A Mother’s Seduction Ch. 06

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Can all this really be happening? Am I going to wake up and just discover it’s just been a dream. The past four months have been the most exciting time in my life, incredible sex, beyond incredible and then there is the very nature of it being so taboo. A combination of thrills and guilt all bundled together neatly like an early Christmas present. A fine line to walk and yet how can I resist that enormous dick that seems to have over powered my very being, it begs me to slide up and down it until it shoots its milky reward deep inside me. The fact that my son is the one with that beautiful long cock only makes me filled with both guilt and lust all at the same time.

I thought that guilt would overwhelm me but the truth is that lust just keeps over powering me day after day. Maybe the last few years caring for a dying husband just has made me aware how lonely I really was. Doesn’t matter though, all I want and need is that big cock reaming me without mercy.

The other part is that having Lisa join us has brought so much excitement and the chemistry between the three of us is incredible. To think that I would ever lick cum out of another woman’s ass seems like a porno that I am the star in. I guess I was a little restrained before but certainly not now.

Yet, there seems something missing lately. The sex is great but the fear and rush when it was all new, seems like it is fading. The adrenalin rush of doing something so taboo just seems to have fallen away as our relationship expands.

Shawn and I function as mother and son just like before but when the fun time begins, he openly calls me his cougar slut. The fact that it drives me wild only adds to the excitement but I yearn to feel that thrill of how I felt when I first seduced him and then Lisa as she questioned me about what she thought was going on.

I’ve toyed with the idea of bringing my younger sister Amy into the group. She’s tall and thin like Lisa and being a librarian just seems to beg the thought that she must have so much pent up emotions deep inside her begging to be released. Just the thought of her reacting to finding out that I’m fucking my own son sends a shiver down my back, pushing the envelope just a little more-that’s all.

I think she might be receptive too, last year we were talking and I blurted out that I was afraid my sex drive would never come back and she shocked me with what she said. The thought of surfing porn had never entered my mind and I sat there listening to her try and convince me to start surfing the web for porn.

What she said that now intrigues me more and more is that she mentioned a few times to see if Shawn has any porn on his computer. Sadly, I just dismissed her out of hand but now wonder if that could be the opening I need to see if she might be interested. This excites me as much as the sex, the thought of slowly pendik escort bringing her along and then watch that big cock slide in and out of her brings tingles to me.

I doubt Shawn and Lisa would mind, they are as horny as I am and the thrill of doing something so out of mainstream is exciting by itself plus the sex just makes it beyond any words I can think of.

“Hi, you’re not going to believe what I’m doing.” I say.

“What’s that?” Amy asks.

“I’m sitting at Shawn’s computer looking at pictures he’s saved, for three days now I just can’t seem to get enough.” I tell her.

“I told you it might help; I do it all the time. Better than just lying in bed under the covers with a vibrateor.” She says.

“I have to be careful, Shawn’s taking a shower and God forbid if he ever caught me. All I have on is my little robe and I’m almost naked, talk about the ultimate taboo but I just can’t get enough looking at these young studs shooting all over those young girls. The picture I’m looking at is driving me wild.” I tell her.

“OH My God, this is so exciting. Pushing it to the extreme, do you know how many mothers actually would love to be in your position right now. The ultimate temptation and its right at your finger tips. Tempting your own son, the ultimate tease.” She says.

“He’s coming, I have to go, call me back in ten minutes.” I say almost in a whisper.

Well, I think Amy sounds like she is opened minded. But talking about it and accepting it is another story. I have to be careful as I slowly see if she is open minded enough to join us. I’ll know more when she calls back.

“What are you doing?” Shawn asks me as he comes in drying himself off.

“OH, just a little surprise, that’s all.” I say as I look at that giant dick sticking straight out only inches away from my lips. Just the thought that I’ll be riding it in a few minutes makes me quiver with excitement. To think that I can take the whole length inside me still makes me get goose bumps every time I look at it.

Every time I start to slide down I’m still amazed at how deep it goes inside me. Just looking at it now as it disappears into my aching pussy, I can feel myself being stretched wide apart by his eleven inch dick. No longer do I fear bottoming out, even my tiny asshole stretches apart as Shawn starts to stroke in and out of me.

I’m so wet, Shawn’s cock glistens with my fluids as he begins to fuck me faster and faster. Just looking down and watching that giant snake relentlessly finding its rhythm as I moan like a school girl. My pussy stretches and contracts with each stroke, how am I going to be able to talk to Amy with my cunt being ravaged like this?

“What’s the surprise?” Shawn asks me again.

Looking down at my cell phone and waiting for it to ring, I feel that excitement kartal escort building like when I first teased him and Lisa. Just keep fucking me, don’t stop and I’ll give you a little treat to shoot that cum deep inside me.

“You’ll see.” I moan.

He knows me so well; the finger reaming my asshole makes me insane as I feel both holes being violated. Call now Amy, please or I won’t be able to pick up the phone. Hurry and save me so I can seduce you too.

“Stretch me wide open.” I squeal.

I feel my cheeks spread wide apart as his cock and finger begin to move in sync. Next, he’ll want to fuck my ass, why do guys get off so much on fucking girls in the ass. I don’t really care as long as he fucks mine. But not yet, C’mon Amy call, I want to tease you too.

“What’s the surprise cougar slut?” He asks more forcefully this time.

Thank God, she’s finally calling. I don’t know if I can do it now, I’m just too fucking turned on. But I need this too, that excitement that seems just keeps pushing me further.

“You’re Aunt Amy is calling, just be quiet and listen.” I tell him almost in a whisper.

“Hi.” Is all I can manage to say. Can I really be risking so much for just a thrill? Have I lost my mind? But that desire and Shawn’s big cock just keep moving me foreword.

“So, tell me what happened?” She asks.

“He caught me. ” I say as I try and compose myself.

“Tell me everything, every detail and don’t leave anything out.” She asks.

I can tell she is excited, if she only knew what I was doing right now. I think Shawn has an idea what is going on and slowly strokes in and out of me, I love fucking like this.

“I just got so obsessed with the image on the screen that I couldn’t stop myself, I frantically rubbed myself hoping to get off before he came in but he caught me with my legs wide open and rubbing my pussy. I was right there and….I just couldn’t stop myself.” I almost whisper into the phone.

“He just stood there and watched you get off?” She asks.

Did I go too far, should I have not done this? Me and my imagination are going to be the ruin of me. Now what do I do, pass it off as a fluke and yet as I feel my pussy being stretched and a finger probing my asshole maybe I should just follow my instincts after all. Isn’t this what I really want anyway?

“That sounds like a scene from one of the books I’m reading. Forbidden love or should I say lust, that must have been so exciting knowing he was watching you. Do you think it added to it, was your orgasm even more intense knowing your own son was watching you masturbate?” She asks me.

I can tell by the way she is breathing that she is flustered. No condemnation from her, dare I go further? Shawn must sense my anxiety and is fucking me harder. That giant dick just keeps plowing me maltepe escort stroke after stroke.

“All the emotions, guilt and excitement all wrapped into one and I have to admit that it really turned me on knowing he was standing only a few feet away. I don’t ever remember being so turned on, I’m still shaking.” I tell her.

“Describe the picture to me that had you so mesmerized. Don’t be lady like either, describe it to me. Was it a fuck picture? You wouldn’t believe how turned on I am right now. I’m sitting at my computer and….” She says in a low moan.

“It showed a girl straddled over a guy with a huge cock and its half way inside her with white cum oozing out of her and down his shaft. I just kept picturing myself with that big dick sticking inside of me, shooting all that cream inside me. I just couldn’t control myself.” I say.

I can tell Shawn is going to cum, all this teasing is just too much for him. Slowly, I pull off him and lower myself so his cock is riding between my legs, my pussy lips slide on the shaft as I move my hips to bring him closer to his climax.

“I just love it watching cum shoot out of a guys cock, it turns me on so much. You wouldn’t believe how excited I get just thinking about it.” I say to her.

With those words barely out of my mouth, I watch as thick white strands of cum explode out of Shawn’s cock and onto his chest. I could watch this all day and never get enough, am I warped or do other women think this way too?

“When you finally got off, did you notice if he had a hardon?” She asks.

Watching Shawn’s cock spit out the last of its load, I can’t control myself any longer, let’s push it even further. Fuck it, let me tease her as well as myself.

“He didn’t have a towel, he was naked.” I tell her.

I inch myself foreword and lower myself onto his waiting lips, feeling his tongue sucking my clit as I talk to her. This is driving me beyond reason. I don’t care if she thinks we’re doing it, so what if she guesses it too.

“Was his dick hard, I know it’s as big as a cucumber, I saw it last summer when your friend Lisa was wearing that string bikini and he got a hardon in his sweat pants. It must be gorgeous.” She moans.

I think she is on the verge of cumming, just like I am too. Shawn’s tongue just keeps getting me closer and closer as I ride his mouth.

“You wouldn’t believe how big it is, it’s as big as a ruler. I just sat in the chair and watched as he stroked himself and then all that beautiful white cream, came out of his dick and shot all over me. I love watching cum shoot out of his cock.” I moan as I begin to cum myself.

“Maybe, he can shoot it on me too. I don’t care if he is my nephew, I’d stroke that big dick and then suck all that white cream into my mouth. Then run my tongue up and down that giant dick. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She moans softly.

“Maybe I could watch.” I moan.

Watching as Shawn licks my clit, I feel myself exploding into my orgasm. Feeling no inhibitions as I start to cum, I blurt out, “Maybe you’d rather have him fuck you instead.”

“Maybe.” Amy moans as I hear her cumming too.

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