A Line Crossed

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(The Second installment in the Lance Sheldon Chronicles)

It was 3:30, and Lance was finishing up some correcting and getting ready to head home for the day. He usually worked until 4:00 or so, correcting his 3rd graders work or preparing for the next day, but it was Friday and he just wanted to go home. As Lance sat at his desk and recorded the last grammar grade in his book, his thoughts turned to Annie. He had thought about her quite a bit lately. Prior to leaving at the beginning of this year, Annie had taught the 2nd grade class next door for three years, two of which Lance had been teaching at Livermore Elementary.

Over the course of the two years that Annie and Lance worked next door to each other, they had become extremely close, and spent a large amount of their time at work together. They spent their planning times visiting, they collaborated on projects together, and knew a few intimate details about the other that even their significant others were not privileged. Somewhere along the way a mutual physical attraction had also festered. He was drawn to her beautiful, long, black hair, adorable smile, amazingly ample yet perky breasts, and what he referred to as her “Lift my skirt up around my waist and give it to me from behind” gorgeous ass. He also loved how sexy she always presented herself in her array of skirts and high-heeled boots. She found herself drawn to his overly confident demeanor, anything goes personality, and the ease with which each was able to converse and confide in the other.

In the second year of the two working together, the comfort level between them went to a whole new level. It was an unseasonably hot spring day in May. The two were eating lunch together and chatting, when Annie broke out a joke. Lance reached out and patted her knee, “You’re a regular Jay Leno, aren’t you?” As the words came out of Lance’s mouth, his hand came to rest on Annie’s knee and he winked at her. The two continued talking with Lance’s hand still firmly on Annie’s bare knee. A few minutes later, as Annie was talking about plans for the afternoon she felt something caressing her upper thigh. She looked down to see Lance fingertips softly gliding over her silky smooth skin.

“I… ah…. losing my train of thought,” Annie said, a bit flustered.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Would you like me to stop?” Lance said trying to sound sincere.

” No, that’s ok. It actually feels quite good.”

“Well in that case,” Lance whispered gliding his fingertips up a bit higher coming very close to the top of Annie’s thigh.

“Oh… ah…yeah that feels very good too,” was all Annie could manage.

“It’s important to feel good,” Lance assured her, as he moved his fingers up to the spot where her panties met her thigh. Slowly, he moved the silk off to the side and gently placed two fingers on Annie’s labia, moving them over the soft, moist lips and gliding effortlessly to the little nub of her clitoris. Lance began massaging her in a soft, circular motion.

“Oh my, that feels great. I love that,” Annie said, her breathing starting to increase.

Lance continued massaging Annie until she put her hand over his. “You need to stop Sweetie or I’m going to have problems.”

“You are? Oh man. I want to hear you have problems.”

“I know you do, but I’m already so wet and the kids are coming.”

“Alright,” Lance pouted as he kissed her. “I’m going to run and pee. Can you watch the kids for me for a minute?”

“That’s the least I can do for you, Mr. Sheldon,” isveçbahis Annie teased as Lance ran out of the room and headed for the bathroom.

That was as far over the line the two had ever gone before or after. Annie would occasionally flash Lance her amazing ass or perfect breasts with beautiful, little nipples and sure, Lance would lean up against her from behind once and awhile just to feel Annie push her ass into his semi-hard member. On occasion the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers at Livermore Elementary would also walk down to the art room located in the basement of the school, where it was private, just to hug and kiss a bit, but Annie Woodman and Lance Sheldon never again quite reached the depth of connection they did on that hot, May afternoon in Annie’s room.

“Well, that will about do it I think,” Lance said to himself coming out of his daydream and tidying up his room. “God, I miss you girl.”

“You miss what girl?” a voice asked from the doorway. “Hey, Hot Stuff.”

“No fucking way!” exclaimed Lance as he jumped up out of his seat and ran to the front of the room, wrapping his arms around his surprise visitor and squeezing her hard.

“Were you thinking about me again?” Annie teased as Lance loosened up his grip and the two looked each other in the eye.

“Well, of course I was. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Me too. Why do you think I came to visit? I’m glad you’re still here because everybody else seems to have taken off.”

“It’s 3:45 on Friday afternoon. I guess I’m the only foolish one still working at this time on a Friday.”

Lance and Annie spent the next 45 minutes catching up and reminiscing about the good old days when Annie looked up at the clock. “I suppose I should get going. I would like to see you more often, though. Why don’t you stop by after work some day and see my classroom?”

“I’d like that,” Lance said, getting up from the couch and following Annie to the door. “Any chance I could persuade you to come down to the art room with me for old time’s sake? I have to do next month’s bulletin board and could use your artistic perspective for paper colors.”

“It would be my pleasure,” offered Annie with a sly little smile.

As the two walked down the stairs, Annie leading and Lance close behind, Annie hiked her skirt up around her waist exposing her tight, g-string wearing ass that had been the subject of so many of Lance’s fantasies. “Haven’t seen this in a while, huh? Miss it, Hun?”

“You have no idea,” Lance admitted feeling his shaft harden instantly and tripping on his untied shoelace at the same time.

“Are you ok? Tie that shoe before you trip.”

“Yes, mother. You go ahead and pick out some nice colors for me.”

As Annie walked around the corner headed toward the paper room Lance bent down and tied his shoe. After tying his shoe, he followed behind his sexy friend and pulled out his throbbing member that was just aching to see that ass again.

Upon entering the paper room, Lance saw that Annie had her back to the door. Walking up behind her, he put both arms around her and pushed his pelvis into her previously exposed ass. He took the pencil from behind his ear and dropped it in front of Annie.

“Oh geez. Mrs. Woodman, would you mind picking up my pencil?”

“Not at all, Mr. Sheldon,” Annie said bending over and reaching for the pencil. Lance leaned in harder, feeling his recently freed throbbing shaft graze his favorite bare ass, left exposed again by Annie bending over. “What is isveçbahis giriş that, Lance?” Annie asked, standing up and turning around, looking to hand him back his pencil. Looking down, Annie saw the hard 7 ½ inches sticking out of Lance’s pants. “Lance, what are you doing? Put that away. We can’t go that far. We’ll both feel too guilty.”

“Annie, I want you and have wanted you so bad, for so long. Just once, please. I love you.

“I love you too, but…” Before Annie could finish her sentence Lance grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Annie put up a half-hearted fight to stop Lance before slowly, passively, succumbing to the kiss and kissing her long time fantasy back.

“Annie, I love you and I want you. When two people love each other, they should be together and show their love to one another,” Lance explained, justifying his actions as he moved his mouth down Annie’s neck kissing it gently.

“Um…but, we….ah …. can’t… we… shouldn’t…..this… is… wrong……..oh God, but it feels so good,” was all Annie could get out before Lance unbuttoned the last button on her blouse and stripped it off, throwing it on the floor. “You want to see my best feature, don’t you?” Annie questioned, as she unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor. Stepping back she looked down at Lance’s solider, who was at full attention. As she bent down to undo his pants and pull them off she teased, “You want me to suck your cock, huh?”

“Well Baby, that’s what you always told me you do best.” With that, Annie went down on both knees, took a hold of Lance’s shaft, and stroked it a few times before kissing and running her tongue across the now oversized head and the top and bottom of the throbbing shaft.

Taking the cock from her lips, Annie whispered, “You taste so good, Mr. Sheldon. I want all of you in my mouth.” Lifting the rock hard cock back to her mouth, Annie took the entire shaft into her mouth and began sliding it in and out causing Lance to moan continuously.

“Oh Sweetie, that feels so good. I have wanted this for so long. Oh man, if you keep that up you’re going to make me cum.” Lance reached down and pulled Annie up to eye level. “Let’s take this pesky skirt off.” Lance reached down, unzipped the skirt, and pulled it down around Annie’s ankles and off.

“Hey, why do you have clothes on? If I’m naked, you need to be naked too.” So Annie stripped Lance’s tie off, unbuttoned his dress shirt and let it drop to the floor.

Taking Annie’s hand and leading her back into the art room, Lance suggested she bend over the edge of a table. “Why? What are you going to do to me?”

“It’s a surprise,” Lance joked, as Annie leaned over the table putting her ass, still adorned in the g-string, in the air. “Now, it’s your turn,” Lance whispered seductively, as he kissed the center of her back, working his way down just above the g-string. Carefully, he took hold of each side of the tiny piece of material, and pulled it off of Annie’s sweet ass, down to her ankles, and watched her kick it off.

He began kissing the back of her thighs, fingers searching between her legs. As his mouth came to the spot where her thighs came together, Lance Sheldon did what he had always wanted to do; he put his tongue on Annie Woodman’s hot, wet lips and ran his tongue along them.

“Does that feel ok, Hun?” he asked, feeling Annie’s body pushing against his roaming tongue.

“Oh Lance, it feels quite enjoyable,” she giggled as Lance’s mouth and tongue brought immense isveçbahis yeni giriş pleasure to his old friend. Feeling as though he had just started pleasuring Annie, Lance couldn’t believe it when he heard, “Lance, if you don’t stop that I’m going to cum.”

“Baby, I want you to cum. I want to make you cum.”

“Well, you’re about to get your wish. Oh God. I’m gonna cum. I’m cuuuummmming. Oh yeah. Feels so good.” As the orgasm came to an end, Annie looked back at Lance, “I want you inside me.

Standing up from his crouched position, Lance asked, “Are you sure?”

“I’m so wet. You bet I’m sure.” Moving her legs a little further apart, Annie instructed, “Glide it in and go nice and slow.”

That was all Lance needed to hear. Grabbing his hardened shaft firmly, he guided the head toward Annie’s wet lips. With one good pelvic thrust, his cock was fully inside Annie, where he had always dreamt of being. For every thrust that Lance sent into her, Annie matched it with a backward thrust of her own. The two went at it for sometime before Annie looked back and said, “I want to ride you. Why don’t you lie down on the table so I can practice the squats I’ve been doing at the gym.”

“You got it ma’am. Thank you for being so kind, Mrs. Woodman,” Lance teased as he climbed up on the table and lay on his back.

“This is going to be fun,” Annie said, climbing up on the table and squatting over Lance. Grabbing his cock, she guided it to her still dripping lips and squatted down, feeling it go deep inside her.

“Oh Hun, you feel so good. You’re so deep. Funny though, I always fantasized about riding you on my desk.”

“Yeah, funny. I always fantasized about you riding me on your desk, in the art room, and on my desk.”

Annie gave Lance a look that told him how badly she wanted him as she began squatting up and down on him slowly, than faster and faster.

“Oh shit. Annie, you feel so good,” Lance moaned, as he thrust upward, driving his shaft into Annie.

“Oh Honey, we fit so well together,” Annie smiled, as she leaned over and kissed Lance passionately, both of their pelvises still thrusting toward one another. “I’m gonna cum again, Baby. You’re going to make me cum! Oh yeah, I’m cumming. Oh man. Don’t stop. Oh fuck me harder. It feels so good.”

As her orgasm came to an end, Lance grabbed her ass and started pumping her harder, “Oh Annie, now I’m gonna cum.”

“I’ve wanted to make you cum for two years.”

“Oh shit. Well, you’re making me cum right now.” With that, Annie hopped up off of Lance’s throbbing shaft, knelt down next to him, and wrapped her mouth around his spewing cock. She took in his entire load.

When the tap was dry, Annie climbed back on top of Lance, and laid down stomach to stomach, kissing him softly. “Wow! Why didn’t we do that sooner and more often?”

“Because you got all skittish when we’d contemplate crossing this bridge.”

The two climbed off the table after a few minutes of catching their breathe. After regaining their composure, they went around, picked up their scattered clothes, and got dressed. As Mr. Sheldon and Mrs. Woodman dressed, they began again reminiscing about the fun times they had working together. After both were dressed, Annie led the way up the stairs and out of the art room.

Once at the front door, Annie turned and kissed Lance softly. “Thanks for the visit, Hun. It felt so good to see you again. Remember to come by some day after work and see my classroom. I have a great desk I’d love to show you,” she said with a sly smile and a wink, before turning and walking out the door.

“God, I miss you girl,” Lance said to himself as the door shut behind Annie and he turned to head back to his room. “God, I miss you.”

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