A Living Toy

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It arrived in the mail; Bryan sent me a thumb drive with the video from the gang bang at his place.

I watched it several times, playing with myself each time, and despite knowing it was me I was watching, I could hardly believe it. The video was almost two hours, and rough in parts- the lighting would be poor, the camera would move a bit to quickly, but over all it caught the event well. Geez, I was a real slut that night.

I knew I should let Paul see it- hell, I WANTED him to see it, so I called and we arranged a day and time for me to head over to his place.

I arrived on time with a copy of the movie I had burned for him. It took him a few moments to answer the door, but by the third time I rang the doorbell, he opened and let me in. He accepted the DVD and hugged me warmly. I responded by kissing his mouth; he pressed back and I enjoyed the rough feel of his short goatee against my face.

“I want you to understand.” he said, “That spanking last week was just an initiation- an affirmation between us that we can trust each other. The vigorous fucking you took from Wayne was your affirmation to me that you would accept my guidance. There’ll be no more like that; from here on, our relationship is about me guiding you, not controlling you.”

“Okay,” I replied. The paddling I’d received hurt at first, but in the end, that whole episode, including Wayne’s high-tempo ass fucking, had been quite enjoyable.

“Come in, I want you to meet someone,” Paul directed from the foyer towards the living room. “This is Chris,” he said as I entered the room.

There, bent over the front of the couch at the waist as I had been that evening a week ago, was a young man’s ass. His beautiful cheeks were a deep pink; the paddle was on the coffee table. My cock twitched çankaya escort in my pants.

“Chris and I have a different relationship than you and I,” Paul remarked. “Chris came on as my toy; he volunteered himself to pleasure me. He’s my plaything, and he enjoys it. He doesn’t call me ‘Daddy’; that’s a term only for you to use, and only when that’s your mood.”

I walked towards Chris, who was motionless. He looked up at me; he had beautiful blue eyes and short blond hair. His cock was semi-erect and I felt mine begin to stiffen in my pants.

Paul picked up the leather paddle and brought it down across Chris’ cheeks. It smacked and Chris made an audible sigh as his cock twitched and began to grow. Paul struck him again, with the same result.

“Would you like to play with my toy?” Paul asked me. My cock went rock hard.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“That’s entirely up to you, he’s now your toy too. Aren’t you Chris?”

“Yes, please,” Chris answered.

His ass was beautiful…I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I took the paddle from Paul and slapped those beautiful cheeks, and Chris sighed loudly. “Thank you, again please.” I did it again. Paused, then again. My cock ached as it pressed hard against my jeans.

I handed the paddle back to Paul, saying “I know what I want to do.”

As I undressed myself, Paul smacked Chris a couple more times with the paddle, something Chris clearly enjoyed.

I got on my knees behind Chris, and parted his ass cheeks. His ass was warm to the touch from the paddling he’d received. His rosebud sphincter was before me, and I took in the musky aroma of his manhole. I began to slowly run my tongue down his asscrack, and felt him twitch keçiören escort as it ran across his puckered hole. I pressed my mouth to the rosebud and kissed it over and over. I heard him moaning as I did this; he clearly like the attention. I pressed my tongue against it, and heard a loud sigh escape him. I licked and prodded his sphincter with my tongue- I had never done this before, but I was enjoying it as much as he was. Then I pressed my tongue into him, and with my hands holding his cheeks and my mouth tight against him, began eating his ass. He squirmed and pressed back against me, moaning loudly. “So good…” he kept saying. I was surprisingly turned on by his flavour.

Paul undressed and kneeled beside me. I felt the heat of his erection against my thigh as he reached for my cock and began stroking me. He began licking my ear and nibbling on the lobe- his breath was warm against me. “You’re so hot,” he whispered as I continued feasting on Chris’ ass. “Enjoy yourself, play with Chris however you’d like; it’s so hot watching you play.”

Chris’ ass was great, but I wanted to taste his cock. I directed him to lie sideways on the sofa, and I lay myself in front of him in a 69 position. I took his hard cock to my lips and licked the precum that lightly coated the tip; it was delicious. As I closed my mouth around his cockhead I heard him groan, and noticed Paul was sitting in the chair beside us, lightly stroking his cock. I felt Chris’ hand around my hard on, then felt his mouth close around my cock. I moaned pleasurably as I began sucking Chris, and he began sucking me.

His cock was delicious. We sucked each other with purpose- there was no teasing- we were each eagerly trying to make the other cum. We rhythmically etimesgut escort pumped our cocks towards the wonderful mouth that was giving us each such pleasure. We grunted and moaned loudly. I saw his balls tighten and felt his mouth freeze on my cock as he groaned and filled my mouth with warm luscious manseed. The taste of his creamy fluid filled my mouth and brought on my own orgasm, and I felt my cock twitching joyfully as I unloaded my pleasure into Chris’ mouth.

“Don’t swallow, please” I heard Paul ask, “I want to see your cum.”

Once our orgasms had completed, Chris and I kneeled where Paul sat stroking his cock, opened our mouths and showed him the warm puddles of delicious goodness that had accumulated. I felt an urge and brought my mouth to Chris’s, and recognizing my intent, he met me. We French kissed, mixing and sharing our cum. It was messy and cum ran down our chins as we kissed. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it as if it were a small cock, and I swallowed deeply the cum in my mouth, before licking more off his face and kissing him again. He then took a turn licking my face- it was such a hot feeling, before swallowing the load he had collected.

We were kissing as Paul suddenly leaned forward, pointing his cock at us and stroking it briskly. Chris and I turned to Paul with our mouths open just as streams of cum shot from his beautiful cock, splattering our faces. Chris quickly closed his mouth over Paul’s cock head and massaged the rest of Paul’s orgasm from him as I licked Paul’s splatterings from Chris’ face. Chris handed me Paul’s cock and I nursed the remainder of his seed from him as Chris licked the cum from my face. Feeling Paul’s cock shrinking, I released it and pushed my tongue in Chris’ mouth, trying to get more of the wonderful flavour that only men can make.

We all rested momentarily, awash in the glory of it all.

“Well, we should get cleaned up, I have company coming over to night- it’s movie night.” Paul directed.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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