A Lost Daughter Ch. 07

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It had been a wild few days. Amber and Sienna had powered through nearly half of the bottle of Oxy, occupying a state of blissed-out euphoria almost the entire time they were awake. Amber had hastily excused herself from work, tapping into her storage of paid vacation for at least the next two weeks. Thankfully, she did have a legitimately good reason to do so, spending time with her long-lost daughter—but with no notice I was concerned with how much goodwill she’d used up by doing it last minute. She, of course, told me not to worry and that there would be no negative repercussions, but I worried none-the-less.

I, on the other hand, didn’t have much of a choice. I was the manager and couldn’t just put myself on leave without a ton of advanced notice. Since I’d been working there I’d barely missed a day, only failing to make it in due to the most extreme cases of illness and inclement weather. It was something that I was proud of and something I’d guessed contributed to having been chosen as store manager in the first place. So, on Monday I begrudgingly went back to my 9-5 while Amber and Sienna remained home smoking, drinking, and getting stoned out of their minds.

It was hard to focus on work. I found myself asking people to repeat themselves more than once to comprehend what they were saying when I started thinking about what was happening back at my home in the middle of their sentence. I was rewarded once I returned though, as my two ladies met me at the door nude or dressed slutty, smoking and slurring and ready to pounce. I was basically attacked the moment I walked in the house and by day three I was used to the routine and was unbuttoning my slacks as I approached the front door.

Sienna had really taken to the lifestyle, just as Amber had predicted she would. She was smoking her lungs out, matching the pace of her heavy-smoking mother who’d built up her habit over the course of many years. After three days of smoking nearly continuously Sienna had developed a small natural snap-inhale and exhibited a penchant for incredibly long lung-holds. The impressive lung-holds gave way to exhales that never seemed to end and required 3 or 4 extra breaths before the residual smoke had been fully expelled. Her athletic lungs were contributing to an amazing ability to smoke, ironically enough.

After demolishing the bottle of Wild Turkey by day 2 they’d begun carrying around a glass of vodka and coke everywhere they went. I wasn’t completely sure how much alcohol they were putting away each day because of my daily work schedule but the empty bottles of Svedka 100 were piling up in our recycling bin. One thing I knew for sure was that they never seemed to be sober at any point in the last 3 days, their eyes always glassy and their words always slurred. Surely part of that was due to mixing their alcohol with the consistent lines of Oxy they were both vacuuming up their noses. Although I could usually tell when they’d just railed a thick line because they were knocked on their asses, laying back in a chair, couch, or bed—motionless aside from an occasional drip of drool.

Amber and Sienna had both been sleeping with me at the end of each day, one beautiful vixen to either side. It was a fitting way to end each new adventure and I relished being surrounded by such love and beauty. It was the end of night 3 and Amber and I were laid out in bed next to one another, positioned on our sides looking into each other’s eyes. Her gaze was a bit glassy, but she’d stopped drinking awhile ago and seemed mostly present in terms of her faculties. Sienna was in the bathroom taking a shower after what had been another wonderful lovemaking session.

“I think we should call Kevin tomorrow,” Amber whispered to me softly.

It was a name I hadn’t heard in a long, long time. He was our original drug dealer, who’d facilitated the means for Amber’s descent into hard drugs and eventually embedded himself into our sexual escapades as well.

“I doubt he has the same number, it’s been a long time,” I answered, only voicing one of the many concerns I had about this new idea.

“I saw him a few months ago at a gas station. I didn’t recognize him at first, but he recognized me and waved me over. We talked for a bit and he gave me his number. I really just took it to be polite, but now it seems like perfect timing,” Amber explained, clueing me into an encounter that I had no knowledge of.

“Oh, wow,” I mused, thinking over the idea a moment “you never mentioned that to me, did you?” I asked, wondering if I’d just blanked and forgotten.

“No, honestly I completely forgot it even happened until today. It was early in the morning and I was on my way to work. By the time I got off I had a million other things that had happened, it just slipped from my mind,” She explained.

I didn’t have a suspicious bone in my body, not when it came to Amber. But this event did seem to be extremely fortuitous in our current situation and I figured it might warrant more investigation.

“Well,” istanbul escort I thought again, somewhat apprehensive about introducing a lifelong drug dealer and criminal into Sienna’s life, “I guess we’re going to need a source if this is going to continue. It might as well be someone we know, or at least used to know,” I concluded.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for another dealer,” Amber confessed.

“You sure he’s still dealing?” I asked, now curious about what my old childhood friend had been up to all these years.

“Oh yeah,” Amber laughed, raising her eyebrows for added effect, “He was definitely the same Kevin,” She commented in a way that further piqued my curiosity.

I smiled back, trying to elicit explanation.

“He was complaining to me how one of his ‘clients’ was paying extra for him to get out of bed at the ass-crack-of-dawn the morning I talked to him,” Amber explained with a grin.

I chuckled a moment.

“What’d he look like?” I asked, interested in how the hard life of a drug dealer had impacted his physical appearance.

“He was really skinny, had a lot of tattoos. He had a few on his face and a big one on his neck. He looked okay, but definitely like a drug dealer,” She explained, still leaving a lot to be desired in terms of painting a picture.

“What are you going to get from him?” I asked, wondering where her mind was at in terms of next steps for Sienna.

“I was thinking more Oxy for sure, I don’t think I can score any more without people getting suspicious. But she definitely needs to start doing uppers too, so she can get comfortable with both ends of the spectrum,” Amber mused aloud, making it all sound quite clinical.

“What? Coke?” I asked, thinking about the potential damage a coke fiend or two could do to our bank accounts.

“Maybe a bit, just to try it. But I was thinking more the meth route, starting with some Adderall since she’s already pretty comfortable with snorting pills,” Amber countered smartly.

I rolled this around in my head a moment, imagining my little girl dipping her toe into amphetamines and shuddered a bit in excitement. I truly loved seeing Sienna and Amber nodding-out in pure ecstasy, but there was something that spoke directly to my smoking fetish about seeing the giant meth clouds that I missed. This led me to another question.

“What about you?” I asked, wrestling with the ambivalence of both wanting and not wanting Amber to include herself in this new venture.

“You mean, am I going to continue getting high too?” Amber asked, putting words to the question I’d inferred.

I nodded, keeping my eyes trained on Amber and trying to read her inclinations.

She smiled, warmly and lovingly, a connection to our collective gaze that made me feel instantly understood.

“You’re still so worried about me, aren’t you?” Amber pressed with a smile.

I smiled back, rolling my eyes at how easily she could see through me.

“Well, yeah. I am. But we also just have so much to lose this time. I mean, no one knows anything about our past. None of our friends or family, our co-workers. We’re, like, normal now, you know? I guess the idea of putting that at risk and changing our lives so drastically worries me a bit. And I really love our life together, so in a couple of months when Sienna goes off to school and it’s back to just us, I wonder if we’ll be able to just go back to the way things were. It seems like a bit of a pandora’s box I guess,” I explained, trying to keep my voice down in case Sienna was eavesdropping from the other room.

Amber listened intently, and at the conclusion of my explanation her eyebrows raised in contemplation.

“Thoughts?” I asked after a few moments of silence.

“Well, I think it makes a lot of sense. I completely understand not wanting to lose what we have, it’s incredibly special to me too,” she said, making sure to maintain eye contact with me while she spoke.

“I know, baby,” I replied softly.

“But nothing is going to change the fact that it’s you and me, no matter what. Whether things change or don’t, one thing is not going to change and that’s us. And I think, we’ve done the normal suburban couple thing. We’ve proven that we can fit in and live like that and be happy. It’s always going to be there for us, if we want it. But this past week has made me remember why we did what we did. It’s fucking amazing. I feel like I’m 18 again. And whether it lasts for 2 weeks or 2 months, I want to go all the way, but only if you want it too,” Amber confided earnestly.

I internalized her words a moment and silently appreciated how clearly and accurately she detailed her thoughts and feelings. It was this level of communication that made our relationship so great and I marveled that even in the midst of a multi-day drug-and-alcohol-fueled foray into moral and ethical taboos we were able to maintain avcılar escort a baseline of levelheadedness to guide us.

I noticed Amber’s steady gaze as she continued looking at me, awaiting my response in silent anticipation.

“I want it, I do. I struggle with just jumping all the way in because I’m always thinking about the worst outcomes, but I still fantasize about it constantly. Everything that’s happened in the last week has turned me on and I can barely focus on anything else. I can’t pretend otherwise just because I’m scared of the unknown,” I continued, looking again into Amber’s beautiful reddish-brown irises to find comfort and understanding, “Let’s do it,” I concluded, which prompted Amber to smile uninhibitedly and kiss me in appreciation.

“You guys starting again without me?” came a voice from across the room.

We both looked over to the open bathroom door where Sienna stood fully nude, smirking at us playfully.

“We would never,” Amber gasped in mock offense.

Sienna let out a musical laugh and covered the ground between the master bathroom and the bed in a few confident strides, jaunting over to us with hip-swinging swagger.

She sat at the edge of the bed and grabbed her pack of Newport 100’s off the bedside table, now confidently lighting her cigarette with the ease she’d built up in the past week. As she snapped the smoke down her throat, she peered over at us and exhaled a long thick stream of smoke up towards the ceiling, giving me flash-backs to her mother at that age. My phallus ached from overuse and while my pulse quickened and my eyes remained locked to the sight before me, I accepted that I would not be able to force another erection so soon.

“Daddy is out of commission for the moment, but mommy would love to taste that delicious little cunt of yours,” Amber cooed, seeming to pick up immediately on the fact that my anatomy was not going to cooperate with my libido.

Sienna smiled wide and crab-walked her way across the bed to her mother while I shifted out of the way for her to kneel over Amber’s face. She placed a thick, athletic thigh to either side of Amber’s face and slowly lowered her frame so that she was feeding her thick labia to her mother, giving her no choice but to accept her offering. Amber made no attempt to avoid being trapped in a position of maternal face-sitting, happily and hungrily opening her mouth and lashing her tongue between Sienna’s swollen pussy lips. Sienna threw her head back in pleasure in response to her mother’s willing tongue, moaning loudly and exhaling another thick lungful of smoke. I cursed my middle-aged endurance and resigned myself to enjoying the incredible scene of debauched family bonding playing out just inches from my position.

Sienna’s hips began to buck, and Amber’s hands wrapped around the outside of her thighs to keep hold of her writhing frame. Sienna paused a moment and offered her smoldering Newport to her mother, positioning it at her mouth filter-first. Amber did not hesitate to accept this offer either, taking a powerful cheek-hollowing drag that illuminated the cherry brightly in the waning light of the sunset-lit room. Sienna extracted the filter from Amber’s mouth and Amber snapped a giant ball of smoke visibly down her throat, after which she resumed plunging her tongue into Sienna’s slit. As she continued licking and lashing her tongue with fervor I watched as the smoke began cascading out of her mouth and enshrouding Sienna’s crotch. It was an insanely erotic scene and I again cursed my stubborn anatomy for relegating me to an observer instead of an active participant in this most glorious display of debauchery.

Sienna took a final monstrous drag off her now spent Newport and popped a ball of smoke down her throat while she looked around for an ashtray within reach. Amber removed her tongue from Sienna’s pussy and stuck it out invitingly, smiling up at her somewhat confused looking daughter.

“You want me to use your tongue?” Sienna queried somewhat tepidly.

Amber simply nodded in response, the devious smile she wore not shaking in the slightest.

Sienna carefully twirled the cigarette in her fingers so that it was positioned between her thumb and forefinger lit end down. She slowly extended her arm so that the still smoldering butt approached Amber’s glistening pink tongue and paused a moment before making contact. Sienna seemed to take a moment to steel herself before softly tapping the cigarette onto Amber’s tongue, each light contact eliciting an audible singe that left an ashen black circle visible on Amber’s otherwise pristine tongue. After several more taps the cigarette was extinguished and Amber’s tongue was left dotted with the tobacco-stained repercussions of Sienna’s human ashtray routine. She surprised us both by flicking the spent butt across the room and thrusting her crotch over Amber’s still extended tongue.

It seemed using her mother as an ashtray had further ignited her şirinevler escort pursuit of an orgasm and she now began grinding her herself fervently on Amber’s face. I watched as Sienna’s head rolled back and her body began to twitch in response to her approaching climax, causing her gyrations to become erratic and jerky. Finally, she let out a moan and grabbed her mother’s head with both hands, seeming to steady herself while the pleasure ripped through her. She trembled as wave after wave of stimulation radiated along every nerve ending in her body and her face contorted in a display of uninhibited titillation. After her orgasm had finally crested, she remained atop Amber panting with her eyes closed, covered in a flop-sweat and probably in need of another shower.

Finally, she smiled and let out a soft laugh, belabored by her still-heavy breathing.

“That was amazing,” Sienna sighed contentedly.

Both Amber and I laughed with her, feeling lucky to be witnessing and providing her with these experiences.

Sienna shakily removed her thigh ear-muffs from either side of Amber’s face and flopped down on the bed in a huff.

“I think I need to head back to the shower,” She breathed.

“Go ahead, darling,” Amber replied.

As Sienna trotted back to the bathroom and shut the door, Amber turned back on her side and looked at me with a large smile plastered on her face.

“Fun?” I asked rhetorically, garnering a nod in response.

“Jealous?” She asked in kind, earning the same.

The last thing I remember before falling asleep were the eyes of my soul-mate peering into me as I drifted off.

The next day at work was a challenge. My attention was so compromised that I took note of it and spread it around that I was not feeling well and would be spending the day catching up on paperwork in my office, only to be disturbed by challenges my assistant manager felt incapable of solving. Luckily, I was mostly left alone and while I did get some things done, was routinely caught in long stretches of day-dreaming about what was happening back at the house. I had decided to keep myself from texting or calling throughout the day, feeling that intermittent contact would only exacerbate the issue of obsessive rumination. By the time I clocked out for the day I was exhausted, having driven myself crazy with thoughts of Kevin, Amber, and Sienna that scaled every possibility imaginable.

As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed an unusual car parked across the street from our home. It had to be Kevin and I was honestly a bit surprised to see his car here this late. I was also somewhat uneasy about Kevin knowing where we lived and having a drug dealer linked with our home address. I wasn’t super interested in the police tracking him back to my home. I pushed those thoughts from my mind and stepped out of the car, taking a deep breath and preparing myself for what I was going to bear witness to upon my entry. As I pushed the door open and tossed my keys on the small table next to the entrance, I was surprised to be greeted by a dark and empty living room. I paused a moment, straining to hear anything that indicated where everyone was and heard a faint murmur of voices coming from down the hall.

I followed the sound to my bedroom and slowly turned the handle, again filling my lungs with oxygen and trying to banish the feeling of perpetual breathlessness that had overtaken me. I pushed the door open slowly and peered into the dim room, scanning around for movement or figures. I didn’t see anyone and flicked the light switch on, bathing the room in light and revealing a completely empty space. The murmurs were louder now, and I followed them to the bathroom door, which was closed all but a crack. I decided to tap my knuckle on the door, unsure about whether there would be someone using the toilet.

“Come on in, hun,” I heard Amber’s voice call out.

I pressed on the door and allowed it to swing open, revealing a most interesting scene. Amber and Sienna were standing in front of the large mirror that stretched along the bathroom counter and both sinks. Each of them had lines of white powder in front of them and a straw that had been cut in half. Kevin sat on the edge of the bathtub, looking up at me with a smile.

“Hi, daddy,” Sienna greeted me, setting down her straw and wrapping her arms around me lovingly.

“Hi, sweetheart. It looks like you guys are having quite the time in here,” I commented.

“Yep, I’ve been doing lines of Adderall all day. Me and mom both have. I love it, it’s such a rush,” Sienna informed, the pace of her speech noticeably increased.

“Sup bro, it’s been awhile,” Kevin nodded to me as he spoke.

“Hey man, not much. Just working and staying busy,” I replied without even thinking about it.

“Well, it seems like there’s a little more going on these days though, huh?” Kevin responded, glancing over at the two women snorting amphetamines off my bathroom counter.

I chuckled at my inadequate reply, noticing how silly it must have sounded given the current situation.

“Yeah, I guess I forgot a detail or two,” I said through a laugh.

“So, you guys are back at it, huh? This youngin’ been a bad influence on ya or what?” Kevin asked, clearly not having been filled-in on the series of events that led him here.

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