A Mother’s Love

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There’s a primal force of nature that means there’s a very special kind of love that exists purely between a mother and her son, a bond between them like no other, especially if the son is her firstborn. I have that love for Andy my son. A love that means I will do or say anything for him, protect him, love him unconditionally, teach and educate him.

I’m sure that a similar type of love exists between a father and daughter, all-be-it more of a protective nature. It seems to in our family. Whilst I have always done “girly” things with my daughter Lauren, and Andy has done all the usual “man” things with my husband Frank, there seems to be a different connection between Lauren and Frank than between Lauren and me, and that goes the other way. Andy has always been closer to me than Lauren is, not that I have favourites or love Lauren any less, and neither has Frank, we both love both our children unconditionally, but!!

Now that special love for Andy was to be tested; enhanced and deepened in the most extreme way. I was about to cross the border from emotional love into physical love for my son. I was flat on my back, legs spread wide open allowing him to see my sex and to have easy access to it. His body was raised above me and he was about to penetrate me for the first time. His rock hard and throbbing cock poised at the entrance to my already wet and expectant vagina, my inner core and most sacred place, the place that is the very essence of a woman.

What greater love can exist between a mother and her son than that, ignoring her own reservations of sin, guilt and morality she surrenders her body to him. To teach and educate and console him?

It had all started about half an hour ago when Andy had arrived home earlier than expected and was very morose, silent and withdrawn, far from his normal exuberant, confident, self.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” I asked him.


“Yes, there is, it’s not hard to tell and I can read your moods like a book, so what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’ve told you.” A pause, I knew if I waited he would tell me more.

“What?” sulkily. “Why have you got that look on your face as if you don’t believe me? Nothing’s wrong!” Stroppy teenager voice to the fore.

I did have a quizzical look on my face, I knew it always worked with him, eventually, he would crack and tell me what was troubling him, like I say we have that special kind of understanding and love. He knows he can confide in me.

“Nothing, fine. I don’t believe you, but if you don’t want to talk about it, fine, but if you do, I’m here. Don’t forget I’m your mum, you can tell me anything, I won’t judge you. Well not that much.” I ended with a laugh, trying to lighten the mood.

“It’s Fiona,” my heart sank, Fiona is his new girlfriend and they seem so right for each other, and he seems so in love and infatuated with her, and she seems so sweet. “She said I’m…No mum, I’m sorry, I can’t tell you.” A look of despair and desperation etched on his face, it broke my heart and at that moment I was ready to kill Fiona, for whatever she had said or done to hurt my son. A lioness ready to protect her cub.

I moved closer to him, almost cuddling him like a little boy, even though he is a six foot one inch tall, nineteen-year-old. Wide shoulders and powerful chest, strong and handsome like his dad, brown hair cut short with a firm jaw and brown sensitive eyes.

He seemed to shrink inwards and deflate as I held him, stroking his hair as I held his head close to me. “Go on, tell me what’s wrong, it can’t be that bad, maybe I can help.”

“Mum, there is no way you can help. No way on earth you can ever help. I can’t ask you to help on this, I don’t even think I could get dad to help on this.”

Intriguing and worrying!

“Oh, try me, there’s lots I can do, and I will do anything to help you, you know that.”

“Mum, I can’t; it’s just too embarrassing, and there is no way you can help, believe me.”

“Let me be the judge of that,” I said taking on the stern mother role now as cajoling didn’t seem to be having the desired effect.

After a long silent pause filled with tension, he said, “Well you asked for it. Fiona says I’m no good in bed. I’m a terrible lover.”

Shock obviously registered on my face as Andy continued, “I told you it was embarrassing, and that you could never help me.”

The shock wasn’t that Andy and Fiona were having sex, that I had expected and been aware of for some time now. Frank and I had both been very open with Andy and Lauren from an early age, and after having “the talk” with Lauren at fourteen I had arranged for her to go on the pill, not encouraging her into sex, just to be sure no unwanted pregnancies occurred, but stressing she should always use other protection for health reasons. I know Lauren had waited until just before her eighteenth birthday before her first time. So sex between my son and his girlfriend wasn’t unexpected, what was a shock was that Fiona didn’t rate my sons’ bakırköy escort performance.

“Oh, so what does she say, and how does she judge you,” I demanded in a soft and gentle, none judgemental voice, but anger just hinted at in the background.

“Mum, I can’t tell you that,” Andy replied sheepishly, “it’s bad enough as it is.”

“So an eighteen-year-old girl thinks you’re no good in bed! How does she know?” I replied letting the anger show now. Fiona could destroy Andy’s confidence with her comments. I was getting more and more annoyed and was aware that I was willing to do anything to restore that confidence, and it was already in the back of my mind that that anything could encompass the physical.

“She just said, I’m no good, not as good as Stuart her last boyfriend was.”

That I couldn’t believe Stuart is just a wimp. Fiona must be playing some other game, or maybe Andy was. No, it was Fiona, the look on Andy’s face told me he wasn’t lying or trying to trick me. He was devastated and so embarrassed.

Instantly I knew what had to be done, but could it be done, could I do it? Before giving myself time to think I spoke.

“Well; I suppose we’ll have to get a second opinion on that won’t we. From an experienced woman, not a young girl, a woman who knows what she’s doing and what to look for,” I blurted out, “a woman who knows how to please a man, a woman who knows what to look for in a man as a lover.”

“What? Mum, what do you mean?”

“Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s Fiona, there’s only one way to find out.”


Knowing what I had hinted at and what I now had to do, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I was contemplating having sex with my son, full-on sex. I wasn’t sure if I could. The physical aspect didn’t worry me in the slightest, as I’ve already said, Andy is a strong good looking boy, almost a fully grown man. No, what worried me was that I would be cheating on Frank my husband, in the most inappropriate way, and that what I was thinking of doing was incest.

Crossing a moral line, “lying with my son” as the bible puts it. Breaking a taboo. We are taught that a mothers role is to guard and protect and help her children, not seduce them. But as a mother I knew that at that moment Andy needed my help in a very special way, and if it meant that I crossed a moral line or broke a taboo, then so what. I was performing a mothers role and to hell with convention and morality. I was even prepared to risk my marriage to help my son. For my love for my son.

What I was about to do wasn’t born of need by me. I wasn’t horny or frustrated, in need of sex, quite the opposite in fact. Frank and I have good varied sex three or four times a week, and Frank doesn’t go frustrated when I’m on my period. I didn’t have long held frustrated desires for my son. I didn’t covert his body, nice as it was. I didn’t lust after him. What I was about to do was out of pure, unconditional, love for him, a mothers love. A love only a mother can know for her son.

I didn’t answer Andy with words but bent my head close to his and kissed him. Holding his head gently in my hands as my lips brushed against his, at first hesitantly, then more insistently and passionately when he didn’t recoil in horror.

My tongue pushed through his partly open lips and licked his teeth, that was when he reacted as a man. His hands went around my body, pulling me against him and he kissed me back. Not as a son, but as a young man with a prospective new, but older, and more experienced lover. Slightly hesitant but wanting and needing, a kiss with a desire to learn more. But a kiss with more than a hint of guilty pleasure in it, I could sense that in the hesitancy, but his lips were soft and sweet and his kiss tender.

We were sitting on the couch in the living room and not wanting to break the spell of what was happening by moving to a bedroom that’s where the sex took place. Andy took me on the floor and on the couch, and I surrendered willingly to him time and time again.

Andy’s hands had moved from around my waist to run up and down my body as I held it still for him, allowing him to explore it, encouraging him to run his hands all over me, even though I was trembling with apprehension. He felt my bum, squeezing the cheeks, ran his hands over my firm thighs, almost getting to my panties and the reward that was waiting for him there. Then, at last, cupping my boobs and holding them judging the weight and size of them as he squeezed and kneaded them. I moaned deeply into his mouth when he did this. Even though I was still fully clothed this felt good, wrong and guilty, but good. I want to be naked now, feel his hands directly on my skin, but also to feel and see him.

But did I rush to get naked or take my time and tease? Well, this was about how good a lover he was, so it was naked as fast as I could.

Regretfully breaking the kiss, and stopping his hands exploring me I stood up, moved away from him beşiktaş escort slightly, undid the button at the top of my skirt and pushed it over my slim hips and let it drop to the floor, quickly followed by my pale pink panties. Not giving Andy time to react or take in the sight of my neatly trimmed Brazilian. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and wrenched my bra off, freeing my 36C boobs with small, dark rosebud nipples to his view. Nipples that were already hard from his attention, but nipples that hardened even more from the exposure to his gaze and the cool air in the lounge.

“Oh my God,” he uttered in stunned amazement as he stared at my naked body, I held myself still and proud, allowing him to feast his eyes on my mature forty-five year old but still trim and tempting body. Shivering slightly at exposing myself to his gaze and the obvious effect it was having on him. I gave him a little twirl so he could get a good look at my bum.

I stand at a toned five foot six inches tall, weighing eight stone (112 lbs), with shoulder length honey blonde hair, green eyes that I know flash when I’m aroused or angry. A 36C-23-33 frame and legs toned from being on them all day due to my job as an operating theatre scrub nurse.

The way Andy was looking at me left me in no doubt he found me attractive, and that he was more than aroused. I moved closer to him and pulled his polo shirt over his head, then dropped to my knees as I undid his jeans, reached inside his fly and took hold of his cock, lightly running my hand over his already stiff manhood. The skin was soft and silky to touch, but hard and throbbing as I gripped it lightly between my forefinger and thumb as I ran them up and down it. Making it pulse and twitch. Andy moved his hips allowing me to pull his jeans off and the full thick and round seven inches of his cock came into view.

“Well everything there seems ok to me,” I whispered half to myself as my head bent lower and opening my lips I sucked his cock into my hot and wet mouth, twirling my tongue around his head, teasing his glans. I was rewarded by a loud groan and a twitching of his cock in my mouth as I tasted the sweet pre-cum that was already leaking from him.

I backed him out of my mouth and licked up and down the length of his shaft, covering it and his balls in saliva as I thoroughly lubricated him. I instantly and desperately wanted him to cum in my mouth, but this was for him, to see how he was as a lover, so that reward would have to wait.

Andy hadn’t been inactive as this was going on, his hands had again found my body and were playing with my boobs, holding one nipple between his finger and thumb, he pinched it lightly, then rolled it around, sending waves of desire and lust through me. His other hand was doing it’s best to find my pussy, but couldn’t reach due to the position we were in.

I shifted so he could get to his goal but this stopped me sucking on his cock, so I went back to kissing him. Andy’s hand had now found my pussy and was softly and slowly rubbing up and down it, one finger pressing into my slit, stimulating and teasing it as he did so. I grasped his hand and forced a couple of fingers deep into me, letting him know I wanted a stiff fingering. He rubbed hard and long, fingers probing deep in my pussy which gripped and clamped on them. Eventually, Andy pulled his fingers from me and licked them clean, making sure I could see what he was doing as he licked the slimy glistening juice from them.

“Fuck me,” I begged him, as I lay back spreading my legs wide, allowing him to look at me and giving him easy access to my sex. I didn’t want any more foreplay, I wanted that big hard cock deep in me, fucking me as hard as it could.

I pulled his strong body over mine and waited in delightful anticipation for that wonderful moment when he would slide his cock into me. As his cock nudged the entrance of my pussy he looked deep into my eyes. A look of pure unadulterated love on his face, a look that changed in an instant to one of primal lust and longing as he pushed forward and down and his cock slid deep into me, filling my pussy to the brim.

“OooooohhhhHHH,” I moaned.

“Shit, that feels so gooood, so hot and so soft,” was Andy’s response.

Then his response took on another meaning as he began to pump relentlessly into me, pulling his cock almost out of me before hammering it back in as far as it would go, time and time again. Hammering hard and fast, almost splitting me in half from the strength and desperation of his thrusts. As experienced as I am I was struggling to keep up with him, pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts, then giving up the attempt I pulled my legs back as far as they would go and wrapped them around his waist, locking my ankles around his waist, pulling him deep into me.

This didn’t stop his pounding, as he drove on relentlessly towards a climax, taking me along for the ride as well. I felt a hot flush start to build deep in me, rising and beylikdüzü escort building as it rushed through my veins, stimulating my nerve endings, building in heat and intensity until I spasmed, thrust my hips high up at him clenched my pussy as tight as I could on him and howled my release as an intense orgasm crashed over me. Shocking both of us with its intensity and longevity.

My fingers had formed talons and raked down his back scratching him, drawing blood, marking him, branding him as mine. My face had buried itself in the hollow of his neck and shoulder as I bit softly on that, then licked him softly and seductively.

As my orgasm began to wane I was aware that Andy was still pounding away at me. God, he was young and fit and virile. But I wanted to feel that cock do what it is meant to do, fire a big load of cum into a pussy.

“Cum in me, please now, Andy I need you to cum in me, I want to feel your cum fill my pussy,” I screamed at him.

“I’m going to, mum, I’m going…oh fuuuuuuuuuck,” he cried out as he came, his cock twitching and shaking as one, then two, then more and more jets of hot, sticky cum erupted from him and filled me. His body was shaking and juddering, his eyes had gone blank. I clasped him tightly to me in a loving embrace. Milking the last vestiges of cum from him as my pussy locked and released on him.

Unbelievably his cock hadn’t gone fully soft so I pulled it from me and slipped it into my mouth giving him another blowjob to which he instantly hardened. Fiona must be the one at fault, not Andy!!

Knowing he was hard again I flipped onto all fours got hold of his cock and slid it into me from behind, pushing back on him. Andy got hold of my hips and pulled me back impaling me on his steel hard rod every time he pushed in, holding me on his cock for just a second before easing back, he took up a steady but intense pace, not as hard and thrusting as the first time, but one that was good for both of us, and one that I was sure he could keep up for ages.

He did, slamming into me in a steady and deep way, my pussy opening for him as he pushed in and cupping tight on him as he slowly pulled out. He varied the distance he pulled out of me, sometimes almost all the way, at others just about halfway, so I was never sure how far he would be plunging his cock back inside me. I was loving every thrust and responding to him by pushing back hard and squeezing and relaxing my pussy on him. The angle he was thrusting inside me was hitting the right spot, and I was loving every minute, every thrust.

After a while he pulled out, stood up, pulling me with him and bent me over the back of the couch so I was stood with my weight half supported on my arms, legs wide, and then my son pushed his cock into me yet again, fucking me from behind standing up. I felt like a slut, a tart when he fucked me in that position. From the position I was in I could see us both in the lounge mirror, it was so erotic and yet so depraved. Andy was pushing into me hard from behind, my tits were bouncing back and forth with every thrust of his powerful hips and strong rigid cock as they hung under me.

“Mum, you look so sexy like that,” he gasped between thrusts. All I could do was moan and nod my head, I was too lost in what was happening to my body, the way I was responding and reacting to having sex with my son. This had started as something for him, but now I was responding as a woman and loving what we were doing, I was loving fucking my son, unreservedly.

I was liking it more than I had expected, I had acted on instinct when we had started, I hadn’t expected that I would enjoy it, that I would respond, be excited, feel horny and sexy, but that was what I was feeling now. I had been prepared to give my body to him and test him, but not to enjoy what he did to me.

I had switched from being a mother surrendering to her son to help and teach him, to a sexually excited older woman with a young lusty male wanting sex. I wanted the sex now.

Andy wrapped his hands around me cupping my boobs and playing with the nipples, teasing them again as he had done earlier, at the same time I reached back and down between my thighs, found my clit and rubbed slow and hard on it, matching Andy’s cock pumping into me.

After a few more minutes like this, Andy once again pulled his cock out, eliciting a groan of frustration and displeasure, I was enjoying the feeling of his cock pushing into me and stretching me. The frustration didn’t last long as Andy lay on his back on the sofa, legs overhanging the side, spun me around and pulled me down on his cock, again easily slipping into my wet cunt, taking me reverse cowgirl style.

“Whoaaaa,” I groaned and decided to take some control back so pumped my self up and down on him, pulling up so that his cock was only just inside me, taking my weight on my feet, half standing then letting go and using gravity and my own lust slamming down hard onto his cock, burying it as deep inside me as I could.

I rode him to a climax, building in heat and intensity with every penetration of his cock into me as my sons’ hands once again played and fondled my boobs, pawing them hard, pinching the nipples, pulling them away from my boobs and then letting them snap back, before rolling them under his palms.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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