A new day, a new me part 4

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Taking some advice on formatting for the story and picking up right where 3, here’s part 4. Sorry for the delay.

Lajita slides down my left side slowly gliding her hand down my chest and placing her leg over mine. She continues trailing her hand down my torso as I place my arm under her head and around her back gently stroking her hair. Lajita takes hold of my member and starts tugging; slowly I start to harden while pulling her tighter against me. She cocks her head up a bit then I feel her tongue on my nipple and I shiver at the new sensation. As I harden she doesn’t make a noise while licking and sucking my nipple, just maintains the constant methodical pace jacking me off. I can feel the precum all over her hand rubbing down my shaft and I attempt to move but she holds me in place and sucks my nipple harder. I start breathing heavy as bites down lightly on my nipple, then without warning she takes her hand off my cock and moves it behind her.

This thick Indian beauty in my bed has me hard and slimy with precum as she rolls over onto her side facing away from me. I slide up behind her and start to angle my cock head to her pussy, as I line it up she reaches back and taking hold of me again lines me up with her asshole. I pause for a second as she turns her head to me and nods; slowly I push in feeling her sphincter give way under the pressure of my cock. I feel her tense up as I get the first three inches in and slowly slide back to the head and press my whole cock into her ass. She whimpers a little then grabs my hip with her hand and tries to pull me in deeper; I start to slowly fuck her ass taking long deliberate strokes. It feels so much tighter than even Natsuko and Lajita keeps grinding her hips back onto my cock as I thrust in. I put my arm under her neck and pull her body against mine; kissing her back while she grinds her ass against me. I don’t know what it is about the noises she makes but I speed up without any prompting, pounding my cock up her ass while listening to the smacking noise of our hips.

Barely any light is coming into my room from the window as I look down and see Lajita’s ample rear starts to jiggle as I thrust faster. Suddenly I hear this squeaking sound and slow down to look around for the source. Lajita looks back at me questioningly and grabbing my hip starts to roll over onto her stomach. I move with her and end up on top with the head of my cock still in her ass, reaching down and spreading her ass cheeks drive my cock back in. Now in a much better position I begin again to jackhammer my cock down into her ass grunting all the way, then I hear the squeaking again. I don’t stop my pounding as I look around to see nothing else in my room. I look down at Lajita who has turned her head sideway to look at me, her fists balled up with my blanket and my pillow in her teeth, squeaking. That’s her making the noise; I smile down at her and frantically keep thrusting faster into her anus. Lajita is nearly screaming with my pillow in her teeth, I’m clenching my teeth as I feel my orgasm coming. A few more deep thrusts and Lajita is clenching down on my member with her ass, grunting I shoot the first shot, then the second deep into her rectum. Still cumming in her I feel her push her ass up a little on my cock. Finally after what seems like minutes I pull out of her with light pop, rolling onto my back and slowing my breathing. I feel Lajita roll off the bed and see her stagger across the room, picking up her clothes and quietly heading down the hall. Confused but tired I pull my shorts back on and cover up, drifting off to sleep.

Groggy I feel eyes looking at me, I open them to see Liz staring at me from my door,” Are you gonna get up yet, all the rest of us have been up for about an hour now.”

I look over at the clock and see it’s 10 in the morning on Saturday; I wave her off and roll back over. I hear her leave but then the smell hits me, bacon and eggs. I lurch myself out of bed and throwing on my shirt head down the hall to see the girls getting the table ready.

“Who is cooking,” I ask the ladies?

It’s Natsuko who answers me,” It’s Lajita; she woke up before all of us and just helped herself to the kitchen.”

I smile to myself about the idea of the girl who had me fuck her in the ass the night before making me breakfast, well me and the other girls but still, nice thought. The girls all hunker around the table I stand and eat; they talk about their plans for what to do today. One by one they all decide to occupy the bathroom, and I thought one teen girl in a bathroom could occupy it for a long time but five of them make military occupation seem shorter.

Finally when they end the occupation I see Hanna, the red head, looking at me quizzically. Finally she asks,” Why aren’t you getting ready?”

I shrug in reply,” Getting ready for what?”

“We’re going out to the mall and thought you were gonna come with us,” she tells me. Must have been what they were planning this morning.

“Well I’d get a shower but there is no hot water and I’m not heading out feeling like a dirt bag,” I tell her,” just tell the girls that I’m gonna sit this one out.”

She shrugs and heads off, some of the girls look a little disappointed but Korinna and Liz seem just fine with it as they pile into Korinna’s moms van and head out. I decide to be responsible while they’re gone, getting the dishes piled into the dishwasher, cleaning the cooking from the kitchen, then finally getting a much needed shower.

I hop onto my computer and check my email, another few emails from Heather and one from Derek. Jesus, what does it take for some people? I delete the emails without reading them when my phone goes off. Korinna texting me wondering what I’m doing, I reply with just hanging out. Then it goes off again from her, so what do you want tonight. I give it a minute then reply ‘surprise me’. After that she doesn’t text me at all. I check the balance on the card dad left, got about 60 bucks left on it and figure I’ll save that for later.
I settle into the living room to watch TV at about 1 in the afternoon. As I’m sitting there for about a half hour I get a knock at the front door, thinking it’s the girls I jump up to answer it. Sadly it’s just Heather, for some odd reason she’s here at my house.

“Hi Guy, I wanted to come over and just have it out with you,” she tells me with a tone that I’ve never heard come from her.

I remain in the doorway blocking the entry way, looking down at her reply,” there is nothing you can say to me that is going to make this better for you. Don’t you get that?”

Heather shrugs,” Maybe it’s not about better, just honest. All I want to explain my side of what happened. Can you just hear me out?”

I shrug in reply. She looks up at me expectantly like I’m going to invite her in; instead I lean on the door jam and cross my arms waiting. “Okay since I can’t come in I’ll explain,” Heather starts,” back during last August when we were dating I was trying to think of a time where it would be good for you and I to have sex. I wanted our first time to be special and I wanted it to be good for you. I had no clue what to do so I was asking Derek about it. He told me that I should practice before you and I did it, I was trying to make it good for when you and actually had sex for the first time. Derek and I both agreed that when you and I started to have sex finally that we’d be done. That’s all.”

I stand there for a minute thinking about what she said, then I figure it’s my turn to speak,” Are you done? Cause honestly I could care less about what you’d hoped to do for me and what your fucking intentions were. You think I don’t remember what you said to Derek when I caught you, ‘keep pounding me Derek, keep fucking me’. You think I don’t have the image burned into my mind. And what was to happen after we had our magical moment, you and Derek just keep quiet while I look like a fool cause you two got away with cheating on me?”

I can see her thinking about it, she wants to say something but I’m not letting this happen like that. I step forward off the porch backing her off the step and continue,” Honestly Heather, it was a nice speech, very well rehearsed. But I’m done being lied to and made to look like a fool. You don’t love me and you don’t owe me shit, but I owe you and I owe Derek.” I get very quiet and almost nose to nose with the cunt,” come near me again and I’ll collect. Now walk away.”

She takes a couple steps back and just turns and walks. I wait till she’s off the property and head back inside shutting the door and praying that hopefully I am done with this bullshit and others will just move on somewhere away from me.

About four in the afternoon the girls come back from the mall not so many bags with them but I see Korinna stuff a bag in her backpack. They tell me all about how Liz, Lajita and Natsuko all wanted to see a movie but Korinna and Hanna decided to do some shopping. I watch as the girls go about fixing beds and trying to figure out who is going to go to some game tonight then I remember that Tracy has a game tonight.

“Hey girls,” I ask loudly,” when does the game start?”

They look around puzzled when Hanna replies,” it’s at 6 tonight but I gotta be there at 5 for Coach Campbell’s warm up.”

“And why aren’t you all going to see Tracy tonight then,” I ask again.

Now Liz decides to chime in,” Cause moron we spent what we had at the mall and don’t have enough for tickets, otherwise we’d be getting ready and heading out.”

I get up and head back to my room, throw my jeans on and grab my coat and head back to the living room. They all start looking at me with the ‘what are you doing’ times 5. “I’m going to go see my first high school girls basketball game, are you all gonna come or just sit here while Hanna goes by herself,” I inquire to the girls.

Now it’s a scramble, bathroom is once again no man’s land as 4 girls descend upon it in a mess to get nicer clothes on and get make up done. Once they’re done with the primping and changing we pile back into the van, Korinna driving with Hanna at shotgun, middle with Liz and Lajita and me in the far back with Natsuko. As soon as we start down the road Natsuko starts to snuggles her light frame up against me.
“So did you get a chance to have fun with anyone else so far,” she asks. I point towards Lajita from the seat where nobody else can see. Natsuko smiles at me and pulls my jacket back to cuddle against me.

We arrive at school and get a horrible parking spot; the girls follow me as I get to the admission box by the gym. I pay with the card Dad left for all of us and we pile through the doors with the rest of the people heading in. The girls take up seating behind our teams’ bench and Hanna starts getting ready for the game. As I sit with the girls watching the warm up I see Hanna talking with Tracy off to the side, they both look over at me and Hanna smiles.

The teams start the game and I start checking out the girls on the teams carefully. It’s pretty back and forth for a while but the other teams’ captain is vicious, 3 fouls by the end of the first quarter but 2 starters out after getting banged up. Mercifully halftime comes around but down by sixteen. The coaches start going over strategy. The girls decide to head to the bathroom, never understood why they do it in groups. As I’m sitting there by myself Tracy waves me over to the end of the bench. I walk over to see what she wants.

“Okay, I don’t know why you’re here but I need some advantage in this,” Tracy tells me in a serious tone.

“Alright but I don’t pass for a girl and I told you I’m not that good at basketball,” I reply smirking.

“Yeah, make jokes but I need a favor and I need it now,” she tells me getting visibly angry,” I need you to go sit over by their bench and after the game I’m gonna need you here, can you handle that?”

“Sure, but I’ll have to tell the girls that I’m gonna be catching a ride with you home and you need to keep your dad from killing me if he finds me in your car,” I say joking as I walk around the court to the other side of the gym.

I see the girls get their seats behind the bench across the court; my phone goes off with a text. Its Liz asking me what I’m doing on the other side of the gym, I reply ‘doing your friend a favor’. I watch the Tracy go up to the other team captain and I take notice of her, 6’4” Caucasian girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, she’s a damn Amazon. They exchange words and Tracy points over to me, I have my hood up on my head when the blonde looks over, she scoffs and they shake hands.

After that it’s game on, still back and forth but our side is making a comeback. I’m watching Tracy and the other captain, Tracy talking some serious trash. The other captain gets redder in the face as the trash talking continues. Finally the other captain snaps and gets benched for fouling Tracy, I look at Tracy and she smiles. I lean forward and just stare at the girl as her coach starts going on about her costing them points by nearly fouling out for no reason. As the game goes on she keeps looking over her shoulder at me nervously. When they finally put her back in the game she goes straight for Tracy and the trash talking starts right back up. Sure enough not a minute later she’s fouled out of the game. And back getting scolded on the bench, she keeps watching me and some of the other girls are noticing her watching me.
Sure enough Tracy and her team pull out a victory and it’s a wonderful celebration for the girls after all, I see Tracy start talking to the other girls for a few then Liz and the gang head out. Korinna looks back to me grinning like the devil and heads off. Tracy makes a beeline over to me.

“Okay, it’s gonna take a while but head to boys locker room from the outside, far entrance,” Tracy tells me before heading off with her dad and team.

I head out to see people leaving the parking lot, some laughing and cheering, most just leaving. I head around the Gym and nearly collide with Mr. Campbell.

“Dammit meathead I almost knocked you back to diapers,” Coach exclaims exiting the Locker room.
I stammer replying,” Sorry sir, just trying to catch up to my ride.”

He waves me past; I head around the corner to let him get out of sight before heading back to the locker room door. I wait for almost a half hour and the sun has long set before the locker room door nearly slams into me.

“Come on in Guy,” I hear from Tracy inside the locker room.

I step inside and adjust to the light; Tracy is standing against the locker in her sports bra and panties. She motions around the row of lockers, I look down to see the Amazon sitting on the bench in her underwear as well, very muscular build but barely b cup breasts. I lean back around and grin at Tracy. She motions for me to be quiet and strip down. I roll up my clothes in my coat and standing naked Tracy pulls me close grabbing my cock and starts stroking me hard.

“Ask me for a favor,” Tracy says while getting me hard with her hand.

“What favor should I ask for,” I reply placing my hands on the lockers behind her along either side of her head.

“Her name is Mathilda,” Tracy tells me still stroking my member,” Now do you want to help me fuck her for a favor or not?”

God her hand feels great working my shaft, I nod my head in agreement. I see Tracy smile then strip out of her sports bra and panties, once naked she heads around the corner to Mathilda.

“Okay bitch, time to pay up,” Tracy says walking up to Mathilda. The Amazon turns her head and her eyes get wide at the sight of Tracy naked.

“Fine Tracy, deal’s a deal but not much you can do to me is there,” Mathilda states stripping down.

Tracy smiles and motions for her to lie down on the bench, the Amazon complies and lies on the bench face up. Tracy steps around the corner for a second and comes back with three jump ropes, taking the first one and tying Mathilda’s hands together under the bench then tying each of her legs separately to a locker door. Once Tracy has her all trussed up she moves around to Mathilda’s unshaved pussy and starts slowly rubbing her clit with her thumb. The Amazon is jerking lightly with not much room to move and clenching her teeth, I can see her breathing getting faster. Tracy moves her face down in to Mathilda’s pussy, sucking on her clit and starting to push her finger inside the warm folds. Another finger in and Mathilda starts jerking around like she’s having a seizure, Tracy keeps humming into her pussy as she rides out her orgasm.

Smiling Tracy stands up and moves back over to Mathilda’s head, taking it by the ponytail points her head to the end of the lockers where I’m watching.

“Come on out Guy,” Tracy calls out to me,” I think she’s ready for the main event.”

I head out from gaziantep escort my vantage point around the corner and approach where they both can see me, Tracy smiling and Mathilda with a wide eyed shock on her face.

“Told you bitch. You’re mine till I’m sure you’ve been fucked like you fucked up my team,” Tracy sneers at Mathilda,” Guy she’s all yours from the waist down.”

Now I’m hornier than hell and I’ve got Tracy serving me hairy pussy on a bench. I straddle the bench lining up my cock with the Amazons pussy; I rub my head against her slit feeling the moisture from her first orgasm of the night and see Tracy straddling Mathilda’s face.

“Okay bitch,” Tracy starts,” time to eat some pussy.”

Tracy lowers herself onto Mathilda’s face looking straight at me, I see her tongue stick out of her head and start licking Tracy’s pussy. Tracy closes her eyes as the Amazon’s tongue works her pussy, slowly grinding her hips down onto Mathilda’s face. I decided to get what I am apparently using a favor for and grab Mathilda’s hips and start pushing my cockhead into her pussy. I get about 3 inches in and I’m finding almost no resistance inside I realized of all the pussy I’ve had, and one ass, this is the loosest I’ve been in. I push all the way in and while I feel the sides of her vagina I’m not very impressed. I pull back and push myself in straight to my balls, taking long methodical thrusts.

I look up from Mathilda’s pussy being fucked by my cock to watch Tracy ride her face. Tracy leans forward to get the Amazon’s tongue on her clit, looking down at my cock as I keep my methodical pace going in and out of the new pussy she provided. Quickly Tracy starts bucking her hips faster on Mathilda’s face and leans back mouth open grunting as her orgasm hits. Then the fun starts as Tracy starts to squirt all over Mathilda’s chin and tits. I start pounding my cock faster into the Amazon’s pussy cause watching Tracy squirt was pure beauty. Tracy moves off Mathilda’s face and stands kneels down on the side of the bench watching me pound my cock in and out.

“I think we should give her something more to think about,” I tell Tracy while keeping up my sawing pace in Mathilda’s very sloppy wet cunt.

Taking my cue, Tracy leans up over Mathilda’s body and starts rubbing her clit for the second time tonight, only this time frantically paced. I speed up to match the pace of Tracy’s rubbing and feel my balls tighten with my own orgasm. Hammering my cock in and out of this Amazon girl’s pussy I grip her hips tightly with my hands and pulling out quickly shoot my first shot of cum up to Mathilda’s face and the second to her breasts. As I’m finishing my orgasm suddenly I hear Mathilda grunting loudly and with Tracy still rubbing her clit she starts shooting cum out onto my hips and now deflating member.

After a few minutes of quiet recovery Tracy and I undo the knots holding Mathilda down. As she gets up rubbing her wrists I head to the showers to wash the cum off of me. As I’m in the shower I hear another kick on and see the Amazon running water over her head to my left and Tracy further down scrubbing up with soap. After drying off with a gym towel I head to end of the lockers and get dressed leaving the girls to talk amongst themselves. As soon as I’m done and come back around the corner Mathilda see’s me in my coat and shakes her head.

“Seriously that is one crazy fucked up boy friend you got there Tracy,” she nervously chuckles out.

Smiling back Tracy replies,” not my boyfriend, I owe him a couple favors and he’s really good for only having had sex twice.”

I keep my details to myself and head out the gym to walk home when I hear someone jogging up to me in the parking lot, I don’t even turn to see the Amazon catch up to me.

“So you’re single then,” she asks walking next to me. I simply nod in a reply. “So can I get your number, I’d like to talk to you again sometime,” Mathilda inquires.

I stop right where I am and look around the parking lot. “You want to talk to me or you want to date me or you want to screw me,” I say to her,” Which one?”

She stands there with a puzzled look on her face the grabs my coat in one hand and starts walking me over to a small car in the parking lot.

“Get in the car, I’m driving you home,” she states, apparently finding her nerve again.

Not one to argue with a free ride I hop in the other side and before I can get my seat belt on she speeds out of the parking lot. Nothing but quiet for the first couple minutes, then she decides to talk.

“Tracy said you were damaged goods and a real asshole,” Mathilda starts in,” Have you been fuck up so much that you don’t know how to be nice to someone.”

Honestly I stop and think about that for a minute, Derek tries to talk to me and I hurt him. Heather tries to talk to me and not only do I threaten her but my sister does it as well. Liz asks me for a favor and I embarrass her just for kicks. And then I remember all the shit that was done, lies and abuse and more shit to eat than I care to bring up with her.

“I can be decent to people, but if you want something from me or need something for me you better just ask me plainly or tell me what you want for my help,” I state to her as we pull into the driveway.

I give her my number and step out the car, she backs our hand heads off to her home I guess. As I head to the front door I get that feeling that something is up, I listen in and hear music from the living room and the lights are out. Quietly I take my keys out and get the door unlocked.

Yes there will be more to come, comment or PM me

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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