A Midnight Surprise

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It was a blistering summer day, and both James and Katie were on summer break. Since it was Friday, their parents were at work, as usual. Their parents owned a business and worked together there, and this was a tedious week as new clients were pouring in. James has dark brown hair and eyes, dimples, and a muscular stomach. However, he remained a virgin and didn’t have any luck with girls his age. In fact, the farthest he had gone with any girl was a light kiss. Katie, his sister, is 24 and is currently tanning outside near the family’s pool in a sexy, revealing black bikini. She isn’t very athletic but is still in great shape. Her curvy butt was sexy and seductive, and she often got stares when she walked by, from women as well as men. They also enjoyed looking at (and for the men, usually masturbating to) her 36C boobs. She liked to use this to her advantage (and also for pure pleasure from getting stared at) by wearing short skirts that left little to the imagination and low-cut, tight tops that hugged her curves and revealed most of her cleavage. However, this did not detract from her facial features: dark brunette hair, greenish-blue eyes, and enticing, full lips.

Having just turned 18, James was raging with hormones and often very horny. As it turns out, his room faced the backyard, and he could easily see his sister tanning through the window. He noticed that her eyes were closed, so he took advantage and pulled out his already hardening member. He started stroking slowly, savoring the moment. After a few minutes, he was rock hard. Just then, his sister sat up, but because she was facing away from the house, he had a few seconds to close his blinds and shove his cock into his shorts again. A minute later, he heard the back door close as Katie walked inside. She went to her room, picked out a lacy blue bra, matching panties, a tight blue tank top, and a pair of yoga pants. Then she stripped off her bikini, threw it onto her bed, wrapped herself in a towel and went into the bathroom, taking the clothes she had picked out. She was very hot after being outside under the sun, so she turned on the cold water immediately and stepped into the shower, without remembering to fully close the bathroom door.

Upon hearing the shower start, James quickly sneaked into Katie’s room and saw the bikini on the bed. He pulled his cock out once more, and started jerking off with one hand, his other hand holding the bikini bottoms up and sniffing them. He smelled a faint scent of his sister’s pussy, and this served to make him even hornier. Then, he wrapped the bottoms around his dick.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as he rubbed the cotton on his member, which had become fully erect. A little pre-cum oozed out of his dick and onto the bikini bottoms. He remembered not hearing the door shut in the bathroom, so he put the bikini bottoms back on the bed then walked into the hallway. His suspicions were correct: the bathroom was unlocked, and he took advantage by sneaking in. His sister was still taking a shower with her eyes closed as she hummed to herself and enjoyed the cold water. James got to see his sister naked, but not for the first time, as he had sneaked in the bathroom before. His boner came back as he saw the water cascade over her large breasts, her nipples sticking out.

Seeing her boobs and nipples, he thought of a new idea. He quickly went and picked her blue bra up, and knowing she was going to wear it, he rubbed his dick slowly on the inside of the cups. Then, he heard Katie moan softly, and saw one hand playing with her nipples as the other slowly circled around her pussy lips. Just as she inserted a finger into her pussy, he started stroking himself, holding the lacy bra in one hand. He matched her fingering with his stroking, and soon he was approaching his climax. Katie was moaning louder than before, using one hand to finger herself very quickly and the other hand to play with her tits. He stroked faster and faster, while realizing that he was going to cum soon and he needed something to catch it. He remembered the bra again, so he held it in front of his dick as kadıköy escort he jerked off furiously. Just as Katie yelled out when she started to orgasm, James moaned and started to cum, shooting his load into both of the bra cups, and a bit on the straps. A final rope of his jizz shot out and landed on the matching blue panties. He picked the panties up, used them to clean his dick quickly, and finally sneaked out of the bathroom and into his room, putting the panties and bra back where they had been.

Katie, having just orgasmed, pulled her fingers out from her pussy and brought them up to her lips and sucked on them gently. She always loved tasting herself after cumming. Finally, she finished showering and dried herself, she got out of the shower and started to get dressed. First, she picked up her bra.

“What the hell is this?” she asked to herself when she noticed the liquid and wet spots the cups of her bra. She lifted it up to her nose and sniffed curiously, then recognizing the smell, scooped most of the cum up with her fingers and licked them clean. Realizing that she and James were the only two home, she knew that it must have been him. Fucking pervert. Oh well, I can’t just walk out without a bra, she thought as she put the bra on, the remaining wetness of the cum on the cups smearing all over her tits and nipples. This does feel nice though… I guess I’ll wear it the whole day. Katie then picked up her panties from the floor, and noticed some cum on it too. Well, I already have his cum all over me, she giggled softly to herself as she pulled the lacy blue panties on. I’m such a naughty slut, I have my baby brother’s jizz all over my boobs and pussy, and I’m loving it. Giggling again, she put on her tank top and yoga pants, adjusting them so they showed her curves as best possible. Finally, she walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs to the kitchen.

James was already downstairs eating cereal while watching TV when Katie walked in.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?” he asked, staring at the TV and not making eye contact.

“I slept well, and had an amazing dream,” she replied while pouring out orange juice and making toast. She deliberately pretended not to know about her cum-soaked bra and panties, and James played along, thinking that she picked another pair out. They sat there awkwardly for a while, then Katie went to put the orange juice away, dropping the bottle cap on purpose. Slowly, she bent down in front of James, giving him a long and seductive view down her tank top. Oh fuck, she’s bending down in front of me, this is so hot. And holy shit, she’s wearing the bra that I came into! Did she not notice the cum? James thought as he stared at her boobs, readjusting his shorts to hide his boner. Once she was sure she had gotten him hard, Katie picked up the bottle cap, turned around, and walked back to her room, making sure to wiggle her ass sexily.

Later that day, Katie went into James’ room and bent down so her boobs pressed into his back while she looked on over his shoulder. “What’s up little bro?” she said, watching what he was doing on his laptop. A quick glance at his lap told her what she needed to know: he was loving her boobs pressing against him, even though his shirt, her tank top, and her bra, which was still slightly wet, was between them.

“I’m just watching a movie,” he replied quickly.

“Oh, I’ll watch with you!” Before he could respond, she sat down on his lap, making sure to grind her ass gently against his stiff cock. He got even harder, but she pretended not to notice. Instead, she began moving his hands, which were on her sides, onto her thighs. He’s enjoying every second of this, she thought to herself, successfully suppressing a giggle. After about a half hour, she got up, making sure to grind her firm ass against his dick one last time before going back to her room.

Just then, the phone rang and Katie picked it up. “Hey mom, what’s up?” she answered.

“Nothing really baby, it’s just that a üsküdar escort large client has shown interest, and we think we might have struck a deal with them. But your father and I have to travel to Boston for a few days to sign the contracts in person. We won’t be home tonight; we’ll see you Monday morning,” her mom told her.

After a little more chat, she hung up and went to James’ room to tell him the news. When she walked in, he was furiously rubbing his dick through his shorts. Not wanting to interrupt, she looked on quietly, getting hornier by the minute. She slid her hand down her yoga pants and panties, and started to rub her clit lightly, feeling how wet she was. But then, she had a better idea, and instead watched him cum all over his desk, then quickly sneaked back out. Mom and dad won’t be home for two nights… This will be fun, she giggled to herself while going back into her room

The rest of the day was uneventful, and soon it was nighttime. Katie waited until she heard no more noises in the house; then she was sure James was asleep. By then, it was midnight. Katie sneaked back into James’ room, and was glad that he was not using a blanket. She walked up to his bed quietly, and tugged his boxers down, making sure not to wake him. Then, she took his limp cock into her mouth, and started sucking softly as it hardened. James moaned lightly in his sleep, but did not wake. When he was fully hard, she bobbed her head up and down, having no trouble taking his whole length.

James suddenly woke up, and sat up to see his sexy sister taking his hard member in her mouth. “Mmm… what the fuck are doing Katie?” he asked, surprised but still enjoying every moment.

Katie took his dick out of her mouth with a soft “Pop!”, started stroking him, then looked up and said, “Taking care of you, little bro. I’ve seen the way you look at me. And I noticed the little present you left me in my bra and panties. I’m still wearing them. I have your dried cum all over my tits and pussy right now.”

“Oh fuck… But isn’t this kind of wrong Katie? And what if mom and dad find out?” he asked while moaning softly.

“They won’t find out, because they’re on an urgent business trip and won’t be back until Monday… and it’s not wrong if we like it,” she replied as she took him in her mouth again. She sucked up and down faster and faster, her lips wrapped around his cock making loud slurping sounds. He leaned back and enjoyed the feeling and view of his sister giving him a blowjob, her tits bouncing with her movements.

“Mm, Katie I’m going to cum soon,” he warned.

“Then cum all over my face bro.” When she kept sucking faster, he moaned loudly and started to erupt. Katie took the first load in her mouth, then took her mouth off her cock, letting him shoot his jizz all over her. When he was done, she had cum all over her face, some in her hair, some in her mouth, some dripping down her cleavage, and a final strand on her tank top and shorts.

“How was that?” she smiled, picking the cum up with her fingers and licking them clean. “Oh, I got some of your tasty cum on my tank top and shorts… I guess I’ll just have to take them off. Now I have your cum on all of my clothes,” she said, giggling as she pulled her tank top and shorts off. James stared in shock as his sister stood there in her sexy lacy blue bra and panties. “How do I look? Your cum already dried off of these.”

“You look really sexy… Maybe you should throw those in the wash, I heard cum can leave stains,” he said as he reached behind his sister and quickly undid her bra. “Mm, I’ve wanted to do this for so long… How big are those babies?” he asked with his eyes planted on her tits.

“36C. You know, you should really return the favor,” she grinned, pulled her panties down, then pushed James onto his back and sat on his face, her pussy grinding onto his lips. He obeyed by licking her clit with long, slow licks that drove her crazy. “Stop teasing me, just eat me out. I’ve been wet all of today,” she said as his tongue lashed faster over tuzla escort her clit. She reached up with one hand to play with her left nipple while he continued to lick faster on her clit. Then, he inserted a finger into her and started fingering her madly while he flicked her cunt with his tongue. While twisting her nipple, she looked down to see his tongue all over her clit and his finger buried between her pussy lips.”Ohhh shit, I’m cumming!” she moaned as her body writhed in pure pleasure. James finally pulled away from her pussy, his mouth sticky with her juices. He pulled Katie off of him, and then kissed her deeply so she could taste herself. While they kissed, she reached down and stroked him until he was hard again.

Finally breaking their kiss, she pushed him onto his back again, then with lusty eyes, slowly lowered herself onto him, his cock penetrating her pussy. “Fuck Katie, you’re so tight… I’ve dreamed about fucking you for five years,” he moaned as he entered her. She started riding him, matching his thrusts. Then she leaned down so her boobs were pushed into his face and each thrust pressed against her G-spot. James instinctively opened his mouth to suck on her nipple while cupping her ass from behind. As he sucked gently, she moaned louder and rode him faster, approaching her climax. With each thrust, his balls slapped against her ass and her tits bounced up and down.

“Fuck my tight wet cunt!” she screamed as he impaled her harder. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Fill me with your hot tasty cum!” Her pussy tightened around his cock as waves of pleasure hit her. With the increased pressure, James started cumming too. With a final thrust, he shot his load deep into her pussy while it milked him. When she came down from her post-orgasmic state, she leaned down and kissed him while contracting her pussy to get him hard again. “That was amazing… Save your stamina for tomorrow, you’ll need it,” she grinned as he slowly became erect inside of her. Katie finally got off of him and cuddled next to him. They fell asleep with Katie in his arms and both of their cum leaking out from her pussy and onto her log.

The next morning, James woke up to the sight of Katie pushing her boobs together and moving them up and down around his cock. When she saw that he was awake, she grinned naughtily, then stood up, turned around and said, “I’m going to take a shower now…” She licked her lips seductively, then walked to the bathroom with an extra sway in her hips. He quickly ran behind her and followed her in to the shower, turning the hot water on. Then he turned her around and kissed her, his tongue sliding into her mouth, as he reached up to feel her tits again. After stroking him to hardness again, she quickly guided his dick into her cunt, gasping as it parted her lips. He cupped her ass and then pushed her to the wall as he started to thrust, while continuing to kiss her.

Katie moaned through the kiss as he impaled her, loving the feeling of his cock filling her up. With each thrust, she came closer and closer to her orgasm. Finally, she moaned loudly and stopped kissing him as she came. When the euphoria faded, she turned around and slid off of his dick, then turned the shower off and stepped out, wiggling her butt. “James, I want you to fuck me in my ass,” she told him as she bent down into doggy position. Eager to comply, James followed her out then aimed his dick between her butt cheeks while he slowly moved forward. Once he was position, he grabbed her waist and entered her anus, going in inch by inch.

“Shit, your ass is so tight I could cum right now,” he moaned as he finally got his full length in. She tried to relax, but screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure as he pulled out and thrust into her ass again. She reached down and touched her clit when he thrust for the third time, and the two together were enough to push her into her second orgasm of the day. He picked up speed, ramming her from behind with increased force. She started to finger herself, moaning in pure pleasure, the pain forgotten as he repeatedly pushed himself to the hilt into her ass. She moaned again as his balls slapped her ass.With a loud bestial grunt, his knees weakened when his cock started to spurt his essence into her ass. He let go of her waist and grabbed her tits this time, and this, along with her fingering, set her off again for her third orgasm.

She turned around, grinning, “I guess this will be a fun summer after all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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