A Mother’s Change? Ch. 02

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Some hours later, Kathy had passed out in pure sexual exhaustion from hours of self-pleasure and masturbation. She awoke, finding herself on the bathroom floor, panties & pantyhose still at her ankles and the floor covered with everything she could find to satisfy her pussy.

The “old” mom might have been disgusted by the scene…

But this was “new” mom…

Kathy cleaned herself up and got ready for work. By the time she came downstairs, her daughter had her breakfast ready. As Kathy opened the paper, Maria poured her coffee. What caught Kathy’s attention was an article about strange lights in the sky the night before and reports of something “falling to earth”. Could that be what she had found in her yard? There were no further details except a number to call if anyone found anything unusual.

“Mom are you listening” Maria asked her mother. “Sorry honey, just wrapped up” Kathy replied.

“You look exhausted, did you even sleep last night” Maria asked.

“I was not feeling quite myself” Kathy stated, hoping the evasive answer might work.

“I was worried, I could hear you in the bathroom” Maria said with nothing but concern in her voice.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m fine” Kathy said and as she picked up istanbul escort her coffee, spilled a bit on her blouse.

“Shit” Kathy yelled shocking Maria who had never heard her mother swear. “Sorry” she said a moment later and went into the bathroom to clean her blouse. As she touched her blouse with the towel, her hands glanced across her breasts and nipples which hardened and brought her to an instant state of arousal. “Oh no” she thought “not again”.

She tried to fight it but found herself hiking up her skirt.

“My gosh” she thought “I never put panties or pantyhose on” but instead was greeted with the sight of her exposed pussy. She slipped in a finger, then two and finally three, bringing herself off again and again, fighting to stay as quiet as she could.

Once she came down, the thought occurred to her that the energy from the orb. Could that explain it?

Coming out of the bathroom, Maria stood in tears looking at her mother. “I could hear you Mom, are you sure you’re not sick” she cried.

Embracing her daughter, Kathy re-assured her that she was fine just “fighting to get control of something” she smiled and sat down to finish her coffee.

As avcılar escort she sat, her mind began to take over and she wondered if her touch made her horny would it work on someone else?

She looked up to see Maria standing next to her…and thought…what if?

Maria was asking her mom about breakfast but Kathy was focused elsewhere and reaching up…gently touched Maria’s nipples through her t-shirt.

“Whoa Mom” she exclaimed followed by “Oh mom” as her young nipples extended through her shirt.

“Oh is right” Kathy thought, as she continued to tease her daughter’s nipples that got harder and longer as she played. Her daughter’s face went into a trance as the arousal flowed through her body. Standing up, Kathy faced her daughter and slipped a hand inside the waistband of her daughter’s sweatpants, inside her panties and feeling the soft tuft of hair of her daughter’s pussy. Her fingertips had just barely touched her daughter’s pussy before Maria was having her first orgasm, hips bucking and breath coming in heaves!

After a moment, Kathy could hear her daughter saying “I’m sorry about your blouse mom”.

Looking down, she noticed her blouse was wet right over nipples. şirinevler escort Maria was worried her saliva had dripped on her mother but Kathy knew better.

To Maria’s amazement, Kathy ripped open her blouse and pulling her bra down, exposed her now moist nipples and squeezing, expressed milk all over her daughter! As the milk coated her daughter’s face, Maria naturally licked her lips and once the taste of her mother’s milk hit her tongue, Maria found herself driven for something else.

Kneeling down, she lifted her mother’s skirt and buried her face in Kathy’s pussy…her young tongue lapping at her swollen lips and drinking her nectar. Kathy rested herself against the table as her daughter brought her pussy off again and again…stopping only have a taste of her own pussy on her daughter’s lips as they kissed deeply.

An hour had passed before Kathy called into work to say she was not feeling well, all the while watching her daughter eat her pussy as she sat at the kitchen table. Both women were naked and Maria was covered in her mother’s milk…glistening with the sweetness from Kathy’s now swollen breasts.

As they rested, their physical arousal began to decrease…but as soon as Maria tasted her mother’s milk, they would start all over again. It was then Kathy realized the gift she had been given…the power of her touch that could immediately arouse and the power of her milk which seemed to convert even the most unlikely of partners…

It was then Kathy found herself thinking about the one thing she just now realized she missed the most.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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