A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 06

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This sixth and final part of the story of Sam and her new life and I hope you have enjoyed it so far. I can honestly say that when I began writing this story I had no idea that it would be so long or all that Sam and Meg would get up to!

This is one, continuous story, so this part will not make a great deal of sense unless you have read Parts 1 to 5; Part 1 and the start of Sam’s tale can be found here:


A sixth ‘thank you’ goes to Winterreisser for his thorough and diligent editing and for correcting my ever-present typos and mistakes. My thanks and love to Kat as well for her inspiration, advice, feedback and encouragement that helped and motivated me throughout.

FAIR WARNING: While this story (all six parts) is, at its heart, a lesbian romance (hence its categorization), it does contain pee play and VERY strong scat (shit) play in this and later parts. If you have an aversion to such sexual activities then please, please do not read this story. I cannot make it clearer than that!

After reading, please take a moment to rate the story and, if you have the time and inclination, comment on it and the series as a whole; this has taken many hours of writing so it would be wonderful to hear what you think of it, especially if I am to consider writing more stories featuring pee and scat.

I hope you enjoy the story.


CHAPTER 22 – Confessions and a Cure for Boredom

It’s very early Thursday morning and I’m awake as the birds outside go ballistic with the dawn chorus. Meg lies asleep next to me, lying on her side in a semi-foetal position, her bum pressed against my hip. The tattoo looks fully healed and every time I see it I feel a gentle, warm surge of love for her. These last two weeks have been calmer, less crammed with new, intense experiences, but an adventure each day, nonetheless; the adventure of two friends and lovers building a life together.

We did stay with Ruth and Tom that night, though Meg didn’t have to get me drunk and carry me to bed; making a complete arse of myself in front of friends is an adventure I’m always happy to avoid! I was a little delicate the next morning though but since Meg, Ruth and Tom were in a similar state no one could point the finger. We left the five of them with an open invitation should they ever want to come and visit and I feel that I have connected the new me with my past self.

On the way home Meg and I talked about our living arrangements. Meg pointed out that it’s mad to have two houses but only ever use one at a time. She admitted that she would love to move into my cottage, “Not just because it’s got you there; I’ve always thought it was the nicest of the five cottages on the Lane.” However, I was nervous about her giving up her home so for the time being we’ve simply closed up her house and she has moved most of her clothes and possessions into Number Five.

I look again at my girlfriend – god how I love calling her that – and remember that tomorrow night is the full moon and we’re to join our friends, the Women of Friga, in the woods for the initiation or welcoming ceremony where we’re to be the ‘offering’, somehow. Shit! We’re supposed to abstain from sex from sunset tonight: I am definitely jumping on Meg as soon as she wakes up. I look at the clock: a quarter past five and I know that I won’t get back to sleep. I feel a slight heaviness inside and I remember that misunderstanding a couple of weeks ago that led to the idea of scat on toast and how much that had turned Meg on. A wonderful plan hatches in my head and so I slip out of bed to head down stairs.

It’s still a little early so I turn on my laptop and check my emails. There is an email from Sally from yesterday evening talking about a new teacher, Mia, who has not long started as a Maths teacher and who is, according to Sally, ‘seriously cute’. More importantly, Sally has caught Mia looking at her several times and yesterday decided, in her words, ‘to do a Meg’ and winked at her. The resulting blush was ‘unbelievably sexy’ and she went over to apologise, telling Mia that she couldn’t resist the wink because Mia is so cute! The two of them are going out for a drink together on Friday night.

I send a reply, congratulating Sally both for her courage in acting and for her “Meg-grade flirting” and hoping that her date goes well.

The rest of the emails are dull, but a couple need action and they fill in the time until I need to begin preparing breakfast, when I put the laptop away. I begin by slicing some bread and toasting it as I make tea. I also take out a pint glass and, on an impulse, a jar of chocolate spread. Once it’s all done I load up a tray with the tea, the toast in a rack, plates, knives, chocolate spread and the glass and carry it all from the kitchen. “Morning Meg, my darling,” I call out as I climb güvenilir bahis the stairs so that Meg is opening her eyes as I enter the bedroom. Her face lights up as she sees me with the tray.

“Oh fab, breakfast in bed; I do love you.”

I place the tray on the bed and she reaches for a piece of toast. “Oh, no, just wait a moment my darling; this is a special breakfast,” I tell her as I take one of the plates and place it on the bed and pick up the pint glass. I turn around and bend slightly, positioning my bum over the plate as I hold the glass under my pussy. I can see from the excited look on Meg’s face that she’s guessed what’s coming and I can feel my pussy is wet with the same anticipation. I push down and feel my bum hole opening so I bend a little more, exposing my gaping bud to Meg’s sight as she licks her lips. I begin to shit and a long, thin turd descends to curl into a rough loop on the plate before a steady stream of pee tinkles into the glass, three quarters filling it.

I place the plate of shit and glass of pee on the tray next to the toast and chocolate spread and pass her a plate and knife. “I thought you might like some shit on toast for breakfast before we make mad, passionate love,” I tell her.

“Fuck, this is so deliciously kinky!” she exclaims as she takes a piece of toast and uses the knife to cut a lump off the turd and spread it on the toast as I do the same. I take a bite and close my eyes as I chew and savour it. The familiar rich, dark, earthy bitterness flavour is there but the toast adds to and compliments the taste and a lovely crunchy chewiness. “Oh god, that’s so good!” says Meg as she swallows. “I’m going to try with the chocolate spread too,” as she spoons dollops of the spread onto each of our plates.

If the shit on toast was good, the addition of the chocolate makes it something else. “That’s fucking delicious!” I gasp.

“Wow! Can we have this every day?” she laughs, grabbing a second piece of toast and spreading a thin layer of chocolate and a thick smear of shit whilst I do the same. I take a long sip of pee and hand the glass to Meg when she holds her hand out.

We eat and drink hungrily, devouring our filthy breakfast, the smell of the shit and pee mingling with that of toast and our increasing arousal. The toast and pee are gone and there is just a single, short length of the turd left on the plate. I bend down and pick up the last of the shit with my mouth and after placing the tray on the floor, pull my lover in for a deep, shit filled kiss that continues as we tumble together on the bed, our hands touching and caressing.

Meg rolls me onto my back and straddles me before bending down and suckling on my nipple. When she releases it there is a brown ring imprinted over the aureole. It makes me smile but I am concerned. “I know the tattoos are almost healed but we should still be careful,” I tell her and she nods, “and anyway, I really want to eat you for dessert!”

“Sixty-nine it is then,” she replies, “‘coz I want dessert too.” I love being under Meg in this position and I tingle in anticipation as her vulva swings over me, her inner lips are already swollen, red, wet and protruding. The scent and sight of her is intoxicating as my hands grasp her hips, guiding her closer. I begin lapping and kissing the soft flesh either side of her love channel. I want to try for a slow build up but the first thing Meg does is to clamp her mouth over my anal ring and drill her tongue into the tight pucker, rimming me clean.

“Nnnn fuck!” I gasp at the feeling. So much for slow and gentle! My tongue moves and I begin to lick and suck her labia; having someone sigh with pleasure as they tongue your bum is an amazing sensation!

I slip two fingers inside her, curling them to begin rubbing her g-spot as I lick the top of her pussy, lightly brushing her clit. She hasn’t peed this morning so I have plans… Her mouth also switches to pussy licking and I know that my orgasm will not be long in coming. She begins by licking along my cunny before pushing her tongue inside me, in and out as her chin pressed and rubbed my clit delightfully. I can feel my breath quicken with the excitement and I can feel the warm trickle of my excitement across my perineum.

I can feel Meg’s vaginal muscles twitch and spasm with her approaching climax so I redouble my efforts with tongue and fingers. Meg ceases tongue fucking me but my disappointment is brief and she starts attending to my clit as I have been to hers. I am so very close now and her finger penetrating the slick pucker of my anus is enough to tip me over the edge. My world is swamped with the orgasm cascading through me and I can do nothing but ride the pleasure.

As I come back to myself I redouble my loving of Meg, my fingers plunging deeply and my tongue swirling and gyrating over her love button, making her gasp and groan. I feel her hips buck and tremble and I press my open mouth over the top of her slit in türkçe bahis eager anticipation as my fingers are clamped tight. She gives an incoherent shout as – oh heaven! – my mouth is flooded with hot, salty pee mingled with the flavours of her pussy’s juices and I gulp hungrily, determined to drink her every drop.

I dribble a little and, of course, the last mouthful is for sharing as Meg slips off me and crawls round to cuddle and share a deep, pee-filled kiss. “You deliberately made me squirt pee when I came, didn’t you, you kinky girl?” she says as our kiss ends.

“Well, I knew you hadn’t peed this morning, so I sort of hoped…” I smile, “Are you complaining?”

“Of course not; it felt wonderful!” she tickles my ribs. “Come on, let’s go and shower.”

It is now late morning and I have to admit that I’m bored. The house is tidy, the washing done and Meg has been at work for several hours and I am completely at a loose end. The anticipation of tomorrow night probably isn’t helping but the truth is I’m not cut out to stay at home and be a housewife. I’m going to have to find something to interest and occupy me. I could at least start running regularly and resolve that tomorrow I will go for a run rather than stay at home climbing the walls in tedium.

In the meantime I decide to walk into the village, almost ridiculously grateful that we need some bread and milk. The day is a fairly typical, slightly disappointing summer’s day: warmish but cloudy and hazy, meaning that sunshine only appears in brief bursts. However, the walk is pleasant enough and I’m soon at the Village Store. I say hi to Nathan as I enter and his eyes immediately look across the shop. Following his gaze I see Sue Williams and understand the slightly anxious look on his face after our previous encounter. However, my mind goes back to the note she wrote a couple of weeks ago and to which I never replied.

I watch as she turns and sees me, immediately looking away. Of course: she must think that I’m still angry with her because I’ve never responded to her apology. I take a step towards her. “Ms Williams,” I call, feeling guilty for not answering her letter but unsure of what exactly I should say. She looks at me as I continue, “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your letter and, well, let me thank you for your apology and, yes, I forgive you.”

“Thank you, Ms Cummings. I shouldn’t have said what I did that day.” I nod. “I wish I could take it back…” she says quietly and she seems genuinely upset and contrite.

“Look, okay, you can’t take it back but we can try starting again.” I hold out my hand. “Hello, I’m Sam Cummings, but please call me Sam,” I say.

“Hello, Sam,” she replies, shaking my hand, “Susannah Williams but most call me Sue.” She hesitates. “Um, I meant what I said in the note: I would like to talk to you. Are you free to come to the tea room for half an hour after you’ve shopped?”

“Well, I’m only buying bread and milk and I’m sure that they won’t sell out of those in the next half hour so I’m free whenever, Sue.”

“Okay, let me just pay for these and we can go,” and she takes her basket to the counter where I stand beside her.

“So you two have made up then?” asks Nathan and we confirm that we have. “Look, Miss Williams, I hope that my comment about you and Mrs Jones getting off together didn’t offend you too much. I shouldn’t really say something like that to customers but, well, poor Sam…”

“Cathleen was livid, I have to say, and she’s vowed not to shop here again. I was a bit offended at the time but after… well, it was a very clever comment, Nathan, and you’re right; we were wrong for talking about Sam like that.”

“Yeah, I’ve not seen Mrs Jones since. I’m glad it didn’t cost me two customers, Miss Williams. That’s eight pounds ninety please.”

We leave the shop and head into the tea room. There are a couple I don’t recognise that Sue tells me are visitors staying at one of the Bed and Breakfasts in the village. “This place wouldn’t survive without them and the occasional sightseer, cyclist or walker,” she comments as she leads the way to a table at the back; the same table, I can’t help remembering, at which Meg and I joined Claire, Lillian and Bex on that day when I wiped Meg’s bum, fled in confusion and finally ended up in bed with her. The recollection makes me smile. “Happy thoughts?” Sue asks.

“Er, yes. The only time I’ve been here I sat at this table with Meg. It was that evening that we, um, got together.” She nods and bites her lip, nervously. She is about to say something when the waitress comes up to take our order. “A pot of tea and a cheese scone, please. Sam, what would you like? It’s my treat, I insist.”

“Tea and cheese scone sounds lovely,” I reply, “thank you.”

The waitress leaves and Sue takes a deep breath. “Sam, I know that I’ve apologised and you’ve very graciously accepted my apology. After what happened in the store I felt guilty and I prayed güvenilir bahis siteleri a great deal about it. I knew I had to ask your forgiveness for my spiteful words but from my praying it seems I must be honest and explain a bit more about myself. There are only one or two people I’ve ever said this to so… no, this is my penance and I cannot insist that you keep this in confidence, much as I hope you will.”

I am intrigued with where this is going and I have no desire to cause Sue any hardship. “Sue, what you tell me today I shall not repeat, even to Meg, without your permission.”

“Oh… yes, Meg. I can’t insist on you not telling her, can I?”

“It would be hard. However, I will swear her to secrecy if I tell her, okay?”

“Thank you. Um. As you probably gathered from Nathan calling me ‘Miss Williams’ I am rather the spinster of the parish; the subject of some pity, some mockery and just a dash of suspicion as to why I’ve never married.”

“You’ve never met the right man?” I suggest, “Or perhaps you have no great interest in an intimate relationship?”

“Indeed, both are definite possibilities, though there is another that I’m sure must have occurred to you.”

I lower my voice, “Yes: you might be lesbian.” She nods, her eyes downcast. “You mean, that is the reason? You’re gay?”

“Yes, at least I know that I’m attracted to women but I also deeply believe that it is wrong, sinful; making love, sex, is supposed to be between a man and a woman, not two men or two women.”

“So you think Meg and I are sinners?”

“Sam, I believe we are all sinners, in our own ways. Yes, you and Meg sleeping together is a sin, I believe. However, that is between you and God. My gossiping about you was un-Christian as was my hypocrisy in pretending not to understand the attraction you two feel for each other and my jealousy too. They are my sins. I know why I spoke as I did: I was afraid that if I showed any compassion or understanding then Cathleen would suspect me of being gay and speak of her suspicions to others. It has been hard living alone and fighting the way I feel; I could not bear all that I’ve sacrificed to be for nothing.”

“Sue, you don’t have to answer this but… have you ever slept with another woman?” She hesitates and that alone allows me to guess the answer. We both eat and drink until, eventually, she replies.

“Yes, once… That’s what made what I said to you so hypocritical.”

“What happened?” I cannot help asking, intrigued. She looks at me before deciding to tell me.

“I was at an old school friend’s wedding and I was sat next to a woman; we both knew no one but the bride so we chatted all afternoon. She was staying in the same hotel as me and, well, we… ended up spending the night together. She apologised the next morning saying it was a mistake as she already was already in a relationship. I was hurt and relieved…” Her eyes are wet with tears. “It is my most guilty and most wonderful memory. How mad is that?” I can feel tears prickling my eyes too.

“No, not mad but conflicted. It’s your heart saying one thing and your head another.” I tell her, disarmed by her openness. “That was incredibly candid of you and I can understand a little of how you feel. I never felt that gay relationships or sex were wrong but I struggled to accept that I was gay. You seem to have it the other way around: you know that you’re homosexual but believe that it’s wrong.”

“Looks like we’re exact opposites, and yet… I like you as a person, Sam. You were very brave that first time we met and now I see you’re also kind, forgiving and intelligent. I’m not sure we can exactly be friends but I’ve enjoyed talking to you.”

“Same here; and we can certainly be friendly, if not friends. Thank you for making the apology and for the tea and scone.”

“My pleasure and thank you for your forgiveness. Well, I had better get on.” She stands. “Have a good afternoon and my regards to Meg… I have seen you walking together and you both look very happy together,” she adds, a little wistfully.

“Oh we are, very happy. You have a good afternoon too,” I tell her as I also stand. I place my hand upon her arm. “Sue, if you ever meet someone, a woman, and you feel something and think, maybe you and her… well, I don’t think that being gay stops anyone from being a good Christian. I’m just saying.” I smile at her and she smiles back.

“Thank you, but I think at my age the boat has probably sailed as far as relationships are concerned, so I may never have the temptation. Maybe that’s just as well.”

“Sue, I know your dress style is, well, typical of a much, much older woman, you must be about my age. What are you? Forty? Forty-two?”

“I’m, um thirty-eight, actually.”

“Bloody hell, woman, you’re younger than I am! Don’t tell me that it’s too late for temptation!” I hesitate. “Er, sorry, that probably wasn’t a good or kind thing to say, was it? I don’t mean to try and undermine your beliefs, Sue, really. It’s just… there’s a lot of years ahead being on your own.”

“I know, Sam,” she replies quietly. “Look, I know what you say is out of compassion but, please, just let me be, alright?”

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