A Meeting of Consequence

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Jonathan pulled to a stop in the driveway. He put the car in park and drummed his fingers on the steering wheel while he watched the windshield wipers move back and forth. The rain had come down in a steady pace as soon as he had gotten about 45 miles from her house and showed no sign of letting up. His stomach churned with the thought of what he was about to do and he nervously wondered if she felt the way about him as he felt about her.

He had not seen Suzanne in over five years. When he had seen her it was an accident. He had run into her at a grocery store in his old home town when he was up visiting family for a holiday. They had bumped into each other in the ice-cream isle of all places. He had his new family with him, his wife and two year old son. He had introduced them. His wife knew who she was because he had told her years earlier in one of those “who all have you had sex with” conversations that seem to start so easily but always end in a mildly irritating fashion for both parties. She had looked wonderful. Her eyes and her smile were as radiant as he had remember and she had carried herself with that same self assured swagger that she had always possessed. He had been nervous when he spotted her but that soon passed with her easy demeanor. After she walked away he had wondered how she was really doing.

Years later they had bumped into each other again on a website of old high school pals and had begun chatting online. Things started off easily at first. The normal how are you and what have you been doing with your life questions that people used to catch up with each other. Soon they had progressed slowly into talks about old times. Times when they were friends and then times when they had been lovers. From there the conversations got bolder and bolder until they were as lusty as a well written romance novel. Heat seemed to radiate from they keyboard as they talked together and he felt the familiar stirrings of his cock thinking about all the fun sexual escapades they had together as teenagers. He assumed the same thing was happening for her. She seemed to enjoy the talks as much as he did. They soon led to phone conversations and from there, him listening to her cum for him as she circled her clit with her fingers. How things had gotten there was funny to him. It had all started so innocently but had moved fairly quickly to where they were when they were dating.

They had decided to meet to catch up. They both knew what that meant but the desire to see the look on her eyes as she slid down his cock was overpowering. Those wonderfully blue eyes. They were incredible. He had been lost in them for years until they had broken up. IT was nobody’s fault but his. He had been young and learning the ways of the female when they dated and thought it was time to experience other things when he had broken up with her. At the time he felt it was the right thing for both him and her. Now he knew it had all worked bakırköy escort out for the better but the desire to have her sit on his face one more time consumed him. He didn’t know what would happen after that but he had to feel her pressed against him one more time at least.

Jonathan turned the key in the ignition to off and slowly opened the door. His left heel hit the asphalt of her driveway and he stepped out of his car. He wasn’t as good looking as he was in high school but he had kept himself in fairly decent shape. He was 34 now and still had they boyish smile from his youth. Closing the door he moved to the stairs of her apartment. He knew she had been watching him as he drove up. He knew she was waiting for him as he had instructed her to. He told her before he left of his approximate arrival time and told her to be in position when he showed up. She had moved into the BDSM lifestyle after him and enjoyed it. She wanted to be controlled by him. When they had dated it was the other way around and he thought subconsciously it was her way to make up for dominating him in the past, in a not so literal way. He had never tried it before. Never commanded a woman to do anything, ever and never raised a hand to a woman at all. The thought of having a woman submit to you in every way excited him. As he padded up the steps his cock stiffened in his pants. It stretched down his leg and hung to one side of his pants leg. His cock was thick and decently long. It averaged 7 ½” long and 2 ½” in diameter but when he was really turned on it could get over eight. He felt like now was one of these times. He readjusted it to make himself more comfortable as he made the last step and walked to her door. He took a deep breath and paused as he made a fist to knock on her door. He closed his eyes and tapped gently on it. A few seconds went by and the door knobbed clicked open and held open at about an inch. He pushed it open slowly and stepped inside.

She was there just as he had told her, naked, kneeling on a pillow and waiting. She was beautiful, just as beautiful as he had remembered. Her doe’ish eyes looked up at him from below and said that she was his to do as he pleased with. They also told him not to hurt her. To cherish her body and her spirit from within. He leaned over and kissed her lips, softly at first and then with an invigorating passion that fueled them both. Her hands never left her side. She never moved. She sat like a stone awaiting his command. He finished kissing her and kneeled to in front of her and touched her. Really touched her. He closed his eyes and took the palm of his hand and moved slowly over her entire body, remembering every inch of it. Her body was everything he remembered. He moved over her knees, thighs, hips across her navel to her shoulders and neck. He moved his hands up to her cheeks then chin and her lips touching them with his fingertips. Finally he moved down beşiktaş escort to her breasts and let his palms rest on her hardened nipples. He pulled them with his fingertips and she let out a soft but throaty moan telling him he was doing the right things. He rolled them both between his fingertips and leaned over to suck her right one into his warm mouth. Her head dropped back exposing her neck. They were both consumed by a fire that had not been quenched in years. He pulled her nipple from his mouth with a loud pop and stood to his feet. Suzanne remained seated on her knees. He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock sprang free and bobbed in front of her face. She made no sound and no movement as he kicked his pants out of the way. He stepped forward and placed his cock on her lips. She stayed statuesque. He would have to instruct her, command her to do as he wished.

He leaned over into her ear and firmly said to her, “Take my cock into your mouth and suck it until I tell you to do other wise.”

HE stood back up and placed his cock on her lips again. With that she opened her red lips and moved her head forward and his cock into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet. She moved slowly down his cock about half way and then back off of it. The next time she went further down on it. She moved back and forth until it was all into her mouth and her nose rested on his stomach. She held that position and looked up at him with those crystal blue eyes. The effect was incredible. He felt his knees buckle under him and the thought crossed his mind that he could cum right now. She kept his gaze and moved back off of his cock. Licking the tip and circling it with her tongue. Her hands were still resting neatly on her thighs. She sucked his cock back into her mouth and moved with a quickened pace down the length of his cock. She moved quickly back and forth. Her eyes locked on his. His balls churned and he was ready to cum but did not want to do that yet. He wanted to save it.

He removed his cock from her mouth and instructed her again, “Stand up, face the wall. Put your hands and face against the wall. Spread your legs and stick your ass out.”

She stood slowly and turned against the wall, placed her hands and head against and then pouted her ass out at him. It was wonderful. He kneeled behind her and took in her scent slowly and then placed his tongue at the opening of her pussy. He glided his tongue over her folds and pushed it inside of her. Her breathing stopped for a second and then he moved down to her clit. She seemed to catch her breath and let out a sigh of relief. He circled her clit and then flicked it up and down with his tongue. She had gotten her hood pierced. She had told him about that. He played with it with his tongue before tugging on it with his lips. The effect caused her legs to shudder and her knees buckle. She caught herself and beylikdüzü escort then he sucked her clit into his mouth and sucked it like he wanted his cock sucked. Her body tensed and he knew she was about to cum. He kept sucking on her clit until she convulsed and cried out in orgasm.

She looked over her shoulder at him and as she came cried while holding her breath, “Fuck, I’m cumming. Fuck, that’s feels good!”

When she stopped shuddering, Jonathan stood to his feet and placed his cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy. HE rubbed it up and down and then slid the head of his cock in side of her an inch deep. She turned to look at hi and he gently took his hand and turned the right side of her face against the wall and held it there. He pushed into her until he was completely inside of her.

“Is this what you want inside of you,” he asked her.

“Yes, master, it is.” She said. Her voice was meek but firn in her resolve at the same time.

He asked her again, “Do you want me to fuck you with my cock now? Do you want me to make you cum again?”

“Yes,” she answered, “yes master, Please make me cum and fuck me with your cock.”

With that he with drew his cock and began to fuck her. She was incredibly wet and he was hard as he had ever remembered being. He started off slowly with an easy pace.

“Oh yeah,” she murmured, “that’s what I need.”

He held her head firmly against the wall and swatted her left ass cheek with his right hand. She jumped and squealed with delight. He moved faster now, in and out of her. His balls slapped up against her and her ass began to bounce off of him as he thrust into her. Her whole body was jiggling now as he fucked her. With every stroke into her pussy she sighed and moaned, begging to cum.

“Please, may I cum now. I need to cum all over your cock. Oh fuck this feels so good. I want to cum on your cock.” She wasn’t begging. She was insisting that she be allowed to cum.

Jonathan grunted to her,” I want you to cum. Cum all over me!”

With that she closed her eyes and held her breath. She pushed her ass back into him meeting his thrusts. Her whole body quivered and shook and then she began to cum for him.

“Oh my god!” she screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh fuck I am cumming right now, oh fuck”

Jonathan doubled his effort and fucked her as hard as he could manage. His legs became weak and sweat poured from him. He felt his balls draw up under him, signaling his release. He waited as long as he could and then erupted inside of her. His cock filling her with his cum. He continued to struggle thought the orgasm and fuck her to make it last as long as he could.

“I’m cumming inside of you. Oh my gosh, you feel so fucking good.” He let out through clenched teeth.

When they had both finished, he removed his cock and turned her towards him. He kissed her deeply. She looked at him and all she could say was “Wow!”

“Wow” was all he could say too.

He held her against him. Head cradled on his chest. Both their hearts were pounding. The sweat glistened on her and it was sexy. He wanted her again, now. As he thought this he realized they had until tomorrow morning to do this as many times as they could stand.

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