had said earlier at dinner, this was what both of them wanted. The expression on his face made it obvious to her that he wanted to share her again.

Andres’ arm wrapped tighter around her waist, his hand resting on her backside pressing her firmly towards the door leading up to the bar’s office.

“Wait, wait.” She stopped and turned back, “I want Rob to come to. He…. He wants to watch us.”

The bar owner’s son grinned salaciously, “Sure, he can watch me fuck you good baby.”

Together the three of them made their way up the stairs, the Spaniard leading Kelly while Rob followed a pace or two behind, his eyes fixed on his mother’s swaying bum.

Reaching the office Andres pushed the door closed behind them while Kelly stood and stared at the large wooden desk. The desk where he had fucked her the previous evening and where his father had taken his turn and sodomized her after.

As she gazed at the desk Andres moved behind her and pulled her back towards him, his hands slipping around her to cup her tits through the material of her dress. Her nipples, already partially firm, quickly hardened into solid points as his fingers toyed with them.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped staring at her son standing just a few feet away watching them, mesmerised.

She had started down the road to becoming Rob’s slut when he had allowed Miguel to fuck her in the dunes several days prior. And now she was here, at the end of their holiday, about to let his son have his turn with her once again.

As she leant back against him, wriggling her backside into his crotch, his fingers dragged her dress down to expose her modest breasts. Freeing them allowed him to maul them as he wanted, squeezing her soft sensitive mounds roughly while he pinched and rolled her hard buds.

“Aaahhh… fuck, fuck… yes!” she whimpered closing her hands over his and gently guiding one of them down across her flat belly and between her legs.

Tipping her head back Kelly closed her eyes as the cute young Spaniard ran his finger along the gusset of her thong to tease her pussy through the thin material. Pressing the scrap of satin up between her outer lips he could feel her moisture soak through onto his hand.

“Uhhhhhhh…. fuck!” She jerked upright, her body responding to the sensations his touch created in her.

Smirking he stared directly at Rob as he hooked his mother’s thong aside and slipped a finger into her wet, willing, slit. Worming it knuckle deep he felt her react, her body shuddering and her hips gently undulating.

“Your woman. She is very wet for me.” He leered lasciviously his comment directed at her son, “I think she wants my cock.”

Rob couldn’t answer as he stood hypnotised by the scene before him, his throat dry. Watching his mother squirming as the Spaniard finger fucked her, working first one then a second digit into her soaked hole.

“Tell me what you want puta!” he squeezed her tit firmly as he forced his fingers deep up inside her making Kelly gasp.

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