A Mole in the House Ch. 07

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Sorry for the delay in getting the next Chapter but sometimes real life gets in the way. Hope you enjoy!

~*~*~*A King Goes Down…Part Two~*~*~*~

At noon the next day I hooked the laptop into my flat screen and turned it on testing my connections to the Royal Suite. The screen showed the three views I had chosen, the kitchen, living room and the master bedroom Lolly would be using. In addition to the cameras I had planted miniature listening devices throughout the space. The only thing I prayed was that Abdullah’s team didn’t sweep the place on arrival. I doubted the possibility since Abdullah pretty much shunned most modern technologies. Either way I still had my back up plan in place and didn’t doubt for a minute that I was going to succeed in my goal. For some reason I was surprisingly relaxed considering the situation I was in.

A few hours later a door shutting drew me from my daydreams of happy times with Lawrence. I sat up and looked at the monitor – Prince Abdullah had arrived.

Five people were standing in the living room looking around, Abdullah, his manservant Fazil, and two men I guessed were his security. It came as no surprise to me that the fifth man was Matthew Whitlock.

“This will do.” Abdullah said standing close to Matthew. I knew yesterday when I had planted the seed in Matthew’s head about Abdullah that he was going to make a play for him. “You may show me around.” It didn’t surprise me that Abdullah spoke almost perfect English. Like me, Abdullah was a master of many languages.

One of the security personnel took his position in the lobby while the other made his way around the suite. Fazil went to the bedroom to sort out his master’s belongings.


Matthew and Abdullah walked around the suite inspecting the rooms speaking at length about Atlanta, its history and if he had any spare time, things to do. Matthew of course offered to be Abdullah’s personal guide during his stay.

Abdullah wasn’t a man that wasted time stalking willing prey. If he wanted someone and sensed they were amenable, he immediately got to the point. It took all six minutes before he had Matthew pinned against the wall in the butler’s pantry pushing his hard body against Matthew’s. Abdullah at six foot three towered over Matthew’s five foot seven compact but handsome frame. I predicted correctly that Matthew was just the type of man Abdullah would be attracted to.

“You like men, yes?” Abdullah stated. Matthew nodded barely able to contain his excitement. “And you are clean?”

“Yes Sir, I get tested every three months and was just recently tested.” Mathew appeared pleased.

“You want me?” Abdullah whispered. He was a breath away from Matthew and licked his tongue out flicking against his ear. Matthew nodded again relishing the sensual touch. “You will go to your boss and tell him I need you to help me with correspondence this afternoon. When you have done this you will join me in my room and be mine. If you satisfy me I will keep you for my visit. If you don’t I will make sure that you will lose your job here.”

Matthew wasn’t the least bit worried about losing his job. He only saw this giant of man dominating him.

“Suck me now. Show me that you can satisfy my cock.” Abdullah took a step back and open his thawb. Matthew didn’t even hesitate to drop to his knees and take Abdullah thick hard cock into his mouth.

“Yes, take all of me. Show me how you take a real man.” Lolly moaned pushing his full length into Matthew’s mouth. Matthew just looked up at Lolly, content that his mouth was full and he was making this gorgeous man moan.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth now.” He said a moment later grabbing Matthew by the ears and started pounding into his mouth. Matthew took everything in stride, sucking, licking and swallowing everything that Lolly gave him. When he shot his load and Matthew licked him clean he pulled the boy up and pressed him into the wall again.

“You CAN suck cock…that makes me very happy. I like to wake up every morning to a mouth on my cock – are you willing to do that?”

“Yes Sir.” Matthew answered scared at first to look at Abdullah in the eye but finally managing the courage.

Abdullah smiled and kissed Matthew, drawing his tongue into his mouth. “I love to taste my cum on another’s tongue.” Matthew was seeing stars.


Abdullah dismissed Matthew and joined Fazil in the bedroom.

“I have found someone to fuck while I am here.” He announced as he stripped himself of his thawb. Fazil smiled.

“He will serve your needs…but will he keep your secrets when you are gone?” Fazil was the pragmatist of the two of them.

“I have you and my security to deal with that. He is a nothing so when I am done with him he can be thrown in the trash” Abdullah hesitated a moment remembering the boy’s hot mouth on his cock and added, “Who knows…maybe he will please me enough that I will want him for my stable – he does know how to suck cock…Bashir will kurtköy sınırsız escort want to retire one day and this boy could be a perfect replacement.”

“I will speak with the boy when he returns.” Fazil said.

“Thank you Fazil.” Abdullah lay down on the freshly made bed with Abdullah’s bedding and pillows from home and watched Fazil finish unpacking his things. “Will you prepare my shower? I want to be ready when the boy returns.”

“Of course my Lord.” Fazil exited the room to the bathroom and silence blanketed the room.

Fazil waited in the bathroom for his master to finish his shower and helped him dry off then rubbed moisturizing lotion over his entire body making sure to massage the lotion to his cock and balls. At one time he was one of Abdullah’s chosen ones, now he had to idly stand by and watch him fuck the younger more virile men. He wished he could drop to his knees and suck his master’s cock like the boy had just done but Abdullah wanted no part of him sexually anymore.

Back in the bedroom Abdullah grabbed his cell phone. He pushed two numbers and waited for the person on the other end to answer. “Have you found him yet?” He asked in Arabic. “Why is it so difficult to find one fucking person?…I know…I know he’s trained not to be found if he doesn’t want to be found. What about the young kid…Simonson? Have you found him yet? Do you think he’s with Mitchell?” There was silence while Abdullah listened. “Fuck!” He yelled a moment later. “Why is it that everyone I want is disappearing? This is your last warning…you are going to find Aaron Mitchell or Garrett Simonson or you won’t need to worry about anything else for a long long time. Do I make myself clear?” Abdullah clicked the phone off and appeared to be counting to ten to calm himself.

It worried me that he was looking for Lawrence also. What did Lawrence have that Abdullah wanted? More importantly…why had he disappeared also?

I looked up to the monitor and watched Abdullah dial another number.

“Hello my friend…peace be with you with all of Allah’s blessings.” He said in perfect English calmly and reserved. “I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday…yes it has been a long time…I’m calling because I need your assistance with something…yes I know it’s difficult for you to help me but this should be an easy one for you…I need to find Aaron Mitchell…yes I know he’s on everyone’s watch list, but for our plan to work perfectly I need him here in Atlanta…I don’t know…have your fucking NSA tap every phone line in American…I don’t care I just need him…sooner rather than later…” I could tell that once again Abdullah was losing his temper. “Listen you are the leader of this fine country of yours…if you want to remain the commander and chief then you better find him!” He took a deep breath and calmed himself down, apologized for his rash outburst blaming it on too many hours of travel and quickly ended the conversation.

“Fazil” he yelled. Fazil hurried into the room bowing immediately to Abdullah. “I need our man our last operative here taken care of. He has done nothing to solve our problem and we can’t leave anyone behind that will lead back to me. I want him taken care of now.”

‘Yes my Lord.” He said backing out of the room.

“Where are you Aaron Mitchell?” Abdullah muttered to himself. Standing he began pacing around the large suite. “How have you managed to elude me?” His cock was hard, was it because he was thinking about me? He looked across the room, right to where I had planted the camera and stared straight at it. Had he detected it? Turning he walked over to the bed and laid down again. His hand planted firmly on his cock.

A light knocking on the door jarred his thoughts. He yelled out enter and a moment later Matthew Whitlock walked into the room


Prior to being shown to Prince Abdullah, Matthew was greeted at the door to the suite by Fazil, Prince Abdullah’s manservant. He walked him to the balcony that overlooked Peachtree Street and the two of them stood outside watching traffic. Fazil, in an uncharacteristic sign of affection draped his arm around Matthew’s shoulder.

“My Prince is a very private man.” He started the conversation with. “He hopes that you too will be private about anything that might transpire between the two of you.”

“Of course” Matthew mumbled not sure if this was a request or a threat but a moment later he deepest fears were confirmed.

“It’s a lovely view from up here…I wonder…has anyone ever fallen from this balcony?”

The threat had arrived.

Not wanting to let Fazil see him upset he readily answered that in the history of the hotel there had been no recorded suicides. Fazil simply smiled and showed him back into the suite. The message had been delivered and received.

Fazil announced Matthew’s arrival and almost shyly he entered the lowly lit bedroom. The curtains had been drawn, the bed turned down and Prince maltepe otele gelen escort Abdullah sat in the middle of the king size bed, surrounded by various size pillows, naked his cock standing straight up and hard.

“I’m glad you are here Matthew.” He said in a low sexy come hither voice. Fazil retreated from the room closing the door softly behind him.

“Thank you Sir.” Matthew answered inching closer to the bed. In his hand he carried a bag he kept in his car which held some of his favorite things and a change of clothing if he were to spend the night, which he was hoping for. More than anything in his twenty-six year old life he wanted to please the man that was naked on the bed.

“Why don’t you step in the bathroom and removed your clothes and hang them up. I like my men to always be naked when they are near me. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“No Sir…it doesn’t…” He mumbled shyer than he had ever been in his life.

“Good boy…than just relieve yourself of your clothes and join me…I am anxious to play with you.”

“Y…ye…yes Sir.” He mumbled and stepped into the dressing area and took his clothes off.

Back in the bedroom Abdullah waited patiently for Matthew to join him. His eyes were drawn to the bag he had left a few feet from the bed and wondered what secrets it held.

“Your bag. What is in it?” Abdullah asked when Matthew entered back to the room. He had walked over to the bed and had dropped to his knees raising Abdullah eyebrows. Could Abdullah have been any luckier to find a truly subservient man?

“It holds some things that maybe you might want to use…on me…”

“Use on you?” Other than whipping his men Abdullah had never used anything but his cock, hand or teeth on his men – this was a whole new world for him.

Matthew slowly unzipped the bag and began taking items out laying them out carefully on the floor. He started with matching double cuffs that attached to his ankles and wrist, three different types of nipple clamps, each more vicious than the other, latex gloves, a ball gag, a giant butt plug, lubricants, a ball press and last but not least a leather paddle that was a favorite of Matthews.

“You like these things?” Abdullah asked sitting up on the bed looking at the various items laid out on the floor.

“Yes Sir…I do…”

“You like pain?” As if on cue Matthew’s cock sprang to life becoming rock hard.

“Yes Sir…I do…” He repeated.

Abdullah couldn’t believe his good fortune. Leaning over he picked up a set of nipple clamps and looked at them more closely. “I will be honest with you. I have never used any of these things. I know what the paddle is for and what the cuffs represent but that is all.”

“Shall I show you?” Matthew asked eagerly.


Matthew took the nipple clamps from Abdullah’s hand and held them up to his chest indicating where they attached to. Abdullah smiled broadly and asked him to put them on. Matthew squeezed his right nipple and pulled it away from his chest. With his other hand he unscrewed the C-clamp vise and placed it over the nipple. Then he began screwing it tightly to his nipple, a perfect bead of precum crowned the head of his cock. Abdullah reached out and turned the screw again feeling how taut the nipple was within the clamp. Without even asking he took the other clamp from Matthew and pinched the left nipple tightly between his fingers before pulling it away from his chest, as Matthew had done, and locked it down in the clamp. When he was done he picked up the chain that connected the two clamps and tugged it roughly. Matthew let out a satisfying whimper and fell forward to Abdullah’s feet.

“Do you want to be mine?” Abdullah asked in a commanding voice.

“Yes Sir.”

“From now on your will address me as ‘My Lord and Savior'” Abdullah said pulling the chain again keeping the pressure up on Matthew’s nipples.

‘Yes My Lord and Savior.” He answered placing kisses on the top of Abdullah’s feet. Abdullah pressed his foot to Matthew mouth and without missing a beat he opened his mouth and sucked his toes deeply into his mouth. Abdullah’s mouth gaped open at the first time sensual feeling of having his foot worshiped.

“I want you on the bed on your hands and knees.” He panted a moment later pulling his foot from his mouth.

Scurrying to the bed Matthew assumed his position within seconds of his Lord and Savior’s command. Abdullah moved from the bed and picked up the leather paddle striking it firmly against the palm of his hand…yes it would do just fine. Not as painful as the canes he preferred but he knew that with the correct amount of pressure and hitting the correct spot he would be able to inflict that amount of pain he desired. If not, he had several leather belts hanging in the closet that would be just as affective.

“Now let’s see if you really like pain or if you are just a little pussy-boy.” Abdullah muttered raising the kartal rus escort paddle and bringing it down across Matthew’s ass. Matthew seemed to coo from the paddle taking blow after blow with moans of pleasure. Abdullah was at a loss for words as he continued with the spanking watching Matthew’s ass get redder and hotter. He had never had anyone absorb that amount of pain without blubbering like a baby. He made it his ongoing goal to make the boy feel pain and at one point dropped the paddle and walked to the closet to get his belt. The first strike of the belt brought the much sought after reaction from Matthew. The second strike had him begging for more. Even when he brought the belt down across the tenderness of his Matthews thighs the boy simply stretched out more, to give Abdullah better access as he continued begging for more. Large red welts were beginning to form and still Matthew wanted more. Knowing that if he went any further he was going to draw blood Abdullah dropped the belt and grabbed the boy by his hair.

“So you can take the pain of a spanking…tomorrow we will get a set of canes and see how you handle that.”

“Thank you My Lord and Savior. I will take any punishment you deem to inflict on me.”

Releasing his hair he had the boy assume the position again and told him to grab and spread his ass checks. “Your ass is well used.” Abdullah said looking at Matthew’s gaping asshole. Abdullah wasn’t used to having men that were well used but it was appearing that everything about Matthew was turning into a first time experience for him.

“Yes My Lord and Savior…I am a slut and have been used by many men…for that I am sorry you were not the first.”

Abdullah grabbed a bottle of lubricant and let some drip down the crack of the boy’s ass and watched it disappear into his hole. “Spread you ass wider for me.” Abdullah commanded and watched the boy’s hole gape open wider. Abdullah squirted some lubricant on his hand letting is cover his fingers and palm then pushed his hand firmly into Matthews ass. Never had he fisted an ass so easily.

Matthew’s groans filled the room as Abdullah pushed more of his hand into his ass. As far as Matthew was concerned there was nothing finer on this earth then having a fist planted deep in his ass. Abdullah pulled his hand out, counted to three and shoved it back into him again. When he pulled it out again he told Matthew to roll over on his back and spread his legs as wide as he could.

Matthew’s ass was still gaped open in the time it took him to lay on his back and Abdullah’s hand found its way fully back deep into his ass. Matthew’s cock was rock hard, his balls tight and drawn up. It was taking every ounce of strength not to shoot his load but he didn’t know if that was allowed.

“You are ready to shoot that submissive cock of yours, yes?” Abdullah commented seeing how ready the boy was.

“Y..ye..yes…My Lord and Savior.” Matthew cried out trying to hold out.

“Yes…but not yet…I need to see if you can still take more pain.” Abdullah smiled a devilish grin and pushed his hand deeper inside of Matthew. “Spread your legs more.” Matthew complied grabbing his legs and pulling them widely open as he could. “Yes…that is good…” Abdullah looked down at the boys cock. It truly was perfectly sized, not too large and not too thick, just right. With his free hand he reached out and slapped it firmly across the shaft. Matthew let out a painful scream letting Abdullah know he had finally his weakness. He slapped the cock again causing Matthew to cry out again and tighten his ass around Abdullah’s hand.

“I am going to slap your cock five times…on the fifth slap you will cum. If you don’t cum you will not be allowed to cum for the rest of the week…do you understand?”

“Y..ye…yes…My Lord and Savior…” Matthew’s teeth were chattering from the shock of the slaps but that was quickly forgotten when he felt Abdullah hand slap across his shaft again. “One” Matthew yelled out to keep from screaming, this was a new…and exciting…pain for him and knew that the moment they got to five he was going to shoot the best load of his life. Again the hand down across him and Matthew yelled “Two” praying he would get to five quickly.

“Three” He yelled out at the hardest slap yet, tears instantly came to his eyes.

“Four” He cried when Abdullah slapped him hard across the head of his cock.

The last slap was the loudest and most brutal and Matthew let the breath go from his body as he let the load of cum he had been holding shoot from his cock. Abdullah watched as jet after jet of hot cum spread from his rock hard cock shooting straight up in the air and coming down landing across his chest. When Matthew’s orgasm ceased Abdullah slowly pulled his hand from the boys ass and took advantage of it being gaped open to shoved his cock deep into him.

Abdullah knew that he wouldn’t last too long and leaned into Matthew burying his mouth into his neck until he found the exact spot he sought and bit down sucking the lose skin into his mouth. Matthew found himself bucking his hips against Abdullah. The pain from the biting was driving him to another orgasm.

“Oh please more…” Matthew cried out. Abdullah complied tasting the first vestiges of blood as he continued sucking Matthew’s neck.

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