A New Adventure

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My buddy Ed had a hot tub and I spent a lot of time there. His next door neighbor was a real pain in the ass, a certified dickhead and the wife talked with a bad lisp and was about as dumb as a box of hammers. However she had a sister named Kim.

Early summer evening, about 900 O’clock, I am in the hot tub and Ed is sitting and drinking rum and shooting the shit with me on the patio when Kim comes over.

Kim is a nice looking girl. Nothing real special stands out physically except she was funny as shit and great to talk to, had a nice pair of tits and a pretty face. Thinking back, she was one of the nicest people I ever knew.

Kim walks over and Ed hands her his drink, which she swallows about half of and hands it back. She sits down and talks for a while and then asks if she can get in the hot tub.

Ed says “you gotta ask Mr. Jerry”. So, she asked and I tell her she is welcome and just to be sure she knows I tell her I am naked. Kim says cool and just strips down to nothing and climbs in with me.

As she climbed in I could not help but notice she was completely natural and my dick jumped at that. I love natural hairy women. Shit, I love shaved women also. Fuck me for not picking.

We sat talking for a while and Ed tells Kim that I am recently divorced and Kim smiles and looks in the water at my cock. I laugh and she lifts her tits up and says how long xhamster porno since you have seen a pair of these and I almost drool and say too long and thanks for the look. She laughs and drops them back down in the water.

Ed says he is off to bed and that we can stay as long as we want.

Kim and I move closed together and just shoot the shit and after I while I ask her if I can see her tits again. She lifts them up and I, being bold ask her if they taste as good as they look? Kim says try them and tell me. I wasted no time latching on to her nipple and by her moan I knew the night would end up being a good one. As I sucked her nipples she pulled my head into her chest and mashed me hard against her tit.

I reach down and slip my finger in her pussy and even in the hot tub she is dripping wet and I rub her clit for a moment, then slide a finger in as far as I could, Kim grunted and moaned, I added a second finger and continued to fuck her hairy cunt and watch her face as she absorbed the shock of a hard cunt fucking.

Kim then sits up on the rail and as I follow she reaches down and grabs my cock and guides me into her hot hairy pussy. My cock was raging and already dripping pre-cum, I slide into Kim’s hot cunt real easy and Kim leans back and starts to pant to the rhythm of my fucking her.

Suddenly she had a good cum. yaşlı porno

Surprised me and I laughed and said has it been a while for you and she laughs back and says not really, she just cums easy and to keep fucking her.

I am good with that. Her pussy was warm, slick and contracting all over my cock as I fucked her.

Kim has two more small cums and then says lets switch.

I sit on the rail of the tub and Kim bends down and starts sucking my cock like she is mad at it. Wow.

She used her teeth, lips, tongue, hands and jacked me off as she sucked me.

As I said before, I was divorced recently and it had been a while so I did not even try to hold back and grabbed her hair and pulled her into my cock, Kim then grabbed my balls and began to squeeze and pull them down and back and forth.

I grunted that I was cumming and when I started shooting my cum Kim swallowed my hot sticky cum. My cum was so hard I thought my heart would stop. I came, hard, fast and complete. I came so hard that I am sure my left nut came out the end of my cock.

Kim sucked me clean and licked and played with my cock till I was just a soft noodle. She pulled me down into the water and we kissed and made out for a while.

My cock began to think again and I pushed Kim back on the rim of the tub and spread her legs and worked my aldatma porno face down into her hairy pussy and found her clit with my tongue and lapped and sucked as she came again and again and with each cum she would squirt the sweetest tasting pussy juice I can ever remember. I drank it down and she pulled me close and shared a kiss and her cum taste with me.

I thought Kim was finished. Not quite.

Kim turned around and bent over the edge of the hot tub and looked back at me over her shoulder and said “If you have anything left fuck me like the bitch that I am”.

I was weary, but my dick still had some ife left. I slide in that hot cunt slow and easy and set of a slow, smooth motion.

Very mellow.

I felt Kim squeeze me with her cunt and then she started to cum again. I kept up my slow mellow motion and Kim reached back and pulled my cock from her hot cunt and placed the head of my cock on her asshole and said now fuck me like yo hate me.

I did not realize Kim was an ass freak. She was.

She squealed, moaned, cursed and cried as I fucked her tight star fish and as I felt my last and final cum boiling out of my balls, Kim screamed and fell forward on the hot tub as she came.

We were both done for the day.

Lots of cuddling and cooing followed as we came down from the high of the fuck. Lots of soft kisses and touches that meant so much to me and later I found that this was a special treat for her as well.

If she had not moved away I may have married her. She was always fun.

Maybe another adventure later. Kim and I fucked like rabbits for several months and then her job transferred her. Shit, I still miss her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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