A Middle Eastern Goddess and the Me

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Sara Ibrahim wanted to pay for lunch but I have refused and paid with the money I have brought in their currency. We walked out of the restaurant and headed towards her apartment, the doorman greeted us both, opening the glass double doors of the apartment building. Walking towards the main lobby, she pushed a button calling for an elevator, a moment later a bell sounded and the door opened. Sara got in the elevator and I followed, pushing the top floor where her apartment is located at, she turned to me and smiled. I nodded at her and smiled back, quietly we waited to arrive at the top floor. The door open after the a ring, Sara fumbled for her key, finally having her apartment open both us stepped in and she guide me towards the sofa sitting down.

“You have a beautiful apartment,” I marveled at her and at the beauty of her home.

“Thank you it has taken me a few months to have the arrangements right,” she replied.

Her carpeted living room is decorated with Babylonian relics, though some are replicas while some are real. Her marbled coffee table is supported by the bust image of Hammurabi, the greatest Babylonian king of their history.

“You are a good interior designer.”

“Thank you Marc,” she replied beaming a smile, “you flatter me.”

Our eyes locked, closer we inched toward the other, my lips brushed against hers. She moaned and returned my kiss with a deeper one. I intensified the kiss my tongue probing her mouth aching to know how sweet she her taste will be. Sara’s tongue tasted sweet as a red wine, her tongue massages mine. I sucked her sweet tongue, savoring the taste of her kiss, my hand began to explore her curve, and she has a body of a Babylonian goddess, beautiful, fit, and lean. Cupping her breast my thumb traced the nipple bulging out from her bra and through her blouse while I pulled her towards me with my other arm embracing her back. She gasped as Sara’s nipple hardened to my delicate touch, her kiss intensified, yearning for me to take her.

“Oh Marc,” she moaned.

My hand took the blouse from her waist, lifting her clothing up towards her head and out of her body. The young Arab woman’s breast stood firm from her bra as I unclip it free allowing her perfectly rounded breast to hang free as I savor the sight of her lovely brown nipple. My mouth caught one nipple teasing it with my tongue, gently nibbling at it, and tugging the brown tasty nipple with my teeth. She arched her back as I started to suck on her hardened and erect nipple, my hand glided towards her hips, her lovely long legs, and under her skirt. Another moan escaped her mouth as my hand found her inner thigh, slowly inching towards her moist pussy, she tilted her head shyly as another gasp escaped her mouth, my fingers found her wanting, waiting, and moist slit. I can feel its moist from her panty, I smiled as my mouth found her other nipple.

“Oh Marc what you doing to me, aaahh” she moaned as pleasure engulf her while my fingers started to trace her wet slit over her panty. Slowly I rubbed her slit up and down making her wetter than I have anticipated.

I smiled as my kiss glides to her cleavage, neck, mouth, then to her earlobe.

“Let your kolej escort womanhood go Sara,” I whispered teasing her earlobe with my tongue and my fingers working, gliding up and down on the young Arab woman’s pussy and over her panty faster and faster.

“Nyaahh, oooohhh Maaarc,” she replied with a louder moan which drove me to want her more.

I unzipped my pants, unbuttoned it, and stood up allowing my slack to freely fall down my feet, stepping over them I took off my underwear. Sara looked into my eyes with a hint of fear knowing what will soon take place, this came out of her control and now it is I who is controlling this event. I lay her down the sofa, spread her legs apart, parting her panty to the side my eyes glimpsed her lovely wet pussy, she is already oozing with love juice and I have not even fucked her yet.

“You’re so lovely Sara,” I honestly told her the truth.

She blushed and looked away tilting her head to the left, my hand guided her chin, turning her head, our eyes locked as I gazed into those beautiful shimmering brown pupil. My mouth found hers as I mount on top of her, easing the head of my dick onto her entrance. I teased her pussy getting her wetter. My dick rubbed her slit up and down caressing her clit with the head of my shaft. Finally I forced the head of my rod in her opening. She gripped the couch with her hands, biting her lips as I drilled deeper into her, all the way to the hilt.

“Aaaahh,” she moaned as her tight pussy accepted my long and thick cock her hymen tore.

I smiled at her fearful face, then slowly I pumped my dick in and out her pussy, she closed her eyes each time my dick drilled into her and exhaled moaning as I withdrew my dick till the head remains in her tight, slick, and wet channel. Slowly her pussy started adjusting to my size. She started to moan in pleasure rather than the mixture of pain and pleasure, in turn I swayed my hips around and around pumping her pussy faster and deeper.

“AAAHHH! OOOHH! AAAHHH! MAAARC, she moaned louder feeling my dick in her pussy, her inner walls being rubbed as the circular motion of my shaft touched her sensitive g-spots sending pleasurable sensation throughout her body.

Sara’s body started to shake unable to cope with the pleasure my dick is giving her inexperienced body, sensing this I grabbed her legs placing them on my shoulder gripping her slender long legs as I pumped continuously in her wonderful pussy.

“Oh Sara your so wonderful,” I groaned with every thrust.


Sara shuddered as an orgasm rocked her body.

NYAAAAAAHHHHHH!” she shouted her moaning giving in to her lustful climax as her pussy rippled with her cum washing my dick in her slick and sticky love juice.

I haven’t even reached my orgasm yet and I lifted her off the couch and to the floor, sliding my dick out of her pussy she writhes as the member that gave her pleasure is taken out of her pussy. I gazed into her eyes then straddled her chest. Placing my dick in her tight cleavage I began to fuck her breast.

“Oooohh aaahhh aaahh aaahh,” Sara moaned kurtuluş escort as my dick gave her another sensation of pleasure to her body.

My hands clasp her breast tighter as I fucked it with my dick faster and faster. I stopped as I near my orgasm and gazed into her eyes with a mischievous grin. Placing my glazed dick on her mouth I smiled.

“Suck it Sara,” I commanded.

She hesitated a little then her mouth opened slowly she licked my dick first, placing it in her mouth she started to suckle on it like a Popsicle. Slowly I began to thrust in and out of her mouth, deeper and deeper it reached her throat, the young Arab woman gagged a little as her eyes settled on mine. Sara started to swallow my dick, deeper in her throat my dick penetrated. I wanted to cum so badly in her mouth, my hips moved forward and back faster as I fucked her mouth, she gagged as I grind my hips moving my dick in circles as it slide back and forth in her mouth and throat.

“Oh yes Sara,” I groaned as cum shot out of my dick and deep into her throat.

She gagged again as she shook her head to the side sliding my dick out of her oozing, sperm filled mouth. My seed dribble off her lips as she gasp for air panting and tired from the fucking she received.

“I never done anything like this before Marc,” she confessed.

“Well we’re not done yet Sara,” I replied in her shock.

I moved my body back mounting her while Sara closed her legs.

“No more Marc! I can’t take it anymore,” she pleaded.

My hands grasp her legs pulling them wide apart as I thrust my long and thick shaft deep into her pussy.


Her half scream and moan was loud but I disregarded it placing her legs to my shoulder once again as I pump her pussy faster and faster. This time I did not have any mercy with her, this young Arab woman’s pussy have already gotten accustomed to the size of my shaft. I fucked her harder thrusting my dick in hard motion faster and faster, I grinded my hips once again feeling her pussy getting wet again, lubricating my dick. I continued on fucking her pussy not letting up with my pace and rhythm.

“AAAAHHH OOOHHH AAAHHH MAAARC MAARC NYAAAHH,” she moaned shaking her head from side to side as her hands swayed above her head trying to grasp anything reacting to the new sensation of being fucked like crazy.

“You love it don’t you Sara?” I asked her teasing her groaning with each word.

The young Arab woman didn’t reply with words but moaned louder and faster, with every two thrust of my dick she moans. I got on my feet and drilled her pussy, turning around so that she faces my back I kept up the pace drilling downward in her tight, wet, and lubricating channel. With her legs under mine, my shaft pumping downward into her sex, my right thumb started to trace the line between her pussy and ass.

“MAAAARC WHAAAT YOUU”RE DOOIIIING?” she asked moaning loud with those words.

Her moans of pleasure are like an aphrodisiac for me, my thumb rubbed around her asshole faster as I pump her pussy. Sara moaned wiggling her body as a reaction to the sensation she is feeling. I plunged my thumb deep into maltepe escort her ass crooking them inside allowing my dick to rub with my thumb.

“NYAAAAAHHH!” Sara moaned and screamed to this new sensation, her body bounced up from the floor as my weight held her down and firm on the ground.

I started to finger fuck her ass with my thumb as my dick pound her lovely pussy.

“AAAAHHH, AAAAHHH, AAAAHHH AAAAHH OOOHH MAARC,” she shuddered wiggling from the unbearable pleasure, “I’m going to cum MAAARC!”

Her body became limp feeling cum rushing out of her pussy and ass.

“Beautiful,” I said to her, “You’re so beautiful Sara.”

I didn’t stop there as my hand plunged two more fingers in her ass and my dick continued to fuck her pussy. My dick is being constricted by her pussy and yet I didn’t let up my pace, faster I kept hammering her oozing pussy and my two fingers started to ease in and out her ass faster, her cum oozing off her two holes. Sara Ibrahim bit her lips trying to cope with the pleasure her body is being bombarded with. She gasped for air and started to moan louder and louder. I can sense another climax is building inside her tight ex-virgin pussy, soon I can feel my own orgasm building. I plopped out of her pussy, turning around I saw her tired and worn body panting for breath. My hands take hold of her waist, turning her around. This time I rubbed my dick on the entrance of her ass.

“Marc, please stop,” she begged, “I can’t take it it’s too much. Not in the ass, please!”

I heard her plead but slowly my dick started to slowly glide into her ass. Sara screamed and her tears began to fall from her eyes.

“You will like it Sara,” I replied as my dick started to pound into her ass deeper with each thrust.

“NYAAAHHH NYAAAH OOOHH,” Sara screamed out moaning to the new sensation of a dick inside her tight little ass.

My pace quicken, pounding her ass faster, deeper, and harder. My hips slaps onto her ass with every thrust, pounding her tight bum hole deeper and deeper. Sara griped the end of the Persian rug in front of her as I brutalize her lovely little ass with my long and thick shaft. She moaned louder with every gasp of air that the young woman takes, her body started to convulse as another climax is about to rip into her.

“Here I cum Sara,” I groaned.

A few thrust later, cum shot out of my dick and deep into her ass it was deposited.


She screamed my name as her body shuddered, her pussy and ass rippled with cum, and the young Arab woman’s love juice oozed out of her pussy, while her cum from the ass washing my dick mixing my seed with her juice.

“Oh Sara, you’re the greatest,” collapsed onto her panting.

She looked into my eyes, smiled, and caressed my sweaty face with her smooth, soft hand. “Are you satisfied having me Marc?”

“Yes I am Sara,” I replied.

I gazed into her eyes admiring her beauty, though her face is also wet with tears and sweat combined. We embraced one another on the floor and rested, after half an hour, I stood up and helped her. She told me where her room is and I gathered our clothes, assisting her to the bedroom, I cannot help but smiled as she wobbled like a duck.

“What?” she asked, “It’s your fault that I’m walking like this.”

I kissed her lips and we both lay down the bed. She fell asleep before me as fatigue from our love making overtakes her. A few minutes later my jetlag brought me to sleep.

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