A New Kind of Love Ch. 04

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“Man I’m starving! You got anything to eat at your place? I have some cash on me too, we can stop for something if you want,” Steve asked as they walked towards Stophs house.

“Yes, I’m sure I have something,” Stoph smiled at Steve’s growling stomach. He had not felt hunger for a long time. He could hardly even taste food anymore.

“Good. ‘Cus I’m worried if I have to wait much longer, I might start snacking on you. You smell good enough,” Steve laughed and bent to plant a moist kiss to Stoph’s collarbone. Stoph blushed and slid his hand into Steve’s as they walked up the driveway to the front door.

“Go ahead into the kitchen and see if you can-” Stoph was cut short at the man standing in the living room.

“Luc….ian. Steve this is my… Dad… Lucian,” Stoph spoke uneasily. He shifted from foot to foot wondering what Satan was doing in his living room.

“So, you’re the Steve I have heard so much about,” Lucifer stood and shook Steve’s hand.

‘I wonder Mephistopheles, what would he think if he knew who he was shaking hands with?’ Lucifer sent the wicked thought into his head. Stoph swallowed audibly.

“So your Stoph’s dad. It’s nice to meet you,” Steve smiled warmly at the Devil himself.

“Stoph… yes. He is my son. Of sorts,” Lucifer smiled at Mephistopheles. “Well I just needed to have a word with… Stoph. Which is why I’m here. As I’m sure you know, I’m usually…working. I didn’t realize he was having company,” Lucifer smiled, adjusting the sunglasses on his face.

“A moment?” he asked Stoph. Without waiting for a reply he turned and walked into the dining room.

“Go ahead and help yourself to anything in the kitchen,” Stoph told Steven, before following Lucifer quickly. He didn’t like to be kept waiting.

“Why is he here. And why doesn’t he know about you yet?” Lucifer asked Mephistopheles.

“You gave me a week and I’m taking full advantage of your generosity. He’s here because altho I work for you, I do lead a second life here and must keep up with my school work,” Stoph replied shortly. Anger building.

“Do. Not. Test. Me. Mephistopheles,” Lucifer glared at his Demon Lord.

“My apologies. I just did not expect you is all,” Stoph bowed his head hoping Steve wasn’t watching.

“Yes well, you know me, I love surprises,” Lucifer smiled.

“I came to warn you that a problem has arisen. Michael has been snooping about. As far as THEY are concerned, we have no right messing with the ‘innocents’. When are they going to learn that no one is ever innocent,” he added before turning and walking through the kitchen, leaving Stoph behind. He heard him give a short goodbye to Steve before leaving the house. Through a door. Stoph was quite surprised and pleased. He did not relish the idea of explaining to Steve how his ‘dad’ had disappeared without a trace.

Mephistopheles thought of what Lucifer had said. One of the Arcs, as the other Demon Lords and himself liked to call them, were around? They usually kept away from mortals and demons. Often if the two clashed it meant a whole lot of bad that was hard to explain to adana escort mortals. Mephistopheles remembered how his last clash with Michael caused the Bubonic plague. He warned himself to be more aware.

“Dude, no offense, but your dad is kind of creepy,” Steve walked into the dining room with a sandwich.

“None taken. We get along though, so I have no complaints,” Stoph said still staring at the door Lucifer had just walked out of.

‘I think that was the first time I’ve seen him use a door,’ Stoph laughed inside.

“That’s good… so this project,” Steve set down his backpack and began pulling several papers out.


Wednesday~ 5 days until The Deal expires

“What was Faust like?” Steve asked while they laid on Stoph’s bed after school.

“What?” Stoph asked confused for a moment.

“Your ex,” Steve said, stroking Stoph’s soft shiny black hair while staring up at the ceiling.

“Oh. He was… greedy,” Stoph said honestly.

“Really? How so?” Steve asked curiously. Glad to feel the weight of Stoph’s body on his.

“He liked power. He wanted a lot of it. He was already powerful. His family was rich and popular. He had good grades. And was good at everything he tried at. But he always wanted more,” Stoph explained.

“What deal did he make?” Steve asked.

“He made a stupid deal with a… bad person, Stoph replied vaguely. “Why the 20 questions?”

“Just wonderin’ if you have a type. I don’t think I’m greedy though, so we must have something else in common,” Steve smiled.

“Not really. You two couldn’t be more different,” Stoph said.

“Good. I don’t wanna be part of a club,” Steve smiled into his boys hair. Stoph chuckled and turned over so he was facing Steve.

“You should come with me tomorrow night,” Steve said suddenly. After a moment of silence passed between them.

“Come with you where?” Stoph asked. He was sure he would say yes. He needed to spend as much time with Steve as possible. If he did reject him he wanted good memories.

“I volunteer at a soup kitchen after school on Thursdays,” Steve said.

“Well aren’t you the saint,” Stoph forced a smile and thoughts of Michael coming to mind.

“I guess. I like giving something to people who have nothing. Makes me feel good about myself,” Steve said.

“Alright. Where is it?” Stoph asked, tracing patterns on Steve’s chest.

“My church. At 4,” Steve said while twirling a lock of hair in his fingers. Stoph froze.

“I didn’t know you were religious.” It had never even occurred to him.

“Yeah I’m a Christian. Are you?” Steve asked.

“Uh. I’m… complicated.” How do you tell your love that you’re a Satan worshiper and you didn’t really have a choice considering he’s your boss.

“You don’t mind do you?” Steve’s brow furrowed.

“No of course not. But I just remembered I’m busy tomorrow. I’m sorry,” Stoph lied.

“Its OK. We can hang out Friday, yeah?” Steve suggested, rolling them both over so he laid on top of Stoph.

“Sure,” Stoph agreed.

He would adana escort bayan even go to a church for Steve. If he could. He knew he couldn’t step on hallowed ground, other than graveyards. The dead were his territory. As whiny as they were, he was in charge of them.

However, if he even thought about stepping on church lands, it would probably send him into a world of pain he had only ever inflicted on his victims. Plus a clergyman or nun would recognize him for what he truly was in no time. Only the Servants of God, the elderly, and occasionally young children could see his true form. Unless he purposely showed it to someone. He dreaded the thought of showing his true self to Steve.

But all troublesome thoughts disappeared as Steve kissed a trail from his neck down his chest over his stomach, stopping at his pants. Stoph let out a slow groan as Steve ran his hands under his shirt to find his hard nipples. He tugged and flicked at the nubs gently, groans of pleasure from the Demon’s mouth his reward.

‘I forgot to ask about the tattoos,’ Steve thought to himself as he pulled off Stoph’s shirt to reveal the tattoos. ‘Later,’ he told himself when he saw the lustful look on Stoph’s face. He lowered his mouth to the hard peaks on Stoph’s chest and sucked and nipped at them gratefully. Stoph whimpered and writhed beneath him. Steve smiled and gave one finally lick to each nipple before pulling away from the sensitive nubs.

After using his tongue to trace a trail to his pants. Steve began to unbutton and unzip the black jeans that held what he wanted inside. Stoph let out a loud groan as the last button on his pants snapped open. The pants were pulled down his legs and finally off entirely.

“This is OK right?” Steve asked him worried the young man might not want this exactly.

“Yes. Please don’t stop,” Stoph begged. Steve felt the outline of Stophs hard cock in his thin cotton briefs. He nuzzled the bulge and began kissing it through the cloth. That drove Stoph mad as he whimpered and thrusted his hips up. A large wet spot formed on the briefs and soon Steve grew impatient and pulled them off.

Stophs cock sprang forth out of the soft cotton prison. Steve stared at the column of flesh. It was the first time he had ever seen an uncut penis before. He held Stoph’s member in his hand as he jerked it slowly, watching the foreskin push back and forth. Stoph moaned and thrusted his hips into Steve’s hands. Steve loved the sound of the boy’s whimpers. He needed more of the sounds coming from him

Licking his lips Steve bent and took Stoph’s cock in his mouth. Stoph’s eyes snapped open and he would have come off the bed if Steve had not been holding his hips in place with one arm. Steve began sucking on the swollen member, enjoying the bursts of juice he got if he flicked one of the hard brown nubs.

Not long after taking it into his mouth, Stoph’s cock jerked suddenly and began releasing several ropes of cum into Steve’s mouth. He had never swallowed before but he wanted to make Stoph happy so he began swallowing the Demon’s salty escort adana spunk. After his orgasm subsided Stoph opened his eyes to look down at Steve.

“Thank you. Time to repay the favor,” Stoph added and pulled Steve up and laid him down on the bed. He smiled at the look on Steve’s face.

“You don’t have to do that, Stoph,” Steve said feebly. Not really meaning it. He wanted Stoph’s mouth bad.

“But I want to,” Stoph stuck out his lip and pouted. “Are you not going to let me have what I want?” Steve wanted to suck that lip into his mouth and kiss Stoph until he couldn’t breath.

“I would give you the world if I could, Love,” Steve confessed. Stoph smiled at the endearment and started unbuttoning Steve’s pants. He immediately sucked the large cut member into his mouth and worked it as best as he could. He assumed he was doing something right judging from the moans and groans coming from Steve.

Steve reached his hand down and began thrusting up into his boy’s mouth.

“Ungh… baby, that’s so good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Steve begged as he thrusted hard into his boy’s waiting mouth. The tip of his cock reached the back of Stoph’s throat and not expecting it Stoph gagged and pulled his head back.

“Sorry!” Steve apologized.

“Its OK… I just wasn’t expecting it,” Stoph said and put his mouth back over Steve’s dick. He held Steve’s hips in place while he slowly lowered his mouth. After several tries he managed to swallow the cock all the way to the base.

He was proud of himself for taking all of it and tried to remember the last time he had a sense of pride. He shrugged it off and began working Steve to climax. Steve held his head in place while he thrusted in and out of the boys warm, wet, mouth. After a moment his body tensed and Stoph felt Steve’s dick swell in his mouth. Steve let out a loud cry and began spurting warm cum into Stoph’s mouth. Stoph enjoyed the taste and wanted more of Steve’s juice. He softly sucked on the softening cock until Steve pushed him off.

“Too. Sensitive,” he gasped. Before pulling Stoph up to his chest. They shared a tender kiss. Steve could taste himself on Stophs tongue and relished it. Stoph stared up at Steve warmly. And then the same sad look came over his eyes that had happened on Monday night, and again in class on Tuesday morning.

Steve was worried Stoph would get up and tell him they couldn’t see each other again. But instead he just scooted closer to Steve and nuzzled into where his neck met his shoulder. He smelled the sweat there and made sure to memorize the scent of his man. Steve wrapped his arm around Stoph and began to fall asleep

Steve drifted off to sleep not long after he had cum and Stoph sighed. He wondered what sleep was like. Two things he never got to enjoy. Food and sleep. Well, there were actually three things he never got to enjoy. The third being a lover. But that had changed. He looked up at the face of the sleeping man and wondered how long they had together. If Steve rejected him, he would do everything he could to protect him from Lucifer. He knew the Devil was probably listening to his thoughts now but he didn’t care.

‘You hear that you bastard? I won’t let you touch him,” Mephistopheles thought. He knew there was little he would be able to do if it came to that. But he would do his best. He snuggled back into the warmth of Steve’s neck and just laid there.

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