A Loving Sunday Morning

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Big Tits

“No, you can’t have me,” she said as she climbed back into the bed last Sunday morning, naked and smiling.

I rolled over and pushed myself over her, holding her then stroking her, lovingly. “No?” I asked. I moved myself more on top of her, my already stiff cock sliding over her smooth tan thigh and dropping between her legs. I was hot, having already woken her gently by pushing my cock between her closed thighs while she slept on her side. I’d wet my cock with my own saliva so it slid easily and sensuously between her legs. Then she’d gotten out of bed to pee.

She sighed, “No, you can not.”

I kissed her face, she turned away from me, avoiding the kiss I wanted to give her. She’s done that all the time in the morning, not wanting to kiss until later in the day. “Morning breath” was her excuse.

I kissed her cheek then worked my way down to her neck and onto her slender, delicious shoulder. I was getting harder and I slipped my cock up and down over her pussy. She moaned and tried, weakly, to push me off. I continued my assault on her body, kissing, sucking and biting her neck and shoulders.

I worked my left hand down her side and over her slender right hip. Her body responded, despite her protests. I kissed my way down her chest and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking it between my lips. She groaned as I flicked her nipple with my tongue, gently but rapidly. Her nipple expanded and grew up into my mouth. I bit down on it, gently, gaining increased response from her mouth.

I moved down, caressing her tits and sides. I was moving to her lovely, nectar filled pussy, and she knew it. She moaned again, thrashing her head from side to side. I laved attention on her flat, smooth, tan stomach. So soft and warm it was. I continued on my trek to her pussy, as I got closer she pushed on my head away.

“No, I don’t want you to do that,” she told me. I looked in her gorgeous deep green eyes and sensed turmoil. She never ‘wanted’ me to eat her, but always enjoyed it. She also liked to be ‘forced’ to accept my attentions.

I pulled her legs apart, opening her pussy to my view. I ducked my head down. “What, you don’t want me to do this?” I asked as I licked her wet pussy. “Oh, no. Don’t do that,” she breathed out. With a twinkle in my eye, and determined to pleasure her, I lowered my head further and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth. I licked up her lips to her clit, feeling its hardness with the tip of my tongue. I continued working on her pussy, alternately sucking and licking her pussy, flicking her clit, as she climbed toward her first orgasm of the morning.

After just a few minutes of this she came; moaning, “Oh my god!” as she did.

I pushed myself up, holding my upper body up over her with straight arms. I looked into her eyes and reached down with my right hand, taking my long, hard cock in sarıyer escort my hand. I rubbed the head, leaking pre-come, over her pussy and brushed it past her clit. She moaned again. I pushed my cock head down between her pussy lips, separating them with it and felt her heat and wetness. She was soaked from her own juices and my licking. It felt glorious against my cockhead.

I pushed forward, entering her more quickly than usual, causing her to cry out in shock at the sudden intrusion. “No!” she said again. But I knew I had her on this bright, sunny Sunday morning. She should be getting ready for church, but here she was, hot for a good fucking. Shit, I should be getting ready to fulfill my own obligations to my sister that morning, but she was too delicious, too sexy. I couldn’t just leave!

I pushed in further, then pulled out. My cock was growing even harder and longer from the stimulation of her tight pussy. She was like velvet around me, tight, wet and so sensational! I thrust back into her and she cried out again. “You’re so big! You’re so deep!” she cried out as I hit her cervix. I loved being in her so far, right up to the hilt!

I tried kissing her, I wanted to taste her mouth and I knew morning breath wasn’t a problem; we’d both brushed. But she turned away again. Frustrated, I kissed her face again. I was so hot for her. I thrust in and out of her pussy. Harder and longer my strokes got until she was moaning almost constantly.

“Ohh, ahh. Harder, harder,” she moaned deeply. I complied, getting very turned on hearing her talk to me like that. I thrust deeper and faster, really slamming into her mons, hammering her cervix with the head of my cock. “Ohh!” she cried. “I feel you so deep! Oh my god, you are so deep!” she cried out as her first cock-induced orgasm hit her, hard!

She squeezed my cock as I continued thrusting into her. I kept stroking her with longer and longer strokes, until I miscalculated and came out. “No!” she exclaimed, still feeling the effects of her orgasm. She reached down and pulled my wet cock back into her. “Fuck me!” she insisted.

I started up again, my cock as hard as a steel shaft! She was really turning me on with all her talk. That was unlike her. She talks, just not so soon in our sessions. So I could tell she was really excited this morning. I tried to kiss her again, on the mouth. But again she turned away. I held her head on both sides of her face and tried to hold her while I kissed her. She forced her face away.

I needed to kiss her; I wouldn’t feel fulfilled until I’d kissed her. And this was silly, morning breathe indeed! “You like this, you like feeling my cock in you so deep, so hard?” I asked.

“Yes,” she breathed, “I love it!”

“Then kiss me, I want to kiss you,” I pleaded.

“No, esenyurt escort not this morning. I’ve got morning breath,” she said, confirming my thoughts..

I fucked her harder, my cock swollen and insistent. Deep in her. She was so wet from her orgasms, but I wasn’t ready to come. I wanted more. I wanted to kiss her.

I grabbed her head with both hands, determined to kiss her this time, no matter what she wanted. She struggled as I turned her face up to mine. She twisted her head to the left; I rotated it back up. She quickly turned her head to the right, I corrected for it and pulled her face back up to mine, crushing my lips against hers.

Then I felt a gush as her pussy released a load of juice around my cock! She was getting off on this. Wow! I got more excited and continued to force my mouth against hers, finally forcing my tongue into her mouth and kissing her, hard. She continued to fight me, all the while her pussy gushing around my thrusting cock! I was in heaven, I’d found out her secret!

I fucked her harder as I kissed her, then I released her mouth to let her breathe. She was tense, I’d never felt her so tense, her whole body felt like a taut band, ready to release! I kept fucking her, my own feelings soaring! I was still holding her head and I rotated her face up to mine again, but she continued to fight me! I forced her to kiss me again, using a lot of strength to overpower her. She was really wound up now, ready to explode!

The cell phone rang.

“Shit!” I said.

I knew it was my sister, I’d promised to be at her place by 8 and it was now 9. We’d been fucking for an hour now! I pulled out to go get the phone from the chest of drawers. I didn’t want my 15 year old son to come wandering back looking for the source of the ringing. And I knew that if I didn’t answer it my sister would just try again until I did.

“I pissed!” my girlfriend yelled. I understood completely, but I couldn’t change the fact that I’d pulled out just as she was about to come! Damn! I finished the call and put the phone down. She’d gotten out of bed by then, and used the toilet. I was still semi-hard.

I sat on the bed as she stood in front of me. “We really have to stop, you’ve got to get over there,” she said.

“I know, but we’re not done,” I replied.

“Oh no, you won’t start up again,” she laughed.

“You don’t think so?” I asked, as I pulled her onto the bed. She grabbed my hardening cock.

“You are incredible,” she told me, not for the first time since we’d met.

“Do you remember the other night, when I fucked you as your ass hung off the end of the bed?” I asked her, teasing her with memories of our lovemaking only two nights prior.

“Yes, I do,” she replied.

“Remember how it felt, with my cock pushing up into you from below?” avrupa yakası escort I continued.

“You mean, like this?” she asked as she moved forward and sank down on my now steel hard cock, raising my excitement level as she played along with me. I was sitting on my feet, my knees slightly spread. She had her legs around me, her knees up as she sat on me. She filled her pussy with my cock as I watched her. She was completely naked, skin shiny with our sweat. She started fucking me, pushing herself up and down with her legs as she held onto my neck for balance.

“I love looking at you when we do this,” she said, quietly.

“What, seeing my big cock going in and out of your pussy?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“I love to see it too,” I continued. “I love that you like it, that turns me on. Can you see it now?”

She looked down, “Yes, you look so good.”

God how I loved this woman! So beautiful, so sexy, so erotic! We continued fucking like this for several minutes. I was overcome with lust, I reached around and grabbed her perfect ass and pulled her up and down on my cock. I held her up while I thrust my hips into her. We were on fire but finally my legs and knees couldn’t take the abuse and I stopped.

I pulled her off and looked at her. I always have trouble coming, more so if I’m tired. I was a little tired and off the pace a bit. So I started stroking myself.

“I love to see you do that, masturbate,” she said, watching me closely.

“You do, do you?” I teased.

“Yes, it is so sexy. I love it,” she retorted.

I continued, moving back a little so I could get a good stroke going. My cock was really coated in her juices. I rubbed my hand up and down over the head, that familiar feeling beginning. I was close, after all that we had done this morning! I watched her watching me. I thought of all that had gone on, her gushing when I forced my kiss on her. I looked at her slender nakedness, so amazing to look at.

I sped up my hand while holding her shoulder with my other hand. She felt so good! I was really getting into it now, my breathing harsh and rapid, my heart beating fast and hard! I felt the come building in my balls, “I’m going to come soon,” I panted.

“Yes, come for me,” she implored.

I continued to pump my cock, rubbing the head with my palm. The feeling of pleasure was too great and suddenly I came, all over my hand and her belly. It shot out, arcing up and falling onto us, coating her belly and pussy with my jism! Again and again it shot out, making a bigger mess on us! My legs were trembling from the exertion, I was breathing very hard and fast! I’d really worked to get that out of my system, but it was worth it!

She smiled at me as she ran her hand over my semen-covered cock. I moved my hand off my cock and onto her belly. “Oh, you’re spreading it all over me!” she squealed, surprised, as I smeared my juices over her lower belly.

“Yep, I am,” and I smiled as I thought of all the possibilities ahead for new, fun experiences with my sexy and lovely French girlfriend!

We held each other for a minute, and then got up to tackle the day. Late, but very happy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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