A little Christmas tale

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All through the house not a creature was stirring not even my mouse. My zoig had gone silent my hubby asleep I was just listening for a sound, like a peep.

My uncovered nipples were perky and poking straight out of my chest my pussy was ready it was really quite wet I hoped he would fuck it, that would be best.

Often had I wondered and thought of this night, this time I would catch him I thought with delight. Once caught I would show him and for himself he would see what a wonderfully naughty girl I could be.

When finally I heard him it seemed like a dream, I knew if I waited I would miss him and his big throbbing beam. So softly I slipped from my bed with care and hoped that st Nick still would be there.

I walked down the hallway as quick as can be, I snuck right up behind him and dropped to one knee. He turned then as hoped and looked down at me as his pants I groped. He winked and said you look very nice, you weren’t on the naughty list and I checked it twice.

Why Santa you think it’s a choice, I said in my most sultry a voice. What is this that I see, your pecker is bulging out next to me. You decide which list oh so very quick, but what’s on the mind of your very thick prick? I can tell by your stare and the bulge you have there that you clearly want more and it seems to me that naughty is what you are up for. Well see about nice once you have cum once or twice. Now leave it to me and i set his cock free.

His pants hit the floor and I was ready for more. I looked up to see his reaction and his eyes were on my tits which are quite an attraction.

So I continued real quick and rubbed on his dick which to my trembling hands had thick veiny bands. My lips were bright red and left a ring around it’s head.

My hand reached for his sack as he fondled my rack. I jiggled his dice he said oh that feels so nice as my tongue found a spot that made him oh so hot. Then his hands found my nipples and he squeezed them just right I was so horny I could do this all night.

Our movements in sync as I sucked on his dink, I worked it so fine his cum would soon be mine.

I was quickly rewarded as his cock gave a spasm and it grew a bit more as he started to orgasm. I missed not a drop though he spurt quite a few, his cum tasted of peppermint which was something new. When his boner was dry I was still hoping for more and thought I might cry. I hoped he wanted more, I really wanted to be his little fuck whore.

My nipples were poking straight out like a stick, my pussy was in serious need of some dick. He eyed me carefully from my head to my toe then said oh quite sadly I really need to go.

I generally do not bring toys to naughty girls or bad boys so I really don’t have a good gift for you here, I will be back shortly please wait for me my dear.

I closed my eyes and relaxed on the floor and began to think of how I could get him to give more. While some fun I had had this night still I could not help thinking it had not been just right. My pussy was still in need of some care and I had hoped that his cock would by now be sliding deep in there.

My legs had been spread open so very wide he could not have missed my invitation to cum deep inside.

I might have dozed as I had not heard him come back. I kept very still thinking he would start with my rack. I kept my eyes shut to feel every sensation but he was going to skip over them was my sudden realization.

He wasted no time this lover of mine, soon the head of his cock which felt hard as a rock started it’s hunt for my now dripping cunt. On the lips of my pussy I felt a small pressure build and I knew right away that it soon would be filled.

My lips then they parted and I was then most down hearted for his cock seemed so small and did not fill me at all. But before I could voice my deepest dismay I felt his dick growing in girth anyway. It grew and it grew until my pussy was stretched very tight I was glad when it stopped growing for I knew it was now just right. I wiggled a bit as it was a very tight fit though he was a bit stubby much like my hubby.

Things continued to improve and my hips started to move to make as much space escort london in my warm wet special place for his shlong which now was really quite long. He then pulled out real slow but his speed started to grow and with each forceful thrust he jiggled my bust. He gave me such pleasure this night I would treasure.

He continued this way till I managed to say soon you must spurt cuz I’m going to squirt. No sooner this said then he did what I dread. He pulled his cock out and I started to pout but soon I was glad for his tongue wasn’t half bad. He licked my wet clit then between my lips his tongue he would flit, with my clit his tongue was flirting and then I started squirting.

He was in no great haste but not a drop did he waste. Then he stood quite quickly and my tits felt his cum land quite thickly. Then he adjusted his range or his aim he did change for the last great big hot drop landed on my clit with a plop.

Then with the tip of his cock which was still hard as a rock he caught that last drop of cum as it slid to my bum. Then he spread it around on my asshole he’d found. For my ass he had plans I could tell from the push of his glans. For this I was not ready but the pressure was steady. Once his knob was inside the shaft followed with a glide. I relaxed then some more feeling finally like his whore this went on for some time and such pleasure was mine that if I can be bold I came twice, truth be told. Then I think I jumped as inside me hot cum he pumped. His cum felt very slick as he extracted his prick.

I wanted too see his tool for it had felt big as a mule but when I opened an eye I heard a faint sigh. He was nowhere in sight which gave me a fright. Had this all been a dream, I reached for his cream to confirm he’d been there which I could not do with a stare.

Then bells did I hear and I knew Santa was near. He was by my side in a moment or two and handed me a gift and said just for you.

Then his eyes they did wander taking in my wet chest but his reaction to the cream pie down lower is what I liked the best. His eyes they grew wide and after a moment he sighed.

Those dam elves don’t know when to stop, they grow and they grow till almost they pop. Old is their magic and their story is a bit tragic, next year I’ll bet the whole story you’ll get. Well that can’t be helped now he said with a bow. If tonight you enjoyed the charms the elf has employed then next year will be better, please send me a letter of what you would crave and for you that I will save.

He then helped me to my feet and I couldn’t resist groping for his meat. With a hand on each tit he then squoze them a bit then with them he spun me around slapped my firm ass and left without making a sound.

I went back to bed slowly and thought all the way then woke up my hubby for his roll in the hay.

As I guided his pole to my wet pussy hole I knew what I had missed and he would be very pissed. As I guided him in, I said with a grin I am so very wet what a ride you will get. A distraction I thought with that line I had bought. Very pleased he did seem for his face it did beam. As my pussy gripped his shaft my tits worked at their craft. Pretty soon he did add his load to those I already had.

I didn’t miss then that three different cocks had given me their cum they had paid tribute to my mouth, tits, pussy, and bum.

He was not finished he sucked on a tit as his cock still quite hard pushed on my clit. He paused for a moment and gave not a hint but said rather these taste just like mint. I thought up a lie and I said it real quick because I couldn’t very well tell him he was tasting elf dick. It’s Christmas my dear did you expect the taste of a beer?

We awoke about mid day from our role in the hay. In a paper tearing burst I opened my gift first. Is that what you wanted he said or more like taunted. It seems a bit thin he said with a grin also a bit short was my only retort. He didn’t see the note left only for me. Caution it said use only in bed. This toy will expand at your desires command. It also works better when wet and you want to go try it right now I’ll bet. Your hubby won’t mind once his own gift he does find. The escort service note was not signed but I paid that no mind. I looked up to see he was staring at me. I told him right then that I thought it was best if went and got some more rest. He simply nodded, so slowly I plodded. There is more to this tale I hope someday to tell but for now my advice is don’t always be nice.


my wife she loves Christmas in all of its glory the lights and the songs and even the story. Since first we were wed every Christmas eve in our bed she always sleeps bare her perfect body to share. I’ve always awoke to her gentle stroke.

What she did not know was I always watch her go in the middle of the night to sit by the tree all alight.

This year was the same she would play the same game. He had never been caught no matter what she had bought. He had everything he needed even though in her letters she pleaded.

This year would be the same it was getting a bit lame. So a plan I did devise still not clear if it was wise. My friend bill had been willing and after some dealing we had reached an accord so she could get her reward.

The plan itself was a good one and we all would have some fun. This night as she slipped quietly from my bed I knew she would be fucking bill instead. With luck he would seem the Santa of her annual dream.

I knew his size was sure to please and she would likely start on her knees. Once her pussy he plundered i had often wondered if she would still ride my cock when she returned or if instead I would be spurned. All these thoughts in my head as we climbed in our bed.

Just the tip I whispered in her ear as I pulled her closer to be near. You know the rule now keep away from me with your tool. Till morning then I said as I rolled over in the bed. Later when my breathing was slow down the hall her feet did go.

I had a few minutes so quietly I waited to follow the plan which now had been baited.

Then I heard the sound of soft voices talking so down the hall I went silently walking. The spot was ready for me and I was able to clearly see, out of sight was my intention and the plan worked quite well I may as well mention.

Her backside was bare as I knew it would be and she was already fully down on one knee. Bills costume was great he sure looked the part as he stood there in front of my wife who was being a tart.

Here is what I heard and I could not say a word.

I can tell by that stare and the bulge you have there that you clearly want more and naughty your definitely up for. Well see about nice once you’ve cum once or twice now leave it to me as she set his cock free.

I thought he looked done and she’d had some fun with one last look back I saw him squeezing her rack. I was almost in bed when I heard something said so I crept back to peek and let out a sqeak.

I looked on with dismay this was not the agreed way. This was never the deal for bills little friend could not cop a feel. His intent became clear but I could not interfere. His cock must have reached her for she was delighted but his dick was so thin she soon looked like one slighted. He moved not at all for quite a while as her legs slowly spread wider along with her smile.

I couldn’t decide what she was feeling inside for his dick was so small and he wasn’t moving at all still she had a big grin and he was clearly all in for his cheeks were quite tight from holding his cock in her quite out of sight. I could not now think how with his little dink he could do more than tease but whatever he was about he was clearly able to please. Then she started to squirm as if his prick was to firm and her lower lip she bit as if working hard to make it fit.

Then she started to moan and he let out a groan I knew first hand that her pussy can squeeze when she wants to please and if she does not stop it’s not long till you pop. One stroke and it seemed he was done which couldn’t have been much fun but then he started to move until he got in a groove. It was no joke that the length of his stroke grew with his speed and so did her need.

Her tits now were shaking from the pounding she was taking. escorts in london Then I heard her say in a most desperate way, I am cumming she blurted it’s going to be squirting. It’s really quite fun when her juices they run, I knew he was in for a treat they would run down his meat. Instead He pulled out his dick and moved down to have a lick I had thought I would see her juices squirt at the tree but this little elf planned to keep it all to himself.

His ass in the air all I could do was stare for his now massive cock which looked hard as a rock was pulsing with life and it had just left my wife. As her juices she shared I wondered how her pussy had fared was it stretched big and wide from that brief little ride and when on my cock she did sit how was it now going to fit. Good and tight and just right or would it be just so wide that her deeds she could not hide.

When she finally stopped squirting my balls they were hurting. He stood and he stroked his big tool till it started to drool. Then he backed up a bit as his cock started to spit. He scored several hits on her hard nipples and tits. The last thick glob dripped down from his knob and I watched as it lit on her red swollen clit. He rubbed this around with the head of his cock she was cumming again so she froze like a rock. When he slipped it back in I thought to myself it must reach to her chin.

I watched as they fucked oh how she moaned and she bucked. With one last thrust in her he came as she cried out my name.

A noise by the tree made me turn just to see then I heard another small sound so I turned back around, bill was now back with his big velvet sack.

Where Bills friend had got to I really had no clue. I could tell bill was done with tonight’s juicy fun so I went back to bed her bouncing tits in my head. I was quite pleased they had satisfied her needs. The plan had gone swell bill had played his part well. I didn’t know the elf but his performance had been top shelf.

When she slipped into bed she went straight for my head. My turn had been needed my balls had succeeded in turning quite blue of the most painful hue. Then to her pussy she guided my cock and inside her it glided. Her box it was loose still it sucked out my juice. Your tits taste like mint, she said I’ll give you a hint it’s the Christmas season and that is the reason. If you like it my dear I’ll be sure to do it again next year. I said that would be great but I’m not sure I can wait. well if that’s what you fear Maybe Santa will come twice this next year.

Bill called quite early and he seamed rather surly. The door it was locked and I dared not to knock did you change your mind that was not very kind.

You should still let us screw I think it is my due. Maybe next year I managed to say while I wondered who had done my wife today. I hung up the phone as I thought of that elfs bone.

The gift for that year which I still hold quite dear are pictures for me which were left under the tree. I know that it was not just a dream but who had pleased my wife with their cream I am not now certain at all.

As I peaked through the crack of the door there was my beautiful little whore her new toy was inserted where I had just squirted her lips it had parted but before she had started it had seemed awfully small.

I flipped on the light and watched her squirm with delight. When she was done screaming her face was really beaming.

I read the fine print on the box and I nearly fell out of my socks. This toy will grow and you should know it will fill all the space when wet and in place enjoy it my dear I will see you next year.

I sort of doubted the claims it had touted but she was at it some more her juices starting to pour how they escaped past the toy I wondered with joy as I joined in the fun catching the drips from her lips until she was done. She was very tired but I was still wired and as she took a nap I filled in the gap.

I then started to wonder what mrs. Claus would feel like to plunder.

That tale though must wait for some later date.

If you think this was easy to make a story this sleazy, and to do it in rhyme at least most of the time. You should try it yourself you can borrow the elf.

If you like it please vote and maybe leave a note. If not that is all right, it is no concern of ours we will still have a good night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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