A Lesson In Manipulation

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She had been watching him, watching his every move that day. It was the first day of real term time after freshers week, she was in her first lecture and she was mesmerised. The lecturer introduced himself as Nathaniel, he had a doctorate in cognitive psychology and he was heading a research experiment into face recognition. He was also tall with darkish hair but she couldn’t see the colour of his eyes from the back of the lecture hall, but that didn’t seem to matter. He was watching the way he moved, slow smooth and deliberately confident in his young 30ish body, that seemed to ripple beneath hid shirt as he leaned on the desk talking to the class of 200 or more.

The more she watched the way he walked, the way words seem to fall from his mouth and the way his dark hair was pulled back from his face in a quirky pony tail, the more she didn’t listen to the content of what he was saying but just listening to the rise and fall in tone of his voice, and watching his chest expand with intakes of breath. She stayed like this for the duration of the 2 hour lecture, she listened to everything he said but heard nothing except her own heart beating.

The end of the lecture came too soon, she went home and thought about Nathaniel, she wanted him. And she always got what she wanted. Her deep green eyes dark hair and petit frame made sure of that. She lay on her single bed smoking a cigarette watching the smoke curl towards the dirty off white ceiling, thinking. She knew what she had to do; she would sign up for Nathaniel’s experiment tomorrow.

The next day she did exactly that and was lucky that she got an appointment for that afternoon, she smiled and flashed her green eyes at the male research assistant who made it possible and flicked her hair as she left the sign up room, her mind on what she should wear.

At precisely 6.30pm she walked towards Nathaniel’s building, she went up one flight of stairs before she came to his office, his door was shut, room 130 a, yep, this was it, she settled herself, running over her plan in her head. Ok. Time to go. She knocked on his door,

“Come in”

She pushed open the door, Nathaniel was sitting at his desk, and he had hardly glanced up,

“You must be belle, nice to meet you,” it was then his eyes left the paperwork on his decrepit old desk, they fell first on her slim legs that were sat beneath her slightly to short skirt, then up to her white blouse, her pert young breasts bakırköy escort straining against the material, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Then lastly they fell into her almost emerald eyes.

“Um, the, the test suit is next door.”

He managed to stutter, she smiled, and this was going according to plan.

“Do you want me now?”

“Pardon?” Nathaniel looked slightly abash.

“Do you want me to do the experiment I mean,” She giggled in a shy way.

“Sure, follow me”

Nathaniel got up and passed her, slightly too closely as he walked through the offices narrow doorway. He was slightly confused, he knew she was stunning but he wasn’t quite sure if she was as sexual as her clothes omitted, she seemed too cute. That didn’t stop him however from undressing her mental in a quick but satisfactory manner.

He led her into the room next door, it was no bigger than a closet and the paint was peeling off all the walls, there was a small window at the back of the room through which they could see that it was raining and getting dark. In the middle of the room was a computer desk a chair and a computer. Nathaniel walked over to the computer,

“It’s all set up, it gives you the instructions as you go along, pretty self explanatory really”

Shit, that’s not the way it is supposed to go, she sat down in this poky little room behind the computer.

“So I am going to be on my own?” she asked with just the right among of unease in her melodic voice.

“Don’t worry, I will be just next door come and tell me when you are finished, okay?”

And with that Nathaniel left her in the testing room.

Oh fuck, I am going to have to play this very carefully, she half-heartedly started the test.

30 minutes later, when she had finished the test she had completed her plan, she was filled with excitement, she knew it would work, it always did. She went to the room next-door, Nathaniel’s office, she knocked and waited,

“Come in”

“Hi, um I ‘ve finished the test, do you want to debrief me?” She asked innocently whilst moving far too close to Nathaniel than was really necessary.

“Well the computer really told you everything unless you have any questions”

Right, she thought, now or never, better make this convincing,

“Well I do have one question, I um was wondering weather you wanted, well if you would like to, if your finished here I beşiktaş escort mean, well…would you like to go for a drink?”

She added a tentative little smile, Nathaniel looked at her superbly sculpted body, the breasts in particular, so pert and round, perfectly formed spherical shapes pushing, still pushing against her white shirt, he though he could almost see her nipples, but maybe that was just wishful thinking.

“Oh, look belle, I would love to but, I cant, it’s against the rules you know?”

She had moved even closer now, she was only around half a meter from him, those breast however were closer…

“Oh, um I, I have to go.” she managed to stutter convincingly before giving him a flash of here eyes, such lustful, beautiful eyes, before she turned and ran out of his office,

“Belle wait! I didn’t, I…. oh shit!” Nathaniel started to run after her, out of his office down the stairs through the doors and into the pissing rain.

“Belle?! Where are you? Belle!” he was about to give up but he then hears a soft sobbing above the rain, it was coming from the concrete over hang of the building where students (and lecturers) stored their motorbikes. Nathaniel jogged in that direction and saw her, dripping wet leaning against the hard, cold concrete of the building.

“Belle, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that but its against the universities policy to fraternise with the students,” He looked at her again, the rain had soaked her shirt so completely it was transparent, he couldn’t stop his eyes from moving down to where her hard pink nipples were pressing against it, he could see them clearly, he wanted to touch them, put his mouth around them, to suck her nipples through the shirt tasting the rain water, feeling the flesh through cotton. He shook his head and looked at her face, she looked dejected, cold and lonely, going to university was a scary thing to do, she was probably lonely and he had just dented her confidence. Nathaniel moved towards her and she came to him, he wrapped her in his arms,

“Its ok, belle, really you need to go home and get into some dry clothes,”

She looked up at him, another flash from her green eyes and her mouth moved towards his, their lips brushing for a second……come on, ……

Nathaniel seemed to be caught in deliberation, then suddenly his lips slammed into hers, his tongue probing her soft mouth, he could feel himself beylikdüzü escort getting hard against her stomach, so could she. She expressed just the right amount of tentative reciprocation, as he moved down her body, placing his mouth on her nipples hard from the cold and sucked them through her thin cotton shirt, the feeling of his warm mouth over her cold nipples was almost too much, she reached out and grabbed his testicles through his jeans with her dainty hand, slightly squeezing them, feeling the hard shaft of his cock just above them, he groaned into her breasts as started to undo the button of his jeans, then the zipper, she pushed his trousers down just passed his buttocks, knelt down in the rivers of water that were running thought the shelter and started to suck his cock. Nathaniel groans and grabbed her wet hair as she licked the tip of his penis before engulfing the whole shaft once more.

She blow him to point of ejaculation but stop just before hand, she looked up licked her full lips and undid her shirt, Nathaniel pulled her off her knees and pushed her up against the cold concrete and ran his hands up her taught thighs and into he crevice between her thighs, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, this pushed him over the edge, he couldn’t contain himself any longer, the feel of her pussy, wet and warm on his cold numb fingers was too much, he withdrew his hand and with a twist of his hips, pushed his cock deep into her tight, wet little cunt, he trusted hard and slow, she moan and writhed trying to hook her legs around his waist, he was then holding her, propping her up against the wall screwing her hard. They were both grunting and moaning pleasure, she could feel every fold in his enormous cock as he grinded into her slit, his bollocks smacking her arse hand his slight belly pushing and rubbing her soaking clit, suddenly out of nowhere she climaxed, the walls of her pussy contracted, massaging his cock into climax and as she bit his neck to hold back a scream of pleasure, he shot his load whilst being buried to the hilt in her. Nathaniel came long and hard, his mind almost exploded, his legs went and they both spilled onto the damp ground panting, her on top of him. Nathaniel smiled and slipped his arms around her; he kissed her gently on the forehead,

“So, um do you want me to walk you home?” the question hung in the air, Nathaniel liked her but he didn’t want to get in any further, he needed to nip this one in the bud.

She smiled and flashed her green eyes once more; she was just about to get what she wanted,

“I would prefer an A in your course, what do you think? An A for my silence and a few more fucks…”

Nathaniel’s smile faded as he looked at her and realised that she was already in bloom.

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