A Hot Summer With… Ch. 09

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A Hot Summer With My Mom and Aunt Ch. 09

I followed my mom into her bedroom as she led me by my hard cock. Once in her room, she turned around and placed a very hot passionate kiss on my lips and pressed her naked body against mine. We must have kissed for several minutes with our bodies rubbing against one another, we really got hot. My mom released her lips saying, “Looking at those pictures really makes me hot, I have never looked at much pornography before, I can see while it is so popular. Shit I’m hot, I think my pussy is boiling over with cum. I want you to really fuck me hard tonight Glenn, I need a good fuck.”

“But mom, you are ovulating!”

“Shit that’s right. Well,” she said, “you will just have to fuck me in the ass. That’s OK with you, right?”

I just nodded yes as she immediately turned and walked over to the bed, crawled up on it on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me while reaching back with her hand to rub her ass. When her finger ran across her little rosebud, she stuck the tip of her finger in her ass saying, “In here big boy, get that big hard cock of yours in this tight hole and fuck me good. I need a good hard cum tonight and want you to fuck me silly.”

She then looked between her legs at me saying, “What are you waiting for stud? Here I am, your hot and horny mom offering her ass to you for a good fuck. Are you ready?”

What a site, there was my mom on the bed, stark naked with her sexy shapely ass pointing directly at me and her nice big tits hanging down. I love to see my mom in the nude in some provocative pose wanting me to fuck her. I just stood there for a second stroking my hard cock before I walked over to the bed. I bent over and gave her ass and pussy a big sloppy kiss, I ran my tongue all along her crack paying special attention to her asshole, probing it as best I could. She said, “Oh honey, you know how to treat me so well, yes lick your mommy’s ass before you stick your big cock inside it. Oh yes, lick me, eat me, suck me baby, get my asshole ready for your hard cock that I love so much. Please fuck me hard, I want to feel all of you inside me tonight, every inch of that beautiful cock of yours. I want to feel your sperm shooting inside me, I want to feel that if your cock were in my pussy, you would be impregnating me with your semen, fertilizing my eggs, getting me pregnant.”

“Mom, what are you saying?”

“Oh honey, I have so much passion for you, I just love you and sometimes wish I could have your child inside my belly.”

“I have never heard you talk like this. You really don’t want to get pregnant do you?”

“No son, absolutely not. But I just get so horny with you that my female instincts take over and makes me want your child.”

I did not know what to say, so I just got up on the bed behind her sweet ass and pressed my hard cock against her juiced up asshole. She moaned as the head of my dick was trying to spread her asshole open, I know it was hurting her but did not hesitate as she very vocally urged and encouraged me to push harder and harder until my cock finally slipped through her tight asshole and slid deep inside her warm butt. She let out a loud sigh of relief when my cock was all the way in her and as my balls bounced against her pussy. She then just looked back at me saying, “Now baby, don’t hold back. Fuck your mama’s ass like there is no tomorrow, fuck me hard, fuck me deep and fill my ass with you hot sweet cum. I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel you filling me with your sperm. Fuck me baby, just fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. Ohhh I need you so bad.”

I slowly began to fuck my mom’s ass like she said, long hard deep strokes for several minutes. I did not want it to end and neither did she. But with all the friction her tight asshole was giving my cock, I did not last very long and before I knew it, my balls began to boil and I shot a big load of cum deep inside my mom’s sweet sexy ass. She was in the meantime, fingering her own pussy, working over her clit as I was pumping my cum into her ass. She climaxed just as the last of my cum was spurting inside her ass. Shit, her asshole had a grip on my cock like a vice, I was really loading her up. As I relaxed and slumped down on top of her, she also collapsed and we both just lay on the bed totally exhausted and feeling very fulfilled.

She only laid there a few seconds until she squirmed out from underneath me and turned so she could get my cock in her mouth. Just before she totally enveloped my now semi-soft cock she said, “I want to taste you baby, I don’t care where your cock has been, I just need to feel your wonderful cock meat in my mouth and to taste your sperm.” She took my entire cock in her mouth as she sucked and licked me completely. She took a hold of my balls and worked her mouth up and down my shaft with great intensity and care. She was making love to my dick.

She is a great cock sucker and it felt so wonderful having her warm mouth around my dick. I was responding to the touch of her lips and tongue and shortly was supporting another hard on. She told me to lay on my back which I did. She said, “Now I don’t want you to cum, I just want to feel your cock in my cunt, so hiltonbet giriş lay there and let me do the work.” She straddled my body while holding on to my hard cock. She squatted over my hips and as she lowered her ass, she guided my hard cock straight into her pussy. She lowered herself getting only about half my dick in her. She then raised herself up and down on my dick repeatedly sighing all the time. Suddenly she lowered herself entirely taking my entire cock up her cunt. She just sat there twitching her pelvis saying, “Oh god honey, this feels so good. You don’t know how much I love having you inside me, I love fucking you like I’ve never loved before. Even your dad was not this good. I can’t get enough of your cock. I love it, I love you.” She just continued twitching her pelvis working my cock into every crevice inside her pussy. She paused holding herself totally still as a climax swept over her body.

I knew I was not going to last too long so I said, “Mom, you need to either get up and suck me off or turn over so I can really pound your pussy as I fertilize your eggs.” She looked at me and pushed her pelvis down real hard on my dick like she wanted me to cum as she jerked her pelvis back and forth a few times. I wasn’t sure she was not going to let me cum in her, she was so horny. But she got up and turned around so she could suck me while she offered me her pussy to eat. We 69′ it giving each other another climax. My mom is the hottest slut I have ever known, one hot piece of ass.

Once I shot my load into my mom’s sucking warm mouth, I was completely bushed. I finished licking the last residue of my mom’s cum from her pussy lips and then just laid my head back and zonked out. The next thing I knew was feeling a warm body next to mine. I looked around to see that mom had put a blanket over me and that my aunt had at some time crawled in bed next to me. He big bare tits were being pressed against me back as her hand was rubbing my thigh and across my semi-hard cock. As I began to wake up, so did my dick. My aunt began to stroke me while she continued pressing her tits into my back.

I turned my head toward her and she kissed me on the cheek saying, “I love to sleep with young studs like you, you get so hard so quick and knowing that you want to sink your dick in my pussy makes me so horny. My cunt is already wet and waiting to be fucked by your big cock. Your mom is downstairs preparing us some breakfast. How about you getting on top of me for a good morning fuck and fill my love tunnel with your love juices and knowing how your mother loves the taste of your sperm, we’ll let her eat me for desert.”

“You are wicket, you hussy slut. You want your nephew to fuck you and have your sister eat my cum from your cunt, is that right?”

“Yes, that is exactly right.”

“Great, lets get it on!” We both giggled as I rolled over on top of my aunt getting between her widely spread sexy legs and without any preliminaries, sank my hard cock directly into her wet cunt and began to bang her. She met every one of my thrusts with hers and we both came within minutes. God she is hot, just like my mom, one hot piece of ass. What a lucky guy I am.

When we finished, we both headed downstairs, my aunt walked very slowly holding her hand in her crotch to prevent any cum from leaking out of her pussy. When we got into the kitchen, she said, “We have a surprise for you!”

My mom looked around at us both standing there in the nude, my cock half hard and shinny with cum residue, my aunt with her hand in her crotch.

“Let me guess. Glenn has just banged you and you are holding your hand over your pussy so his cum will not leak out. Right?”

“You are just too smart. Yes, that is right. I thought you would like some desert before we ate breakfast.”

“That kind of desert I’ll eat anytime almost anywhere. Get over her on the table, spread those sexy legs of yours and let me have my morning desert.” My aunt walked over to the kitchen table and very carefully sat on the edge, leaned back taking a hold of her legs as she raised and spread them very wide giving her sister ample access to her cum filled cunt. My mother sat on a chair right between my aunt’s legs and immediately pressed her face in her sister’s snatch and began to dine on her pussy. She engulfed June’s cunt lips with her mouth and began sucking on her sister’s cunt like she was starved, it was quite a site to see. My mom moaned and groaned as she devoured my aunt’s cunt with her mouth, sucking, licking, sticking her tongue inside June’s spread cunt lips.

I suddenly thought about the camera Junior had left and said, “Hold it, let me get this action on camera, it is so hot.” I ran and got the camera and began taking pictures of my mom eating my aunt’s pussy. I got some really close up shots showing the tip of my mom’s tongue in June’s slit licking up my cum; shots of my mom sucking June’s pussy lips into her mouth; shots of my mom fingering June’s asshole as she ate her cunt; shots of my mom licking June’s ass crack. Finally my mom raised her head and pulled June’s cunt lips apart letting me take some great shots of June’s wide open pussy showing me her pink insides and revealing hiltonbet yeni giriş her clit. It was awesome, I took a couple dozen or so pictures.

When my mom thought I had taken enough pictures she returned to eating June’s cunt with vigor. Once she got a mouth full of cum and salvia, she looked up and said to June, “Want to share?”

My aunt just nodded as my mother raised herself up and laid on top of June on the kitchen table. When my mom had her mouth directly above June’s, she opened her mouth just a little letting a string of cum and saliva slowly drip from her lips into June’s waiting open mouth. My mom then lowered her face pressing her lips to June’s and passionately kissed her. They swapped my cum back and forth between their mouths while their lips were pressed tight against each other; their tongues were obviously in each other’s mouth. My mom was grinding her pussy into June’s as they kissed. I could see a small amount of cum and saliva leaking down June’s chin, all this action was getting me another hard on just watching my mom and aunt kissing. I kept taking pictures as fast as I could and got some really hot shots.

As I was standing behind them getting pictures of their pussy’s being pressed against each other, my mother raised her head turning it toward me saying, “Oh god Glenn, I need to be fucked so bad, I need to have my cunt rammed full of hard cock meat and to be pumped full of sperm, I need it bad baby. I need you inside me. Please oh please fuck your mom right now, I need to climax, I need to cum.”

“But mom you are ovulating.”

“I don’t care Glenn, I need to be fucked really bad, I can’t stand not having your cock inside me right now! I’m so hot and horny and I need to cum so bad, please, oh please fuck your slutty mom. Slip that nice big cock of yours deep inside my pussy and fuck me. Please do what I ask and slam your cock inside my pussy, fuck me baby, just fuck MEEEEEEEEEE!”

I didn’t want to get my mom pregnant so I ran and got a rubber, slipped it on and guided my hard cock into my mom’s cunt as she laid on top of my aunt with both of them on the kitchen table. It was a quickie, my mom was so fired up that she came within seconds of my cock being rammed inside her pussy. As soon as she climaxed, she laid limp on top of her sister, panting, nearly out of breath.

I actually did not cum, but that was alright, for I wanted to save myself for later. My mom sat back down on the chair and said, “You felt so different inside me and I did not feel you cum.”

“I used a rubber mom. I didn’t want to get you pregnant, OK?”

“Oh baby, that was nice of you but a few minutes ago I did not care whether your cock was covered or not, I just wanted to feel your cock in me regardless of the consequences. I really needed to cum and thank you for giving me a climax like you did. Did you cum at all?”

“No mom, I did not cum.”

“Oh darn, I was hoping that I could suck your tasty sperm out of the rubber. Do you want me to get you off? I will you know, either by wanking you off or giving you a blowjob. You know how much I like to taste your sperm.”

“No mom, I’m OK. I want to save myself for when Junior comes over to take more porno photo of you and June.” I knew it would be a hot session and would get a lot of chances of fucking my aunt and mom.

My mom’s face lit up when I mentioned Junior and pornography. She immediately moved her hands down between her legs to her bare pussy and began rubbing her cunt vigorously saying, “Oh shit, I can’t wait to have more photos taken of my cunt, ass and tits while totally exposing myself. I think that is so hot. I hope he takes some good pictures of you fucking me and me sucking you. I want to see some close ups of your cock inside my cunt baby, I want to see my pussy lips gripping your cock.” I could not believe what I was hearing from my mom, she is really becoming a total slut and I’m loving it.

My mom just continued finger fucking her pussy with her eyes closed as she fantasized about being photographed. What an opportunity, I grabbed the camera, turned her chair so I could get directly in front of her and between her legs saying, “Spread those pussy lips mom, let me get some close ups of your cunt.” She opened her eyes giving me a big smile as she took her index fingers and pulled her pussy lips as far apart as she could. Lots of pink were showing and I zoomed in getting a half dozen shots of her cunt.

My aunt still lying on the table said, “What about me?” She had lifted her feet onto the edge of the table with her legs spread clearly exposing her sloppy cunt. I turned and photographed her pussy as she fingered herself. She used one hand to spread her pussy lips and used her index finger on her other hand to play with her clit. It was so hot to watch and even hotter to photograph. She continued this action until she had a climax. I must have gotten a dozen shots of her masturbating.

I then told her to lift her legs way up in order to lift her ass up a little off the table. I was then able to get shots of her asshole and cunt, just awesome pictures. She reached around under her butt and using her middle finger, was able to finger her own hiltonbet güvenilirmi asshole. I was shooting pictures as fast as I could. Then suddenly my mom moved in, placing her head between June’s legs and began licking her asshole. She paused many times to give me the opportunity to get shots of this hot action. It was hard for me to believe what was happening, here I am taking photographs of my aunt and mom both totally nude and unashamed, fingering themselves, masturbating, licking one another, kissing, and eating each other. Suddenly the camera beeped telling me that they little photo card was full.

“Well ladies, I need to download these pictures before I can take anymore shots. So hold on.” My mom looked up at me and smiled, then returned to eating her sisters ass and pussy. When I returned my mom and aunt were sitting at the table resting their heads on the hands with big smiles in their faces.

I said, “What did I miss?”

My aunt June said, “Jackie got me off again for at least the fourth time this morning. I love all this action guys, this is just too much. I love it.”

My mom said, “Junior told June that he was bringing over a couple guys tonight and wanted to get some double action shots. I think we need to cool it for awhile or we will all be totally exhausted for the main event.”

I more than agreed, I needed to recharge my batteries for some hot fucking later on. The rest of the day involved running some errands and getting ready for tonight’s action. About 4 pm Junior showed up with a couple of suit cases with his clothes and three of four boxes of photographic equipment. We went into my mom’s bedroom and in the living room to set up lighting and backgrounds for good photography. When we had it ready Junior said, “I hope your mom and aunt will like the guys I’ve invited. I asked the guy I workout with if he was interested in being part of some pornographic action with two hot mature women. He was more than willing and said his brother would also like to be involved. I said OK and they will be here in less than an hour.”

I responded, “Great. What have you planned for this evening?”

Junior said, “I was thinking that we would have your mom and aunt dressed very revealing and sexy clothes sitting on the couch when these guys show up. All four will sit on the couch and begin to grope one another until they all are naked. The girls will invite them up to the bedroom and there, one of the gals will take on both guys for some hot double penetrate action. Then we’ll switch gals and they will do the same to the other one. I will run the video and you can take still shots the whole time. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great.”

“Oh there is one more thing. These guys are black.”

“Holly shit, this is going to be really hot. Are the hung like blacks are supposed to be?”

“Well, I have showered at the club with the one guy and he is definitely hung. I’ll bet that at full erection he is 9 or 10 inches, I assume his brother is similar.”

I pondered a minute and then said, “I think we should let my mom and aunt know that these guys are black so that they are not shocked. OK?”

“Yea, that is probably the smart thing to do.”

Just then my mom came into the room seeing all the preparations we were doing and said, “Wow, this looks like a real production.”

Junior said, “Well I want to get really good photographs of all the action, the better the quality, the better the interest of your soon to be fans.”

My mom just smiled and we could see the visions she was having of guys looking at her intimate parts, she said, “How many people do you think will view the website you are setting up?”

Junior winked at me and said, “Well, if we do it right, there will be millions looking at your photos and videos everyday.”


“Yep! Guys and gals from all over the world will be looking and downloading pictures of you fucking, sucking, eating, and doing whatever else you want to. Would you like for me to photograph you being cummed on, masturbating, pissing, shoving cucumbers, bananas, beer bottles, tools, or whatever up your twat?”

“What, are you saying?”

“Oh mom, you do know that these are the things that women do on the internet!”

“No I don’t know. This all sounds pretty gross to me. Do you mean that people are shown pissing?”

“Sure, haven’t you heard about golden showers?”

“Yea I guess. I just never really thought much about it. So you mean that people will piss on each other?”

“Yep, I’ll show you if you want. Lets go to the computer and go to a site called Pissmops.” We all walked into the den, cranked up the computer and began viewing pissmops.com. My mother just stood next to Junior with her mouth open looking at all the photos of gals pissing and being pissed on. She seemed really fascinated and with her leaning over staring at the computer screen, I took advantage and reached under her skirt and began rubbing her thigh. I ran my hand up her thigh and across her buttocks and squeezed her buns a couple times before I slipped my hand into her crack. When my finger rubbed against her asshole she responded by wiggling her butt back and forth, obviously liking the action I was giving her. I then moved my hand down her crack toward her pussy, she squatted a little more opening her legs more allowing me to easily reach her cunt. I slipped my finger inside her pussy saying, “Mom, you are really wet. These pictures of women pissing is making you hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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